The sun was beginning to peek over the horizon, its early morning amber colored light reflected off of the glass skyscrapers which cast long shadows into the bay, their tendrils reaching out like dark fingers over the tranquil waters. The streets were empty, except for an unusual white and blue car that sped down the street. The car was recognizable to the locals; at least it was to the few who were actually awake that early on a Summer Sunday morning in downtown Jump City, which is to say, was next to no one. Cyborg drove his baby, speeding towards the bank that was being robbed downtown. Robin was in the passenger seat, studying a diagram of the bank on a tablet computer, murmuring to himself as he made mental notes on the mission's strategy. Starfire was seated behind him, snoring loudly after falling back into her deep Tamaranian slumber, still running a sleep deficit from the night before, after they completed another mission at midnight. Raven was sitting behind Cyborg and stifled a tiny yawn of her own.

"Are we there yet?" She moaned.

Beast Boy was sitting in the middle of the back seat and he yawned less politely than the gray sorceress.

"Dude! It's 5:30 AM! And on a Sunday! Who robs a bank so early on a Sunday?"

Raven elbowed the changeling, who glared at her.

"C'mon Raven, I saw you yawn. Don't tell me you didn't want to sleep in after last night's mission?"

Raven glared back at the changeling while Robin replied.

"Crime doesn't take a day off Beast Boy, and neither do the Teen Titans." The Boy Wonder replied in an authoritative voice while his green teammate sulked in the back seat.

The T-Car peeled around a corner and Cyborg slammed on the brakes, bringing the vehicle to a stop in from of the Jump City Commerce Bank, which now sported a gaping hole where its front entrance used to be, still smoldering from the explosion that created it. The sound of the alarm bell rang calamitously while police sirens echoed in the distance. The 5 super heroes emerged from the T-Car and glared angrily at the offending hole.

"Whoever they are, they aren't getting away. Titans Go!" Their leader shouted. Starfire and Raven became airborne and flew into the chasm in the wall, followed by Beast Boy who morphed into a triceratops. Cyborg and Robin followed on foot close behind.

The lobby of the bank was filled with smoke, which made seeing and breathing difficult. Raven conjured a giant fan with her dark energy. Its blades began to spin and in moments the smoke was cleared.

"That's a nice new trick, Raven!" Robin congratulated her.

"Don't mention it." She replied in a smug voice.

"Uh, guys, look over there!" Beast Boy shouted as he pointed towards the still shut vault.

The Hive Five was standing in a group. Jinx was in the middle, with Mammoth, See-more, Billy Numerous and Kyd Wykkyd at her side while Gizmo levitated overhead.

"Well, well, it's the pit sniffing Teen Titans." The bald genius chortled.

"Sorry to make you get up so early." Jinx smirked. "We just couldn't wait until tomorrow to make a withdrawal!"

"Give it up, Jinx. We all know how this is going to end!" Robin shouted.

"I don't think so." She snickered as Mammoth made the taunting hand gesture made famous by Morpheus in The Matrix, daring the Titans to attack. "It'll take more than a giant fan to beat the Hive Five. Is that really the best you can do, Raven?"

"She's mine." Raven growled.

Robin pulled out one of his bo staffs, clicking it and extending it to its full size.

"Titans Go"

The 5 heroes charged at their opponents, who stood and laughed as their arch enemies approached.

"Yo Robin, something isn't right." Cyborg shouted. "They aren't even flinching."

Starfire threw several star bolts, which went right through the Hive 5 as they continued to laugh.

"They are holograms!" The princess shouted as they reached and passed through the snickering villains.

The hologram began to flicker and it suddenly vanished, leaving the Titans standing alone in front of the vault.

"Show yourselves, you cowards!" Robin's voice echoed in the now empty bank lobby.

"Oh oh" Raven gasped as she pointed towards a strange looking box that began to glow a fluorescent orange.

A small dark vortex appeared on top of the box and quickly grew. Within a split second it engulfed the five heroes and they began to swirl around in the dark whirlpool, which began to spin faster and faster as it drew them into its center.

"Starfire, Raven, get out of here, fly away!" Robin shouted at the flight gifted girls.

"I cannot, the vortex is too strong!" The princess wailed.

"Same here!" Raven shouted.

Robin fired one of his grappling hooks, which wrapped itself around one of the marble columns in the bank's lobby. One by one the each of the Titans grabbed onto the line. The vortex's pull was strong and they couldn't pull themselves out. The pull became stronger and stronger and the five groaned as they struggled to hold on. Raven was the first to lose her grip. Beast Boy was behind her, in his human form, and tried to catch her. He was at the end of the line and she slammed into him, breaking his grip. Screaming they were sucked into the eye of the vortex and vanished. The other three held on, until a few seconds later the line snapped and they were all sucked into the whirlpool.

"Sayonara, sludgeheads!" Was the last thing Robin heard before everything went black.

-( scene break )-

Robin hit a carpeted floor with a heavy thud. His head was still swimming from the vortex and he slowly sat up, cradling his head in his hands. Without opening his eyes he spoke up.

"Is everyone OK?"

"What was that?" Cyborg moaned.

"I am the dizzy and still cannot see straight." Starfire replied in a weak voice.

"I think I landed on something soft." Beast Boy groaned.

"You landed on me, genius!" Raven snarled back at him. "And your hand is on my …"

"My bad." Beast Boy shrieked as he quick got off of the grumpy, but soft to the touch, sorceress.

Raven looked up at the changeling with a befuddled look, while he looked down at her, returning the favor. Robin had turned in their direction; slack jawed at what he saw. Beast Boy was now much taller, with a muscular build and wore a white and green uniform which highlighted his ripped figured, which Raven was now admiring, unaware that she was slack jawed. Robin gasped when he looked at Raven, who Beast Boy was helping to her feet. Her hair was shoulder length and black, and her complexion was Caucasian. Her costume had also changed. Her cape had two clasps and instead of a leotard she wore a long dress with huge slits on the sides, which still revealed her now more shapely legs.

Robin shook his head, hoping that what he saw was a side effect of the vortex, a nausea induced hallucination. When he refocused he saw that they still had their new look. Beast Boy pointed at Starfire, wide eyed and with a huge smile on his face.

"Oh baby! Is that really you Star?" The changeling shouted.

Robin turned towards where Beast Boy was pointing and a shriek escaped his lips. Starfire looked almost as tall as Cyborg. She was rippling with muscles and was wearing a costume which was so revealing that Robin blushed. Her backside was covered by a mere thong, exposing the most magnificent pair of cheeks Robin had ever seen or imagined. Her hair was wild and was waist length, while her eyes were an iris less solid green.

"Star?" The Boy Wonder croaked. "What happened to you?"

"I do not know. But we have all changed." She replied.

Cyborg was examining himself. His blue and white prosthetics were now stainless steel. He was examining a panel in his arm.

"All of us?" Robin asked.

"Yeah dude, you're a lot bigger now and have a new costume."

"You are now wearing the Nightwing costume I saw in the future, or at least one that bears some resemblance to it. As for myself, I feel as you humans would say … exposed."

Raven approached the statuesque Tamaranian and after removing her cape she draped it around the princess, concealing her magnificent derrière. Raven's dress hugged her now much more mature figure. Beast Boy whistled a polite cat call.

"Not bad Raven, you got a smoking hot body now."

Raven frowned at him before looking at her reflection in a nearby window. She gently touched her face and hair, unable to believe what she was seeing. She then replied her in signature monotone.

"I think we all do."

"So where are we?" Nightwing asked.

Cyborg tapped on some buttons on a panel that popped out of his arm.

"According to my GPS we're in New York City."

"No way! Did gizmo teleport us here with that tornado thingy?" Beast Boy asked.

Raven looked around the room they were in and saw a console. She walked up to it and hit the enter key. A login appeared on the screen and Raven typed in her username and password, which the console accepted.

"Welcome to Titans headquarters, Miss Raven. You last login was 4 months and seven days ago." The console greeted her in a synthetic, robotic voice. Raven sighed.

"I think Gizmo sent us to another dimension." She announced.

"Can you take us back?" Nightwing asked.

"I don't see why not. I'll open a portal now before anything even weirder happens to us …"

"Will we change back into our old forms?" Starfire interrupted.

After a pregnant pause Raven responded.

"I don't know, but I say we leave right away … ready?"

They all nodded their assent.

"Here goes … Azarath, Metrion, ZINTHOS!"

Nothing happened.

"My powers!?"

"Raven, are you OK?" Beast Boy asked in a worried tone.

"I don't understand! I can still feel your emotions …"

Raven levitated off the floor.

"Thank Azar! I can still fly!"

"Can you still teleport?" Nightwing asked.

Raven raised her arms and was engulfed in cloud of black smoke. Another cloud appeared at the other end of the room, from which Raven emerged. Beast Boy began to sniff the air. He then morphed into a bloodhound and began to sniff around the room. He stopped at a small couch and went over it carefully. Without morphing back into his human form he spoke to his friends.

"Guys, we aren't alone, someone else is here. I smelled two different people on that couch. They sat on it 30 minutes ago, tops … wait a minute … I'm still a dog … and I can talk to you?"

"I think things already are weird." Cyborg commented.

Nightwing crossed his arms and frowned.

"So we've been sent to another dimension, where we and our powers have changed. We're in some kind of Titans facility in New York where Raven was able to log into the computer and we have no known way of getting home." The masked superhero remarked in a morose voice.

"Can things get any stranger?"

It was then that the sliding door to the room opened, revealing The Flash and a dark haired woman who wore a navy blue leotard with tiny stars on it. She pointed incredulously at the five Titans.

"Wally, please tell me I'm not seeing things!" Her voice trembled.

"I see them too, Donna."

"But it's impossible … not after what Deathstroke did …"

The Flash zoomed into the room and examined each Titan up and close, before running back to Wonder Girl.

"They're real. Not holograms, not robots." He announced.

Nightwing stepped forward and approached The Flash.

"Uh … hi?" Dick Grayson stammered.

"Who the hell are you?" Wonder Girl shouted. "I know you're impostors!"

Raven stepped forward; her hands were raised in a calming gesture. She could feel Donna's confusion and anger and suddenly found herself absorbing Wonder Girl's tumultuous emotions. Donna's face appeared to relax and once she was calm Raven addressed her.

"We are the Teen Titans, but from another dimension."

Wally gave her a skeptical look.

"That's a pretty tall tale … "Raven", if that is who you really are."

Raven gestured to the console.

"I was able to login. I suspect that all of my teammates' logins will work. And yes, I am Raven Roth, daughter of Trigon and Arella. And we really are the Teen Titans, though back in our dimension you are not members of the team."

Wally and Donna both shared distressed looks on their faces.

"So you came here to take our friends' place?" Wally asked.

"We know nothing about your friends. Our appearance here is by happenstance, it was an accident. We are actually quite eager to return to our own dimension and we would if we could." Raven added.

"What happened to your Titans?" Nightwing asked.

Donna and Wally became very somber before answering. Donna finally broke the silence.

"Deathstroke killed them."

"Who?" Beast Boy asked.

"You mean you've never heard of Deathstroke the Terminator, AKA Slade Wilson?" Wally interjected.

"SLADE!?" The five Titans shouted in unison.

"Slade killed them?" Beast Boy shrieked.

"So you have heard of him." Donna remarked. "After killing your counterparts, he started to take out lesser members of the Justice League."

"Why is he doing that? It does not seem to be his way of operating." Starfire blurted.

"Starfire is correct. The villain we know as Slade is more of a mastermind. He doesn't like to get his hands dirty." Raven added. "While he's also tried to eliminate us, he almost always relies on others to accomplish the task. He's been known to even send robots disguised as him to fight us."

"Our Slade is a mercenary and an assassin for hire. He has become emboldened lately. After killing you guys someone hired him to kill Ryan Choi, The Atom. He's been on a rampage lately, hunting down other heroes. Just yesterday Huntress barely escaped with her life." Wally continued.

"So this is our head quarters? What about the Tower in Jump City?" Cyborg asked.

"There is no such place here. But there is a Tower in San Francisco, that's where the current Teen Titans are."

"Current Teen Titans?" Nightwing asked.

"Yes, you see, we're just known as the Titans now. We helped the new kids: Cassie, Superboy, Impulse and Robin get set up.

"Robin?" Starfire asked. "In our dimension Richard is Robin."

"When Dick became Nightwing, Bats took on a new sidekick: Tim Drake. Deathstroke hasn't made a move against them yet, but I wouldn't put it past him." Wally concluded.

The five Titans, who still looked clearly dismayed, sat down.

"You'll have to forgive us, but so much has happened to us in so little time. Just 15 minutes ago we were fighting the Hive 5 in our dimension when they set a trap to send us here. Right now, we just want to find a way to get home. And to complicate things our looks and powers seem to have changed once we crossed into this dimension … I've never been Nightwing before … 15 minutes ago I was Robin."

Wally placed a hand on Dick's shoulder, then pulled him into a hug. He wiped away a tear as he released Nightwing.

"Sorry … I just thought I'd never see you again … you should be safe here for now. We'll figure out something, a way to send you home. I'll call Batman, I'm sure he'll be right over once he hears the news."

-( scene break )-

OK, this is an idea I just had. Let me know what you think. If I see enough interest I will continue, otherwise I'll just can it.