Rachel hitched her backpack higher as she left the principal's office, blowing strands of her purple-streaked hair from her face. Her first day at Jump City High and already she had gotten in a fight. It hadn't even been her fault! Some pink-haired bitch in her first period had snickered when she'd been introduced to the class, whispering the words 'Goth slut.'

But Rachel didn't do anything, oh no. Instead she waited for lunch, grabbed the sadly ceramic lunch trays and yelled "Hey, bitch!" right as she swung at the girl's head. The sneak attack worked like a charm, knocking the bitch and a few of her front teeth out. But before Rachel could continue, a school security officer grabbed her, dragging her to the principal's office. And there she stayed for the next three hours until school ended.

Rachel sighed, not looking forward to what awaited her at home, but more concerned about what would happen if she came home late. She was so preoccupied, she didn't notice the strong smelling rag or the hulking figure holding it until it was too late.


Rachel awoke to blurred arguing. Groggily, she lifted her head, shadows gaining definition and color. Based on her surroundings, she was in a locker room, the boys' most likely based on the voices she was hearing. Her hearing cleared up enough to where she understand what was being said, and it chilled her to the bone.

"So what does Jinx want us to do?" The first voice was deep and primitive, lacking any sophistication whatsoever. Who's Jinx? Rachel wondered. "I mean this cunt knocked out four of her front teeth." Ah.

"She didn't say, just that she had to suffer." This voice was childish and immature, but cunning and devious. Rachel didn't know if that combination worked for or against her, but her thoughts were cut short with the addition of a third voice.

"I've got some ideas." Rachel could hear the sadistic grin in his voice and her blood ran cold.

"Whoa man!" Voice One cautioned. "That's some serious shit! I ain't going to jail on no sex charge! What if this bitch's got fam on the inside like that last broad?" Rachel's thought processes shut down. Sex charge? Rape. They're going to rape me? NO! Wait, what did he mean by 'last broad'? She heard a low growl and Voice Three spoke up.

"Adam was sloppy. I wasn't. Remember that. Besides who are you more afraid of? The possibility that this little slut will get you in jail? Or Jinx?"

The last was said with a superior air, and Rachel realized just how royally she had fucked up in the cafeteria. Beginning to panic, she looked frantically around the room, her eyes locking onto her backpack, and more importantly the potential within. Before she could move however, she felt more than heard someone approach her from behind and looked over her shoulder.

"Well, well, well," Voice One, an absolutely huge man with a red mane of hair said, "looks like our little friend is awake.


Instinctively, Rachel turned over and kicked up and out. Her abductor had hunched over to grab her, and her kick landed right in his groin. He let out a low grunt and collapsed to his hands and knees and looked up to see an innocuous canister aimed his direction that released a not-so-innocuous stream of pepper juice into his face.

"FUUUUUCKKK!" Screaming, he began clawing at his eyes as his other two cohorts entered the suddenly crowded space.

The shorter of the two, bald and sporting tinted lab goggles, immediately headed for his downed friend with a spray bottle in his hand while the final member of the trio approached Rachel with a feral look in his eyes. That looked turned to confusion and pain as two darts implanted themselves in his forehead. His expression then changed to fear as Rachel gave him a toothless smile and pulled the trigger, delivering 50,000 volts. Her assailant dropped like he'd been poleaxed.

Her victory was short-lived, however, as her first assailant, eyes bloodshot and furious, picked her up and slammed her against the wall, crushing the air from her lungs. He then pinned her to a bench as the one she electrocuted stood up, twitching slightly. She struggled until he drew a hooked knife and embedded it in the wood next to her head, intentionally pinning her hair and her. Grinning, he slapped her hard enough to split her cheek and make her see stars, and a back was pulled over her head. Her head became heavy and her thoughts muddled. Suddenly she felt a cold breeze below her waist and screamed.

Instantly, the knife had been pried from the bench and pressed dangerously hard between her larynx and hyoid bone. She looked into his cold, blue eyes, veiled behind bleach white hair and felt her throat constrict. The knife pushed further, Rachel felt her skin break, and then suddenly the pressure was gone. She felt a slight tugging on her shirt and heard fabric tearing. Cold metal slid against her flesh near the end of her sternum, and she felt her shirt and bra fall to either side, leaving her completely exposed and vulnerable. She heard the short guy whistle, giving her goose bumps.

"No way she uses a push-up bra." He chuckled lewdly.

"I wouldn't have guessed," her main assailant replied snidely, tentatively reaching down and fondling one of her breasts. Rachel recoiled against his touch. "I'm going first." And Rachel heard his zipper.


"FUCK YOU!" Rachel screamed through the bag. No longer caring about her safety, Rachel kicked blindly, unintentionally knocking the knife out her wanna-be rapist's hands. Unfortunately, her actions made it easier for him to get close enough. She felt him roughly grab her right leg and yelled for the short one, he called him Mickey, to grab her other one. She felt his jeans on the inside of her thighs, his left hand moving up her leg, him touching her—she vaguely heard a whistling noise, followed by a meaty thunk and a shrill scream and other, different cries.

She heard a small explosion and felt the pressure disappear as both the big man holding her down and her rapist moved, and she didn't waste time rolling off the bench and into a corner, yanking the bag from her head to find the room full of a thick grey smoke and shadows moving in the smoke. Disoriented, drugged, and on the edge of hyperventilating, it took all her willpower to not scream as the shadows approached. Maybe if I'm quiet they won't notice me.

She saw the limbs of one shadow make gestures and disappear with another while two remained and approached her. Shaking uncontrollably, she saw the shorter of the shadows place a hand on the other's shoulder, halting it. It removed something from its back and then pulled something out. Then the shadow hunched over and approached her.

Whatever Rachel was expecting, it wasn't what appeared. A thick towel wrapped around a small but strong body with a shock of green hair. She wasn't sure but she thought its skin was green. The one thing she was sure about was its gender.

"Climb on," he said, "I swear on the life of my tribe you will not be hurt." Hesitantly, fearfully, she climbed on, wrapping her arms around his neck. He was wearing a full body poncho, and when he gently supported her legs, her didn't wrap his arms around them, but braced the soles of her bare feet through his poncho. As they moved through the smoke, the other shadowy apparition resolved into a Amazonian-like girl who wrapped a soft, warm blanket across her shoulders. Suddenly, Rachel laid her head on her rescuer's back, drained beyond any previous experience. "Thank you…"