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Wagtail's Outpost

Chapter 1: The end of a war, the beginning of another.

26th. of October, 2019: Unknown location, near the Japanese border.

"Hold them off!"

His voice never reached anyone's ears; it was drowned under the riot of gunshots, explosions, mistitled shouts, and the agonizing voices of those who had been caught in the crossfire.

"Echo, how's your position!?"

"The eastern gate has been compromised!"

"The Jacks have breached the northern gate!"

"A-aren't those…?"

"Goddamnit! Stay in position!"

"The second squad is down!"


"Do not let them near the packages! We can't let them reach the vans!"


The rest happened in a sweeping flash. As the metallic golems fell and preyed upon what little remained of the battalion… or it should be referred to as a desperate last stand, the soldiers fell one after the other under the terrible might of the armed Jacks. There was no organization to either side anymore, it was but a one-sided massacre that slaughtered through the numbers of the receiving end. It was a losing fight that couldn't end in any other way, anyone who had a minuscule amount of cold objectivity could see that.

They had been chased, cornered, and thoroughly annihilated.

Gripping his torn, useless vest, the commander pulled himself to the side of the military truck that was now turned over, using what remained of the vehicle to shield himself from the flying bullets and explosions. Pulling the radio to his mouth, he sent one last message to the Headquarters.

"…Transport failed… ambushed…"

1st. of November, 2019: New Tokyo Tower, Japan.

Frowning upon the information before him, Minaka Hiroto took a deep breath. This was not going well, this was not to his liking, and over above everything else, he was smiling.

Not only had he lost a valuable portion of his research materials, the fact that it had actually happened in the first place didn't help to the direness of the situation. To add further insult to the injury, it had happened so swift and professionally (in what little measure could fit the word), that he couldn't help but smile at the nerve, the audacity they had proven. Not only had they openly gone ahead and claimed war against one of the most powerful and influential companies of the whole world, they had the courage (or was it foolishness? Either way, he didn't care) to send him the regards. But, for all the gasoline that had been put in the fire, he couldn't help but grin like a maniac. Whether such smile was due to sheer amusement, or a fit of insane rage, no one but the white-haired CEO knew.

That wasn't to say, that everyone else in the meeting had the same idea. It had quickly escalated into a mess of men and women throwing insults and incoherent ramblings one at the other into an incomprehensible revolt that no one could stop.

"How could this happen!?"

"We are going to lose a whole lot of income with this!"

"Those insolent bastards, how dare they do such thing!?"

"There m-must be some kind of m-mistake!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Minaka dared to give a look at Takami. She hadn't join the fray, and instead opted to direct the full malice of her being into him. Needless to say, Minaka kept his smirk.

Takami knew that, in a way, she should have expected this. No one in this room should have forgotten that no one is untouchable, none of the people in this room were, and neither was MBI. Well, maybe Minaka would disagree, but even then, this was a painful reminder that they were in the beast's jaws, that they had always been in the beast's jaws. Angrily biting at the stem of her smoke, Takami couldn't help but sink in the enraging waters of impotence.

What could oneresearcher do against a bunch of heavily-armored, robotic, and to top it, freaking kamikaze soldiers? Even with all the technology that they possessed, MBI wasn't invincible; this was another reminder of it.

Climbing to the top without making enemies is an impossible task, and this was something that Minaka knew far too well.

The war between the G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu had ended just a year ago, in 2018. With the disappearance of the Zaibatsu's CEO, Jin Kazama, and quick movements from Heihachi Mishima, the war that had been ravaging the whole world ended in a matter of months.

That wasn't to say, that the consequences of the war had been any good. If only it hadn't been for MBI and the G Corporation.

Jin Kazama had decided to begin a ruthless advance against all nations back in 2014, and he didn't stop at anything, he boldly went against those who dared to oppose against him… and also to those who didn't. Jin Kazama's army raided every single city, village and location that stood in any form or way of whatever plans he had in his mind. For 4 long years the world was shaken in war and conflict. It had literally just been a global scale war, although it wasn't just about nations or a conglomerate of groups coming together to stand against each other. It had been only Jin Kazama's fortune and influence as the CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu, one if not the biggest of groups in the whole world, that he managed to keep a war going straight for four years. No nation was untouched by the might of the Zaibatsu; none were left unscarred by the terrible struggle that managed to shake the world.

It was due to the G Corporation's stand against them. With all their propaganda and publicly known bravado, the G Corporation received praise and support from the masses. That, summed along with the fact that they had also managed to actually hold back the Zaibatsu's army that they managed to skyrocket.

MBI, however, decided to play another role in the duration of the war. That was to say that they didn't actually just stood idly and did nothing on the deplorable situation that the world was in.

Mid Bio Informatics decided that instead of opting to make an armed approach, they had decided to perform operations of rescue, charity, and support to the nations in need. They used their resources to give food, shelter, and actually help restore the damages caused by the war. During and after the whole duration of the war, and to this day, it was only due to MBI's resources that the world had managed to regain a sense of balance. That was to say, that not only the G Corporation had a favorable position in the whole world, but also MBI had as much, if not a little different, kind of recognition, recognition that they had known to use and move along their own agendas.

Yet again, not only MBI took advantage of the fleeting "peace" that was now nervously reigning on the world. The G Corporation had also decided to play their cards and take advantage of their own state of affairs.

And oh, boy. Had they actually gone ahead and done something flat out impressive, if not stupid.

Minaka Hiroto was no idiot (though he could be called an eccentric and foolish individual by more than one… and it certainly wasn't completely false). Even though MBI was a rather young corporation before the G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu, it had been because of Minaka (and his trusted marketing, politics and advertising departments) that he had managed to make a fame and place for MBI in the world along the superpowers of the now fallen (and disgraced) Zaibatsu, and the multi-billionaire G Corp. It hadn't been an easy task, but MBI's hard work had certainly paid off. Why, even during the war, they had managed to actually outright buy what once had been Tokyo (after being bombarded in one of the Zaibatsu's air raids) and more than one few too many territories across the globe, and proceeded into settling down many of the cities with the most advanced technologies of the modern era.

Such was the situation of the current Shin Tokyo, raised from the remains of what used to be Tokyo at the finale of 2017, and had prospered superbly, only helped further by the recent end of the war.

Shin Tokyo was conceived and raised wholly by MBI's funding, planning and actual developing and construction. It could pretty much be expected that it only reflected back their might. Shin Tokyo had been the first of many cities to be raised up from the ground after the devastation of the 4 year conflict that had ravaged and left more than just one or two cities down.

The point of all this is, that MBI was currently in one very favorable position. However, favorable doesn't always mean good.

No matter all their money and propaganda, they still couldn't handle or expect to control the totality of every person in the world. Even with all their efforts, the aftereffects of the war still lingered in the minds of many. As much as people wanted to cower back and try to play fools, saying that everything was fine, the memories were carved deep within their memories, those 4 years that had been so hard had taken their toll on the poor inhabitants of the globe.

The number of casualties that the war had taken didn't help at all either. Some thousand million lives can only be taken lightly in paper.

As smoothly as the flourishing of the world with the help of MBI was, it is needless to say that the current positions of both the G Corp and MBI against each other should be of mutual respect and gratitude.

Except, that it wasn't, Minaka knew better.

Oh boy, the G Corporation, the party who had publicly ended the war, hadn't taken a moment to rest or even take a breather. As soon as the war ended, they had mobilized, and it hadn't been a move out of or for kindness at all.

They had moved against MBI.

It hadn't been a known move to the public masses, but, between the two companies, this had been a definitive declaration of hostility.

Minaka was surely enjoying every second of this, Takami thought.

The G Corporation had organized a secretive operative to attack one of their more important cargos during the transportation procedures. And they had actually succeeded in doing so. How had they come into such information, of their "unknown" agenda, was beyond any of MBI's staff.

Looking back into the situation, Takami knew why it was such an extreme crisis. MBI was on the palm of the G Corp's hand. If they gave one false step, it could cost them dearly. Their secrets wouldn't be easily taken to the outside world if such information was ever revealed. Takami knew for certain that if given enough prep time, MBI's army could march against G Corp. But, doing so would prove counterproductive. The G Corp was in possession of something that no one but MBI should have access to. If they were to march and try to reclaim it, they didn't doubt that there would be a warm welcome waiting for them, but also that G Corp could play fool and go ahead and reveal their secrets to the open world. And that was something even Minaka considered dangerous. He was still thinking if he should take the gamble, and was measuring every angle of the situation with delight.

Takami, however, wasn't so sure she wanted to take the risk. It could compromise the whole Sekirei Plan; however, it wasn't in a way she could agree with. As much as she wanted to stop the "game", even if she fervently wanted to dismantle with all her might, moving against the G Corp put everything into a greater scale of danger than what Minaka's own absurd plan placed upon the unsuspecting beings that were going take form part in the most ridiculous battle royale ever conceived.

No matter how she weighed the situation, she still couldn't help but fall into the field of keeping everything in secrecy and proceeding with the Sekirei Plan if she had to.

The reason for doing so is that she actually knew that the G Corporation couldn't be trusted. If only the strange movements and investments of the company's latest projects and managements hadn't been enough, she would never trust the current CEO of the G Corporation.

Kazuya Mishima was a devil in human skin, and she knew it. Takami didn't buy him playing savior of mankind with his "brave" stand against the Mishima Zaibatsu. If it weren't that he was the very father of Jin Kazama, the one he was actually waving war against, it could be the way he had suddenly climbed to the CEO seat of the Corporation, or how he had actually gone into the field of war, one time after the other into the battlefield, only to leave a bloody trail behind him. Takami knew that Kazuya Mishima was and is a sadist and evil man down to the very core, and she couldn't fathom herself to entrust the Sekirei or anything regarding them to him in all her life or even afterlife, she had lost too much to the G Corporation and the Zaibatsu.

So, now everyone had their hands tied. The G Corporation had made their move, and succeeded, but also, doing so put them in an unfavorable situation. They had taken hold of some interesting information regarding MBI, and even though MBI had the means and resources to retrieve what they lost, it would quickly escalate into a situation in which the companies would have to start throwing out the truths and misdeeds of each other until they blew it out as an armed conflict. Thing is, that neither MBI nor the G Corp could afford another war without destroying themselves and playing every of their cards, something which neither of them wanted.

It came to the point that the G Corporation couldn't give a false step as well. MBI kept their tabs of them close and they had more than just dirt to throw.

The situation that both companies had put themselves in was as favorable as unfavorable as it could be. If one or the other blew it up, god knows how it would end, but one thing for certain: such end would be worse than what the conflict between the Zaibatsu and G Corp had concluded in, Minaka and everyone at MBI could promise that.

The question was: What was MBI going to do now?

Looking back into the current meeting, it was clear that no one had any idea.

Or, no one would have, if it weren't for Minaka's next declaration.

"We proceed as planned".

20th. of November, 2019: New G Corporation Mainframe, Dubai.

Even if he was the kind of man that would rather let his fists speak for him rather than his mouth, Kazuya Mishima still was an intelligent man. Perhaps not in the way the directives of the G Corporation were, he was not the type for diplomacy or politics, it was the reason the positions of vice-president and directives existed after all. Still, Kazuya Mishima was neither an idiot nor an impulsive man. He knew that results came through work and effort, he believed deeply in the fact that were there was a will strong enough, there was nothing which couldn't be accomplished. Why, he was the living example of this. If he hadn't been so inhumanly stubborn, he would have died a long time ago. Acquired resilience, inhuman power, resurrection, he didn't really care for the reasons, he cared for ends and results, and two consecutive times now, he had managed to fool death's grip. Kazuya was a man of nothing but willpower, although such willpower was nothing short of hatred and malice.

It had been almost a month since they had gone daredevil and attacked MBI, and since then, they had been mobilizing in a pretty tight schedule. However, there still hadn't been any results, and even though Kazuya knew that the researchers, scientists and whoever else were working in the project had been working nonstop for the last weeks, they hadn't been able to make any remarkable progress. He couldn't fathom the reasons, and even though he himself had gone down into the labs for a little incentive, there were limits to what humans could do.

"Hmph, pathetic humans"

The G Corp exceeded at genetic research, sure, but there were still things they weren't ready for.

Kazuya knew that his fleeting moment of glory at the top of the world was just that, a passing, finite instant that wouldn't last forever, but he was sure he would make the best of it. Thanks to the funding of multiple outside groups, plus the fame and public appreciation from the masses, it wasn't excessive that most called them the "saviors of the world", and that also thanks to it they had managed to stay afloat in the first place… even if they weren't any saviors or anything of the sort, at all.

That wasn't to say, that this all matched Kazuya's own perception of success.

He hadn't been able to fulfill any of what he had expected to accomplish on this war. First and foremost, he had wanted to take control of both the Zaibatsu and G Corporation at once, and that was his first failure. After the scandalous fiasco that was the 6th. King of Iron Fist Tournament, and subsequent war, he hadn't been able to make any moves to take control of the Zaibatsu, as it was Heihachi who made the first move, it was an unpleasant twist of events. Still, Kazuya knew that there was nothing much left of the Zaibatsu, and it had been due to two factors: Jin's tyrannical campaign, which had cost the Zaibatsu more than just a petty penny… and MBI.

Seriously, Jin's moves had been nothing but completely disastrous for the Zaibatsu; however, it was due to MBI that events had come to happen in such a way.

MBI had been a young corporation, and even though they had a great deal of presence on the globe, it wasn't but after this latest war that they had escalated into the superpower that shared the place along with the G Corp as saviors of the world. And that wasn't something that Kazuya liked. He had no need for competition; the throne of supremacy is only for one person to sit in. The popularity of MBI resided in the fact that though they hadn't actively participated in the war, they had managed to make a name for themselves through their "humanitarian" campaigns. To make matters more complicated, almost all of the groups that had been once under the control of the Mishima Zaibatsu had moved immediately under MBI's wing. That didn't help the Zaibatsu's situation.

Still, Kazuya knew that there was more to MBI than met the eye. And his intuitions had never been more correct. It was just like the G Corp, because MBI had their personal agenda behind the public's eyes, much like them. It was just a matter of digging into the holes they had covered.

And Kazuya had struck the jackpot.

Whatever it was that MBI was hiding, it was certainly interesting, and Kazuya wouldn't stop until he seized the totality of whatever MBI was developing or planning.

Organizing an ambush was nothing new to G Corp, and MBI had had the carelessness of actually believing that they hadn't kept their eyes on them. It would cost them dearly.

What the G Corporation managed to extract from their impromptu ambush were some remarkable materials.

It had been a group of girls, and one strange gem. And they all had been pretty fascinating to study, although it was fascinating to the researchers, but not really that much to Kazuya.

Their research on the girls had been the one which had the most advances in. They had learned that the girls possessed some unique characteristics. If only it weren't that their DNA, while incredibly similar to the human genome, was still something out of this world, it could be the fact that their bodies were also on another level. They proved to have greater capabilities than any human could hope to fathom. Some researchers would even fantasize that they might have been able to match the already inhuman CEO of the G Corp.

Still, it was discouraging the fact that they couldn't actually wake up the girls in question.

They had been in a comatose state ever since they had been brought to the G Corp labs, and hadn't moved a bit ever since then. Even with all their technology and head scientists, the G Corp had no way to make work on these apparently extraterrestrial beings. It had already cost them one of the subjects, and, their subjects were finite, after all. They had only three of them, and the termination of one of them had left them in an unfavorable situation, their guinea pigs were a little bit too scarce, after all.

The other half of the investigation was made upon the strange crystal that was being carried along with the girls. And that hadn't been too impressive yet.

The crystal possessed no remarkable qualities by itself, but the further studies of the strange contents of it put a strange gap in the actual situation of the investigation. Whatever it was that this crystal possessed, it also was something of extraterrestrial origin, and was currently useless on its own. The researchers had found that it was related to the alien girls in some way, but had nothing else on it. They hadn't been able to use the crystal in any way, nor were risking doing anything too inconspicuous. One small crystalline material and two subjects were not much to work from, no matter how much they tried to do otherwise.

What they were making progress on, instead, was a brand new project. It was still in the hypothesizing phase, and there were still too many implications to try to make an actual test or field application, that was a long stretch. However, this was proving to be more promising.

Even if they had no way of making actual use of their test subjects, the studies on their DNA had opened window to one insane plan: Make use of the alien DNA to start a super soldier project. Now that was a scary thought.

After all, the G Corporation was known for their incredible advances in bio-technology. Only surpassed by MBI, the G Corp was probably the second biggest name in that field. And Kazuya was a prime example of their expertise. Not only had they managed to revive a dead man (stronger than ever, as a plus), they had been making steady progress on the study on the mysterious Devil Gene, which Kazuya and his son, Jin Kazama, possessed. What could be said about G Corp is, that instead of making advances for the use of the general public, they were instead focusing on military applications (On Kazuya's demands, principally), and in that aspect, they were more fearsome than MBI. They hadn't waged and "won" a war for nothing.

If G Corp ever reaches their desired results… god better have mercy on the poor souls of the world.

3rd. of December, 2019: New Tokyo Tower, Shin Tokyo, Japan.

Lars Alexandersson liked to think of politics as necessary evils of the world, or at least forced himself to think so whenever he had to deal with them. Still, theory and practice are two very different things, and when actually having to deal with them in live, Lars couldn't help but try to shrug the discomfort he felt. Even if he disliked doing so, he would have to deal with the situation, and he would do so to the best of his abilities.

That wasn't to say that Lars was a politician, he was a soldier, and soldiers should be on the field of war, not with cranky and untactful men who thought themselves above the rest of the populace.

Still, for all the discomfort he felt of politics, he could endure having to deal with them, the politicians themselves, however, where another matter, especially, when they were just the kind that Lars disliked.

Natsuo Ichinomi had been for the most part, a polite and easy-going young man in all of his interactions, which albeit brief and rare, gave Lars a first impression which wasn't the most pleasant one, even if he didn't seem to be overly indicative, cynic, or adamant about anything that required his attention, Natsuo Ichinomi gave Lars an unpleasant feeling in his gut whenever the two of them related.

Lars was no stranger to both masking and sensing danger and hidden intentions. Learning how to read your enemy's intentions, and act accordingly was one of the most fundamental aspects to survive confrontations where your life is on the line, and with Lars' long record on the front lines, it had been one of the most important abilities he had to develop. With that said, it wasn't just about sensing or masking killer intent: it was about learning to move around it, or sometimes, through it. Lars was no newcomer to danger, his senses having been sharpened and tempered in the fields of war.

Yet, it wasn't only due to Natsuo's fake smiles that Lars' senses were on their maximum degree of alert; there was an even bigger concern, a more immediate hazard.

Standing across the room, casually resting at the wall was a woman, clad in a black leather top with a rather skimpy miniskirt, with equally dark stockings and boots, only contrasted by the gray haori on her shoulders. With dark silver hair and delicate features, her tall, slim and well-built figure, there was no doubt that she was a beauty.

But it was the stench of blood that she carried with herself that put Lars on his edge. She carried the very same smile and easy-going appearance that Natsuo sported, only that her bloodlust was so gargantuan and apparent that in comparison to the businessman, he seemed like only an annoying vermin. All that, coupled with the katana the woman so casually carried, only strengthened Lars' suspicions and growing uneasiness.

The combination of these two dangerous persons was more than sufficient to have Lars on his guard. These people are dangerous, he knew.

Lars would have surely damned diplomacy for answers, but this was no situation to do so. He hoped it wouldn't have to come to it…

"Ah, Alexandersson-san, I'm glad to see you again" Natsuo spoke with a smile at all times. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. I'm afraid that I've been a little bit too busy recently".

Being taken away from his thoughts, Lars put on his straightest poker face.

"Do not fret over it, Ichinomi-dono" Lars could tend to be overly respectful, and the fact that he was in front of someone who managed to push all the wrong buttons for him, it could be said that Lars was an ace on keeping up with pressure for not breaking down.

Still, with all said and done, Lars could say that without a doubt, that he hated Natsuo Ichinomi if he were asked.

"I'm sorry to have called you so suddenly, but we require of your services" Natsuo politely elaborated, not without hurry or even in an active, demanding tone, he just spoke as if each of his statements were facts.

And at least he didn't beat around the bush, Lars was thankful for that.

Lars didn't respond or even flinch; he kept quiet and continued studying the formal-suited businessman.

"Ah, where are my manners?" Natsuo realized. "Let us take a seat. You must have been standing this whole time".

"I am fine as I am; thank you" Lars responded as both casual and formal his skill provided. Even if their relationship could be called "professional", Lars didn't want to give the impression that he felt familiarity with this man or MBI.

Natsuo turned his gaze back on Lars, and showed his teeth through his smile.

"Oh, sure, you must prefer to stand at all times, Mr. Soldier" Natsuo shot back, still in his annoying superior-complex tone. "Some habits do not ever let, after all".

Taking a seat on his desk, Natsuo relaxed his shoulders and shifted himself, placing his elbows on the wood and arched forward, placing his hands over his mouth. He calmly scrutinized the still standing Lars with a slightly amused expression.

It was Lars who broke the silence.

"What do you need from us?"

"Oh, not from your group, MBI is in need of your services" Natsuo corrected.

As the words sunk, Lars raised an eyebrow.

"Just… me?"

"Yes, quite precisely" Natsuo followed in a matter-of-a-fact manner. "We require of your personal services, Alexandersson Lars-san" He elaborated using the classic way of Japanese naming.

Before Lars could elaborate any further, he was interrupted by Natsuo, yet, he kept his poker face to the best of his abilities.

"I am assuming you revised the document that was sent to you one week ago, right?" Natsuo asked, although the way he spoke made it seem more of a rhetorical question instead of an actual inquiry.

"Yes" Lars responded with no sentiment. "I wouldn't be here otherwise".

"Ah, that makes matters much easier" Natsuo's smile grew behind his hands. "Then, I will proceed to fill you in with anything you may need for your mission".

Lars was taken aback by the brashness of Natsuo Ichinomi, but didn't show any reaction.

"What is what I am supposed to retrieve?" Lars asked. He would play along as if he had taken the bait for now.

Natsuo shifted and placed himself in a more comfortable position in his chair, leaving his hands together, retiring them from his mouth and letting them float near his chest.

"On the 26th of October, we lost something vital to the G Corporation during the change of transportation methods".

"We were attacked by the G Corporation on the Japanese borderline when we were unloading the boats coming from the Russian edge, and were placing the cargo on the vans we were to use to bring them to the capital. The attack happened around 11:43 p.m. of our time".

"After using our satellites to track our cargo, we were unpleasantly surprised to find that we were unable to follow the trace of the stolen shipments. It is to our belief that the G Corporation used their own satellites and technology to cover their escape. I'm afraid to say that to this day, we weren't able to track down their location after we lost the signal on China".

"Your mission, Alexandersson-san, is to go to the new headquarters of the G Corporation in Dubai and retrieve our stolen property".

Natsuo never once raised his voice or let any emotion show in his demeanor.

For a rough 20 seconds, both men remained quiet.

"You didn't tell me what was what you lost" Lars opted for a blunt approach, repeating his previous question.

"Oh, that is none of your concern, Alexandersson-san" Ichinomi casually shrugged. "What you need to know is that what was lost is of utmost vitality to MBI, and should be retrieved as fast as possible".

Lars took a moment to ponder.

None of this made sense from a technical standpoint of view. If whatever they had lost had been so important, why hadn't MBI made any movements up until now? It had been more than a month for them to have done something, anything. That wasn't to say that they could have done something out of their own accord. MBI had a lot of resources, which included its own private army that, although recently formed, could definitely hold their own against the G Corp. If it was a matter of destroying each other, there was no doubt that MBI could do so.

Yet again, from a political view, it half-made sense. The war between the G Corp and Zaibatsu had ended just recently. Waging another war would be counterproductive if it happened this early. That said… if it was only about keeping a form of peace. From another angle, Lars couldn't understand why hadn't they had made this public. If the G Corp had made a move against MBI, MBI could retaliate by openly demanding them to turn back whatever they had stolen. Yet, they weren't doing so. They had come to ask him, a total foreigner to the matter to do the work for them. And they were handing him such job as if it were dirty, to top it.

Lars' only conclusion on the subject was that whatever they were trying to make him retrieve was something which the public shouldn't know of. And that didn't help the predicament or his suspicions.

"Why do you expect me to help?" Lars icily quizzed. "For all that I know, you could be hiding something particularly dangerous. And I'm not willing to do anything that may be dangerous for the peace of the world".

"Because, Mr. Alexandersson" Natsuo chuckled, referring now to Lars in an occidental manner. Separating his hands, something about him changed. "We both know that you won't let the G Corporation take hold of whatever it is that they have come across. You, of all people, know the true colors of Kazuya Mishima, perhaps a little better than most. And it is only you that will not let him have his way, only you, Mr. Alexandersson".

That managed to shatter Lars' façade. Like a bucket of cold water, Lars now understood what he meant.

"You… this… this is not by request of MBI, right? This is all for a personal favor, a personal whim" Lars almost growled.

"Oh, I see that we're finally understanding each other, Mr. Alexandersson" Natsuo calmly affirmed.

"We both have an enemy in common right now, Mr. Alexandersson, one that we both dearly seek to wipe out from the map".

"Now that we're in the same frequency, let me dismiss all this MBI bullshit" Natsuo continued, still keeping his calm demeanor.

"I have no care in the world for whatever it was that MBI lost, I have not a single care for whatever they want. What I want, Mr. Alexandersson, is to destroy every last millimeter of the disease known as G Corporation. This is not the request of MBI, Mr. Alexandersson, this is me using you as an exterminator to eliminate the plague that goes by the name of G Corporation".

The cold smile of Natsuo would send shiver down anyone's spine.

"I care not if you wish to retrieve MBI's property, for all that could happen, you may destroy it in an 'accident', go ahead and do it, I have no problem. But, Mr. Alexandersson, I know for a fact that you won't let any of the remnants of this past war bloom again, you don't want any of that to exist, you don't want to risk any of that endangering this pathetic excuse of 'peace', you want definitive results, not a half-assed lull that could blow over any minute now".

Natsuo's demeanor descended into that of an enraged madman only for a second. But in less than that fraction of a second, he reverted back to his polite, calm personality.

"This is not about MBI or the G Corp, Alexandersson-san, it is about carrying over for a definitive future" Natsuo finalized.

Both men kept quiet for a couple of seconds. Lars noted that the woman shifted her position during Natsuo's talk, seeming that she had been resisting the urge to laugh.

Looking back at Natsuo, Lars knew that diplomacy could be damned at this point.

"You only want to watch the world burn, don't you? You don't really care for MBI or G Corp, what you wish for is to see everything fall down in a crumbling apocalypse"

"And here I thought you were just another useless, simple-minded soldier, Alexandersson-san" Natsuo laughed lightly as if he were having another normal conversation. "Your talents exceed above just the battlefield, it seems".

"What makes you think I'll do your bidding?" Lars shot back coldly. "For all I care, the world would be a better place without you".

"Because, Alexandersson-san, unlike you, who does the dirty work, I prefer to play the puppeteer" Natsuo elaborated, with a pretty big amount of eloquence. "And unlike you, I have the means to play such role. In my play, there is no role for G Corp, and I would pretty much prefer not having to worry about them instead of having them as an eyesore. But alas, there are requirements needed to play the role".

Natsuo elaborated a rather thick carpet from his desk, and presented it to Lars.

Lars' rage grew inside him as he revised the information contained.

The document contained very detailed information of each and every member of the rebel group that Lars commanded, the group which defected from the Tekken force, the Mishima Zaibatsu's private army. Complete names, data on their residence, origins, bank accounts, medical records, just about anything that the most professional spy could ever hope to gather data on.

And not only that, the document also provided definitive information on their current activities as a group, their meeting locations and line numbers, more classified information, the plans they had in mind, and even information that Lars had not presented to the group, such as the plan to openly present themselves to the world as Yggdrasil, something which he hadn't shared even with his most trusted companions yet.

It even contained information of Alisa and Tougou's deaths, for god's sake! Each and every member, be it deceased or alive… and even records on each of their deceased and alive family members too. MBI had this information on him the whole time!?

"Oh, and that's only about your companions. Your file is a whole lot by itself" The woman spoke for the first time in all this impromptu meeting.

Lars' rage spiked at this. He didn't even bother hiding his hatred. As electricity surged through his whole body, and reached his hand, the document literally ignited at the clench of his fist, with purple electricity burning through the papers.

"YOU'LL DARE BRING HARM TO MY MEN!?" Lars exploded. And that sentiment WAS a rhetorical question.

With that last word, Lars' whole body shook and produced violent sparks of purple voltage that blasted and damaged a whole lot of the electrical appliances and the room itself. Lars punched with the side of his fist Natsuo's desk, and immediately broke it in two. In a truly spectacular display, the electricity that flowed from Lars' body travelled along the walls and ceiling, making all of the light bulbs explode in a bright flash, and also broke the large glass behind Natsuo, window that gave a rather pleasant view to the outside of the building.

What followed happened in less than five seconds.

The woman who had been passive this whole time drew her katana from its sheath and with inhuman speed, closed the distance that separated her from Lars in less than a second, with the blade ready to cut him in two with a clean, horizontal slash. Lars retaliated by literally punching the sword, and the woman was surprised to see how the blade actually shattered at the point of impact, only to be followed by her feeling a cold shower filling her body. She realized a second later that it was the electricity flowing out from the man's body which had actually struck her. However, as soon as she realized that, she found herself out of air. Lars hadn't stopped at breaking her katana and filling her body with electricity; he had lowered his position until he was almost crouching, and with a swift move, like lightning, took one single step towards her position, and struck her with a left hook straight in the gut. That strike should have been enough to incapacitate, if not straight out kill a normal person, and if it hadn't been the broken bones, it would have been the electricity that would fry the insides of the target which did the job.

Only that, to Lars' unpleasant surprise, the target he had tried to kill was not human. He found himself with his jaw partly hanging and eyes wide open when he saw that the woman had an insane grin plastered on her face.

In a way, he knew that he should never underestimate his opponents, but it was still unnerving to see someone other than a Mishima survive such deathblow.

Not giving time for her to react, Lars used his other hand to push the inhuman woman away from him, striking on the center of the torso with his open palm. That blow had also been strong, but Lars hadn't meant that second blow to kill, he had meant it to create space between himself and the woman.

The woman flew five meters in the air and crashed against the wall dead center, leaving the shape of her body engraved into the wall… only to stand up again.

Lars' dismay could be read in his face.

"Haha… Hahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHA!" the woman cried an insane laugh as she dizzily stood up again after leaving the damaged crust of the wall. "You…! You're really something else!"

The woman raised her broken sword at Lars again, seemingly unaware that the blade was now useless. Pointing the broken blade at Lars, she took another step forward, preparing her counter attack-

"Enough, Karasuba" Natsuo calmly interjected.

"What did you say!?" The woman, now identified as Karasuba retorted, her face disfigured by what seemed to be… ecstasy. "What do you think gives you the right to order me around? You're not even my Ashikabi!"

"You can't go around killing our tools just like that"

Lars gritted his teeth at the casual comment, and Karasuba gave a rather ominous chuckle at it.

"That is a lame comeback, Natsuo"

"Just stating the facts"

Lars would have ripped out the hearts of these two, if only it weren't for the fact that they had the upper hand. Despite all the rage he felt, he knew that he couldn't do anything. He was no fool, and if he let himself do anything more stupid than what he had just done, he knew he would only fall into a worse position. For all Lars despised Natsuo, the lives of all his trusted friends and comrades were at stake.

"So, Alexandersson-san, what are you still doing here? You should go and attend this matter as soon as possible. I wouldn't like to have to start-"

"Consider it done, and yourself dead, Ichinomi Natsuo" Lars interrupted, not in the mood for any more bullshit. "When this is over, you're going to pay". Lars Alexandersson didn't make promises, for he let his actions speak for themselves, this was no promise, it was an affirmation.

"I'll be expecting it, Alexandersson-san" Natsuo replied with a smile.

Lars had stormed out of the Tokyo Tower with as much bottled rage as it was humanly possible to hold. Not only had they dared to threaten his life, they had made enemies of him and his allies. But still, he was in no position to do anything but listen, the risk of something going wrong was too big. They had their ciphered lines, and had hold of all of their secrets. Lars wouldn't risk having more of his men die, and even less in something as ridiculous as this. He was prepared to die fighting, but not as a puppet to an asshole like Natsuo Ichinomi.

Striking the wall, Lars now realized how his hand ached with terrible pain, taking off the now useless leather glove that had covered it, he saw and felt that his right hand was ruined. A normal person would have surely lost their fingers, if not their whole arm to that monstrous strike that Karasuba had landed upon him. If Lars weren't who he was, he would have surely lost his right hand tonight. Inspecting his hand closely, Lars managed to make out that the bones of his fingers were broken. Giving out a frustrated sigh, he placed his hand inside his coat and left the MBI premises.

He would destroy Natsuo Ichinomi, and MBI if he had to. Having lost so much to this war, Lars was not going to tolerate having anything else taken away from him.

"Are you really sure about this, Natsuo?" Karasuba asked as she kicked what remained of Natsuo's desk. "Minaka won't be amused"

"Ha, like he gives a fleeting damn of anything" Natsuo responded with unnerving composure as he picked what remained of the document that Lars had so abruptly set ablaze. "And even if he knew, what gives? Alexandersson will do his mission, and Minaka'll only care that he has his toys back".

"You're a devil in human skin, Natsuo Ichinomi" Karasuba chuckled.

"Why, thank you. Same goes to you, Black Sekirei"