In Arendelle, queen Elsa was awoken to the sound of her sister knocking about a thousand times. "Elsa, Elsa, Elsa, get up!" her sister kept saying until finally Elsa opened the door. "I'm up, what is it?" Elsa asked. Anna raised her left hand holding an apple, "Would you like an apple?" Anna asked. "Anna did you wake me up just to ask me if… is that what I think it is?!" Elsa saw that Kristoff, Anna's boyfriend, had proposed to her and she accepted. "Anna I'm so happy for you! We'll have a ball tomorrow evening for you guys." Elsa had tears of joy in her eyes to see that Anna was marrying someone kind unlike her last "boyfriend" Hans. (later that evening) Elsa was sitting in her study room to finish some trading business with other countries when she heard the window open. "Who's there, I don't want to hurt you." Elsa said. She was about to look out of the window when a boy's head popped into view. He was around Elsa's age with silver white hair and pale skin. "Hey, I'm Jack. Jack Frost." Elsa didn't know how to respond to someone who was watching her through the window. "Hi… I'm queen Elsa of Arendelle. Why are you here?" she asked with a hint of nervousness. Her response was a snow globe being dropped and a ray of light opening up, and her being pushed into it. Soon after, Anna came in. "Hey Elsa, what should I wear to the ball, maybe a dress that works but what color and…" she stopped seeing the disaster that was in Elsa's study. When she summed it up, she believed that Elsa was kidnapped. "Oh god, my older sister, the queen even, kidnapped. I'll find you sis don't worry." and Anna then ran out. (man, two chapters in one day, man i'm tired. sorry it was a short chapter. Also, for now Elsa kind of hates Jack for kidnapping her AND on the night before her sister's ball but don't worry everyone is happy later)