"Bel-senpai, you're being boring today."

Said blond tilted his head, looking upside-down at the teal-haired boy standing by the couch. He sent a lopsided grin to the younger, rolling himself off the furniture so that he could stand in the expensive hotel room the Varia group were staying at.

"Does Froggy want to play target practise?" Said blond drew a handful of knives from his pocket, laughing as he raised them within view of the boy. "Because the prince is always up for his favourite game."

"Senpai," Fran drawled, taking a few steps back from the other. "Senpai, I don't like that game. Fake-Prince's aim is so bad, it's never any fun just standing there while knives fly past you. Maybe we should play something more suited to your level of skill. Like throwing knives at the side of a barn. Maybe a dozen of them all lined up in a row so you definitely don't miss."

"Kaching..." Bel frowned before he let his knives fly, embedding them into the soft material of the Varia Mist's frog hat. "You brat... You want to die that badly? You should have just said so."

"Bel-senpai, I never said I wanted to die; merely that you should brush up on knife throwing." Fran jumped backwards as a hand reached out to grab him. "Bel-senpai... Can you please stop trying to kill me?"

"Fuck up, trash."

Bel froze at his boss' voice. He pulled his hand back to himself, letting the smaller male put distance between them – even he wasn't stupid enough to disobey the man's orders when Xanxus was in a very shitty mood. "Yes, boss."

"Good." Xanxus, who had been lying on the bed closest to the door, let his eyes fall closed once again. He pulled his hand away from the gun he had been fingering, leaving it on the bedside table. "Don't fucking disturb me."

Bel shrugged, sitting back down on the couch. Fran stood next to him, muttering, "Bel-senpai should go and get laid some more instead of always trying to kill me; your sexual frustration affects us all, fake prince."

"Oi! I am not sexually frustrated!" Bel would have loved to stab his frog some more, but the truth he would never speak was that he feared Xanxus and didn't want to get on his bad side.

"Yes, you are; you can't even finish yourself off lately." Fran just shrugged, as emotionless as ever.

"Why the fuck are you listening in to my private activities?" the blond hissed.

"Maybe because senpai is masturbating in a hotel room with five other people in it?" Fran rolled his eyes. "I'm surprised you don't wake anyone else up; I thought Lussuria would have senses for that kind of thing, to be honest."

Bel just sniffed, greatly annoyed. "Whatever. But the prince isn't sexually frustrated, and you can't talk, stupid virgin-frog."

"At least I can get myself off when I want to." Fran turned around, walking over to the small kitchen area to look for food. "Unlike some fake princes."

"Oi!" Bel just sighed as Fran left the room, wishing he could strangle the boy to death. He looked over at Xanxus, finding the other still sleeping. He wasn't sure where Lussuria or Squalo had disappeared to, but that wasn't important; what was important was getting out of this boring room and finding something interesting to do – with Xanxus still around, killing the frog was out of the question unless he wanted to get shot in the head for disturbing his boss.

Reluctantly, Bel got to his feet as he walked towards the door, not in the mood for moving at all, but also too bored to continue laying there with nothing to stimulate his mind.

I wonder what the Vongola Decimo's up to... Bel grinned as a thought crossed his mind. He'll be fun to play with~ Much more fun than that stupid, boring frog~

With that in mind, Bel left the hotel, hoping he wasn't too late to catch the Vongola Tenth Generation before they went back to their own time.