Title: Dangling Perspective (#1)

Author: Vix

Email: Vix_Chic@hotmail.com

Rating: PG

Disclaimers: I own all the people except for the original eight.

Spoilers: none

Summary: Roswell's future generation.

Category: Other

Author's note: It might be a little out there, but come on how much fun would it be if it wasn't? *g*

Here I am, dangling from a tree outside my aunt and uncle's house. Why am I not alarmed you ask, because this isn't an uncommon occurrence. I have been placed in many places that are most uncomfortable when I can't keep my mouth shut. Would you like the long or short version of why I am here hanging from this great oak?

You'll get the long version because well, I have no where to go and no way to get down.

This all started yesterday during school. I go to West Roswell High. Three of my cousin, and I are juniors. Let it be known that I love and fear them a great deal. I fear them because when they put their minds to something there's no stopping them. Look at what they did to.

Hold on. I'm jumping ahead of my self. Like I was saying, yesterday I was walking down the hallway's of my high school with my arm thrown casually around one of my cousins, Nicole.

She's a bit. volatile, but then again so are her parents. On a side note, it's at their house at which I am tied up like a piƱata.

As we were walking down the hall towards the quad we accumulated two more people, Josh and Edward, also know as Eddie, they too are our cousins. in a way.

As we approached our usual table a boy ran into us spilling chocolate milk all over Nicole's shirt. Being the gentlemen we are we laughed. That is until we discovered who had spilt it on her.

My arm tightened around her and Josh and Eddie stood on each side of her. Don't get me wrong it wasn't her we were protecting, it was him we were trying to keep safe. Even though we didn't like him any more than she did, but that doesn't mean we wanted blood all over our clothes.

His name was Randy Jackson and they fought worse then her parents did, and take it from me that's really, really bad.

She instantly glared at him making it apparent that she would like to rip his throat out with her bare teeth, and if we would've let go she probably would have done so.

Her gray eyes looked like they were trying to send death rays through his eye sockets, and lucky for him we don't have that power.

Before I continue with my story you should know that we're not your normal teenagers, then again are any teenagers normal? We are aliens. We're hybrids if you want to get technical. Each one of us comes from an alien- human relationship, a very strange alien-human relationship.

Now that that's out of the way I'll continue.

This Randy guy was your average golden boy. He has the grades, the money, the ride, the popularity, the looks, and the girls. He is captain of the football team, a MVP basketball player; and to top it off he has won the wrestling state championship for three years in a row. I might make my point a little clearer if I informed you that he has only been on the team for three years.

He's a complete opposite to my cousin who isn't your average chick. She isn't an air headed bimbo that throws herself at him; in fact she's probably the only girl who hasn't thrown herself at him. At least not in a flirty way, but as a fighting strategy. Back to the story. She was an artist of many kinds. She had a voice like an angel, she had a way with words that would probably make Shakespeare green with envy, and she could paint a picture that would take your breathe away.

She had gray eyes that looked like they were made of steel, which wasn't very far off from her personality. She was a sturdy person to say the least: sturdy, loyal, strong, and above all. loud.

She had dirty blonde curls down to her shoulders and the sharpest tongue ever known to our kind. I say our kind because no alien I know, not that I know many, could rival with her in an argument. Maybe her father, but he'd lose. To see her mother and her go around would be an endless fight, but then again I said aliens, not humans.

She continued to glare at him as she reached out quickly and grabbed her cherry coke and Tabasco drink and dumped it over his head. Had it been anyone else she would have shrugged it off with minor damage, but this wasn't someone else.

We just watched as the drink poured all over his gelled hair and his expensive letterman's jacket. That was going to leave a stain. We have had enough experience with the concoction to know that it was hard enough to get cherry cola out of cloth, but mixed with Tabasco. unless he was like us there was no way it was coming out, and even if he did get the stain out the smell.

I watched him insult her and I felt my blood boil in rage. This was practically my little sister he was talking to here. I knew Josh and Eddie felt the same way, but to our surprise it was Nicole that was handling it the best.

She let his insults roll over her like they were water. Of course this just made him that much more frustrated. He continued to yell things out at her in rage, and she continued to smile and laugh.

"Chill out Golden Toy. You'll be fine. I mean come on, look on the bright side, you didn't melt." With that she walked around him taking our other cousins and me with her.

Randy glared at her as we walked away. Golden Toy was Nicole's pet name for him that always pissed him off.

After lunch and the other three classes we had to endure before we could go home were practically unbearable. After all we're all 16 and it was a Friday.

But since our luck has never been too great we should have expected the assignment our language teacher gave us to finish over the weekend.

We decide to help each other out a bit so we all drove over to Nicole's house to do our work. It was a great two story white Victorian House, which, from the out side, looked like a traditional all-American home, but that was anything but true. On the inside you could tell that the Guerrin's lived there.

There were her father's paintings all over the walls. Her mother's books and CD's were all neatly organized in the entertainment center, and here brothers' things every where. The house screamed controversy.

Once we reached the kitchen to grab some munchies we saw her mother siting over her laptop, on the table, typing up her latest chapter to her third book. She was caught off guard by the sudden sound of four heavy book bags hitting the tile floor.

"Hey kids. How was school?" She asked closing her laptop.

"Great. I had a nice pleasant run in with the Golden Toy." Nicole said sarcastically as she walked over to the refrigerator to get something to eat.

"What happened?" Aunt Maria had asked us.

"They resumed their flirting game long enough to ruin each other's clothes." Eddie said quickly.

Eddie isn't our. brightest cousin. He's closer to being the dimmest of all of them. What can I say? He's a jock.

So no one was surprised when Nicole through a coke can at his head, and no one was surprised when he caught right before it hit him. What did surprise everyone is when it exploded in his hands.

Nicole's body was shaking from laughter, as was everyone else's, everyone except for Eddie's of course.

Her mother quickly recovered and gave us a lecture on using our powers against each other and made Eddie and Nicole clean up the mess, the human way.

Nicole and her mother, being the talkers they are, talked the entire time they had to clean.

"So what happened?" Aunt Maria had asked sympathetically.

"He spilt stuff on me on purpose so I dumped my drink on him." Nicole said while mopping the floor.

"It was an accident and she dumped her cherry cola and Tabasco sauce on his letterman jacket." Josh said giving her mother the entire story.

This of course was a bad move on his part, but there was no way she would hurt him, when there were witnesses.

"You're right they are just like Michael and me." Her mom said while looking over at me.

'Thanks Aunt Maria! You're a real pal!' My mind screamed, but on the outside I just avoided eye contact with everyone, especially Nicole. That girl has put the fear of God in me since we were children, just like her mother did to my dad. It was a cycle. I'm getting off track, again.

The reason I blame the accident in the quad on why I'm up here is because it lead to this very discussion which after a while gave Nicole an idea for our language project. We were to describe something that was very obvious to others but completely ignored by those who were doing it. Don't ask me what's wrong with our teacher. I just go to her class.

Nicole had thought it would be a good idea to document our parents' relationships. Her mother and she had been the only one's that thought it was a good idea, but we three were smart enough to not go against two Guerrin women with no one around to hear us scream.

From then on out it was a rough ride. After her father came home around six we all decided to order pizza, and Aunt Maria had us call our parents to let them know where we were. Which of course let my mom and my aunt talk for a very long time and it gave my uncle and father a chance to roll their eyes every few minutes.

After we had gotten bored with the television, the play station, the computer, the trampoline, and the four wheeler racing we decided it was time to go work on our project.

Of course by then it was around midnight, but that was also not an uncommon occurrence. We trudged up to Nicole's room on the second floor with our book bags.

Once we got there we took our places in a circle on the floor facing each other. We brought out our binders and got out our writing utensils.

"OK. So we write about something that's obvious to us, but our parents have no clue they're doing it, right?" Eddie asked again.

He hadn't been paying much attention to the teacher, but he had been paying too much attention to the cheerleader next to him.

"Yeah. This should be really easy for Joshie." Nicole said as she reached over and roughed up Josh's dark hair.

Josh's parents, Aunt Liz and Uncle Max, were very obvious about what they. felt for each other.

"Please, blind people even get sick of them doing that soul mate thing." Eddie said chewing on the end of his pencil.

Actually it was my pencil I let him borrow, that was until he salivated all over it of course.

"They are so strange. I mean they'll stop in the middle of. anything and just look at each other." Josh had made a disgusted face and sighed noisily.

"You think your parents are strange?" Nicole had asked as she looked around at us.

"My parents call each other names: Spaceboy, Earthgirl, Cheesehead, Dorkbutt." She began to count their childish flirtations out on her finger when our cousin broke her concentration.

"So? My parents try to discretely talk about sex by referring to it as 'trimming'. By the time I hit puberty I figured out what it was; it's like foreplay. It's just wrong." Edward said covering his face with his hands.

"Yeah well at least your parents try to be discrete about it! Mine have literally jumped each other in the middle of the mall. They're like rabid dogs half the time. They scream and fight, then like five minutes later they're all over each other again. Personally I would prefer the 'trim' talking as foreplay." Nicole said in one breath.

Don't ask me how she talks so fast, and don't ask me how we can understand every word. We were thinking about taping it and send it in to Riply's believe it or not collection, but she found the tape and. That's a whole different torture story all together.

It was at that time that I opened my big mouth. "My parents aren't that bad. There's the occasional kissing, sappy songs, and that love sick puppy thing they do, but other than that it's a walk in the park." I said with a smile. For the record, I regret that very, very much because it's very, very cold out here.

They all looked at each other and simultaneously jumped me. I didn't stand a chance.

After a few hours of torturing me inside while I was tied up they decided it would be better I got 'in touch' with nature.

So here is where I have been since five in the morning. Right now it's about nine o'clock. I can see my parent's car coming up the drive followed by two other vehicles. We always have Saturday breakfast together on the first and third Saturday's of the month. It is a tradition of sorts. I'm tied up behind the house, so I know they can't see me.

"Kids, what is Thomas doing hanging from that tree?" Michael asked the three teenagers gathered around the large breakfast table while looking out the window.

"He's what?" Isabel asked loudly before jumping out of her seat and running out the door to the back yard where her son was dangling from a branch about six and a half feet off the ground.

"What did he do this time?" Alex asked Kyle's son, Eddie, as he walked outside to follow his wife who was already working on the knots.

"How should we know?" Nicole asked with a sly smile as she grabbed Eddie's arm in one hand and Josh' in her other dragging them towards the tree.

"OK, this is the last knot. You ready?" Uncle Max called up.

I looked down at him. Was I ready?

"I was ready four hours ago!" I yell.

"Four hours! You tied him up there for four hours!" My mom yelled at them.

"What did he do?" Uncle Michael asked my father's question.

They just smiled. They weren't spilling, and I knew from personal experience that I would keep my mouth shut about what they did.

My dad laughed after I was down and checked out by my still panicking mother. He laughed along with everyone else. Except my mom, she just glared at them while hugging me.

Uncle Kyle and Aunt Tess looked at their niece, nephew, and son sharply, once the laughter died down. Uncle Kyle wrapped one arm around his wife, and Aunt Tess wrapped hers around Eddie and they made their way back towards the house.

Uncle Max smiled slightly and put his arm around Josh's shoulders as he led his son and wife back to the house too.

My mom didn't release me completely as my dad patted me on the back and wrapped his arm around my mom's waist.

Uncle Michael put one arm around Aunt Maria's shoulders and one around Nicole's waist as we all walked back behind the others.

Once seated we prepared for the questions that would go unanswered, and the long excruciating lecture we would have to endure from Aunt Maria.

"Thomas Whitman," I thought to my self as I watched my Aunt's lips fly at an alarming pace, "time to break out the old trusty dusty 'Maria filter.'"

The End