"Kat!" says Danny, looking at me

"Oh Dan…." I say, tears falling down my cheeks. "Can't you see I want to be left alone now?"

"Kat…." says Danny, "I miss my parents too. I haven't even heard from them in a long time."

He rests his paw on mine and I put my head gently on his shoulder.

"We need you Katja." he says, "I need you…."

He gives me a warm lick on the top of my head.

"Thanks Danny." I say, "You're like my brother."

"Kat." he says, "You feel like my sister."

He gives me a warm hug.

Tears fall down my eyes as I walk back with Danny towards the edge of the forest.

"There she is!" says Liam, running towards me and giving me a massive hug.

"Liam…." I say, "Thanks brother…."

"You're welcome." he says

"Where did that wolf go?" asks Danny

"He…Um…" stutters Liam

"Did he get away?" I say

"Yep." says Liam, recoiling under Danny's glare, "But he wasn't part of the Lightening Pack."

"How do you know?" asks Danny

"He didn't have that lightening symbol on him!" says Liam

"So?" I say, "Do they have to have a symbol?"

"Yeah." says Danny, "Liam's right."

"Hey!" I say, "There's a hidden knob in the hedge!"

"Is there?" says Liam.

"Yes!" says Danny, "Well done Kat!"

He pushes it. The ground begins to shake.

"What's happening?" I yell

"Arrrrgggggghhhhh!" yells Danny and Liam

"Help!" I shriek

The ground opens beneath us and we tumble through it. We all yell, until the air leaves our lungs and we cling to each other for dear life.

We hit the ground with a massive thud and four members of the Lightening Pack come rushing over to us.

"Hello Danny." says one, snarling

"Ash." says Danny, smiling, "To whom do I owe this pleasure?"

"Not funny, Dan." says the wolf named Ash, not smiling, "You escaped from us three times. It's not going to happen again…."

They pounce on us. I wriggle out of their grasp and run, but another wolf captures me and pins me down on the ground.

"Get-you-filthy-paws-off-me…" I splutter as he paw-cuffs me.

"HELP!" cries Liam

"I believe your name is Katja Lupine, am I right?" says the wolf, sweeping his locks of fur over his eyes.

"Maybe." I say, struggling under his grasp, "Who's asking?"

"We have your-"he starts to say

"KATJA!" yells Liam, "NO!"

"KATJA!" yells Danny, "DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!"

"Why not?" I ask, feeling the wolf's hot breath on my face

"Why so hot tempered, Dan?" breathes Ash, "Don't trust us?"

"SHUT YOUR TRAP!" yells Danny

"Your girlfriend will get much worse if you continue shouting." says Ash, menacingly.

"KAT!" screams Liam

The headquarters plunges into darkness.

"Dan!" I yell

"Kat!" he cries

"Liam!" I yell

"Kat!" he cries

When the lights came back on again, Danny had gone missing and I was left with Liam

"Danny!" I cry, Liam holding onto me, "Where are you?"