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The harsh rain poured down on the battlefield, everyone stood still as they watched the two figures on top of the field. Every single drop of blood spilled, every shot fired was dedicated to this moment.

"I was wrong, Emilio" said the figure, dropping to his knees, pleading to the other man standing in front of him.

"There is no more need for sacrifices, it is meaningless, so please…Emilio…" he cried desperately, grabbing the other man. "Aren't we brothers!"

"You forget, brother…" said the other man who was silent until now.

"It was you who started this war."

With a slice of his sword, the war ended. Yet as he stood in front of his brother's decapitated corpse, he felt neither joy, nor sorrow. Everything was just numb. His silent contemplation was interrupted by the sound of footsteps. A representative approached to congratulate his on his rise to the first in line of succession to the throne.

He turned his gaze to the crowd of representatives gathering behind him, each eager to approach him. The greed hidden behind their friendly faces was apparent to him despite their efforts to disguise it.

'Nothing has changed…" was his thought as he faced the crowd.

The rain continued to pour down, a silent mourning to the dead, even as the crowd moved on, already putting the war behind them and plotting new schemes for their places after this shift in power.

The rain was still pouring as Ranma dried out his clothes in the classroom. Everyone had already left after school but he had stayed to answer a challenge. The fight was over quick enough as his opponent wasn't even a challenge. He took out a towel from his pack to dry out his long hair and contemplated on why his mother insisted on having him not cut his hair. Even though she had a fixation on his manliness, his rather gender neutral face and his long hair often lets others confuse him for a girl. However, since their reunion upon a disastrous training accident many years ago he has found out that he was rather reluctant to refuse his mother's requests.

He sighed as he started putting away his uniform and changed into his gym clothes. A frown settled on his face as he remembered the incident that occurred in the distant past.

It was many years ago that his father, Genma had decided to take Ranma on a martial arts training trip to become a man amongst man. Through many hardships they honed their martial arts skills as they journeyed across Japan.

One day Genma came across a manual containing legendary martial arts skills and decided to train Ranma on the first skill he read upon: The dreaded cat-fist. According to the manual, the training consisted of tying up the trainee with various fish products, then throwing the trainee into a pit filled with starving cats.

Ranma was thrown many times into the pit, and with each time his fear of cats grew. Many times he pleaded his father to stop yet he was met with a response of taking it like a man and thrown back into the pit.

It was on the last time he was thrown into the pit when Nodoka, his mother, came upon their camp. It seems that Genma had snuck away in the night and only left a note with Ranma's handprint claiming that they would return as man amongst men or they will commit seppuku, a Japanese suicide ritual done by samurais when they had lost their honor. Naturally Nodoka had been furious that Genma left without permission and had been ruthlessly tracking them. However Genma was good at hiding their tracks and she had always been one step behind.

When she had finally caught up to them she tore into Genma and demanded to see Ranma. It was at that moment that the lid that had been covering the pit exploded.

Ranma could never forget the caring face of his mother when he woke up in her lap. Later on he was told that he broke through the lid of the pit and immediately attacked Genma, scratching him and tearing the surroundings with his hands. However when Genma escaped and he noticed her presence, he calmed down and started rubbing his head at her legs affectionately. Though startled at his actions and confused at why he was acting much like a cat, she knelt down and comforted him until he fell asleep.

After that incident Genma was dragged home by the ears and was forbidden from taking Ranma on training trips without her permission. Though Ranma felt that his martial arts skills would have grown much more if he had continued on that trip, he wouldn't exchange the life he had now since he was back with his family.

He smiled to himself at the final thought and was about to pick up his bag when suddenly the building started shaking. It wasn't rare for earthquakes to occur in Japan but for the building to shake at this magnitude was still something to be concerned about. As he prepared to jump out through the window the side of the building collapsed, taking half the classroom with it.

It was fortunate that there weren't many people left in the school, however Ranma quickly jumped down the rubble to check for survivors. It was there that he came upon a man with dirty blonde hair.

"Damn, did somebody sabotage the gate?" muttered the man as he struggled to move. "I still need some time to recover before I can move"

Suddenly the beam that was holding him down was removed and Ranma's figure appeared.

"Are you alright?" said Ranma as he started to remove the rubble.

'A native of this world? At a time like this, there could still be remnants of my brother's regime after me.' Emilio thought as Ranma finally cleared enough rubble away to move him out.

"It doesn't seem you have any life threatening injuries, but we still have to get out quickly" Ranma said as he moved to lift Emilio.

"How dare you touch me!"

"Calm down man, there's no telling when the aftershock will come and the rest of the building will collapse." said Ranma. He moved out of the rubble with the man struggling to get out of his hold.

"You probably still have to go to a hospital though, there's no telling if you have any internal injury" Ranma laid Emilio down on the ground when they were finally out of the danger zone. However they were interrupted by a dark figure that appeared out of the trees.

"Prince Emilio, so you survived the gate crash. Luckily I had the foresight to remain behind to ensure your death" said the figure as he approached, the darkness and rain making it hard to distinguish him.

"An assassin?! At a time like this…" Emilio cried out. He was startled when Ranma stood up to face the assassin, moving into a ready stance.

"What are you doing? This doesn't concern you, run away before you get killed!"

"Unfortunately I have to eliminate all witnesses, even in a backwater world like this." The assassin interjected. He then charged at them seeking to end their lives quickly.

"It is a martial artist's duty to protect the weak! Leaving an injured man like this to escape is against my code! Even if we've only just met, I will save you!" Ranma announced as he moved to intercept the assassin. The man struck quickly, meaning to end the fight, however Ranma lowered himself and struck and open palmed strike into his guard, sending him away from the prince.

"Besides, I'm quite skilled myself," smirked Ranma towards the Prince.

"It seems I have underestimated the natives of this world" said the assassin, picking himself up from the ground. "The gloves are off now!"

The Prince watched in astonishment as Ranma and the assassin charged head on again, trading blows in a blur of speed. He struggled to move his body but it appears that he hasn't quite yet recovered. He could only look on helplessly as Ranma fought for their lives.

'I still need a few moments before I recover, with my full power an assassin like this wouldn't even stand a chance!' thought Emilio as he desperately tried to move himself.

The assassin was nimble and agile, yet Ranma was still capable of keeping up with him, only barely. In the first few strikes he managed to block Ranma figured out that the assassin didn't seem to have much strength, however he was definitely more agile than he was and he had difficulties keeping up with the assassin. As he moved to block the incoming strike he noticed suddenly the presence of something in the assassin's hand. He was able to dodge at the last moment but his arm was still struck. He jumped back to put some distance between them, the arm he used to block already starting to bleed.

'A knife?!' he thought as the assassin jumped in to continue their battle.

"You didn't think I would have anything up my sleeve?" grinned the assassin as they continued to trade blows.

'I need to end this quickly, if I continue to bleed like this it wouldn't be long before I faint from blood loss' though Ranma as he desperately dodged the assassin's strikes, small cuts appearing all over his body.

The assassin smirked as the tide seemed to turn in his favor, however the few blows that Ranma had been able to get in were starting to affect him. His reaction time was slowing, and he was starting to show signs of fatigue. Suddenly he noticed a hole in Ranma's defense and took a decisive strike.

Ranma grinned as the assassin took the strike to his heart, the assassin noticed his change in expression but was too late as Ranma grabbed his arm and twisted into a Judo throw. The throw stunned the assassin and he was helpless as Ranma followed up with a knock-out blow.

The threat having been neutralized, Ranma stood up and headed towards Emilio who was only managing to stand up. He was barely able to give out a greeting when he felt himself get struck from behind. He turned to see the assassin's outstretched hand before falling down on his front, the knife stuck on his back.

Emilio was too late to warn Ranma, as Ranma fell down a ball of lightning was summoned from his hands and shot towards the assassin. The man wasn't even able to cry before he was vaporized.

The prince trudged towards Ranma's downed figure, he was able to take the knife out of Ranma's back and turned him over.

"So this is the kind of person you were. Such a fool, Giving up your life to save me," He muttered.

"A male, huh?" he said after checking Ranma's body. He took out a vial of medicine and poured it down Ranma's throat. He then summoned a gate and walked through it after picking up Ranma.

The gate disappeared, leaving no sign of it having been there. Only signs of something happened were the collapsed school building and the burnt hole in the middle of the yard.

Author's Notes:

Here we are, an idea that came up after reading the Sekai no Hate de Aimashou, it's a manga about a boy who was turned into a girl by a Prince of another world who decided the boy will become his bride after he was saved by him.

However the original protagonist was a rather gentle person, so I'm struggling to fit Ranma in his place since he is rather strong. This led to some changes in Ranma's past such as the training trip being interrupted. He probably won't be as strong as he was in canon.

It has been many years since I've last written anything, and there are many parts of writings I haven't tried yet. The action scene in this chapter was rather difficult to write for me. I hope to get some more practice, however I'm still debating on whether I'll lean more towards the Ranma storyline or the other.

I also need to re-read the Ranma manga since I haven't finished them despite my interest in Ranma fanfictions.

Characters will probably be OC, but I will try to make changes believable.

In the next chapter:

Ranma finally wakes up! What will be his reaction once he finds out what the Prince's medicine has done to him?


2014/4/17 Story written.