Broken Things

Revenge/ Harry Potter

Paring: Mentions Lily/James Victoria/Conrad, if I continue this, there will be Harry/Amanda Nolan/Jacqueline (oc)

Summary: Victoria was always Potter and now she takes care of her brother children

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from neither series

Victoria Grayson was always been powerful, wilful, strong, cunning and power hungry woman, but she had secrects, more than enough but her biggest secret was that she was Squib and that she was Potter not Harper. She may have lied to Conrad but she didn't care she was Potter and Black and they get what they want, even if she had born to be squib.

If she had born magic in veins like her little brother James, she would have fine marriage to Rabastan Lestrange and her children would be Slytherin, but she was squib but her parents never hated pr shamed her like most pureblood parents would done, but it was clear her father liked James more but she was always her mother's favourite and mother always said she was Black.

Most of Victoria's life was good until she had Patrick bastard son of Rabastan, her ex-fiancée. Lestrange family made clear Patrick wasn't welcome to their life since his mother was squib and shame because of it, but Victoria's parents where there when she give up Patrick to adoption.

Soon after it Lord and Lady Potter died and Potter family fall into pieces and Victoria leaved from England soon after it meat Conrad Grayson and she saw his power soon and realize it would be good match for her and endure her future in muggle community even she had her huge heritage.

James married soon after he graduate from Hogwarts he married some petty muggle girl named Lily.

Even if Victoria meet and liked Lily, she knew James had made bad marriage choice and that would cost him later.

Victoria said it as it was and soon after it last remaining Potters weren't able to speak each other.

Soon Victoria had her "first" child Daniel and she respect her brother by naming her son to Daniel James Grayson, Daniel was Potter by birth, it was clear and Victoria always saw her old family when she looked Daniel's face.

When Daniel was three James and Lily had twins Harry James and Jacqueline Dorea Victoria Potter.

When Victoria visits to see her brother's newborn babies it was last time she ever saw her brother alive.

When Victoria found her brother was death her world crashed down, but she also felt hope when she found her James children where alive, and she could have family together once again.

When she is once again in England she easily finds and gets her brother's kid from Lily's sister and Victoria can't help but laugh stupidity of Dumbledore's after all there is one Potter left, squib or not and Potter/Black's always get what they want.

When Victoria is home and looks sleeping children twins and Daniel she feels like her family was complete again and same night she promise that she will keep her last remaining family safe after she is Potter and she has Grayson and Black in her too.