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Archer horrified by the sight of Berserker, he tries to activate his noble phantasm. He began chanting his Incantations .

I am the bone of my sword

Steel is my body and fire is my blood

I have created over a thousand blades

Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life

Have withstood pain to create many weapons

Yet, those hands will never hold anything

So as I pray,

"What is he doing ?" Goku questioned Illya. "He is chanting something, maybe he is trying to activate his noble phantasm" said Illya to Goku. "Maybe I should also activate my noble phantasm" said Goku. "No you cannot !" yelled Illya. "I can't have everybody aware of your power." Illya continued.

Archer than continued his chant and activated his noble phantasm. UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS. Suddenly, an illusionary fire spreads out and a bright light blinded everyone who was present. Goku, Illya and Archer were then engulfed by a reality marble. Inside the reality marble, there were gears in the sky and many swords stabbed onto the ground. Archer said "This my noble phantasm, Unlimited Blade Works. Here I can create as many weapon as I want. Illya and Goku became silent as they were both suprised by this occurence. "He can make a reality marble, he is stronger than I thought" said Illya.

But then suddenly a sword came flying through Illya in the back of her stabbing her right through the chest. The sudden shock made Illya scream in pain. Illya then coughed up blood and collapsed onto the ground. She managed to mutter something before she drew her last breath. She said Goku's name while smiling at Goku. Goku was shocked and surprised. "Why didn't he notice the sword coming" Goku thought to himself. Because of him someone he cares about died. "Yes" thought archer to himself as he saw Illya limp body fell down onto the ground. "If I can't take out the servant, I can still kill his master" Archer thought. Goku then pick up Illya lifeless body and just stare at her face. Using his power, he makes a hole using only his kiai for Illya's body. "Don't worry Illya when I get back I'm gonna wish you back to life with the dragon balls" said Goku.

Inside his heart, an unimaginable rage was swelling up. He was really angry at Archer for doing this. He should not have involved mortal in this conflict. Archer could always just ask him for the Dragon Balls. He would not have mind. But because of this Holy Grail that can grant only one measly wish, they fought and kill each other. Because of that Illya is now dead, Goku has only the feeling of rage in his body now. But now that his master was killed he will began to slowly vanish from this world.

But fortunately for Goku because of the large energy reserve that he had, it will take a long time for that to happen. He then made a resolve to stop this war ones and for all. Archer manifest his favourite melee weapon Banchou and Byakuya. He then enhance his leg so that he can strike Goku without being notice. Unfortunately, he was too slow for Goku. In the second he was trying to hit Goku, Goku powered up. The shockwave was strong enough to blow archer back. Goku then began to power up even more. The Ground began to shake. Pebble slowly began levitating into the air. Lightning which should not have been there were striking the ground. His hair which was black is now flashing from black to gold, his eyes turning from black to green. Then with a yell. His body were engulf in golden energy.

The reality marble broke because it can't handle the amount of energy that Goku was releasing. When the reality marble was released archer saw Goku with his hair now spiking upward and had turned gold. His eyes are also now emerald green. Archer began slowly backing away from Goku. Goku then disappeared from his sight. Archer searched for Goku with his heightened sight but Archer still couldn't find him. He suddenly felt like something has strike him. He flew crashing through a couple of houses until finally stopped at the seventh one. Archer then looked at Goku. He was in awe at the monster he was looking at. He asked while stuttering."Just .. Wh..What are you ?"
Goku answered " I'm the Saiyan who came all the way from Earth. I am the warrior you've heard of in legends, pure of heart and awakened by fury. I AM GOKU THE SUPER SAIYAN."