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Author's Notes: This story is the response to a one word challenge; from the Facebook group FanFiction .net Writer's Unite. The word this week is sushi.

Story Notes: Steve and Jesse have a disagreement over a new item on the menu at BQQ Bob's.

You're Joking, Right

Chapter 1: No! Did You Hear a Punch Line?

Detective Steve Sloan stood silently in the empty restaurant. He was waiting for his friend and business partner, Doctor Jesse Travis and at the moment, it is the business partner he wanted to talk to.

Poor Jesse didn't know what he was walking into when he arrived at BBQ Bob's after receiving Steve's text. He just hoped that Steve hadn't discovered what he had done.

As Jesse entered the door, his fears doubled as Steve spoke his name. "Jesse!" Steve's voice was low and had a serious tone to it.

"Umm…hi, Steve, what's up?" Jesse tried to downplay the fear he was feeling.

"You're joking, right?"

"Joking about what?" Jesse replied as he eyed off the menu in Steve's hand; maybe he does know what Jesse did.

"What? Didn't you think I would notice the new item on the menu?"

"What…I…I did hope that you wouldn't, at least not for a little while anyway."

"Jesse…this is a BBQ restaurant, not a Japanese restaurant. We serve BBQ meat, not sushi."

"I know that, but…but I wanted to try something different and I thought…"

"Jesse, we…"

"No, Steve! Don't you tell me what we will or won't have on the menu. For starters, we're partners in this business and I have just as much right to make these decisions as you do. And secondly, I spend more time here than you do and I know what the customers want."

"Easy there, Jesse, I'm sorry, but as you said, we're partners, so shouldn't you have discussed this with me before hand."

"Probably, but you wouldn't let me put salads on the menu, so I knew that you wouldn't have let me put sushi on there."

"Ok, Jesse, I don't want to let something as silly as sushi to ruin our friendship, so it can stay and you can add some salads to the menu, too, if you want," Steve said as he gave Jesse a big smile.

"You really mean it?"

"Yes, Jesse, I really mean it. Now come on and show me how to make this sushi."

With that, Jesse and Steve spent the next few hours going over how to make sushi and cleaning up the mess they made.

The End

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