Thank you!

I just wanted to say a brief thanks for all the kind reviews. This was my first attempt at an HP fic, and as it's a universe that I greatly adore, I wanted (or hoped) it would be a good one. I'd tweaked little bits and pieces so many times, and it had been so long since I'd written anything that I was getting quite nervous about posting it! So thank you!

Just a couple of specific responses:

A sequel - I debated that about after finishing this one. If I can find a way to write the Dursleys (and Petunia's new found understanding of Harry) I will certainly do so. I'm flattered that you'd be interested in one. Maybe one where Sirius gets invited to dinner. Think the Dursleys would survive that one?

The "Christmas Carol" references - oddly enough, I got more than one review that said it was reminiscent of the classic story in some ways. Didn't even realize that while I was writing it. I just found it neat that more than one person noticed that, and funny that I didn't pick up on it till it was brought to my attention.

Fan fic universe vs. the books - sadly, I realize it isn't likely that we're going to see any of the Dursleys come to realize what a great person Harry really is, part of the reason I wanted to write this fic so badly. Also, I adore Sirius and have always wanted to see what he'd do when facing the Dursleys for the first time. Perhaps next time around it'll be less of a serious Sirius (bad, bad pun, I know) and a little bit more of a prank pulling one. It's tough to write him, actually. You want to stick that very fun sense of humour in there, but I had to keep remembering that he *has* been in Azkaban for 12 years, it's bound to make him darker and quite a bit older, spiritually.

Sirius becoming visible to Harry just by changing into a dog - I read that and went "oh yeah.." But then thought "hey..he IS magic, after all. He wanted Harry to see him, so he became visible again." So there you have it. But I admit that is a minor little oops of mine. Unless you like my explanation, in which case, there's no problem. *G*

At any rate, thanks again for the feedback! I just wanted to make sure it was known that it was much appreciated!