It was an awfully fine day at Wright and Edgeworth Law Office.

Unfortunately, Maya Fey's arrival—with something pink in a lunchbox—changed that.

"Guys, I just cooked up something new!"

Everyone in the office—Phoenix, Miles, and Franziska— groaned. All of them had been an unwilling victim to Maya Fey's infamous cooking.

"I'd rather jump out a window than eat Maya's cooking," Miles deadpanned.

Franziska glared at her brother. "Don't even go there, Miles Edgeworth."

Now, Maya Fey was a famous chef. But like her tutor Jean Armstrong, her cooking was bad. Terrible, even. The question running in everyone's heads was, "What made her famous?". No one will ever know. Perhaps it's the channelling services she offers on the side.

Larry wanted to know. "If Maya's cooking was so atrocious, then how'd she get so famous?"

Everyone sucked in a breath and waited for Maya's response, which came to them a few seconds later.

"What did you call my cooking?"

That was everyone's cue.

Franziska left hastily, mumbling something about "maintenance". Miles found an episode of Jammin' Ninja to be oh-so-enthralling, while Phoenix busied himself with nonexistent paperwork.


Poor Larry had no idea what he'd gotten himself into.

Needless to say, Larry Butz is now a reformed man.