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06 September 2014

Waldorf Astoria

New York, New York

Ziva laughed as Tony once again spun her around the floor, of all the places she thought she would be this was not one of them, Senior's wedding they knew he was engaged but Tony had told her it wasn't the first time he had been engaged. But even she could see how in love with Linda Anthony was, he looked at Linda the way she often caught Tony looking at her the look of pure love it was evident in the way their eyes took on a sparkle and the way their smiles were more genuine and less charming.

"What are you smiling about?" Tony asked pulling Ziva closer to him.

"Your father looks happy Tony." Ziva replied.

"He does and I hope he's found his happy ending."

"What about you Tony, have you found your happy ending?" Ziva asked softly she was almost scared of his answer for two days ago marked six months home for her, they hadn't talked about it and the fact that she was hiding a big secret from him a secret only she and one other knew.

"I've known for a while I've found my happy beginning it's not the end Ziva." He pulled her closer wondering about the ring he had tucked in his pocket. "Want to go explore the garden?" Tony asked gesturing towards the patio doors.

Ziva still stunned by Tony's honesty nodded her head accepting his arm as he led her towards the patio door. She didn't notice Senior catch Tony's eye but he did and nodded softly so Ziva didn't see Senior's returning grin gave Tony the message that he did see, and wished him luck. They walked through the large garden that surrounded the hotel their hands clasped as they admired the fall colors and flowers. Tony thought back over the past six months they had dated, they went to the movies out to dinner, long walks through the city and the state parks, they had even took a three day weekend and drove to New York City. They spent the first night watching a Broadway show, The Lion King, The second day they went to Coney Island, Tony showing Ziva what his summers were like growing up near New York City. Gibbs had been right that night when he told Ziva it wouldn't take six months for Tony to realize she was there to stay, it was around the three month mark home that Tony knew that Ziva was home to stay she wasn't going anywhere she had settled into running the International Affairs desk with ease her team had taken an instant liking to her. When word had gotten around the office that Ziva was home to stay and that she and Tony were dating hundreds of dollars exchanged hands as people cashed in on their bets, Abby herself having collected more than 400$ not including what she won off McGee. The past six months had been a whirlwind one that Tony would not change for anything he had gotten to know Ziva as she was now although there wasn't much difference she was softer and more open to him and her girl friends, Breena especially. It wasn't always sunshine and daisies there were times where they still fought, but unlike before Ziva didn't harm him in any way when she was pissed at him. She had started taking kickboxing classes with Abby and Bishop working her frustrations out in the ring. Tony was jolted from his thoughts by Ziva squeezing his hand indicating a small secluded bench.

"Can we sit Tony?" Ziva asked gesturing towards the bench Tony nodded his head and sat on the bench Ziva sat beside him.

"Is there a reason for our break or were you just tired from the long walk?" Tony teased.

"There is something I need to discuss with you Tony." Ziva began she turned on the bench so she was facing him. "Will you turn around to me please?"

Tony looked at his girlfriend and noticed she looked nervous. "What's wrong Zi?"

"Nothing is wrong really but there is something. You know we never talked about it but I've been home six months Tony, we were supposed to discuss what happens next at the end of six months." Ziva let out a shaky breath before she continued. "I had my physical done last week and you know they check everything, well I was in a meeting with Gibbs and Vance the other day when the doctor called and he told me" Ziva took a deep shaky breath before saying, "he told me that I was pregnant Tony about five weeks from what I can figure out."

"Really?" Tony asked a smile blooming on his face as he pictured the two of them her swollen with his child. "Now this puts a wrench in my plans, because if I do it you are gonna think it's because you are pregnant but if I don't do it every guy I know will call me a coward." Tony mumbled to himself somewhere during his rant he stood and begin to pace.

"Tony? This is a good thing yes?" Ziva said watching him with a worried look she had just caught the words bigger house maybe with a yard. "Anthony!" Ziva shouted. He stopped pacing and turned towards her so she asked him again. "Is this a good thing?"

"Ah hell yea Ziva! It's great!" Tony stopped pacing in front of her and dropped to his knee he took both of her hands in his looking deep in her eyes, Ziva gasped and her eyes begin to fill with tears as he started to speak. "I don't want you to think that I'm only doing this for the baby, I love you and can't imagine anyone else I want to spend the rest of my life with." Tony paused long enough to reach into his jacket he pulled out a deep blue ring box. "There is a story behind this ring it not only has the stone from your mother's engagement ring but also the stones from my mother's engagement ring, but the real thing that makes it special is the gold is the gold from Gibbs' and Shannon's wedding ring."

"Tony…" Ziva started to speak but Tony put his finger to her lips and wiped the tears that were trickling down her cheeks shaking his head.

"Don't talk yet. You gotta let me get this out." Tony said he wiped at his brow where he had began to sweat. "What I'm trying to do and obviously failing is ask you." He opened the box once again taking the ring into his fingers holding it to her. "Ziva David will you marry me?"

Trying to find her voice as her throat was thick with tears she finally murmured, "Yes," Before she launched herself into his arms kissing him soundly on the lips.

"Whoa there, Zi don't make me drop the ring." Tony said before grabbing her left hand from his neck he kissed her ring finger before he slipped the ring on noting it was a perfect fit.

"How did you do this?" Ziva asked as she looked down at the ring on her finger, it was white gold which she liked better then yellow gold, there were two smaller diamonds paired with sapphires cradling a larger diamond and smaller sapphires and diamonds fitted in the ring.

"Well I asked my dad for my mother's ring and he had no problem giving it to me, he was proud to give it to me that's where the small diamonds and the largest one come from. With your mother's ring I asked Gibbs if he could help me track down your Aunt Nettie when I called and told her who I was and what it was that I wanted she cried, and two days later your mother's ring arrived at NCIS, the sapphires and medium diamonds were your mothers. I didn't ask Gibbs for his rings he gave them to me he said he couldn't imagine anyone else wearing her rings besides his daughters, the gold for this ring and our wedding bands are their rings. He's giving her engagement ring to Abby if she ever gets married." Tony explained.

"It's beautiful." Ziva said before claiming his lips once again in a kiss.


31 December 2014


Annapolis MD

Home of Anthony & Linda DiNozzo

Tony stood in the guest bedroom of his Father's and stepmother's home and adjusted the skinny sapphire blue tie of his tuxedo, behind him his best man, and 2 groomsmen fussed over 2 month old Victoria Palmer. He hardly believed that his father had settled so close to him Linda refused to move to NYC and would only travel in the Summer her reasons were she had one grandchild all ready here and another on the way in four months and she wanted to be around to see them grow up and not watch it over a computer screen and Anthony wanting nothing more than to make his wife happy agreed and bought the sprawling twenty-five hundred square foot home.

"Hey Tim you got the rings?" Tony asked his best man. It was a surprise to McGee when Tony asked him to be his best man, Breena and Ziva had gotten so close that she was serving as Ziva's Matron of honor that was why he was sure Palmer would have been asked but Tony surprised him and asked him. He would be walking Breena down the aisle while Palmer walked Abby and Ducky walked with Bishop. That was another surprising friendship, the one between Bishop and Ziva there was tension at first but it soon cleared when Bishop realized that Ziva had no intention of rejoining team Gibbs. Gibbs was of course giving the bride away Along with Ziva's Aunt Nettie. Tony had agreed to a Jewish ceremony as long as Ziva recited the Catholic vows as well so in Jewish customs Senior and his wife would be escorting him down the aisle.

"Yes, they are the same place they were five minutes ago Tony and five minutes before that! Relax man you got this, she loves you love her there are no two people more suited for each other than the two of you, as corny as it is you two complete each other." Tim said trying to reassure the groom. He wondered if Abby and Breena were having the same problems with Ziva.

"I know Tim it's just wow you know? I never thought we'd get here. Me and Ziva getting married having a baby, you yourself living with your girlfriend, Abby dating Burt for three months now, and even Gibbs is kinda seeing someone. It's crazy Tim everything is just falling into place and I'm just wondering when I am going to wake up." Tony admitted to Tim.

"Tell me about it Tony and I live with my fiancée now not my girlfriend we didn't want to take away from you and Ziva but Delilah and I are getting married. We all deserve to be happy and frankly it's about damn time." Tim replied Tony laughed and clapped his hands on Tim's shoulder before turning to the back to the mirror to fix his hair.

Master Bedroom


"Ziva, would you sit still!" Breena scolded the nervous bride, she was trying to pin in her veil but it was kind of hard to do when she wouldn't stop moving.

"Sorry, I am nervous and I do not know why!" Ziva admitted. "This is big."

"So is having a baby but you aren't freaking out over that!" Abby exclaimed from where she was doing Bishop's hair.

"Did you all ever expect me and Tony to be here, almost married and having a baby?" Ziva asked the room at large.

"Yea I always figured I'd be standing here one day." Ziva and the girls spun around to see Gibbs waiting in the door. "Nettie and Schmiel Just arrived, I had come to tell you that and couldn't help but over hear your conversation. You and DiNozzo Ziver give me hope, you two managed to find love among all the death and destruction we see every day. You two represent everything we work for I can't think of any two people who deserve their chance at happiness more than you two."

Ziva had never been more thankful for waterproof eyeliner and mascara as her eyes welled with tears she waved Breena away and got to her feet as fast as she could at almost 5 months pregnant. She rushed to Gibbs and threw her arms around him hugging him tightly. "Thank you Gibbs, I do not know where I would be without you." Ziva whispered to him causing Gibbs' hug to tighten slightly.

"Take care of each other and my grandbaby. I love you kid." Gibbs whispered softly before pulling away and giving her a small kiss on her forehead. "You have about ten minutes before it's time."

Ziva returned to her chair and let Breena fix the veil in her hair and add the sapphire combs her Aunt Nettie had sent from Israel last month, the bridesmaid dress were the exact same color as the stones, the groomsmen and Tony all had matching ties and cummerbunds. She took off the white satin robe she was wearing while Breena and Abby got her dress to help her into, the dress was floor length Grecian style held by thin spaghetti straps crossing one shoulder, the bodice of the dress was scattered with rhinestones and pearls there was a sapphire blue band under her breast, the skirt of the dress fell in flowing layers dropping to the floor with a slight train. Unable to wear the shoes she had originally planned she chose instead to wear a pair of white ballet slippers. Ziva stood and walked to the mirror looking in the glass at her reflection.

"Well?" She asked a little nervous it was obvious she was pregnant but she didn't care.

The girls all crowed around the mirror looking at the bride's reflection. All three women let out identical gasps.

"You are beautiful." Ellie said.

"Tony won't be able to take his eyes off you!" Abby squealed. Ziva smiled and hugged both Abby and Ellie before she turned and raised a questioning eyebrow at her matron of honor.

"Incredible sweetie, Tony is a very lucky man. Now you have something old, new, borrowed and blue?" Breena asked.

"The sapphire combs are old and blue, the necklace is new, and my veil is borrowed." Ziva replied.

"Let's get you married." Breena said hugging Ziva softly trying to not wrinkle her.

"It's time." Abby squealed as the clock struck 2345.

Ziva took a deep breath when the knock came, opening the door to Gibbs and her Aunt Nettie. Nettie gasped and tears came into her eyes as she looked upon her niece. Gibbs had to blink back the tears as he took in the sight of Ziva in her wedding dress.

"You look beautiful Ziver." He said softly to her.

"Are you ready, love?" Nettie asked.

"Yes." Ziva said as Brenna adjusted her veil and hair.

Her bridesmaids and matron of honor begin to walk before her towards the back of the house to the conservatory where the ceremony was to take place.

She watched from the top of the steps as Ellie, Abby and Breena all lined up waiting for the music to change. When the music changed and Ellie met Ducky at the curtains they opened as Abby and Palmer lined up Ziva stepped off the bottom step as Breena and Tim we waiting on their cue. Tim turned and saw Ziva he was in awe, the fact that she was pregnant made her prettier she had a glow around her that Tim had never seen before, she caught his eye and almost blinded him with her smile it was so big and bright he had never seen her look so beautiful. He opened his mouth to speak before he could Breena began to tug him to get him ready for their walk.

Ziva stepped up to the curtain as time slowed she waited for the wedding march to begin. As the curtains opened and the music began to swell she turned to Gibbs and Nettie. "Do not let me fall." She begin to walk towards the arch of pale yellow roses and white lilies where Tony stood waiting he looked unbelievably handsome in the custom tuxedo his hair perfectly styled to give it that messy look. When she met his eyes she was not at all surprised to see the tears that was the moment she knew that this was their forever that nothing could tear them apart again.

22 April 2015


Bethesda Medical Plaza

Bethesda MD

The call had come in the middle of the night just like he knew it would, DiNozzo had called at 0130 freaking out that Ziva's water had just broke and they were on their way to the hospital. Gibbs had taken the time to shower and brew a pot of coffee before he had to leave for the hospital. He arrived at the hospital and let DiNozzo know that he was there waiting and would inform the other what was happening when they all started arriving. The first of the group to arrive was Abby, along with her boyfriend of almost 8 months, Burt. Gibbs informed Abby that the last time DiNozzo had updated him Ziva was only 4 centimeters dilated that it could end up being a while. Burt quickly said his goodbye to Gibbs and gave Abby a soft kiss and promising to check in on his lunch break he headed out of the waiting room, he had early shift which started at 0500 and he would get off at 1400. Abby bounced around the waiting room before she texted Tony to let him know she was there, McGee walked in just as Tony appeared in the waiting area.

"Hey." Tony said clearly already exhausted.

"Tony! What's going on? How's Ziva? Can we see her?" Abby fired question after question at Tony.

"ABBY!" Tony said loudly to get her to stop rambling. "Zi's fine they are doing a check and epidural then you all can see her."

"How's she doing DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked.

"Cussing me, but she says she's fine." Tony laughed. "She's not in too much pain, but the doctors want to do the epidural now before it gets too bad. I'm gonna get some coffee, hit the head, and call Dad and Breena, if the doctor comes out Boss can you go back and let her know?"

Gibbs nodded his head in agreement and Tony walked around the corner. Abby was chattering away to McGee and Gibbs was sitting with his coffee glad he had thought to grab the thermos because he didn't envy Tony one bit having to drink the hospital brew. Dr. Milner, Ziva's OB appeared about 10 minutes after Tony left.

"Agent Gibbs?" Dr. Milner said expecting to see Tony waiting but was surprised to find Tony's boss.

"Dr. Milner, is Ziva alright?" Gibbs asked as he joined the doctor in the doorway.

"Oh yes she's fine I was just going to inform Tony that he could rejoin her, she's much calmer now." Dr. Milner said with a laugh. "She was listing to Tony the 18 different ways she could kill him with a paperclip if he ever touched her again."

"Sounds like Ziver." Gibbs laughed. "Can I see her, Tony asked me to let her know that he was making some phone calls."

"Come on back Agent Gibbs I'm sure she will be glad to see you."

Gibbs turned and told Tim and Abby where he was going before he followed Dr. Milner down the hall to Ziva's private room. He knocked on the door before he waited he heard Ziva say a soft enter before he turned the handle to open the door. At nine months pregnant Ziva was almost all belly, she had gained 20 pound during her pregnancy but the doctor assure her that it was a reasonable amount given her normal lean and tone frame. She was relaxed back against the pillows a cup of ice chips in her hand.

"Hey Ziva." Gibbs said as he came in view of her.

"Hi Gibbs, where's Tony?" Ziva asked as she looked behind her former boss.

"Coffee, phone calls, and the head but I'm not sure what order. How are you feeling?" Gibbs asked taking the chair beside the bed.

"Better now, I thought I did not want the epidural but now I am much calmer so I am glad that I did. I had forgotten how much pain pissed me off."

Gibbs laughed remembering. They sat in comfortable silence as until Ziva grabbed Gibbs' hand and held tight as a contraction ripped through her abdomen. She breathed as Gibbs watched the monitor. "Almost Ziver keep breathing," Gibbs encouraged. "3...2...1...and done."

"Thank you Gibbs. " Ziva said relaxing again the bed once again before she picked up her ice chips. She took a moment to catch her breath. "Is anyone else here?"

"Abby and McGee, Duck and Bishop both said they would stop by before work in the morning and Tony is calling Senior and Breena, I called Vance and he said he would see you after work tomorrow." Gibbs told her.

"I should see them now before things progress too far I am already almost at 6." Ziva blushed talking about her dilatation with the man who was like her father.

Gibbs nodded he didn't want to leave Ziva by herself but he didn't know how else to go get Abby and McGee. He pressed the call button on the bed calling the nurse. Before the door could open Ziva experienced another contraction, not as long as before but it was still very strong and now just three minutes apart. When the door really did open it wasn't a nurse but the doctor herself.

"Contractions are closer together and stronger." Dr. Milner said as she pulled on a pair of rubber gloves. "Agent Gibbs any last minute visits now is the time I'll stay here with Ziva. Wait about ten minutes before you come back and if you would find Tony and tell him it's getting close."

Gibbs stood and left the room as the nurses got the leg rests in place. He walked in the waiting area and found Abby and McGee playing cards on the floor and Tony was talking on the phone.

"Getting close DiNozzo, any last minute visits should be now." Gibbs said startling Tony.

"Really already?!" Tony shouted. "Dad I got to I'm having a baby!"

Tony sprinted from his chair to the doors Gibbs didn't even have a chance to tell him he was supposed to wait. "We can go back in about 15 minutes, they are checking her again." Gibbs told Abby and McGee before he took a seat in the chair and leaned his head against the wall.

Tony appeared in the door about twenty minutes later and gestured them back towards the room where Ziva was. "How is she Tony?" Abby asked.

"She's getting kind of tired so she's a little moody she's at 8 so we have to make the visit short Doc says it's normal for some women to have a short labor." Tony replied as he opened the door and stuck his head inside. "Hey Zi you up for some visitors?"

They all crowed in the small room and Abby and Ziva began to talk softly while Tim, Tony and Gibbs all stood in the corner and spoke to each other. They stayed for about twenty minutes each taking a turn to talk to Ziva, when Ziva's contractions came closer together they all left the room to the waiting area. After about an hour of waiting Tony came to inform them that Ziva was about ready to push and the next time they saw him he'd be a father. It was close to three hours later and nearing 0700 when a teary eyed Tony appeared in the door a blue bundle of blankets in his arms.

"There is someone here to meet you guys." Tony said not taking his eyes from his son. "This is Anthony Jethro or AJ, born at 0625 weighing 9lbs 4oz and 19 ½ inches long."

Tony handed AJ to his honorary grandfather while Abby tried to smother him with her hug. Gibbs was studying the baby in his arms, Tony's features were evident when you looked at him the crinkly eyes the wide set mouth, the green eyes were a shock because most babies didn't have a permanent eye color until they were close to a year old, there was a small patch of dark brown hair on the top of his head, Ziva's hair and if you looked close enough you would also see Ziva's ears.

"Good Job DiNozzo and I'm honored." Gibbs told Tony as he handed AJ to Abby. Abby cooed over the baby while Tim looked over her shoulder as Abby was pointing out the different feature that came from each parent.

"It was all Ziva she picked the boy name I picked the girl." Tony said with a slight blush not telling Gibbs that the name was partially his idea. He had argued that the only way his son would be named Anthony was if his middle name was different he had not wanted a Anthony the third, he had suggested Jethro and Ziva had told him she had to think before she decided he had not known until AJ was born what name Ziva had choose.

When Tony heard AJ begin to whimper softly he scooped his son from Abby's arms. "I'll take him back to Ziva. You guys want to come see her?"

They all agreed and made their way to Ziva's room she was sitting up talking to the nurse when they entered. The team stood back against the door as the nurse was still asking Ziva questions Tony took AJ and placed him in his mother's arms and sat beside his family on the bed. They didn't stay long with Tony and Ziva after the baby was born all of them were tired and even though they had been up all night they all had to go to work. They all kissed Ziva and hugged her in congratulations before saying goodbye. It wasn't long after they left that Tony sent text messages to Breena, Bishop, and Ducky asking them to wait until later in the afternoon to visit because Ziva had finally fell asleep. As Tony watched the nurse wheel away his son he wondered how his life could get any better, he had a beautiful new son and his wife, the absolute love of his life lay sleeping not 4 feet away. He wasn't crazy enough to think that everything would be perfect now he knew that in his life there would be ups and downs but he also knew that with Ziva, AJ and their family by his side they could make it through anything.

It took 1 year and six months for me to complete this story. If you have stuck around with me, thank you! I have other works in progress but I'm not sure if I should wait until they are complete or not to post them. And I know I used the overly used name but I was too lazy to think of another one! –Until next time! AJ