She was born January 1st as an orphan. The birth was easy and her uncle named her Uchiha Senri, after her father like her mother had wanted.

Now one would think that wouldn't be a problem, adults usually picked the name because infants couldn't exactly do it themselves. And even if she could, she wouldn't exactly reject it because she actually found the name nice.

Uchiha Senri, it was practically saturated in prestige.

The problem was pretty simple and pretty big because really, who wouldn't freak out if this was their second time being birthed?

No, she was not insane, and no, these people were not her original family. Bloodline number two! She now had a new mother, a new father, new uncles, aunts, and cousins - the whole damn shebang!

Now, if the fact that she had somehow reincarnated and cheated death - she was so sure some final destination crap was going to happen to her - didn't phase her - and it did - then the fact that her last name was Uchiha really did it in for her. Though granted on this one, it wasn't actually the name she had a bone to pick with but the alarming stigma it carried.

Yes, it definitely wasn't the three-syllabled title that sent her into a panic because that could have been a mere coincidence. A one in a billion chance to be able to call herself an Uchiha, which any anime fan would jump at. It was the giant stitched red and white fan, an uchiwa, that was plastered on the back of nearly every person's yukata that told her all she needed to know. It was on the walls, the ceiling, her blankets, hell probably even on her diapers - the vain bastards. It was the first thing that had jumped out to her when her vision finally solidified enough to see beyond two centimeters.

And if that wasn't enough to convince her, the surprise visit from Mikoto, the wife of Uchiha Fugaku herself, sure set things in perspective. Apparently, her parents had known some pretty big names within the clan. Either that or Mikoto was just that nice but she really doubted that.

Then onto the fact that everyone was speaking in a different dialect of Japanese that she wasn't used to drove her crazy. It was older sounding and they used versions of words she hadn't heard of or ones that were used in olden times.

Of course, as her luck would have it, she just had to croak half way through her remedial Japanese course she had taken to accommodate the tournament rules, and all she could understand were low to mid level complex sentences. What good did originally being half Japanese do her now?

Before - whatever this was - she had been the daughter of a woman who practiced loop kicking and a dad who did parkour. She had a nice enough life considering those professions paid well in stunt management but overall, she preferred being a faceless kid in the slums of Tokyo.

Since the day she knew how to, she had been free running. Often with the kids she had befriended in the red light districts, one of her favorite provinces. And she was...well she had been very good at it. So good that she had applied to a trick kicking competition and with the expertise of her parents she could win no sweat!

So naturally, of course, thinking like that had tripped her up. She had gotten cocky, overconfident, and too big for her britches. She practically exalted her abilities and when her number one rival challenged her to run the abandoned hazardous building down in Hokkaido, she had accepted. Naturally, because she hadn't wanted to look like a liar after boasting so much, the very next day she showed up ready to go.

Everyone, even her rival's friends, tried to dissuade her from actually going through with it but she had been determined, she even challenged him back. If she was gonna run it so was his punk ass.

So they had set off and it had been hard, harder than anything she had tried before. The floors were uneven and crumbling, the structure horrible, and don't even get her started on the debris. But run it they did, and with the skill level of the pros if she did say so herself. And when she had caught sight of the final jump, elation had filled her and she'd sped up, determined to win and rub it in her rival's crestfallen face.

She had been in a dead sprint, only faltering when the terrified cry of Ginei - her wannabe rival - broke her concentration.

The floor below him had broken up and he was basically moving on falling stone. Her own self-preservation instinct momentarily made her muscles bunch up, ready to leap but the shuddering cry from Ginei halted her.

He had screamed her name and damn her sense of pity, but she had to help. Even if he was a freaking douchebag - like a major one! - he didn't deserve to die because of it. Whirling around with practiced movements she was able to, just before he slipped, grasp his wrist and pull him up. Practically tossing him over her shoulder, she sprinted toward the ledge, happy that he had collected his bearings enough to assist her with the jump.

They pushed off and mid-air, they flew. Both of them had managed to get the right trajectory, force, and height needed to complete the jump and so she had been so happy that they would make it. Tears had blurred her vision and she let out a shaky yell because goddamnit they weren't going to die!

Both of them would live, she would win the bet, and thus, she had smiled.

Well, that was until they had begun to lose momentum halfway through and started to plummet faster than a rock in water. Her training from both of her parents kicked in and, in a fit of raw adrenaline, instinct, and fear, she threw Ginei from her and noted with a sigh of relief that he had landed - albeit harshly - on the gravel of the roof.

She had barely even felt the impact, to tell the truth, and she was glad it had been fast.

Fast forward a few months and bam! Here she was, cradled in the arms of a man who had stopped by to visit today. A man she was supposed to know as 'uncle Kagami'.

Her dead parents were an attractive pair according to the photos her uncle showed her. Asari and Senri were their names and he would ramble on and on about them. Senri had the typical Uchiha look, with him being pretty, pale, and dark while her mother, Asari was different.

She had hair that was more of an ash gray color, and it wasn't from old age. Over the course of the stories told to her, she learned that her mother had been something of an anomaly in the Uchiha clan because of her dark gray hair - which she inherited - unlike all of her mostly black-haired family. Imagine the surprise, her uncle Kagami cackled when she finally activated her Kekkai Genkai.

According to the gossip, everyone doubted she was truly one of them until she activated her Sharingan.

But apparently, the Uchiha were hardcore because soon the amusing story turned into the tale of her parents' death, starting with her mother - who during her period of infantile incubation, had fallen sick and had been cautioned against going through with the pregnancy.

"Warned her she would die, they did," Kagami said, tears glittering in his eyes. "but that didn't stop the woman from pushing you out of her with all the strength her frail body possessed."

Her mother had apparently gotten sick various times throughout her lifetime and due to the stress of her leech-like fetus, her mother had not been able to go through with the pregnancy and live to see the aftermath.

That was kind of a depressing thought to have because, at the core of things, it was Senri's fault for the woman's death. Well, that and her mother's stubbornness.

Then came the tale of her father - his brother. This one seemed to cause a bit of guilt, she could see it in the lines on his face but he told it anyways. He probably thought she had a right to know.

Supposedly it had been a mission he hadn't been meant to go on.

"It had been assigned to me but Senri took it anyways." Kagami said with a wry smile. "I still don't know if he was brave or just an idiot."

Long story short, it had been an ambush and Senri Sr., her would-be father, had died.

Kagami told her how her dad tended to flock around and coddle Asari's swollen belly when the woman had fallen pregnant, having been their seventh try for another child. After her first four siblings who had been stillborn and the other three who had died not long after birth, she had been a godsend. He told Senri that her parents would have been crying tears of joy to see her alive, even if she was interned in the infant wing.

Now someone was probably wondering exactly why she was in the hospital. She had been too until uncle Kagami followed up his statement. Apparently, she had been born with more spiritual chakra than a child her age should have and it nearly killed her. Not that she remembered that event and she was happy she didn't.

One memory of death was enough for her.

And so after nearly a half a year of being stuck in this godforsaken place, she was now cleared to go, thank the heavens above. Being cooped up in here was killing her more effectively than any chakra overload ever could.

As she was getting prepared to leave, Senri felt disgruntlement settle over her. Having someone wash and dress her now miniature body was embarrassing, no other way about it. It didn't matter that she was a baby, some random person had seen her lady parts and she would always remember that.

Wrapped up in a cloth bundle, Senri had nothing better to do than to wait until Kagami came to pick her up.

And when the telltale sign of black hair surfaced in her vision, Senri nearly jumped for joy. Reaching out her arms she beckoned for her uncle, flashing him a gummy smile. She had grown close to him, what did anyone else expect? He was the only repetitive human contact she had since being born, even the nurses were different each time.

The man with the wild hair chuckled and scooped up her small body.

"Ready to go Sen-chan?" He asked with a flicker of amusement and Senri chirruped at him.

Blowing a raspberry, she leaned forward and pressed a slobbery 'kiss' to his chin and gave it an affectionate gnaw.

"Cute." He said with a roll of onyx eyes. "Real cute Sen-chan."

She gave a cackling laugh.

With a faux sigh, he turned and began walking.

"Why don't we get you home?" He asked her rhetorically. "There's someone there who would like to meet you."

She hadn't been worried because she trusted Kagami but honestly, with the Uchiha clan it was only a matter of time before something went awry.

Staring into the round eyes of one Uchiha Shisui, Senri went slack-jawed. It had been said that Shisui was Kagami's descendant - and it was in this moment she remembered which Kagami this was - but it never actually specified the relation. Who would have thought it would have been this close-knit? And to think Danzo stole the eyes of his trustworthy teammate's son. That man knew no bounds, it seemed like he held nothing sacred.

"Tou-chan, tou-chan!" The three-year-old Shisui called looking panicked at the not at all lucid expression on her face. "I think I broke her!"

Kagami turned a droll look towards the gray-haired Uchiha child then to his son and snorted.


"Don't mind her she's fine. She's just a little slow in the head." He said with a wave of his hand and like a switch had been thrown, Senri turned a glare at her uncle.

As if to prove his point he gave a poke to her cheek to which she answered by gnawing on his index finger.

"See?" He gestured. "She's perfectly fine."

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, she spat out his hand and gave a yawn.

Too worn out with this day and the onslaught of information, Senri placed her head on Shisui's - who was going to die and have his Sharingan stolen by a traitor - shoulder and gratefully passed out.

Laying in her crib, Senri began to plot.

She needed a plan and she needed one fast. After the first few months of lolling around trying to wrap her head around everything that had happened, she needed to get to work. This clan was headed for the less than fortunate fate and whether she liked it or not, she was a member. She wasn't going to kid herself into thinking she could change anything that was going to happen to her clan.

Hell, changing Shisui's fate - and he was within her reach! - might even be beyond her. Senri wasn't going to jump up and run to, let's say Minato and Kushina, and start spouting things about the events to come. She would look absolutely crazy! And not to mention when everything she said was going to happen, actually happened, who's to say they won't attack her for knowing? Or that they wouldn't string her up and use her as a fortune telling machine?

No one.

So, for now, she'd focus small, try to handle whatever fell into her path, and most of all she would keep her mouth shut.

Senri needed to become a shinobi, no question about that. She needed to be able to defend herself especially if she would be living with the Shunshin no Shisui, who would become tangled with the 'I'll do anything for the village' Itachi and 'Child Abductor Is My Middle Name' Danzo.

Senri didn't want any attention at all, which might be hard to do living with strong shinobi but she would try. Her plan so far was to appear to be mediocre, so average and vanilla - according to Uchiha standards - that she melted into the wallpaper. She resolved to be positively boring and to stay away from Itachi and any other major players. Then when she was in a suitable position she would get a long away mission so she could escape the massacre and she wouldn't come back - and if she managed to save Shisui he would come with her. But this wasn't to say that she wouldn't be untalented, only that she would play down the abilities people would raise an interested brow at.

She didn't know if she wanted her Sharingan yet when women activated it, it usually drew more notice than when the boys did. Senri would have wait on that one, though she'd admit it would be useful.

Kagami would die before it happened, so when he passed away - hopefully from old age - she would make her move and ditch this place.

So then and there, it was decided she would attend the academy and stay within the middle of the pack until further notice.

Senri decided to focus on re-educating herself in Japanese - kind of embarrassing seeing as she had primarily been raised there - by paying attention to Kagami and Shisui.

In the first weeks of her stay, Kagami would visit her and just speak, something she would be forever grateful for. It wasn't a stretch trying to learn their different version of Japanese other than remembering to substitute the words.

Distantly she wondered where Shisui was and the universe decided to grace her an answer in the form of a grinning Shisui staring through the bars of her crib.

Needless to say, Senri screamed.