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Make Uchiha Senri red or blonde and she'd look the part of their daughter as well as play it, Uzumaki Kushina thought as she sat behind the gray-haired girl with her fingers deftly twisting the long tresses into a braid.

Watching as her husband's godchild - who she had hoped would become a staple in her life the moment Minato spoke oh so very fondly of his surrogate daughter - argued playfully with Shisui as her own godson looked over a scroll for fuuinjutsu, Kushina smiled.

When she had first met the precocious little girl, the crimson haired woman had been afraid that she had fucked their first meeting up with he4 threatening behavior - her hair was still a sore spot and it triggered her into an outburst easier than she wanted it to after all these years - but soon after it was easy to see that was not the case.

She thought they got along well and despite not having been around Senri as long as Minato - and despite the fact that she didn't want to replace the child's flesh and blood parents - Kushina still wanted the girl - that precious, genius, caring girl - to look at her like she did Minato.

All Uzumaki fell in love quick and hard and Kushina was no exception.

There was promise in Kagami's young ward, Fugaku thought as he watched the young girl spar with his eldest son and heir. and the clan would do right to foster it.

The girl held power - some of which many in the council thought she likely didn't understand but he knew better.

He saw that sharp look the girl would get in her dark eyes when she thought no one was looking, he heard the slickness in her voice when she uttered those cleverly veiled insults, and he knew she was far more intelligent than she thought to show.

Fugaku very clearly remembered the girl's childhood and he knew that she faked quite a bit in front of him.

His reasons for not pursuing the matter were his own and they would not be rehashed.

The girl would be an asset and he knew time would prove that true.

Hiruzen Sarutobi saw potential in Minato's newest pupil, much of which he had seen in his own student Jiraiya and he knew, without a doubt that the girl would be a genin before the year was out.

It would be a waste otherwise.

To see a child already on her way to completing what took him years to do was astonishing - ego bruising, but awe-inspiring all the same and distantly a part of Jiraiya wondered just what the Uchiha do with a prodigy of that magnitude.

There was no way they wouldn't have the girl pass down her skills to any clansmen who would be willing to learn and if that happened the Uchiha very well could become the next Uzumaki.

Now that was a chilling thought - they were already arrogant enough as is but to add the talent of sealing under their belts? It would be mayhem.

But Jiraiya supposed there could be worse things - like Uchiha Senri being confined in the use of her scripting talents.

He would view it as an intimate loss if the girl's clan decided to hoard her abilities close to their hearts because having a future fuuinjutsu master connected to the village would be an undeniable asset and things would be easier if Minato's apprentice held the Leaf at a higher standing than her family.

And that may sound heartless but ninja despite all their hangups, were human and humans were capable of bias and bias sprung from either love or hate.

He hoped Uchiha Senri would be more than just a precious commodity.

It would be a misuse otherwise.

He knew a penchant for power when he saw it and the half Senju-Uchiha spawn was ripe with each and every sign.

It was just a matter of how and who she used it for.

Bringing the cup to his lips he hummed and let his lone eye cut across the white masked bodies kneeling before him.

"Keep an eye on prospect three nine zero." He commanded, voice deep and rumbling. "Report to me any significant progress she makes - the girl may very well join our ranks in a few year's time."

Blanks faces angled towards the floor in a bow and they melted into the shadows.

"As you wish," They murmured. "Danzo-sama."

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