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The Coming Out Video


It was early on Wednesday morning and I had the task of waking my boyfriend up, the lazy thing.

"Dan wake up" I nudged his side.

Dan grunted and pulled the covers over his head.

I rolled my eyes and smiled, I knew how to wake Dan up. "What team?" I shouted.

Dan's head popped from under the covers and he shouted back, "Wildcats!"

I smiled, "Knew that would work. Come on Dan, we have to be on a plane in two hours"

"What?" Dan rubbed his eyes.

I rolled my own again, "Playlist LIVE stupid!"

About nine hours later we finally touched down in Florida and I was finally able to stretch my legs, I hate planes. Me and Dan grabbed our bags and went to find our hotel, which took just under an hour and a taxi bill which wasn't nice. We had decided to call it safes and have a room with two single beds so no one got the wrong idea. The hotel was the same as last year but a different room with a different view always made it a little better. Another bonus is quite a few other YouTuber's stayed in this hotel while Playlist was on so they were always different people to talk to. Dan and I had already had the discussion whether we acted like a couple or not, we'd gone for the option of only talk about if people ask. Playlist LIVE started on Friday so we still had a full day to relax and we'd be staying until Monday, which we had plans to go to Hollywood Studio's to try and get some Micky Mouse in our hearts before returning to the cold, wet sadness of England.

Friday was upon us quicker than we expect and it was time to face a big group of people since me and Dan had come out, I was nervous and I could tell Dan was but he was doing a good job at hiding it. We got to back stage, said hello to people and sat and waited (and waited).


"Yeah?" Dan asked with a smile.

"I'm nervous"

Dan took my hand, "So am I baby but it's time to face the outside world, you can't stay hidden behind that camera forever. Also we agreed on no couple stuff unless someone asks"

I smiled weakly, "But someone is bound to ask"

"Whatever happens I'll be there for you"

I blushed, "Thanks Dan"

"That's what I'm here for" he leant over and gave me a quick peck on the lips and we heard the guy ounce our names and people scream.

"This is it" I muttered to myself and stood up with Dan closely following me. I walked onto stage with a smile, a brave one and Dan waved.

"Hey guys!" I said into the microphone, "What joy you have us two for some time"

Dan laughed, "I'm sure they won't complain"

Me and Dan had decided to play a game of Truth or Dare. Someone in the audience would say a truth or a dare and me and Dan would answer/do it. The first one was a dare for Dan.

"Dan! I dare you to do the chicken dance for a minute" someone shouted from the front.

Dan laughed it off and did the dare while I was laughing to myself; gosh we have weird but beautiful fans.

"Phil?" some asked once Dan was finished.

I raised the microphone to my mouth, "Yeah?"

"How annoying is Dan to live with?"

I laughed and looked over at Dan, "Not that annoying really. He never really leaves his bed, unless he wants food. I guess I'm the more annoying one out of us too"

Dan nodded then said, "I can agree with that one. We still haven't sorted out the fact you leave the every single cupboard door open when you make cereal"

I got manly the truth questions while Dan was stuck with the dares which got sillier and sillier as people went on. They ranged from both of us attempting the splits (and utterly failing) to dancing (in the strangest ways you can think off). It was going well until someone in one of Dan's llama hats shouted the dare I had not wanted to pop up.

"Dan, I have a dare!" she shouted.

"What beautiful dare do you want me to do?" Dan asked her with a smile.

She smiled back, "I dare you to kiss Phil"

I went beetroot red and Dan glanced over at me. The whole of the audience cheered. Dan stepped over to me and lowered his mic and I followed his actions.

"You don't have to do it if you don't want to" Dan whispered to me, "We can pass on this dare"

I smiled, "We might as well"

Dan looked at me confused.

I lifted up my microphone and said, "Time to break Tumblr again" and kissed Dan fully on the lips.

Dan groaned in surprise and then kissed me back. The audience cheered louder but I had to reluctantly break the kiss.

Dan smiled at me and raised his microphone, "Happy?"

"Yes!" Everyone screamed.

From then on it was millions of truth questions about our relationship that we both answered with a smile and the occasional holding of hands.

Once we were finished on stage we said our final good-byes and left the stage. We both stuck around until late then headed back off to the hotel and our comfy beds. Once we were in our shared room Dan locked the door and pushed me against the wall and a little scream came out my mouth in surprise.

"Shall we carry on from where we left off?" he asked with a smile.

I nodded and Dan kissed me once again. This time we didn't have to break off for any other reason than for air.

At one point Dan broke away just to say, "You know, we should have had a double bed"

I giggled and shook my head slightly, "Only that would come from you" and I kissed him again. The kissing obviously lead into something more but you can use your own imagination for that; I'm not giving you the details, that's a little weird.

This fic is officially over. I had fun writing this and I hope you enjoyed the fic. I have another chaptered (and will be longer) High School Dan and Phil fic with a few chapters already posted. It's called Life Changers if you are interested. Also, another phan one-shot (and this time sticking as a one-shot) I have planned out might be written and posted soon. Good-bye my Danosaurs and Phillions!