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Arcade Orphans

Chapter 1: A Lively New Start

^Miss Hattie's Home for Girls^

Miss Hattie had no idea how much time had passed since Margo and the giant that destroyed her desk had left. That crazy lady that had shown up with the giant and his buddies certainly did a heck of a job tying her to the chair she was sitting on. Then she glanced at her now completely demolished desk. Everything on it was in ruins. As she struggled to get herself free, the chair leaned one way and she fell over to the floor. 'Great, now how was she supposed to call for help?' A knock rapped on the front door just down the hall.

"Hello? Police! We received a call." A commanding voice called out.

Miss Hattie blanched. She certainly didn't call them. Somebody must have heard a commotion and called the police to help her. They were a little late in getting here. Margo had escaped a little while ago.

A loud slam reached her ears and soon there were a couple of policemen entering her office.

"Hello, Ma'am. Are you Miss Hattie?" One of the two officers asked.

She nodded. "Yes and I'd like to help you officers but I'm a little tied up at the moment." She responded, using her infamous fake kind voice. An officer went up to her and untied her binds. "Thank you. Now how can I help you?" The woman asked as she stood up.

The other officer looked at her seriously. "We got a call from a man telling us that you were abusing the children here."

The woman's breath was taken away. Nobody had called to get help for her. They had called to squeal on her; but the only people who knew about her treatment of the children were the children themselves. Margo had escaped and the other two were shipped off to other orphanages. Wait a minute… one of those little monsters ratted her out the moment they got away from her!

"We're going to need to look around." One of them said.

That brought Miss Hattie back to reality. "Oh, no, no that's not necessary. I would never hurt such little kids. I've always been kind to them." Well, kind wasn't the right word. It was more like merciful.

An officer nodded to her. "Just doing our job." Before she could get in another word, the two officers started to scope out the orphanage. When they were out of earshot, she groaned. If they found anything, she was in trouble.

^Sugar Rush^

It was six in the morning and the arcade opened at eight. For the arcade characters, that meant at least one more hour of shut-eye. Some chose not to use that extra hour.

She was sleeping calmly. Without even stirring her, the door to her room opened up silently. A pair of feet shuffled in and stopped next to her bed. The girl looked so peaceful when she was able to get a good night's sleep.

That was about to change.

Two arms raised themselves up, each arm holding a frying pan. Then…

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Margo woke up with a startle. Scrambling to get away from the noise, she fell off the bed.

"Ow!" The brunette girl yelped. Once she managed to grab her glasses off the bedside table and put them on, she got a good look at what woke her up. "Vanellope?" Her morning tiredness evident as she spoke.

Unlike Margo, Vanellope was wide awake and with a lot of energy. Sugar Rush's president was beaming. "Wakey, wakey, ice cream and cakey!" Vanellope banged the frying pans together another couple times. "Morning, Four Eyes. Time to get up." She greeted her guest.

So she had an idea of how to respond, Margo looked at the clock on the bedside. "Vanellope, it's six in the morning." She tried to explain to the girl.

"So what? The arcade opens in two hours and you need plenty of time to have breakfast, get dressed up, and head over to Stinkbrain's game." Vanellope reasoned.

"After last night, I'd rather check in with Ralph after closing time." Then the eldest sister climbed back into bed and pulled the covers over her head.

Vanellope blew a raspberry. "Please, once you have breakfast from this place, you'll have enough energy to last you all day."

"Exactly why this game is called 'Sugar Rush'." Vanellope's guest quipped.

"Come on, Margo. You know you want to."

"Vanellope, I know I don't want to."

"Just one candy bar. Or maybe an ice cream cone." She offered.

Margo uncovered her head from her blanket. "My answer is 'no' Vanellope now let me sleep in. Please." With that answer, Margo covered back up and blocked Vanellope out.

That made Vanellope huff. "Fine then, sleep in. You don't know what you're missing." The president took her frying pans and left the room. Maybe she will have better luck with Edith and Agnes.

^Litwak's Arcade^

Two hours later, kids were eagerly waiting at the door. Some kids were boasting to each other about how they were going to beat each other at their favorite games. Other kids were arguing over who got first dibs on whichever game they were going to play. Kids were even gossiping about the police cars at Miss Hattie's orphanage.

Mister Stan Litwak arrived at the front doors and unlocked them. The moment the doors opened, the kids ran in and started getting on their chosen first games. Satisfied with the usual flow of the morning kids, Mr. Litwak smiled. Yet, he had no idea that there were three more kids in the arcade; where he couldn't see them right away.

"Yeah!" A girl over at Sugar Rush exclaimed. "In your face, Moppet!" She cheered at her friend who was also playing the game.

Moppet playfully glared at her friend. "Shut up, Madge!"

Madge looked around the arcade and saw that Hero's Duty was open. "Hey, Hero's Duty is free. Let's play that one next." The friend suggested to her friend.

The pink glasses-wearing girl nodded. "Sounds good to me. We can play some more Sugar Rush later. Right now let's see if we can beat Hero's Duty's two-player record."

"This early in the morning?"

"Why not?" The two friends got out of the player seats and went to play the war game. As they left a pair of boys climbed into the seats and inserted their quarters.

After they pressed start, the announcer's voice boomed. "Chews Your Character!" The roster revealed itself to contain Gloyd in the middle square while surrounding him was Crumbelina, Adorabeezle, Citrusella, Swizzle, Rancis, Taffyta, Torvald, and Sticky.

"Aw! Vanellope's not available today." One of the boys moaned then looked over to his friend. "She was going to help me take you down."

"Stinks to be you then because I'm going to win." The other boy boasted and selected Sticky.

The first boy shook his head. "It's fine. I can still win without her." He picked Swizzle. The characters were picked and it was time to choose the race track. "Let's do this one." They picked Lemonade Rain and started the race.

Because it was a course where rain poured down on the track, the course was slippery and hard to handle. There were hills that needed to be climbed over and tunnels to go through and puddles to splash. After three laps, thanks to Swizzle's tricky but lucky handling, he allowed his player to overtake the lead from Adorabeezle and win the race.

When Swizzle claimed the trophy, the boy let out a whoop of victory. "Yes! I told you I could win without Vanellope." He said to his friend.

His friend scoffed jokingly. "Whatever. You're just lucky that Taffyta used a Sweet Seeker on me." The boys inserted another quarter each. "Hey, do you think the game has more characters? The boys are seriously outnumbered and we see the same characters all the time but just on different occasions."

"I don't know." He shrugged. "Let's play another race." They put their attention back on the game and started setting up another one.

^Sugar Rush^

Later the arcade closed and everyone started setting up for the Random Roster Race. Edith and Agnes, joined by a fully awake Margo, watched as the event set itself up.

Edith gaped at the sight. "All I can say is 'wow'." She had never seen candy alive and doing something productive. All her life she thought that if candy was alive somewhere, all it would do was play. The three sisters were en route with Sour Bill to the Royal Raceway since that's where Ralph and the Fix-Its would be going too.

Even though she had been in Sugar Rush all day, Agnes was relieved to be back in the safety of her favorite arcade game where Miss Hattie stood no chance of finding her. All day she had given Margo and Edith a tour of Vanellope's castle, under supervision of Sour Bill, pointing out her favorite places and asking Sour Bill to take them to parts of the castle that Agnes hadn't been to during the trio's initial visit to the game world. When the closing of the arcade for the night came around, Agnes was just rearing to get outside.

"Oh my cherries! Agnes is back! And her sisters too!"

The trio looked away from race preparations to see Jubileena rushing toward them with some of the other racers.

"You guys came back." Gloyd said as he approached.

"I thought you weren't going to get to come back but you're here!" Candlehead commented.

"That was fast. Oooooh! You ran away didn't you?" Citrusella gasped.

Jubileena, Gloyd, and Candlehead all gave Agnes 'welcome back' hugs and told her how pleased they were that she could come back so soon. Margo and Edith were also welcomed back warmly (or welcomed in Edith's case since she never visited Sugar Rush before).

Jubileena gave Margo a hug and Margo happily accepted. "Thanks guys, we're happy to be back."

Candlehead looked at them thoughtfully. "So are you staying here this time or are you going back to the gamer world again?" She asked.

"We're totally staying this time. Sure we did sort of run away but we had no choice." Edith answered.

"Why?" Gloyd asked.

"We'll tell you later. Right now the race is getting set up and we don't want to interfere." Margo answered.

Jubileena jolted in realization. "That's right. We still have to get ready. Come on!" The cherry pie racer ran off to do what she needed to. Gloyd and Candlehead followed suit.

Then Citrusella let out a squeal. "Yay! I love racing." That left the three sisters confused but the blueberry pie racer didn't give them a chance to question her because she took off right after her comment.

Sour Bill brought them out of their daze and motioned to the path in front of them. "This way, girls." He said in his usual monotone. They shook off their daze and followed him to the Royal Raceway.

About half an hour later, the Random Roster Race was ready to take place. The karts were being lined up, candy fans were cheering, and final preparations were being checked off.

"So this is what Sugar Rush is like after closing time. This is awesome!"

Edith was riled up and ready to watch her first race from within the game. The middle sister was currently bouncing up and down and cheering as wildly as she could for her favorite racer. Ralph and the Fix-Its met up with the girls at the race track and they all joined Vanellope up in the president's booth.

Sour Bill motioned for the fanfare to be lowered so he could introduce Vanellope as always. Just as he picked up the microphone, he was met by the pleading gaze of Agnes.

"Can I do it? Please?" The youngest sister asked politely.

"No." Sour Bill replied.

Agnes pouted. "Aw…" Margo consoled her and assured her that she would get to do it some other time.

Then Sour Bill cleared his throat and the crowd hushed down. "Citizens of Sugar Rush, all hail our rightful ruler, President Vanellope von Schweetz." Cheers erupted as Vanellope appeared and took the mic.

"Thank you! Thank you! You're all so sweet." That pun got a few laughs. "Another spectacular day of racing went by today and I'd like to give a special shout out to Swizzle." The mentioned racer flushed. "Swizzle did an awesome job at Lemonade Rain by making such an amazing comeback with his tricky handling keeping him down but he still managed to win first place." Swizzle's fans all roared in praise and Swizzle just replied with a nod and held up a peace sign which got him more applause. "Okay then, tomorrow is Wednesday so we need to create a roster. Gloyd, since you won last night's RRR, you get to sign up first." She addressed the racer with the pumpkin hat.

Sugar Rush's prankster leapt for joy. "Alright!" Weaving between the racers, Gloyd went up to the lollipop scanner and jumped on. An instantaneous response blipped and Gloyd's name blinked onto the jumbotron.

"Gloyd Orangeboar!"

With his name on the board, Gloyd got off the scanner and went down to his kart. Next in line was Crumbelina and Sugar Rush's fashion girl signed up.

"Crumbelina di Caramello!"

As Agnes watched the racers scan their code on the roster, she couldn't help but dream of herself doing that and hearing the jumbotron call out her name.

^Burger Time^

Tuesday night wasn't a particularly busy night for the restaurant game but it had a modest crowd on weekday nights just like in the real world. At a table sat Ralph, Vanellope, the Fix-Its, and the sisters. Once the roster was determined, Calhoun suggested that they head over to Burger Time so the girls could have some actual food after being stuck in Sugar Rush all day.

"Well, short term speaking," Margo spoke as everyone eat. "We have a place to stay but that doesn't cover long term goals. Where are we going to live and what are we going to do? Besides getting away from anyone that would want to separate us, what else are we supposed to do?" Throughout the day after she had fully woken up, it had come to her attention that they didn't completely fill in all the gaps of their plan to escape to the game world.

Vanellope swallowed a chunk of chicken nugget. "I told you. I don't mind if you three live in the castle. You don't have to be guests, you can be residents."

Margo nodded. "I know Vanellope but the castle is your place, not ours. If we're going to live somewhere, it should be our own place. For the last couple of years, we've been living in a place that's not ours and now we're in a place that belongs to one of our friends. We need our own space to claim." The eldest sister explained. Edith held up a finger to interject. "And we're not living in a fort in an alley." Her suggestion shot down before she could even pitch it, Edith frowned and slumped back.

"But why not?" Agnes asked.

"Would you want to live in a place where people fight each other and have no available light or bathroom?"

Agnes thought about it then shook her head and continued to eat a toddler-size cheeseburger.

Felix waved to get Margo's attention. "You know, there's still plenty of room left for buildings in East Niceland. We could build a house for the three of you. Niceland is a nice quiet place that would remind of the gamer world." He suggested.

Ralph brightened at the idea. "Hey yeah." The wrecker turned to Margo. "You guys could rig up some kind of blueprints for Felix and I to follow and we can have it up in a little bit of time. If we use all night to work on it, we can have it done in something like two weeks."

"You'd build a house that we draw? Sweet!" Edith exclaimed.

Margo smiled at the great idea. "It sounds fantastic guys. Hey Vanellope, do you think you can handle castle guests for another two weeks?" She asked the president.

Vanellope chortled at the question as if it was ridiculous. "Are you kidding? Three extra people in the castle for two weeks is nothing. Consider it handled." The president answered.

Since everything sounded like it would work out, Agnes let out a cheer. "Yay! We're going to have our own house!"

"And we could each try to join a game to make it even more fun." Edith added. "Felix and Ralph added the guys from the homeless game characters to their game right? All we have to do is join a game in a way so sneaky that people won't even think something's off."

"Agnes does have that kart we made for her a couple days ago." Vanellope thought. "She could join Sugar Rush as an unlocked character." She offered.

Calhoun snorted. "Good luck with that."

"No, no it will work. Trust me. Agnes is already cute and a good racer. She'll fit in easily."

"If you say so. Just be careful what you're doing. One wrong move and this whole thing could blow up in your face."

"Must you be so negative, General Grumpy?"

"It's called being realistic Pint Size."

"This is the virtual world. Realistic doesn't apply here." Vanellope looked at Agnes. "What do you say, Terror Toddler? You want to join the best game in the arcade or what?"

Agnes thought about it and remembered how she felt when she was watching the racers sign up. It was her dream to race in Sugar Rush and this could make that happen. "Okay. I'll be part of Sugar Rush." She decided. Vanellope nodded her head in approval and then took her tray to dump whatever was left.

Margo waited until Vanellope was gone to talk to Agnes. "Are you sure Agnes? Being part of a game is a big responsibility. Just look at Ralph, Felix, Calhoun, and Vanellope. Without them, their games wouldn't work out." The eldest sister just wanted her sister to know what she was potentially getting into.

For once, Agnes looked like she was determined to do something. "I can do it, Margo. I know I can. If Vanellope says I'm good enough to race then maybe I am. I won't let Sugar Rush down." That was her pledge. Sugar Rush never let her down when she played and now it was her turn to do something for it.

"She's got a game already?" Edith blinked then huffed and crossed her arms. "Man, I'm already behind on the plan and I thought of it." In her mind, Edith was quickly trying to form an idea to catch up.

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