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Chapter 4: The Next Two Weeks

^Sugar Rush- 13 days to the Sugar Cup^

"Edith, wake up!"

The girl with the pink knit hat groaned as she opened her eyes and sat up in bed. At the side of her bed, Margo stood.

"Come on, wake yourself up, you've got a new job you're starting today." Margo said while Edith rubbed her eyes.

"You couldn't let me sleep a little more?" Edith asked her elder sister.

"Hey, if you woke up any later, you'd have the chance of running late. It's important to be on time."

"This coming from the girl who doesn't have a job in any of the games."

"Shut up and get dressed. Breakfast is important for the day and I'm sure you'll want something else in your stomach besides root beer." The brunette turned on her heel and left the room.

Edith stared at the door her sister left through and muttered, "You're a killjoy." Pushing off her sheets, she got out of bed and assembled her usual outfit.


The young girl hopped off the train and entered the tavern. She went into the bar room and hopped up on a stool.

"Hey Tapper!" She called to the bartender.

"Edith," Tapper came over, "Glad to see you're here. Ready for your first day?"

"Yep, just tell me what I need to do."

"When a gamer plays the game, your job is to come in at one point during the level and wait for me to give you root beer. The higher the level is, the shorter you wait. As you wait for me, you have to get madder and madder until the player commands me to give you root beer. Drink your root beer and go back into the hall to wait in line. If you need to empty out your system during game time, there's a bathroom out at the end of the hall. Got that?"

"Got it! Sit, wait, get mad, drink, leave."

"Alright I think you have it." Tapper looked up at the game screen. "Looks like the arcade's going to open soon." He looked back at her. "Might want to get in line."

Edith nodded. "Okay, boss." She jumped off the stool and went to go get in line.

^Litwak's Arcade^

The arcade's visitors entered the arcade half an hour later. One of the visitors went up to Tapper's and slipped a quarter in the slot.

"Time to serve up some fun." The patron said as he reached for the controls.


The game started up and the first lot of NPCs entered the bar room. Edith was in line further back, watching them proceed in. Slowly, the line moved up as NPCs entered the room and left to return to the back. Before Edith could go in, the first level was completed and the player moved onto level two. More NPCs went inside as she slid up the line. Boy was she bored. The other NPCs apparently talked with each other off screen or played tic-tac-toe. Seeing as she was the newbie, nobody really talked to her or bothered her.

The line moved up again and Edith finally had her turn to enter the game. Following the others' example, she walked in like they did and took a seat at the bar. She sat there and waited.

At the end of the room, Tapper shifted back and forth between the rows quickly in sync with the gamer's commands.

While she waited, Edith could feel herself becoming impatient. It was like she was waiting for her turn but this was ridiculous. When she and her sisters were with their parents years ago, they went out to eat at restaurants. At least those restaurants had menus and crayons to keep her occupied and her parents were there talking with her. This was boring.

Finally the player gave her a mug of root beer and she drank up. The mug emptied, she got off the stool and left the room to return to the hall.

She walked to the end of the line and sat down against the wall. This was going to be a long day, she could tell that much.

^Sugar Rush^

Closing time came and Vanellope immediately gathered Margo and Agnes.

"Are you sure you can do this Agnes? Vanellope said that the Sugar Cup is hard." Margo asked her sister for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"I can do it, Margo! I know I can. Just because I'm younger and smaller than everyone else doesn't mean that I can't race as well as they can. The longer that I'm racing my kart, the better I'll get at it. Margo, this is my only chance. Vanellope doesn't know another way to try and prove what I can do and we don't know anything either. I have to do this. It's been my dream to be part of Sugar Rush. Remember?" Agnes answered her eldest sister as they walked to the throne room.

Margo sighed as Agnes restated her decision. "Okay, if that's what you want to do." She glanced at her sister again. "Agnes, I'm just worried. I'm the oldest and it's my job to make sure you're okay and I can't help but think the Sugar Cup is not going to go over well."

Agnes looked up at Margo. "Well, even if it doesn't go okay, I'm still going to try my best at it."

"I know you will and I'm proud of that. Please though, don't do anything that will get you hurt."

"I promise."

They walked into the throne room where Vanellope was standing, ready to begin their little meeting.

"Hello there Four Eyes, Terror Toddler." Vanellope addressed her friends.

"Hey Vanellope," Margo waved in greeting.

"Hi Vanellope!" Agnes chirped along with Margo's greeting.

"So," Margo gazed at Vanellope. "You wanted to see us?"

Vanellope nodded and straightened up to look professional. "Yep! Now listen, I know that the Sugar Cup sounds like it will be a big problem but trust me. It's not so bad once you get the hang of it. Sure there's the persuasion of the trophy and the coins in it but everyone still treats each other with respect. No one goes to extremes, except maybe King Candy, but he's no longer with us."

"What did happen to King Candy anyway?" Margo asked the president. For a while now, Margo knew that King Candy had mysteriously disappeared and she had a theory that the coincidence between him disappearing and Vanellope appearing in the game back when they would play the game in the gamer world was more than a coincidence.

"Ignore that for now, we need to focus on the Sugar Cup." Vanellope quickly avoided the subject and kept on track. "The point is, Agnes has potential as a racer. The more she races, the better she'll get at it and the more she stands a chance."

"That's what I said!" Agnes cheered happily.

"During our meeting the other night, we agreed that Agnes could enter the Sugar Cup and if she got at least third, she could join the game. Something that I thought of after that was nobody said that we couldn't help Agnes practice before then. That's why I suggest that in the next two weeks before hand, Agnes needs to be trained so she'll be as skilled as the rest of us are." Vanellope explained, a clever smile on her face.

"You're going to help Agnes prepare for the Sugar Cup?" Margo asked, surprised that Vanellope came up with the idea.

"Yep!" Vanellope bobbed her head in confirmation again. "Agnes already has the skills of a racer, she just needs to fine tune them and get herself prepared for the race tracks and the obstacles that come with them. While I was a glitch, I studied the tracks a lot when the races were going on so I know all of the obstacles, the shortcuts, and stuff like that. Once Agnes knows all of that, her odds in the cup are greater than they are now. She'll be a shoe in for joining the roster."

Agnes beamed and ran over to hug Vanellope. "Vanellope, that's amazing! I'm going to be a racer! I'm going to be a racer! I'll show everyone that I can really race!" The little girl bounced around with excitement.

The president and Agnes's sister laughed at the sight of her bouncing with joy.

"You know, if you're going to help her then I am going to too. She's my sister after all and maybe helping her would make me stop being worried about how the Sugar Cup will turn out." Margo said to Vanellope between fits of laughter.

"Glad you feel that way, we could use a little help. Just wait and see, Agnes will be a great racer." Vanellope said back to Margo.

A while later, night fell in Sugar Rush and Vanellope, along with the three sisters, were having dinner in the castle dining room. To celebrate Agnes's potential future, Vanellope allowed for Agnes to choose what they would have for dinner. Agnes decided on waffles with sugar and syrup so that was the meal on their plates. Calhoun was on rounds that night and the building duo of Ralph and Felix were hard at work constructing the girls' future house.

Edith groaned in tiredness. "I'm so tired and bored. Why did I think Tapper's would be a good game to join? I stood waiting in line a lot today and waiting for my root beer was exhausting too. Who knew that waiting could actually make someone tired?" Though tired, she stuck her fork onto a piece of cut up waffle and shoved the piece into her mouth. If she wasn't so tired, she'd be cheering for Agnes having a better chance at winning the Sugar Cup.

"Hey," Vanellope waved her fork at Edith. "My first day as a racer was tough too. It takes a little while to get into the groove of things. Maybe you just need something to distract you from waiting."

"Sure that works for out in the hall where the gamers can't see me but it can't exactly work for when I'm on screen." Edith retorted back.

"You'll just have to deal with it at that point. We make sacrifices for our games. You have no idea how hard it was for me not to go zooming down the track like I did during my first Random Roster Race when the arcade was open. I had to give the players a fair shot and slow down." Vanellope picked up the syrup bottle and drizzled some more syrup over her waffles.

Edith threw her arms up. "But it's so boring there!" Moving her plate out of the way, Edith slumped her head on the dinner table. "Maybe I should just quit and try a different game?" She mumbled weakly.

Margo looked at her sister with apprehension. "Edith, just because the first day goes bad doesn't mean you should quit. It's just like the first day of school. Remember, you had your first day of school that one time when you were four or five? You didn't like school but you started to enjoy it after it went along."

"That's different! It's school! It's not like a job where all you're doing is waiting around." The middle sister lifted her head up off the table and continued to eat.

"She has a point." Vanellope conceded with Edith's argument.

Agnes directed a stern stare at Vanellope to warn her that she wasn't helping Margo with changing Edith's mind. She actually wanted Edith to like her new game. "Vanellope!"

"What?" Vanellope shrugged in indifference to Agnes.

"Edith, a job is a lot harder than school, there's a lot more importance to it." Margo continued her argument to Edith and sighed when her sister didn't appear to respond. "Look, how about this? You try working at Tapper's game for a few more days and bring stuff along to keep yourself busy then if you don't like it after that then you can quit and try another game?"

Edith stayed silent for a minute, thinking it over in her head before nodding in agreement. "Alright, I'll do it, but only for a few more days."

Margo smiled proudly at her sister. "Good." The conversation over, Margo returned to her dinner and the girls eat the rest of their meal in silence.

^12 Days to Sugar Cup^

Edith took a book from the Sugar Rush castle library and took it with her to Tapper's. As she waited in line, she sat down and opened up the book, reading until she either had to move up in the line or go order root beer or use the restroom. At first, she was neutral about the book and started to get a little invested.

Later that day, Agnes stood on a stool in Crumbelina's house and Crumbelina stretched out some measuring tape. Vanellope and Margo watched as Crumbelina took Agnes's measurements: height, width, foot size, and every other measurement she thought of. Taking out a sketch pad, Crumbelina drew a sketch of Agnes for reference and took a picture of Agnes in her usual outfit. Once the fashion girl finished, she shooed them out of her house so she could have privacy while working on Agnes's outfit. She made copies of her sketch so she could draw various types of outfits on Agnes and compare them to her current look. Struck with inspiration on one of her designs, she got to work.

Ralph and Felix started on building the first floor and since Calhoun didn't have rounds, she helped them out too.

^11 Days to Sugar Cup^

Edith continued to read her book during her breaks and started to get a little frustrated at what was going on in the book, shutting it at some points just to mope about it.

Agnes and Margo attended live races during the day between the stands of fans on the sides of the tracks, learning about how the game's side of the game while gamers play worked out. They took note of how the cameras followed the players down the tracks, how the character selection screen worked, the victory screen, and getting to the bonus level.

Ralph and Felix finished the first floor and got to work on constructing support beams for the second floor.

^10 Days to Sugar Cup^

Edith decided to quit Tapper's that evening and notified Tapper of her resignation. Taking her book with her, she went over to the New Super Mario Bros. game and asked Mario, Luigi, and Peach about potentially joining the game. The three thought about it and discussed it for a little while before apologizing to Edith for not being able to let her join. A little off-put, Edith returned to Sugar Rush for the night.

Agnes and Margo sat in the media room of the castle, viewing the screen which had a course layout on it, and listened as Vanellope gave them a mini lecture on the course itself and all the other ones. Vanellope elaborated on the obstacles at certain points on the courses and how Agnes should approach the different kinds of turns she'll eventually encounter.

Crumbelina finished sewing an outfit, a kind of jumpsuit, for Agnes and took it to her for a fitting. When Agnes tried it on, she didn't think it was right and neither did her sisters or Vanellope. Disappointed in her first outfit, Crumbelina took it home and took it apart so she could possibly recycle the material later.

Ralph, Felix, and Calhoun got the first floor split into the required rooms and were proud of the work they did for beginning the second floor.

^9 Days to Sugar Cup^

Calhoun took Edith to fights at Street Fighter and they had a pretty good time watching the game's characters roughly fight, cheering whenever someone went down like the rest of the audience did.

Crumbelina managed to finish a jacket that was Agnes's size and got to work on a skirt and stockings, apparently made of cotton candy material.

Margo and Vanellope were at Marshmallow Valley and Vanellope held a stopwatch. Agnes came around the last corner of Marshmallow Valley's course and drove across the finish line. Nodding in approval, Vanellope showed Margo the time and Margo was pleasantly surprised by it.

^8 Days to Sugar Cup^

Edith was fueled with determination to get into Dance Dance Revolution and was given a try by Yuni's group after she proved that she could dance well and keep up with the arrows.

Vanellope had Agnes in the throne room, where Vanellope showed the young racer how to pose for the character selection screen and how to do a victory pose when she would get first place. After they did that, they began developing poses for Agnes and started coming up with catchphrases for her.

The flooring for the second level of the house was finished and the next item on Ralph and Felix's agenda was putting in a roof.

^7 Days to Sugar Cup^

The arcade was closed since it was the weekend and that allowed for Edith to go exploring around Game Central with Calhoun.

That whole day was dedicated to Agnes reviewing what she learned so far and putting it all together. Gloyd, Candlehead, and Jubileena stopped by to see how Agnes was doing with the Sugar Cup getting so close. Crumbelina finished her second outfit for Agnes and also stopped in at the castle near the end of the day to see what Agnes thought of it. The outfit included a blue jacket with a pink shirt that had a blue puff of cotton candy printed on it, a cotton-candy-pink skirt, cotton-candy-blue stockings and dark blue shoes. Margo, Vanellope, Agnes, and the others thought the outfit looked great and Crumbelina smiled with pride in her second try.

The roof was done within a day and the building duo decided the next step would be to put in the walls.

^6 Days to Sugar Cup^

Crumbelina measured the size of Agnes's head and then brought over helmets and goggles that would fit her. Agnes tried them all in their different shapes and styles until she settled for a helmet with a visor. Together, Crumbelina and Agnes colored the helmet and visor blue to go with her kart and outfit. Taffyta watched them from a distance; she had not thought of Vanellope's little loophole until recently and she was displeased knowing that Agnes was getting help to try and become on par with the other racers.

Margo insisted that Ralph and Felix take a break from working on the house and they, along with Edith, Agnes, Vanellope, and Calhoun, went to Dance Dance Revolution's Sunday night party night. There, music was loud and energetic for the most part but there were chances for slow dances that Felix and Calhoun could partake in. Margo really let loose on one of the songs while her two sisters and Vanellope eagerly munched on Dance Dance Revolution's snacks and drinks with Ralph watching over them and making sure they didn't get too sloppy. The group didn't stay too late and left in time for everyone to get a good night's sleep so they would be up at the right time for gameplay.

^5 Days to Sugar Cup^

Edith had her first day of Dance Dance Revolution duty and she loved it. It was just her style: the upbeat movement, no need to wait in line, and the place had a cool atmosphere.

Vanellope took the evening to teach Agnes all about items and how to use them. In this lesson, Agnes learned how to aim Sweet Seekers, how to drive backwards while launching an A-la Mode, and other items like such.

It took all night but Ralph and Felix managed to get all the walls in the girls' house in and a couple doors for the front door and the girls' rooms' doors.

^4 Days to Sugar Cup^

Crumbelina made a scrunchie out of blue cotton candy and replaced the red one that was usually in Agnes's hair with it to complete the outfit. To make it even better, Crumbelina got Swizzle to make a hole on top of Agnes's helmet so her ponytail and scrunchie could stick out instead of being pressed against her head under the helmet.

In a few practice races, Agnes managed to get second and third but never first out of five.

With building complete, there were only two things left before the house could be called complete. The walls needed to be painted and furniture needed to be put in. Margo, Edith, and Agnes claimed their bedrooms and started planning how they wanted to decorate their rooms.

^3 Days to Sugar Cup^

While Vanellope trained Agnes in terrain difficulty such as driving on courses wet with lemonade or ice cream blowing into your face, Agnes's sisters helped Ralph and the Fix-Its with painting the interior and exterior of the house.

^2 Days to Sugar Cup^

With the Sugar Cup so near, Vanellope and Agnes's Sugar Rush friends explained how the Cup works. They went over the opening and closing ceremonies and how placing and points are given.

Meanwhile, Felix entered Fix-It Felix Jr.'s code and added the house to the game, entering in code for furniture as well. With the house complete, the gang rejoiced in their accomplishment and went to go get the furniture that Felix didn't have to code into the house.

^1 Day to Sugar Cup^

Agnes met with Amy and Cream again and explained what she worked on over the last two weeks and they promise that they'll be there cheering for her the whole way.

Edith got annoyed by the same songs over and over again and repeating the same dance movements so she quit Dance Dance Revolution, continuing her job hunt.

Margo finally was able to relax knowing that Agnes would be okay in the Sugar Cup.

That night before the sisters left to move into their new home, Vanellope went down to Sugar Rush's code room and entered Agnes's code in for the Sugar Cup. She watched in awe as Agnes's new code box joined the cluster of code boxes and started connecting to the other ones.

"Looks like the Sugar Cup has sixteen racers this year." Vanellope murmured as she watched the sight before her.

A little later in the evening at the girls' newly-built home with their friends entering behind them.

It took nearly three weeks of all-night work but Ralph and Felix did it. The girls' home was finally built and decorated. For a home decorated by three little girls, the house was very cool to look at. Just in case Ralph or someone as tall as Calhoun wanted to visit, the ceilings were higher than ceilings in a normal Niceland house. The first room in the house upon entering was the living room. Aside from the purple, cushy couch that was given as a housewarming gift from Mary, the living room was decorated with three chairs that were personalized by the girls, a fairly large t.v. custom made by Tails and Eggman over in Sonic Heroes, and tea party d├ęcor.

The kitchen design was finalized by Vanellope. The sisters had argued over what kind of theme the kitchen should have and Vanellope had stepped in to get them to shut up. The cupboards and cabinets were blue and red to symbolize Margo's theme of Fix-It Felix Jr. Edith's theme of Hero's Duty was displayed in the black and green countertops and dinner table. Agnes's touch of Sugar Rush was pink and white on the oven and the microwave. It was only by luck that Vanellope's idea had been accepted because the girls were satisfied that each of their ideas was incorporated in it.

Nobody really had anything special planned for the bathroom but it did have a bath tub, a sink, and a toilet. There was even a towel rack which held Margo, Edith, and Agnes's green, pink, and blue towels respectively. They were hand knitted by one of Deanna's friends that lived in the apartment building.

Ralph, Felix, Vanellope, and Calhoun left shortly after seeing the entire household, leaving the girls to get to bed.

The bedrooms weren't completely decorated yet so they all looked simple and empty except for the beds and the closets.

Agnes settled into bed as Margo tucked her in.

"Good night, Margo," Agnes said to her oldest sister.

"Good night, Agnes," Margo replied with a smile. "You're going to do great in the Sugar Cup. I know that now."


"Yeah, sleep well." Margo got off her sister's bed and left the room. She noticed Edith coming out of the bathroom and heading to her new bedroom. "Good night, Edith."

"Night, Margo." Edith responded before angling her head to Agnes's room. "Night, Agnes!" She called out.

"Good night, Edith!" Agnes yelled back.

Satisfied with the response, Edith went into her room and closed the door.

Margo went to her room at last and crawled into bed. Before she closed her eyes, she took off her glasses and set them right next to the clock on the small bedside table. Switching off her light, Margo went to sleep. These last two weeks went by in a flash.

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