Nodoka was currently sat on the sofa at home, pregnant with her child and the 'size of a blimp' as her husband put it, much to her dismay, Genma was currently out 'training' with his master and Soun his old friend, Nodoka lightly stroked her belly.

"Won't be long now…soon my child I will bring you into this world and I will teach you all about the world we belong too and then when you come of age you'll decide your fate" Nodoka said motherly, feeling her baby give a small kick, causing Nodoka's smile to grow.

"I just hope you make the right choice and that it makes you happy" Nodoka said, her voice dropping to a whisper, she had made her choice years ago, she claimed her heritage only to be trapped by the honour of humans, she couldn't believe how foolish she was, to be so hot headed that her husband's parents had been able to use reverse psychology to trap her in a marriage with their son because she had 'taken' his 'virginity' and she thought she could handle it due to the life span of her species been far more than humans she thought all she had to do was wait for it to be over, she never realized how slow to could pass until she married Genma, the only good thing so far had been finding herself pregnant.

"I chose to take my heritage and leave my human life behind…funny how things work out huh?" Nodoka chuckled, lightly tracing her hair line to her pointed ears.

Nodoka's mother had been a Pixie, her father a Incubus and when she came of age like all pixies she gained the choice, to become human or be reborn as a pixie by encasing herself in a cocoon her pixie nature claimed and she became what she was today and if she hadn't she would become a human, or a succubus given her choice but she chose to follow in her mother's footsteps and be free of the close mindedness of humans, free of their laws, thinking she's also left her Succubi heritage behind as well.

A couple years Later…

Nodoka watched Ranma as he ran round the garden, shaking her head slightly at how easy her son was to pleas, he was only two years old and already her husband was trying to train him, she had come home ten times in the last week to find Genma beating Ranma, calling it training, she was more than tempted to quit her job so she could stay home and protect her child but since Genma didn't work and refused to find a job if she did it wouldn't be long until they were out on the streets, especially with how much Genma drank and she could not do that to her child.

Nodoka wanted to get a divorce but by now she knew Genma well and knew that if she divorced him, kicked him out and claimed custody of Ranma Genma would just kidnap him and disappear without a trace and she knew he could do it thanks to his 'training' under that perverted old master of his.

'I'm beginning to think my only option is to run away with Ranma…but could I really force Ranma into that kind of life' Nodoka sighed as she sipped her tea.

"Nodoka I must train Ranma if he is to become the heir of the Saotome School Of Anything Goes Martial Arts" Genma stated with authority and an all knowing tone as he approached Nodoka from behind.

"He is two years old Genma and it will be his choice if he wants to practise yet alone become the heir to that dishonourable school…you will not decide our son's future" Nodoka responded, narrowing her gaze.

"Dishonourable, the Anything Goes is a proud and mighty art that will never turn down a challenge and been my only son he will become my heir and then he will fulfil the Saotome Tendo agreement, uniting the two schools" Genma declared proudly.

"Firstly, how can an art that uses deception and treachery to win a fight, will gladly use weapons against unarmed opponent with the excuse of Anything Goes be honourable, especially when it was found by an old pervert, who is physically known as 'The Greatest Evil In Japan' and secondly I will not let you force Ranma into an arranged marriage you and your old friend made while you were drunk" Nodoka spat.

"It is the art that is made stronger by human nature as the 'Master' put it, an art that is made stronger the longer it is practised by integrating other styles into it and will one day be the perfect art and it is a matter of honour that our families be reunited and I have a son and Tendo has three daughters all I need do is train Ranma in the art, to be the greatest martial artist of his generation then unite the schools" Genma declared.

"Your art exploits the worst qualities of humans and I will not let you train Ranma in such an art, if he decides to learn it, it will be his of his own choice, his own will not that of his father and he will be the one to choose who he marries not you, not me, not some damn friend of yours and believe me when I say I will do everything in my power to ensure Ranma makes his own decisions, creates his own destiny" Nodoka spat.

"It is a matter of honour Nodoka, the reason he is here, we married for honour and he is a product of honour and should serve honour by becoming my heir and uniting the two Anything Goes schools and ensuring its future" Genma replied.

"I will not let you ruin our son's life for such a pathetic reason, he is not property to be used for such things, I will die before I let you do such a thing" Nodoka spat, her voice deadly serious.

"It's too late for you to stop me from training him Nodoka, he has signed a contract, stating that he will leave with me and train to become a man among men by becoming the heir of the Saotome School Of Anything Goes Martial Arts, becoming the best martial artists of his generation and uniting the schools and producing strong heirs to continue the school or we both commit Seppuku" Genma declared, whipping a piece of paper from within the sleeve of his GI while unrolling it in a single motion.

Nodoka eyed the paper within her husband's grasp, it was signed with his thumb print and several of Ranma's hand prints, making it more than obvious Ranma had just been playing with ink and had no idea that his father had practically tricked him into signing his life away if not a life of torture or both.

"You sick bastard, you know Ranma had no idea what he was doing and yet your perfectly fine in having our two year old, only son, our only child sign a contract saying if his father doesn't get his way he will commit ritual suicide" Nodoka roared.

"It doesn't matter that he didn't know, he signed the contract and will follow it, become a man among men and bring great honour to the family name and to the school of Anything Goes" Genma declared proudly.

"You bastard, is that all you care about, the honour of school without an ounce of honour and for the reputation of a family, whose name you drug through the mood with your drinking and training in that 'art' and going so far to claim the art as your own" Nodoka roared, her nails lengthening and sharpening though it went unnoticed by either adult.

"HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH THINGS, I AM THE HEAD OF THIS FAMILY AND I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR HONOUR, I ENDURED TORTUROUS TRAINING TO BRING HONOUR TO THIS FAMILY AND I AM EVEN WILLING TO SACRIFICE MY LIFE AND THAT OF MY SON'S TO BRING HONOUR TO THIS FAMILY" Genma roared, Nodoka's hands shot up with incredible speed and swiped his face, leaving four thin claw marks on his face, blood beginning to trickle out of the wounds, Genma stumbled back, Nodoka was shell shocked, she had acted on pure instinct and rage, she glanced down and saw the sharp claw like nails, they weren't very long and by no account deadly but that didn't put Nodoka at ease, she stared at the bloodied nails, nails she shouldn't have, pixies didn't have claws, but Succubi did, she made a mental note to call her parents on this.

"YOU DEMON BITCH" Genma roared, pulling his hand away from his cheek and seeing the blood on them, he took a step forward in his rage, pulling back his hand before slapping Nodoka, full force across her cheek, Nodoka fell back, landing on the floor on her side, a bruise beginning to appear upon her cheek.

Genma acted quickly, delivering a powerful kick to Nodoka's gut, causing her to double over in pain, coughing up blood, her vision blurring for a brief second, Nodoka slammed her palm on the ground before beginning to push herself up, Genma reached for one of his empty beer bottles before slamming it over the back of her head, shattering it on impact, Nodoka fell unconscious, her body slamming on to the floor violently, Genma quickly grabbed one of Nodoka's ties from the room they shared before tying her hands behind her back to by him so more time.

Genma headed outside to find his son and soon to be heir still running around outside, he headed over to his son, Ranma came to a stop in front of his father and looked up at him a bright smile on his face.

"Come on son we're going on a little training journey" Genma said proudly.

"What about momma?" Ranma asked.

"That's why we're going on the training journey Ranma, to make you a man among men so that your mother will love you again" Genma replied, Ranma's eyes widened, tears brewing.

"Momma doesn't love me anymore?" Ranma cried.

"No, your weak Ranma and she will only love you if you are strong, we are going to go away and I will train you until you are the strongest then we will fulfil an honour pledge and then your mother will love you" Genma explained, Ranma looked up, eyes tear soaked as the tears continued to stream down his cheeks as he nodded.

"Good, now let's go" Genma declared as he took Ranma's hand forcefully and dragged him behind him as he headed off, Ranma continuing to weep as he tried to keep up with his father.

"Ranma stop been a weak little girl, men don't cry" Genma stated, Ranma instantly shut up and nodded his head, gritting his teeth to hold back his whimpers while he fought the tears.

Over the next fourteen years Ranma endured the most horrific training imaginable, he was thrown off cliffs to toughen himself up, make sure his body could take a hit, running from packs of wolves for speed training, had heavy rocks tied to him before been dropped into the sea, been forced to swim to shore, the cat fist training, he had boulders swung at him to further strengthen his body, though he did gain a powerful technique through that particular training.

Genma went so far as to force Ranma to pick food out of a roaring fire in order to eat so that his body would eventually adapt to intense heat, remember Genma is an idiot, these were only a few of the examples of Ranma's training.

After 15 Years…

Ranma and Genma stood at the entrance to the training ground known as Jusenkyo, staring out to the hundreds of pools, Ranma wasn't sure why but he felt something, it was almost like the pools were tempting him, to go to them, attempting to antagonize him, yet there was also a warning that he should avoid them at all costs.

"Ranma are you ready?" Genma asked, he had grown fat over the years, having stolen most of Ranma's food and using any money they had on sake and other forms of alcohol, most of the time having Ranma catch the food, using the excuse of it been martial arts training.

"I don't know pop, something here's telling me we should leave" Ranma replied, he had grown up quite a bit, both in body and mind, his red shirt sleeveless, exposing his muscles and the scars that decorated them, he also wore baggy black kung Fu pants, ripped on the bottom and in other areas due to his training. Even fully clothed anyone could see he was malnourished, if one lifted his top they would see the outline of most of his bones.

Ranma had trained to a higher level than Genma could have hoped, or another way to put it, more than Genma could hope, Ranma could practically use his mind to almost detach himself from his body, preventing from feeling almost any pain when he fought but boy did he know it after wards, his speed was nothing to sneeze at and neither was his endurance or his strength, sure there were many stronger than him but when he combined his strength with his speed and endurance the difference didn't matter after a couple hit to vulnerable points Ranma had all but memorized after having them used on him during his training.

"Ranma stop acting like a weak little girl" Genma roared as he leapt onto one of the bamboo poles, completely ignoring the guides warnings, Ranma knew how he was supposed to respond to such insults, but truthfully it didn't bother him much now, after a while the same old insult gets boring and loses its sting, but still he had to keep up the act or he'd never hear the end of it, Genma would probably start saying that he wanted to be a 'weak little girl' and was 'no true martial artist' among so much more crap.

Ranma leapt into the air, gracefully landing upon one of the poles, making sure to keep his eyes on his father while he listened to the guides rambling, catching some of his warnings about 'cursed springs.'

'Okay so stay out of the water, got it…wonder what curse it is though' Ranma mused, Genma launched at Ranma, thrusting out his fist, Ranma leaned to the side before kicking Genma in the gut, sending him flying back, Genma landed on another pole.

"Your technique is sloppy boy" Genma spat, despite the fact Ranma had dodged his attack while landing a strong hit.

"Whatever" Ranma responded, Genma launched at him again, this time landing atop the pole in front of Ranma, thrusting out his fist, Ranma leaned back so Genma sent out a kick in a sweeping motion, intending to deck Ranma before he could regain his posture.

Ranma jumped the leg, landing on one foot before using a roundhouse kick to send Genma flying into another pole, only this time when Genma landed on it, wobbling as he tried to gain his balance the bamboo pole snapped and he plunged head first into the pole beneath him.

"Shit" Ranma muttered, knowing he'd never hear the end of it if Genma got cursed, he turned to the guide.

"What curses inhabit these pools again?" Ranma asked, surprising the guide who raised an eyebrow that someone had actually listened to him.

"Each one of spring has own tragic story where something drown in it long ago and now whenever something fall in it, it take form of whatever drown there whenever hit with cold water, change back with hot water though" the guide explained, Ranma face palmed, not noticing a panda leap out of the pool.

"And I guess it's too much to hope that, that was spring of drowned man" Ranma breathed out.

"Yes, that there spring of drowned panda, you see if you turn round now" guide responded, Ranma turned just in time to get kicked in the chest by a panda, sending him flying back, unable to grab onto a pole in the chaos he plunged into one of the pools.

The minute he was submerged he felt it, the curse binding to him, his body changing, yet this body felt more natural to him, if only he knew that was due to his Pixie and Succubi/Incubi heritage and that his new body seemed to be more appropriate for the needs of the species seeming the Incubi/Succubi mate for life and his new body would make it easier to make more of their kind.

Ranma's head broke the surface, he glanced down at his body, first inspecting his arm for any indication of what he had become, he saw the bare flesh.

'Hmm…maybe it was the spring of drowned man…no I felt the change and that would be good luck, something I never had' Ranma mused before noticing how much his chest had expanded, he pulled out the top of his red shirt to see his or rather her new breasts, she let the material snap shut before taking a deep breath to calm her emotions.

"Oh dear you fall in spring of drowned girl" guide stated as if Ranma hadn't figured it out yet, Ranma glanced up to see her father finally notice the change to his body.

'Took him long enough' Ranma thought sarcastically to herself, Ranma swam to the edge of the pool before pulling herself out, Genma leapt down and began series of growls at the guide in attempt to find out what happened to him.

"Sorry mister customer I no speak bear" the guide responded "Follow me and I change you back" the guide instructed before leading them both back to his home where he quickly boiled some water and explained to Genma all about Jusenkyo curses having already given Ranma a brief overview of it already, though Ranma didn't like the water magnet part.

"Ah hot water ready" the guide said as he heard his kettle whistle, he reached over, turned off the stove before bringing it back to Ranma and Genma, first turning Genma back by pouring the hot water atop his head, enjoying the quick phases Genma's body went through as it turned from panda to human, it was so fascinating, he turned to Ranma and poured the hot water over her head, yet nothing happened.

"Strange why you no turn back…no reason curse would be locked" the guide said in confusion.

"Great so 'm stuck in this body" Ranma muttered sarcastically.

"Hmm…maybe Chinese Amazon village elders know what happened, I will take you there" the guide as he lead them out of his home and headed towards the amazon village, completely unaware that it was due to Ranma's heritage the curse had been locked.

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