Ranma slowly stirred awake upon her futon, glancing in the direction of her sleeping father, glad she'd woken up first before her father could attack her, she slowly sat up and began to rise to her feet and headed to the window.

'Strange…what is this feeling, so warm, so familiar…?' Ranma mused as the feeling washed over her from the inside and for the first time she actually felt happy and warm inside, she just didn't know what she was feeling.

Ranma was knocked out of her thoughts when she was struck in the back forcefully and been sent flying out of the window and into the koi pond head first, her head shooting out of the water a second later just time to see her father land a couple feet away from the pond.

"You're getting slopping boy" Genma gloated, Ranma leapt out of the pond, landing gracefully opposite her father and took a ready stance, Genma charged at Ranma and began throwing several kicks and punches at her and just like every time before Ranma weaved in and out of every strike, unaware of their audience.

Kasumi had been placing breakfast on the table when she heard a loud splash outside, glancing in the direction of the koi pond she saw the petite red head emerge from the pond and begin to engage her father, Kasumi observed the redhead's movements closely.

'She's certainly fast, I'll give her that much…but still…' Kasumi mused as she locked on to Ranma's ears before moving to her eyes 'She doesn't know what she is…and the depression and loneliness in her eyes' Kasumi gasped within her mind as she unconsciously rubbed her wristbands.

Kasumi turned to face the stairway when she heard movement, just in time to see Nabiki come down stairs.

"Nabiki would you be able to get me some information on Ranma's mother?" Kasumi asked, Nabiki glanced tiredly in her sister's direction, considering trying to charge her for the information but that thought quickly vanished when she saw the look Kasumi's face.

"I'll see what I can dig up" Nabiki replied before quickly heading into the kitchen to get herself a coffee.

A couple minutes later everyone was sat around the table, Genma trying to steal Ranma's food throughout breakfast, each time Ranma blocked her father's chopsticks with her own, throughout breakfast Kasumi kept her gaze locked on Ranma, Nabiki kept up her neutral expression as she glanced at Ranma while Akane glared at said redhead.

"Ranma you will be attending school from today onwards" Soun stated, not even bothering to glance in her direction, Ranma's eyes darted at her soon to be father-in-law, a frown appearing upon her face, she hadn't been to school in eleven years and she didn't understand why her father would allow it now, she glanced in his direction, waiting for her father to intervene saying 'school is a distraction from the art' yet it never came so she turned back to Soun.

"Why?" Ranma asked as she raised an eyebrow, Soun glanced at Ranma with a confused expression.

"You and Akane are to inherit the Anything Goes School and in order for you to teach Ranma you must be qualified and for that you must go to school and I won't have my Akane marry an idiot" Soun responded.

"Really? Pop always said school was a distraction from the art, pointless, that all I needed to know was martial arts, so why the change of heart pop?" Ranma asked as she turned to face her father.

"I wasn't aware of what you needed to have in order to teach, that and this way you'll be able to spend more time with your fiancé" Genma responded.

"Pop, I'm seventeen, I won't even be in Akane's classes" Ranma responded.

"That is no excuse, you're going to school and that's that" Soun responded, getting more than an annoyed by the conversation, Genma then thrusted a bag into Ranma's face, causing her to stumble back slightly.

"Fine" Ranma snapped as she took the bag and rose to her feet and headed into the kitchen to grab a drink while she waited for the either Akane or Nabiki to finish so she could go with one of them when Kasumi entered.

"Here Ranma, I made you some lunch for school" Kasumi said as she picked up one of the wrapped boxes from the counted and handed it to Ranma who took it with a smile and placed it into her bag.

"Thank you Kasumi" Ranma replied with a slight bow, causing the elder Tendo's cheeks to tinge red.

"You don't have to thank me Ranma, really, and I'm sorry that you're been forced to marry Akane, I know she has a tendency to jump to conclusion and be quite violent, so I'll understand if you want to break off the engagement" Kasumi responded.

"I have no choice in the matter Kasumi, it's family honour so you don't have to worry about it, I'll marry your sister and maintain the honour of both our families" Ranma replied.

"Ranma, one shouldn't marry for honour but for love and I'll make my father understand if you want to break off the engagement and trust me I'll be able to convince your father as well" Kasumi responded as she rubbed her wristbands behind her back.

"Kasumi, people like me don't find love, we just exist to follow honour, the least I can do is make sure that I don't bring dishonour upon your family" Ranma responded before exiting in the kitchen and heading outside to wait for whoever was going to take her to school.

Ranma wasn't waiting long before Akane and Nabiki came out to meet her and trio headed off to school, Nabiki deciding to go with them in an attempt to get some information from Ranma that she may be able to use to get some yen out of her.

"So Ranma what was it like on your training trip?" Nabiki asked.

"Hell one Earth" Ranma responded.

"Oh…so what do you mean by that exactly" Nabiki asked, raising an eyebrow, her interest peeking.

"Exactly that" Ranma responded.

"Care to be more perceptive" Nabiki responded, poking for more information.

"What do you want to know?" Ranma responded, her town dropping and becoming more depressive, this didn't go unnoticed by Nabiki.

"Well let's see…meet any 'interesting' people while travelling?" Nabiki asked.

"Not really, I rarely saw other people and even then I didn't exactly speak to them" Ranma responded.

"What didn't make any 'friends' on your travels?" Nabiki asked.

"I only made a couple friends on my training trip and I haven't seen them for ten, maybe eleven years" Ranma responded, Nabiki raised an eyebrow at hearing this, Akane glanced in her fiancé's direction, for the first time since she heard about her arrival the rage she normally aimed at Ranma whenever she saw her vanished and was replaced with sympathy as she began to realize how Ranma must feel only to have it fade quickly as she remembered she was been forced to marry her.

"So you just trained all day every day?" Nabiki asked.

"More or less" Ranma responded, coming to a sudden stop, Nabiki continued for a couple more steps before coming to a stop and turning back to her, wearing an expression of confusion, Akane quickened her pace and began charging towards the school.

"What's going on over there?" Ranma asked as he pointed towards the school, Nabiki glanced towards the school.

"Oh, just the hentai horde getting ready to challenge Akane to date her like they did everyday" Nabiki responded as if it was the most ordinary and obvious thing in the world.

"Really?...I may not be up to date on these things but this isn't the usual way to ask a girl out is it?" Ranma asked as she too gained an expression of confusion.

"No, just an idiot who has a crush on Akane declared that unless someone could defeat Akane in battle he would not accept any relationship they took on and since he's the strongest when it comes to kendo at this school everyone just accepted it" Nabiki explained.

"Well we better hurry before we're late" Nabiki said in a tired tone before leading Ranma to her classroom, avoiding the horde all together.

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