Sur le sang du Père - by Darth Breezy

From the Holonet - Core News and Society Date line 22-17-32 Breaking -

The elusive Luke Skywalker himself, who's last semi-public appearance was in Cornet, Correllia nearly ten standard months ago, will be appearing as a guest of Honor at the Governor's Ball next week, along with Madame Leia Organa Solo and General Solo in attendance. Rumors are running rampant as to exactly who - if anyone - will be accompanying the Jedi Master. D'Arne' Mycion of the Naboo system and Chita Nagga from Leritorr are among the front-runners, but unnamed sources, who claim to be close to the Jedi Master have hinted that 'There's a lot more going on with General Skywalker and the daughter of Shurke Canaille (Retired Corellian Magistrate, and former Ambassador to the Core) Aubé' 'Nails' Canaille than meets the eye.' Indeed, a few weeks ago Skywalker was seen personally meeting the Corellian party at the docking bay only a few weeks ago, during an unannounced visit to the Core. Both Skywalker and Canaille have been conspicuously absent from the pubic eye ever since.

In other news, Tensions rose at Rosia's of Coco town as both Sharzi Keenath and Kartrashdon D'baguch found themselves at the same event in the exact same 'exclusive' dress from the House of Piane...

"Can you please do the back of this dress up, Luke?" Aubé sighed, presenting her back to him. "I just can't get it..."

"Of course, M'lady," Luke replied, placing a gentle kiss on the back of her neck as he did so. He buried his nose into her short brown hair and inhaled deeply, relishing her fresh scent mixed in with the perfume of Naboo wildflowers. The same perfume she had worn on their first night together... "You shouldn't be so nervous, Bé, things will be fine tonight."

"I can't help it, Luke," Aubé turned to face him, anxious brown eyes meeting blue. "I mean, what if... well, you know... I have to... well... that!"

Luke arched a quizzical eyebrow. "That?"

Exasperated, Aubé put her hand over her belly and wiggled. "You know?"

He smiled wryly. "Aubé, everyone needs a fresher at least once an evening - even Jedi do on occasion."

She pursed her lips, unimpressed. "Not every hour on the hour!" she countered. "They'll think something's wrong with me!"

The smile became gentle laugh. "In case you hadn't noticed Bé, it's pretty apparent as to exactly why you need the fresher. I think one or two of the other ladies there might just understand - not only Leia..."

A soft moan escaped her lips even as she allowed herself to be drawn into his arms. "Oh Goddess, is it that obvious? I thought I could hide it a little longer!"

Now it was Luke's turn to be concerned. "Why would you want to even try, Bé?" He chastised her gently. "Our baby, our family is nothing to be ashamed of. We're sheltering Pem for her own protection, but our son isn't going to be reading the Holonet any time soon..." Glancing up at the chrono, he gave her another reassuring kiss. "Speaking of time..."

"All right," she conceded with a sigh. "Toa's already seen to Pem for the night. I guess I'm ready for my first 'official outing as Mrs. Skywalker'. How do I look?"

"Beautiful," he murmured. "Don't worry, things will be fine."

But he would wear his lightsabre, just in case.