If he had been honest with himself, Luke hadn't known what kind of reaction to expect from his sister.

Anger, perhaps. Denial, most definitely.

A flat-out refusal was the last thing...


"What do you mean, 'No?', Leia?" Luke asked, exasperated. "Master - Minister Canaille - assured me that all of Father's other assets were placed under a perfectly legitimate ventures after he died, that's where most of the money is coming from! That and the seized assets of the Temple - "

"Which now belong to the Republic itself," Leia countered, none too gently. "Which means without the support of the Senate, in five months, you'll run out of money..."

"All we need is a portion of them, to get it finished!" Luke came back. angrier than he intended. "Less than half! I don't see how taking it to the holo-press - to the public - can do anything but help!"

"The Senate will see it as an attack, Luke," Leia replied in what she hoped was a soothing tone. "Especially Kehilangan 'the budget breaker' Satu! Surely you're aware how much he hates the Jedi..."

"I hadn't noticed," came the cool reply. "Really."

"Luke, I'm just trying to get you to see the truth, I'm not trying to - "

"It doesn't matter, Leia," he sighed, rising from the couch. "It's obvious that I'm going to have to look at other avenues here."

Leia rose to meet him, gingerly taking her brother into her arms. "Don't give up, Luke." she told him gently. "You trust in the Force..."

"I do..."

"The go back to the source, Luke... go back to the source."

When Luke arrived at the Healer's Center, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the Primary entrance, that was already open to the general public, was actually quite busy, and not just filled with the curious. Although he longed to have a more detailed look about, and to see how much farther they had already come since his last visit, he was quickly and quietly escorted to a more private part of the Center.

"This way, Master." His escort, a young human boy wearing traditionally blue healer's robes bowed low before him, something Luke still found a bit disconcerting. Even after all of these years, he wore the title of 'Master Jedi' a heavy mantle to bear. "Please be seated. The Master Healers are tending to the Minister at the moment, but with you shortly." and with another bow, he was gone.

The room was impeccably decorated, reminiscent of Schurke's private office on Correllia, with many plants and tasteful art, as well as place settings of fresh fruit and cool water. Even as a waiting room, it was a place of repose.

Just as Luke picked up a data pad - one of many scattered about the room - another door opened from behind, and a robbed and hooded figure entered quietly, only to be greeted by the same young Healer.

"Please be seated, Madam," came the obviously rehearsed speech again. "The Master Healer will be with you shortly..."

"Thank you, Healer Tey'ka. I will be honored to wait."

The reply as soft, barely perceptible, but the voice was unmistakably familiar.

Darné Koeien had come to the Healer's Center.