"How?" Wonder Woman asked, staring at Arrow in surprise. She felt completely off-kilter; she'd only had a secret identity for a few days and already someone had managed to figure her out. She had wondered if she should go like Clark and wear glasses while in her civilian guise or adapt a mask but neither had been that appealing.

"Him," Green Arrow said, pointing to Batman. "The rest of you have powers so that told me little but he's like me... he needs to use the element of surprise and his own wits to fight." The emerald archer gestured at Batman's costume. "Those aren't hockey pads... that is top of the line gear. No different than mine and I know how much my outfit cost. Only someone for whom money was no object could put that together. I considered a backer but I knew if Batman were anything like me he wouldn't want someone holding the purse strings."

"We are nothing alike," Batman said coldly.

"I beg to differ," Arrow stated. "And that's what led me to you. I looked up the wealthy families in this area and began to research them. Didn't take two seconds to find someone who fit perfectly... someone who'd also suffered like me. Tell me if this sounds familiar: young family, father a wealthy businessman, mother kind and always helping her community. But then disaster strikes and the father is stolen from them and the son is driven to avenge his father's death by putting on a costume."

"...he has you there," Flash said, earning a glare from Batman.

"Once I established an age I began to look through school records. I'm good at remembering faces, even parts of ones. You guys might cover your faces or do your hair in different styles to make yourselves look older but once I realized you were just some kids it was easy to figure out who was who."

"Hey, we aren't kids," Lantern declared. "We are very mature 15 year olds."

"Sure," Arrow said, rolling his eyes.

"Lantern?" Wonder Woman said weakly, "Leave the quips to Flash."

Batman took a step closer. "Alright then, Mr. Queen, you have us figured out... I assume you didn't call us here to gloat."

"No," Green Arrow said, looking down, his jaw working for a moment before he spoke. "I realized that your four are serious and will just keep getting in the way. Better to clear the air now and get you off my back so I can get back to what I need to do and you can get back to saving kittens in trees and having tea with reporters or whatever it is people you do."

Wonder Woman spoke before any of her teammates could, fearing that they might say something wrong and turn the meeting into a shouting match. "Why don't you explain to us what your mission is?"

"Yeah, and why you feel the need to stab people with arrows!" Flash exclaimed.

Green Arrow pursed his lips together. "What you are about to hear no living soul has heard. My father didn't die in the explosion that destroyed The Queen's Gambit. The two of us made it to a life raft and drifted slowly towards the island. We'd only gotten off with minor injuries yet when my father spoke it was like he was in a fever dream." The green-cloaked vigilante swallowed. "He... he told me that this was all his fault. That he'd thought he had more time, that all he wanted to do was be careful, to save the company... but his vanity had now cost him everything. He said I wouldn't understand at first, and I didn't, but he told me that I would need to grow up sooner than expected and he was sorry for that. He said the answers would be in a secret safe and that my birthday was the combination. Then he pulled a gun out and told me to survive..." Arrow's voice dropped to a whisper. "I was 11 years old."

Green Arrow didn't need to say another word. The other heroes stayed silent, the horror of what had happened falling upon their shoulders.

"When I was rescued it took six weeks for me to finally get to the safe. At first it was my family that prevented me... they had gotten me back and didn't want to let me out of their sights, like they were scared I would fade away like a phantom. When I finally got some alone time I was fearful of being caught. My father had made it clear that someone had been out to get him and I couldn't afford to be careless. When I finally got into his safe I saw I was right to be afraid." Reaching behind him Green Arrow retrieved a bag he'd hidden in the doorway and tossed it to Green Lantern, who caught it was ease.

Inside were documents, photos, and shipping manifests that painted a dark picture. Someone had been using Queen Industries' shipping division to secretly bring in a new designer party drug into the United States. It was more than a mere flunkie slipping a few baggies of coke into a shipping container when no one was looking; according to the documents Oliver had gotten, Queen Industries had been turned into one of the United States' biggest drug importer.

"It's called Vertigo," Green Arrow stated. "College kids take it... in small doses it messes with your equilibrium and makes the world spin about you. They like to take some and dance and party, makes the lights swirl. If you take too much, and it is VERY easy to overdose on that, it can lead to a loss of body control, delusions, hallucinations, and death. 35 known deaths can be traced back to Vertigo just this year." He jabbed his finger at the file. "My father died because of what he discovered and now his legacy will be all those deaths... unless I put a stop to it." Lantern flipped to another page which showed an older man with a flattop of blonde hair and an eyepatch over his left eye. "That is Werner Zytle, the head of Queen Industries' European Imports. It was on his orders that this happened… on his orders my father was killed."

"You have evidence?" Batman asked.

"Yes," Arrow grunted, tugging on one form. "That details payments Zytle has made and received in the last 10 years... they correlate with spikes in drug sales throughout the country. In the beginning it was just coke and heroin but in the last year he's decided to try his hand at Vertigo and use Happy Harbor as his testing grounds." He gestured at one particular number. "That right there is a payment he made to a Bette Sans Souci the day before 'The Queen's Gambit' was blown up. Souci is better known as-"

"Plastique," Batman said darkly.

Green Arrow raised an eyebrow at that but nodded. "Exactly."

"If you have all this why not go to the police?" Flash asked. "Let them handle it?"

"The police won't be able to do a damn, even if they wanted to. Happy Harbor is a nice, peaceful town... or, at least, that's how the mayor and the chief of police want to portray it. I've been active for over a month... you don't find it odd no one has said a peep about a guy in a green hood running around shooting drug dealers?" The Leaguers had to admit Arrow had a point. "There are a few cops that might be willing to rattle some cages... Maggie Sawyer, perhaps, Joe West… Det. Lance and his new partner Gordon, for sure-" Batman hide his surprise well at that little tidbit, "-but otherwise the police in this town aren't interested in causing a fuss. And even if they were you think Zytle would ever allow himself to go to trial?" Green Arrow turned his glare on Batman. "You know how the wealthy are, Wayne. Our kind don't get in trouble. We toss a few bills around, throw our name about, and we get off scot free. Zytle will claim that someone under him was doing all this, get some high-price lawyer to argue none of these papers belong in court, and get away with a slap on the wrist at best. Then he is after me and my family and it is our house that is being blown up instead of our boat."

Wonder Woman, who'd taken the files from Lantern, looked up at the emerald archer. "Why not take the fight to Zytle then?" Flash gaped at her and Wonder Woman held up a hand. "It is a valid question, Flash, and I want to keep an open mind. Well Oliver?"

"I want revenge but I'm not suicidal," Arrow stated with a snort. "Zytle is too heavily guarded. He goes nowhere without his bodyguards and they are the best of the best. KGB, Mossad... he is smart. Without a confession I can't do a damn thing and I can't get a confession with him so well protected."

"Then let us help you," Green Lantern said.

"Uh, GL?" Flash said with a nervous smile, "Are you offering to help him kill some guy? I mean, I get he is a bad dude-"

"I'm offering nothing, Flash, other than help and showing him our way is better." Lantern held out his hand. "You've seen what we can do. Let us help you clear out Zytle's goons and prove our way is better than yours."

Green Arrow looked down at Lantern's hand, considering it. "One time only," he said firmly. "This doesn't make us friends or buddies. One time and then we're done."

"Deal," Lantern stated as Green Arrow shook his hand.


Clark slipped into the house, catching the door before it could bang shut. It was only 6 at night but he didn't want to be storming into the house like a herd of wild buffalo. He made his way towards the stairs only to find his path intercepted by a grinning Kara.

"You were gone long," she said overly sweetly.

"Just hanging out with friends," Clark said.

"Girl friends?" Kara teased. In this reality Kara was both his sister and 13 and found it her duty to tease him. "Were you out necking?"

"Necking?" Clark asked, an eyebrow raised. "Seriously?"

"Why would he neck a girl?" Connor asked, superspeeding up to them. "And what's necking?"

"Something none of you should be doing for a long time," their mother said, walking over to them and wiping her hands with a towel. "Now get to your rooms, you two; I know for a fact you both have homework that needs to be done. And no superspeeding through it!"

"Why not?" Kara asked with pout. "It gets it done faster!"

"And you know you don't retain it as well. You remember it for a while but it leaves you mind quicker. You do it regular speed and you'll never forget it. You'll thank me later. Now scoot!" Kara and Connor nodded, heading up the stairs at normal speed. "You missed dinner, sweetheart."

Clark smiled and gave his mother a hug. "Just hanging out with some friends."

"Lois and Lana?" Martha asked, her tone oddly... annoyed. Clark was startled by that.

"No," he said, "some friends from school. Shayara and J'onn. J'onn just moved to the states and Shayara and I decided to teach him about American culture."

"That's nice," she grabbed onto his arm and dragged him into the living room, forcing the bemused Teen of Steel to sit with her on the couch. "I see you bought a lot of stuff..."

"Don't worry, mom, I didn't blow through my savings," Clark said with a laugh, setting the bag from Gamestop down on the floor along with the bag holding his winnings from the arcade. "We went to Aladdin's Palace and I won the Ipods."

"Clark..." his mother said warningly.

"Yes, I used my powers to make it easier to win," Clark stated. "But those games are rigged anyway so it was just me exacting vengeance."

"Mmmpff," Martha Kent said, trying to stay angry even as her lips quirked up. "I remember your father blowing an entire day's worth of pay trying to win me a stuffed moose from a crane game."

"Well, have an Ipod to make up for it," Clark said, tossing her one. "As for the rest of the stuff Shayara gave me the teddy bear as a joke."

"Did she?" Martha asked, the corners of her mouth quirking up even more at that.

"Yeah," Clark said with a shrug. "We were competing to see who could do the best. She claims she won the most gams but I argue that I won the most prizes. She wanted to argue but didn't want to give back the Ipod."

"Oh, so she got one too?" Martha reached over and picked up the cup of tea she'd made for herself as she'd waited for Clark to come home, stirring it before continuing. "And what else did you get?"

"Oh!" Clark reached into his other bag and pulled out a copy of Pokemon X. "We ran into Chloe and her boyfriend Michael and we all got talking about Pokémon. Shayara decided to buy me the game since I've never played this one. She got Y because it has a bird and she has a thing for birds."

"Mmmhmm," his mother said, sipping her tea. "That was nice of her."

Clark, realizing that his mother might be worried about Shayara spending too much money, quickly came up with a little white lie. "Well, her dad left her a massive trust fund and she has more money that she knows what to do with... she isn't snotty rich or anything so she prefers to spend it on gifts for friends."

"That's nice. Tell me more about her."

Clark shrugged. "Well... I guess the word I'd use for her is feisty. She can be moody and a bit anti-social at times but that's mostly because she has such a big heart. She doesn't like being treated like a princess... so I guess tomboy though I'd never say that to her face because she also doesn't like it when people think of her as just 'one of the guys'." He rolled his right hand about, searching for the right word. "She is passionate and fights for what she believes in and can rub people the wrong way but she really does care. She hates being the center of attention though... oh, and she plays the guitar!" Clark looked over at his mother and smiled. "I think you'd like her a lot."

"Of course, dear, of course," Martha said, patting the back of his hand. "Well, we really must have her over for dinner sometime."

"Sure!" Clark said with a grin.

Martha nodded, looking away from Clark before adding, "I know I haven't met her yet but she sounds like a much better fit for you than Lois or Lana."

"...wait, what?"

His mother merely continued on. "You know I like Lois and Lana, nothing against them... but I've always thought they were too clingy. They treated you like a prize instead of the wonderful young man you are. For a while I'd hoped you'd open your eyes and see Chloe would be a much better girlfriend but I think Shayara is a very good fit."

"Wait, mom, what now?" Clark stammered, trying to catch up with his mother's train of thought.

"She sounds like the perfect girl for you. Independent enough to stand on her own two feet but also loyal. You'd never do well with a wilting flower and Lois and Lana are too needy. You'd probably spend all your time 'rescuing' them." Martha squeezed Clark's hand. "I can't wait to meet her."

Clark ripped his hand away and stood up, pacing back and forth as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Wait... you think... me and Shayara... no no no. We're just friends, mom! I swear!"

"Oh, of course Clark. Just friends," Martha smiled the same sneaky little smile she wore when she had bought the perfect Christmas present and refused to confirm it.

"Mom, I'm serious!" Clark whined. "Shayara and I... just friends. Good friends. Buddies! That's all!"


Clark glanced down at his phone, his mother merely raising a single eyebrow and motioned for him to answer it. "Hello? Oh... hey Shayara... wait, really? Battle online? And trade too? That's awesome!" Clark grinned. "Let me get mine charging and I'll give you my friend code! Alright, bye!" Clark hung up only to find his mother smiling a grin that would have looked not out-of-place on the Cheshire cat. "Shayara and I can play Pokémon via the internet and a wireless connection. That is all."

"Sure it is, Clark," Martha said, her tone just a bit too patronizing for his tastes. Clark hurried out of the room but not before his superhearing picked up his father coming in from outside.

"Where is Clark to in a hurry?"

"Him and his new girlfriend are playing videogames online," his mother said.

"It's not one of those creepy clingy girls, is it?" Jonathan asked.

"No... this one is a new girl. Shayara. Sounds like a perfect fit for him."

Clark began to hum overly loud to block out the rest of his parents' conversation.


Werner Zytle had not gotten to where he was in the world by panicking the moment things went to hell. To make it in the corporate world you had to have nerves of steel and be able to roll with the punches. There was no telling what would cause you to be a magnet for trouble. Sometimes it was simply a matter of you being an easy target. A higher-up would decide he wanted to wiggle out of some trouble and pin the blame on you. Sometimes it was a simple matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as clichéd as that was. Sometimes a foe was gunning for you and pulled out all the stops to take you down while you did the same to them.

And sometimes people uncovered your dirty little secrets and decided to ruin the entire game.

That's why the blond merely stood up from his chair and walked over to his wet bar as his best guards were tossed around like ragdolls. Some were snatched by a golden lasso and sent flying into the walls thanks to a hard tug. Others were caught in a swirling red maelstrom that whirled about the room, plucking the guns from their hands and tossing them aside. A few tried to run only to find a glowing green barrier slamming down on the entryways, trapping them in Zytle's lounge. Those that tried to fight were taken out by twin dynamos of black and green. Cries of pain and the snapping of bones filled the air and all the while Zytle poured himself a stiff drink and leaned back, watching the show.

Finally it, like all entertaining but futile gestures, came to an end and Werner was able to gaze upon the motley crew that stood before him. His eyes lingered on each of them, a smile tugging on his lips. "Well, I planned for all manner of people to come bursting into my home to try and make some epic stand but I will admit I didn't expect all of you." He paused, staring hard at the man in green. "Though you I did expect. You're the one that's been filling the morgues with my men, aren't you?"

Green Arrow drew back his bow, an arrow ready to fly right into Zytle's throat. "It's time for you to pay for all the lives you've destroyed!"

"Oh, big words!" Zytle chortled. "Please... I'm a man that provides a service, nothing more. Would you blame a car dealer for a pile-up on the freeway?"

Wonder Woman narrowed her eyes in disgust and contempt. "You sell drugs to addicts."

"And if I didn't someone else would. They are addicts, my dear... they are prone to making bad mistakes." Zytle swirled his brandy before continuing. "An interesting fact about Vertigo... it is only addictive to those that are already addicted to something else. I've run tests on those that have never tried coke or heroin or angel dust or PCP and found not a single one of them experienced cravings. They can take it once and never need it again. I have created the first non-addictive drug." He took a sip of his drink. "Of course, if you have popped some pills or snorted some of the good stuff then it is the most addictive but I hardly think it is fair for me to be blamed for that."

"And what about those you've killed?" Arrow demanded. "What about those you eliminated to hide your secret?"

"I've had people killed. So has every major business that has ever sprung up. Did you know Gerald Ford, a great hero of mine by the way, would ask his employees to buy one of his cars? "It is a great deal!" he would say. "Buy one for the family!" If a worker said they didn't need one he'd send some special men to that man's house and break his legs. He could keep his job, of course... Ford wasn't cruel... but they certainly couldn't walk to work anymore. Time to buy a car!" He raised his glass in a mock toast. "The same with me. I have merely done what it took to keep the wheels of progress moving."

"Like you did with Robert Queen?" Batman asked before Green Arrow could.

Zytle tapped his chin. "Oh yes... him. Well, he was going to spill the beans, wasn't he? And do you know how bad that would have been? Not just for me, mind you, but for this country! Do you realize how many people make a living off selling Vertigo? My suppliers, my dealers... children would suddenly go hungry and families would be tossed out on the street, unable to pay their bills if Vertigo suddenly stopped showing up on street corners."

"I think you oversell yourself," Lantern said in disgust.

"Oh, I think you downplay things," Zytle stated. "I am the head of a mutli-billion dollar industry. If I decided to take a sick day the entire institution would suddenly dry up! That's how important I am!"

Flash folded his arms over his chest. "You totally stole that line from Breaking Bad."

Zytle frowned at that. "Okay, screw it." He pressed a button hidden under his wetbar and the doors and windows in the room suddenly sealed themselves. Before the heroes could react a thick yellow fog pumped into the room, Zytle yanking on a rebreather as the heroes choked and gasped, falling to the ground as the world suddenly began to swirl about them as the golden fog filled the lounge. Light seemed to refract before their eyes and it felt like they were on a ship's deck during a monsoon. "I hope you don't mind but I thought you might enjoy a taste of my product. Don't worry... as I said, unless you've taken any of the major drugs there is no risk of addiction." He walked over to Wonder Woman, the heroine gasping as his form seemed to distort and twist until he looked like some deformed giant. "But I am afraid overdoses are still QUITE common!" He lashed out, kicking her in the stomach and Wonder Woman gagged and struggled to keep herself from vomiting. It wasn't the kick itself that did it but the way it made the world spin that had her stomach rebelling.

Green Arrow clawed towards Zytle, the other heroes crying out and shaking as the Vertigo screwed with their minds. Lantern couldn't hold his thoughts long enough to make a construct while Flash had curled up into a ball, vibrating so fast his entire body was a blur. Batman, for his part, was struggling to stand up, a white film bubbling from his lips as his eyes swirled about in his head. Wonder Woman was on her back, gagging violently, the proud amazon reduced to trembling on the carpet as her mind fought the swirling chaos the drug was creating. Arrow continued on, hoping he was heading towards Zytle but unable to determine if he was going in the right direction... or if he was moving at all.

"You know," Zytle said from nowhere and everywhere, "I am disappointed. The few of my men that managed to escape you painted you to be some vengeful spirit come to end us all. I wondered how I would fair against you but now that the time has come it is all rather bland." Arrow felt a hand grab his chin and jerk it forward and the entire spinning world became Zytle's face, his cackling, mocking grin threatening to swallow him whole. "Come now! It is rude not to pay attention when someone is talking to you."

Green Arrow fought to stay afloat. In his tortured mind he saw his loved ones dart past him, their forms wispy like smoke on a breezy day. His mother. Thea. He'd failed them. He had done all this to avenge his father but now his family would suffer once again. He'd returned from the grave only to die once again.

"Why do we fall?"

Arrow turned his head and blinked in confusion. At some point Werner had tossed him to the ground though he hadn't even felt it. There, squatting next to him, was a man in a rumpled black suit, his bare toes pressed against the hardwood floor, a fedora topping his blond-white hair.

"So we can learn to get back up," the figure said with a grin... only for it to slip seconds later. "Wait... that's Bruce's motivational memory. Damn it!" The strange man rubbed his eyes violently. "Sorry... I am really drunk. Lady Mary can throw down booze like its water. Anyway..." Arrow struggled to focus on the man, who's features seemed to shift and change, transforming...


"Dad?" Arrow managed to croak out. Or maybe he only thought he did.

"Oliver... this is not the end," the shade of Robert Queen told him. "You survived five hellish years on that island with only one goal: Survive. And you did, son... you did. But now your city needs you and to save it you need to become someone else. You need to be someTHING else..."

"In the end you proved to be nothing," Zytle continued, reaching down and grasping Arrow's hood. "Just a man... a normal man like everyone else-"

Green Arrow yanked one of his emergency arrows from his gauntlet and lashed out, the arrowhand slicing through Zytle's check like a knife through butter. The drug dealer screamed as the archer racked the metal along his face, past his uncovered eye and all the way to his hairline. Zytle stumbled back, clutching at his face, blood coating his fingers, only to let out a gasp when he realized his rebreather had been cut free.

"There is no man like me," Oliver said, pressing the rebreather to his face and sucking in precious oxygen. It took only seconds for the world to stop spinning, the untainted air clearing his lungs. He still felt woozy but he was able to rise to his feet even while Werner Zytle collapsed to his knees, eyes flickering rapidly in their sockets as the drug took hold. "What's wrong... not enjoying your handiwork?" Taking a deep breath Arrow dropped the rebreather and fired an arrow the wetbar, perfectly hitting the hidden button. The metal plating that had covered the windows and doors opened and he fired a two more shots, shattering the windows and letting the crisp September night air into the room. He reached down and snatched the rebreather before Zytle could make a dive for it and walked over to Batman, pressing it to his face. After a moment the Dark Knight signaled he was fine and Arrow moved on to the next of the heroes. It took five minutes but he was able to get Wonder Woman, Flash, and Lantern back on their feet, all five of them swaying as they fought off the Vertigo that remained in their system.

Zytle, however, wasn't having as easy of a time.

"Looks like you aren't as clean as us," Lantern said, his quip lacking a bit of strength seeing as he was leaning against a table for support. Zytle was shivering violently, already going through withdrawals from the drug even as his body tried to deal with the overdose.

"And even when you are able to think straight you'll still be trapped... only this time behind steel bars." Batman pulled out a recording device and clicked play, Zytle's voice repeating his admission he'd killed Robert Queen and that he was the man in charge of the Vertigo racket playing for all to hear. "With the files that Mr. Queen managed to obtain before his death you'll be gone for a long time."

"No, I don't think so," Arrow said, drawing an arrow and aiming it at Zytle's throat.

"What are you doing!?" Flash demanding, making a move towards Arrow only to pitch backwards.

"We did it your way and it almost got us killed. Now I do it mine. At worst this monster will spend the rest of his life in a cell... why let him be a burden on society?"

"It isn't right," Wonder Woman said, swallowing down some bile. "He has to be dealt with by the law."

"Why?" Arrow demanded. "He won't be reformed, you all know that. Scum like him will only remain scum. He is unrepentant! But if I kill him now..."

"Then what?" Lantern demanded. "Your father is avenged?"

"Yes!" Arrow roared. "He has to pay! He sentenced me to hell for five years... he stole my father from me! He deserves to die!"

"And what about what your mother deserves?" Batman asked, causing Arrow to go ramrod still. "You do this and we will bring you in. You might be able to run for a while but we will win in the end and you'll be arrested. You think your mother will care about vengeance when she sees you in chains? You think your sister will be glad your father was avenged when she can only talk to you through 3 inches of bullet proof glass?" The Dark Knight stepped forward, placing a hand on Arrow's wrist. "You've made it your mission to avenge your father... but if you truly want to do right by him then make it your mission to do right by your family."

Arrow shut his eyes, panting like he was running a marathon... before his bowstring went lax and the fletch dangled loosely from his fingers. Batman nodded in approval and Wonder Woman gently guided the trembling archer away from his father's killer.


"Flash!" Lantern shouted, looking down at the knocked out form of Werner Zytle and then up at the shrugging speedster.

"What? Just because we can't kill him doesn't mean we can't sock him one!"


Monday came and by the afternoon the seven members of the Justice League were sitting at their usual picnic table, discussing the events of the day and what had happened over the weekend.

"I can't believe you didn't call us!" Shayara complained. "You guys got to fight a drug dealer while Clark and I traded for Protean Froakies!"

"They are good Froakies though," Clark said with a shrug.

"Oh, I'm not denying that," Shayara said with a smirk before turning back to glare at the others. "But next time you better let us know you are doing super heroy stuff... and yes, I heard what I said and I blame Teenage Shayara for that!"

"I am just glad things were settled," J'onn said, munching on a pack of mini oreos. "What will happen now with Oliver?"

"He's still transferring here in a month or so," Diana stated a she twirling some of her hair around her finger. "As for him being a hero... I get the sense we haven't seen the last of Green Arrow."

"I think he just needs time to figure things out," John said. "He dedicated these last few years towards one goal and now he finds himself needing to rethink his life and how to achieve what he wants to do."

"Well, hopefully whatever he decides has less to do with shooting pointing things into people," Wally said with a grin, standing up. "Alright, unless anyone has anything else I need to get going; homework isn't going to do itself." He paused, rubbing his chin. "Unless we invited a homework-doing machine..."

"No, Wally," John said.

Bruce hung back from the others as they walked away, his phone out as he scrolled through some files... before reaching one in particular. He opened in, staring at the title of the old internet article he'd saved.



Next Time: As school gets into full swing the Leagues get a chance to sign up from some new clubs and groups, but J'onn isn't for sure which would be the best for him. But it isn't all fun and chess teams as a new bank robbing crew has rolled into Happy Harbor... one that is familar in more ways than one. Will this be the mission that showcases the Justice League to the entire world? Find out in 'The House Always Wins Part 1'