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The 1st Time

"Hey," She greeted softly as she sat down next to him on the side of the ship, "how are you doing?"

If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't stop lifting the ridiculously huge barbell in his hand, she would actually think he was asleep.

"Zoro?" She raised her voice a little. "I'm talking to you."

"Why?" He turned to look at her, a genuinely confused frown on his face.

What does he mean why? The ship was small; she got bored; the only other passenger aboard wasn't so fun to talk to (due to the fact that he was constantly on a meat-high, of course); bla bla bla… "I was just making conversation." She pursed her lips, displeased, "I thought we were friends."

"Nakama." He corrected.

"And that's different because…?"

"We serve the same crew. I cover your ass in battlefield. We don't chit-chat. " He explained in a flat voice.

Oh so he likes to shut people out. Nami rolled her eyes in annoyance. They might just have known each other for no more than a day but there're two things she would like him to learn about her: One, no man has ever turned her down before; two, she happens to like a good challenge.

Before he could bat an eyelash, she reached up and smacked him hard on the head.

"Ow!" He groaned, pulling away from her. "What was that for, bitch?!"

"How are you feeling now?" Ignoring his name-calling she asked.

"What does it look like to you? I've just been attacked by a crazy woman." He glared at her, speaking in a sarcastic manner while rubbing the fresh lump on the top of his green head.

"See, chit-chat accomplished." Nami smiled a mischievous smile at him, "I'm sorry to inform you but - we are friends now, Roronoa Zoro."

Then she stood to leave, humming a merry little tune, mainly to get a rise out of him.

"Evil witch." He muttered under his breath.

"Easy there, my friend. I didn't know we are on pet-name basis." She had to stifle a chuckle as she picked up the slightest hint of amusement in Zoro's voice.

The 2nd Time

"Remind me, woman," Zoro drawled sarcastically as he shifted to readjust the weight on his back – the weight being drunk and semi-unconscious and, orange-haired, was just beginning to slide off of him again. "How does this friendship thing work again?"

Now that he looked back, Alabasta was just an unfortunate start. He had been pretty battered himself after his fight with Mr.1 and yet somehow Nami had talked him into giving her a piggy back. He had complained, of course, pointing out that he was the one more severely injured. And she had accused him of being "unmanly".

And look where being manly got him tonight! He gritted his teeth as he stopped in his tracks yet again, pushing her back up with both arms—if his palms touched her rear by any chance it was merely an accident, and he did not enjoy it the slightest bit.

"…we look out for each other." Just when he was convinced that she was dozing off she blurted out.

"I look out for you." It probably wasn't the most mature thing for him to say but he said it anyway.

"Hey that's not true~! I look out for you too!" she protested and pushed at his shoulder.

"Yeah? Like when?"

"Like now? I'm generous enough to let you grab my ass."

He couldn't see the look on her face now but he knew she must be smirking triumphantly, like the evil witch she'd always been. The rim of his ears reddened. "I'm trying to keep you from falling!"

"Sure you are." She cooed mockingly.

"I can drop you if you want."

He wasn't going to actualize his threat but she went hysterical, squealing and tightening her arms around his neck unnecessarily hard to keep off the ground.

"Ow, woman, quit choking me!"

"You quit trying to kill me!"

"I could've really dumped your drunken ass in the dirt, you know." Zoro murmured to himself two blocks after their little maneuvering contest, Nami safely on his back, her arms loosely around his neck, her breath evening out as the alcohol finally kicked in and ease her into a peaceful slumber.

This time, he made sure she was completely out before he let his features soften, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he walked on.

The 3rd Time

They are friends. She told herself as she watched him scratch the back of his head in defeat; across from him Robin sat and smiled gracefully, a white King in her hand.

"Check mate." The dark-haired woman's voice rang and Zoro's face fell, for the upteenth time this afternoon.

Look on the plus side, he doesn't even look like he's enjoying this. She thought to herself as she squeezed the piping bag a little too hard.

"Hit me." Zoro demanded and Robin complied. Nami felt a slight jab in her stomach. For a guy who looked bored he was surprisingly persistent in staying in the game.

And she did not like it.

Much more to her dismay, she did not like the implications of her not liking it. There was obviously no rule against her friend hanging out with other….uh, new friends. And she should be happy if Zoro was getting along with Robin, especially considering the hostile attitude he had held towards the older woman when she first joined the crew.

She huffed in frustration and looked down at the cake she had just pretty much ruined. Sanji was a sweet talker but even he would have to admit that was some ugly icing.

"I see somebody had fun today." The next time they were alone, there was a little more bite to her words than she had intended to.

"It was alright." He shrugged, frowning at the plate she basically shoved into his face. "I'm not eating this crap."

"Show some respect, moron! "She whacked him on the head. "Sanji-kun and I just spent 3 hours making this cake. "

"I'd give him more credit if those 3 hours weren't mostly spent on him staring at your cleavage." He remarked offhandedly, pushing the plate away, "You've known me long enough to know that I hate sweets, woman."

"I've also known you long enough to know that you hate to lose. And yet you let Robin kick your ass at chess today. "She flashed him a saccharine smile, "Things change; eat your damn cake, Zoro."

His eyes squinted at her, studying the smile carefully plastered on her face. A beat, and then he said. "You are jealous."

"Wha—no I'm not, you are!" her voice rose defensively.

"Yeah right." he gave out a low chuckle.

"Yes you are! That's why you hate the cake."

"I always hate cakes."

"This time is different." She insisted, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

Zoro would have laughed at how ridiculous she sounded if it were some other time. But something akin to a hopeful spark in her eyes made him bite back the snarky retort he was aiming for.

Nami is a proud girl; and he is always the bigger person whenever he is around her.

After a short silence he shrugged and grabbed the nearest spoon. He swallowed a spoonful of cream before putting the silverware back on the table.

"It's gross." He declared a bit more melodramatically than necessary. "Shitty cook can't make shit."

Her smile grew bigger as she told him, "The cake's fine. And you are so jealous."



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