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Chapter one: No way! Can it be? The Hunter Boys Are Turned into Girls!

My name is Akashi Tagiru. Our adventures take place in the DigiQuartz. It's a place not too far from the human world, where monsters called Digimon reside. Along with my friends in Xros Heart, Kudou Taiki-san and Amano Yuu, we Hunt Digimon in this area. Now, join us in our Digimon Hunt!

"Go, Arrestardramon!"


Akashi Tagiru ran off trying to tail a Wild Digimon in hopes of capturing it, his flying dragon Digimon in the air going after it.

"I won't let it happen. Chase it, Astamon."


A masked Digimon with wings came into the sky out of nowhere and chased after this mysterious Digimon.

Tagiru skidded to a halt as he heard a familar voice. A silver haired boy came out of the shadows, alongside a blue haired boy with an orange hat, and a blonde female practically covered in pink. Steam started rising from Tagiru's face as he stared into the green eyes of the silver haired boy hunter.

"Why you- Ryouma!"

"Tagiru! Calm down!" Amano Yuu said, his Digimon Damemon nodding.

"That's right! He's just trying to get under your skin! If you let him, it's bad! Dame dame!"

"Never mind that! We have to go after that Digimon!" Kudou Taiki, Tagiru and Yuu's senior of one year said, his partner and King of the Digital World, Shoutmon nodding in agreement.

"That's right! Arrestardramon! Attack!" Tagiru yelled, getting closer to the battle.

"Spin Caliber!" Arrestardramon yelled, whipping his tail towards the Wild Digimon.

With ease the Digimon dodged the atack, flying with grace.

The boys from Xros Heart slid to a halt as they came to the battle area.

"Damn, it's Onnamon. I should have thought..." Shoutmon cursed.

"Onnamon?" The boys were confused.

"Onnamon was a very nice Digimon at first. Like Balliastamon she didn't remember anything, but that was because she was a newborn. She was very lady-like, and reminded me a lot of Akari and Nene...so I named her Onnamon.

However, time passed and she matured quickly, hating almost every male Digimon that tried to make a pass at her or ingnored her. She learned quickly that women are usually slaves for men or toys for them to play with, and when they lose their beauty or aren't pretty, men will just throw them away like they're useless beings. She swore that one day, she would leave the castle and get her revenge by placing a curse on the boys in this area, the DigiQuartz." Shoutmon said.

Tagiru paled. Yuu turned blue. Taiki...was just Taiki...he didn't do anything, until he remembered he was a boy.

"W-what?! But we didn't do anything wrong! We're still junior high students!" Taiki reasoned.

"Yes, that's true, you are still young. However, Onnamon believes that you guys will turn out to be like them, and she doesn't want that." Shoutmon countered.

"What should we do...? There has to be some way we can get Onnamon out of that mentality..." Yuu said, tapping his chin with his index finger.

"There's only one thing we CAN do. We Hunt it!" Tagiru yelled.

"Wow..that's the first time I've heard you say someyhing intelligent, Tagiru." Yuu sounded shocked.

"Oh shut the FUCK UP YUU!" Tagiru yelled, grabbing the blonde's shirt.

"Hellfire!" Astamon said, shooting at Onnamon.

"She does have grace, it seems. The beauty of Angewoman, the flying grace of Kazemon...this Onnamon is an interesting one..." Ryouma said, a a smug grin appearing on his face.

"Ryouma! That's mine!" Tagiru yelled, dropping Yuu and sending death glares to the green eyed Hunter.

"Stop it Tagiru! We need all the help we can get to Hunt this one. We don't know what this Digimon can do, and we could be in danger." Taiki said.

"Yes, that's true. I haven't seen all her ability, and I worry that this curse she talks about could be fatal." Shoutmon said, looking to Taiki. "Digivolve me Taiki!"

"Okay! Shoutmon Chou-Shinka!"

"Shoutmon Chou-Shinka!" The red King turned into a gold shining being. "OmegaShoutmon!"

"Yuu!" Damemon looked up to his partner. After the blonde mentally flipped Tagiru off, he nodded in aggreement towards his Digimon.

"Damemon Chou-Shinka!"

Damemon digitized into a very familiar form. "Chou-Shinka! Tsuwarmon!"

"Heavy Metal Vulcan!"

"Mantis Dance!"

"Spin Calliber!"

Xros Heart attacked Onnamon, and she finally spoke.

"You boys don't understand! We women are just thrown aside and worked like slaves! We have practically no rights! In this DigiQuartz, I have only seen one girl. Her!" She pointed to Airu, the blonde female.

"Oh! Kawaii! Onnamon is sooo Kawaii! She doesn't have the cute factor like you, Opposumon, but she has a woman's grace! Let's Hunt it!" Airu said, her Digimon Opposumon flying on a few balloons.

"Do whatever you want. I'm not getting into this." Ren, the blue haired boy said.

"This Digimon needs to be stopped! In order for us to do that, we must Hunt it! If we don't, bad things may happen to you Hunter boys." OmegaShoutmon warned, but the warning was long unheard.

"Onnamon is mine!" Tagiru yelled.

"We first saw Onnamon, meaning that we can Hunt it, not you." Ryouma replied.

"I want Onnamon! It's so Kawaii!" Airu yelled at the boys.

Onnamon was long out of the picture, and her plan was perfect.

She gave a very evil sounding laugh. "Ohhohohoho! This is perfect! This is a call to all the females up high. Please give me the strength to perform this spell!"

OmegaShoutmon heard this. "Taiki! She's chanting something!"

"Ever since Adam and Eve were born, there was a heiarchy, social status between man and woman..."

"This is bad! Everyone attack Onnamon now!" Taiki yelled.

"What?! What's going in, Taiki-san?" Yuu asked.

"She's chanting something!"

"Mankind was always against women, like we have no existence..."

"Tagiru! Stop fighting with Ryouma! We have to Hunt Onnamon before she finishes this chant!" Yuu walked over to where Tagiru and Ryouma were, trying to make peace between the two.

"Now the time has come where women will rise to the top! We will show Man that Women are stong like them! We can do things they can do!"

"Say what?! Something bad may happen to us if we don't attack Onnamon now?" Tagiru questioned once again. Yuu rubbed his temples in frustration.

"Yes! What I can hear from her chant is stuff like Man will pay for treating Woman like shit, basically."

Tagiru was taken aback. "Wow...Amano Yuu swears! Oh look! It's the shock of the century!"

An anger mark appeared on the blondes face. "Oh fuck off Tagiru! We have to fight Onnamon!"

Tagiru put his hands up in mock surrender. "Hai hai, whatever you say, Yuu-sama."

"Opposumon! Don't let these boys get the fun! Hunt Onnamon, 'k?" Airu asked Opposumon, her cute antics sending Opposumon strength.

"You got it Airu!"

"Please give me the strength to curse these boys, so they will learn to treat women correctly when they are older! Please give me a chance to have my revenge on Man!" Onnamon started to become white like a light.

"Ima! Attack Onnamon now!" Taiki yelled, the other Hunters nodding in a somewhat agreement.






"ATTACK!" The Hunters yelled.

"Hard Rock Damashi!"

"Prism Gallet!"

"Mantis Dance!"


"Mad Balloon Bomb!"

All the Digimon attcked, when Onnamon unleashed the bright light.

"Curse of Man!"

A bright light covered the whole area, and a big gust of wind sent every single Hunter and their Digimon back.

They heard Onnamon's words for the last time. "I have cursed you all, Hunter boys. There is no way you can break the curse, until you learn your lesson tht I am teaching you. We may never see ech other again, and that is fine. But remember this. Respect a woman. They are just like you, and they are more powerful than you think."

-Digimon Xros Wars: Hunter-Tachi-

"Ow...my head..." the boys groaned.

Airu looked at them, stared for about ten seconds, and got a severe nosebleed. "Opposumon...can you give our boys a DigiMirror for them to look at their...new appearance?"

In a flash, Opposumon was back with five mirrors.

"Dracomon, Psychemon, Damemon, Shoutmon, Gumdramon. Take these...your partners need to see what they look like in their new appearance."

The five Digimon did as they were told and propped the mirrors in front of the Hunters so then they could look at themselves in their so-called new appearance.

The boys looked up. Shock. Horror. What was going on. The answer was simple.

Taiki, Yuu, Tagiru, Ryouma, and Ren were turned into girls. Yes, their opposite gender was now them.

"You said something fatal was going to happen, yes Shoutmon? Well, I think this is fatal..." Taiki trailed. Then he jumped.

"My voice! It didn't change!"

"WAAAH!" Yuu screamed, Tagiru laughed. "Well, you scream like a girl if you're scared!"

"Well, at least I look somewhat similar. You...just look closely into the mirrors, everyone..." Yuu said irritably. Everyone looked into their mirrors closely.


My hair...Long brown hair...Why...? I don't understand how some girls keep their hair this long?! At least I still have my goggles...

What-! I'm wearing... makeup?! This is bad.

"Taiki..." Shoutmon says.

I look at him, shaking my head. It's going to take awhile to get used to this body...

My overall appearance is somewhat similar from my old clothes. The white and red t-shirt and khakis, but there's a black thermal underneath the t-shirt. I guess this is ok...tomboy style.

I can do this. I. Can. Do. This.

Oh shit...Fuck my life. I didn't deserve this! This sucks...


I like my hair. It ruffles nicely in the wind.

But that's the only thing I like bout my new appearance.

This goddamn look is so..so girly!

First off, it's bad enough my hair is plastered down with a orange and teal headband. Now my yellow shirt had been lengthened about 3 inches, I'm wearing blaack ripped skinny jeans and a grey pleated skirt over that. There's ribbon on my left hand and a black fishnet fingerless glove on my right.

"Dame dame..." I say.

"Ohhh no! Amano Yuu has turned into Damemon!" I totally hear sarcasm in Tagiru's voice.

"Just... shut up Tagiru. Please."

Don't get me wrong. Tagiru's a very nice friend. Demo sa...he gets on my nerves just a little. I pity him though.

As much as mine is girly, his has a strange twist to his modern clothes...


This isn't happening. No way this is happening! Being a boy is so nice! But now I have to live as a girl? In the DigiQuartz no less?!

This is fucked up. So fucked up.

I swear, if I see that Onnamon again, she's going to go down!

"Ah, Tagiru...? I think you should calm down a little..."

Ah, thanks Gumdramon...

Now, you who is reading this very fucked up story, must want to know what I, Akashi Tagiru looks like.

Well, it's quite simple. Imagine me in my regular clothes, add blue knee-high socks with moons and stars on them, and my hair in a banana comb. Yes, that's me.

Wait a minute...

"What the- Why do I have these things Ryouma has?!" I point to my hair, that has two pieces of red hair pointing out.

"There is nothing wrong with these. Be glad that they suit somebody like you." Oh Ryouma you jackass...

Anyways...I don't know how long my hair is, so I shakily pull the comb out of my hair.

And I wished I didn't.

The hair just fell down to the floor. It's freaking long! This brushes my lower back! Even Taiki-san's is shorter than mine!

"Wow Tagiru...hope your hair isn't a bitch when you brush it..." Yuu says apologetically. I envy the bastard! His is short! Meaning it will be easy to take care of! Damn...

I run my fingers through my hair...and surprisingly soft. Things are going to take time...I need to get used to this...shit. I hate this new look...


There's nothing much different. We're just females, that's all. Their anatomy is different than ours, but it's not all that bad.

My hair is perfect. Lovely, if anything can describe it. There's nothing I can say. I think it may be a nice esson learned in life. It will take time, but we have all the time in the world, if you ask me.

I don't see anything wrong with this, really. These people...


I don't see anything. I feel the difference, but I dont want to see it.

I don't want o hear the others complain. Thank God I still have my iPod.

Just listen to Vocaloid. Calm down the senses, don't worry. Everything is fine, as long as I can listen to music.


As the boys looked at their new appearances in shock, Airu took proof pictures.

"Ohhohoho! They look soo...AHH KAWAII!"

"Ne...do you guys think we'll look like this in the Real World?" Yuu looked at the other Hunter Boys.

"Let's find out! I really don't want to look like this anymore!" Tagiru grabbed his crimson Xros Loader and yelled, "Time Shift!"

The familiar white light surrounded the Hunters, and they all came back to the Real World, in front of their Junior High School. In hopes of being back to their boy selves, they looked down, and almost everybody's face fell with despair.

"Yabei! We're not different at all!" Tagiru yelled, grabbing his now long hair in frustration.

"So, does that mean...?" Yuu looked at all the genderbent boys, with not wanting to believe it himself.

"Yes, we are now living as girls, in our boyish habits..." Taiki finished the statement, and everybody stared in shock and terror.

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