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Chapter Three: The Theme Park of Dreams, DigimonLand (The Girl Hunters Version)

My name is Akashi Tagiru. Our adventures take place in the DigiQuartz. It is a place not too far from the Real World, and creatures called Digimon reside here. With my friends in Xros Heart Kudou Taiki-san and Amano Yuu, we Hunt these Digimon. Just recently, a Digimon named Onnamon placed a curse on all of the boys in the DigiQuartz, so now we are girls. But like it or not, we have to continue out adventures as girls. But now! Join us in our Digimon Hunt!

The next morning, all of the genderbent boys were fast asleep, except Yuu and Taiki.

"Did you sleep well Taiki-san?" Yuu asked as he(A/N-I've given up writing he/she. They're really boys, so I'm just gonna say he) placed a plate of pancakes, eggs and bacon in front of his senior.

"Not really. Ne Yuu... what is that thing though?" The senior goggle boy asked as he pointed to the red ribbon that was practically glued to the blonde's arm.

"This? I really don't know. There's a manual for it in my room... I think I'm going to have to read it..." he answered as sat down and started eating himself.

"This smell... BREAKFAST!" Somebody yelled.

"Good Morning Tagiru. Breakfast is on the counter if you want to eat-" Yuu started, when the junior goggle boy ran to the kitchen, grabbed his breakfast, ate it in 5 minutes flat, and left the apartment.

"I'm gonna see if I can Hunt anymore Digimon! Later!"

"Wait Tagiru!" Yuu ran over to the energetic goggle boy and gave him a hairtie. "At least use this. It won't be bothersome then... your hair."

"Ooooh Thanks Yuu! I'm off!" And thus, the goggle boy was gone.

"Now where's that manual..." Yuu turned around and went up to his room, in search for a manual about his mysterious fashion ribbon.

-Digimon Xros Wars Huntaa-tachi-

Later that morning, Ryouma, Ren, and Airu woke up and ate their breakfast. They thanked Yuu for his hospitality and his lesson in feminimity, and the trio left, leaving just Taiki and Yuu in the vast apartment.

"Na... I guess I'll watch the news then..." Taiki sat down on the comfortable sofa and turned on the TV."

What he saw though... 'Is this a Digimon thing...?'

In the East Shinonome Shopping Mall...

"Ahh I'm bored..."

"Yah I know..."

The two girls continued walking until somebody asked them something.

"Are you guys bored Pako?"

"Did you ask that?"


The turned to the TV, and see a boxed-shaped creature.

"Ano.. Hi Pako! Do you guys want to go to DigimonLand with me?"

The girls were scared. "AAAH THE BOX IS TALKING! MONSTER MONSTER!" And with that, the girls ran away from the site.

"Geez Pakomon, can't you do it right?! I taught you how to do it, yet you're still doing it wrong!" A pink box creature popped up from the TV, next to Pakomon.

"Oh hi Pakomon-chan. I'm trying, but these humans are scared of me, so they don't take the pass." Pakomon said, looking crestfallen.

"This is the way to do it Pakomon. Watch and learn." Pakomon-chan disappeared from the TV and reappeared in front of a boy's Nintendo 3DS. "Hi~! I'm going to take you to a place that's much more fun than playing this thing! Here!" She placed a pass in front of the the boy's forehead and pressed a green button. "Enjoy DigimonLand!"

And the boy fell into a portal, disappearing from the Real World.

With Taiki and Yuu in a residential area...

"You think that it's a Digimon doing all this?" Yuu asked.

"Yeah. According to the news, about 50 children have disappeared, and some of them have said 'I'm going to DigimonLand!'"

"Let's check the DigiQuartz then!"


They pulled out their Xros Loaders. "Time Shift!"

With Tagiru, leaving the DigiQuartz...

"Dammit! I got up early, and STILL I didn't find any Digimon!" The goggle boy yelled.

He started walking out of the alleyway he was in, to see 2 girls running for their lives. They stopped by him, panting hard.

"That creature was scary!"

"I know! DigimonLand my ass! I wouldn't want to go there even if I wanted to! Being asked by some creature... no way in hell!"

Tagiru heard the words 'DigimonLand.'

"Ano... excuse me... but did you just say 'DigimonLand?'" Tagiru asked the girls, making sure he sounded somewhat like a girl. He looked like one, mind as well act like one since they weren't from his school.

In DigimonLand...

"Everyone, it's time for your status report!" Chief Pakomon yelled. All throughout the LEGO structure, Pakomon hurried to the top of their Headquarters to give their report.

"Pakomon, it's time to report to Jokermon-sama." Chief Pakomon said.

"I got 8."

"I got 6."

"I got 6 as well."

"Well I got 18." Pakomon-chan said, her pink box features full of pride.

"Whoa that's great Pakomon-chan!" Everyone said.

"Well Pakomon, how many children did you recruit?" Jokermon-sama asked.

"Well..." Pakomon squirmed in embarassment. "Zero..."

"It's okay Pakomon. You're still getting used to this. In time, you'll be able to recruit children. Now everyone, what is our motto?" Jokermon said.

"We will invite as many children as we can, and make their dreams come true!" The Pakomon chanted.

"Very good. Pakomon, do you have a dream?" Jokermon-sama asked the brown Pakomon.

"I do Jokermon-sama! My dream is to become the tour guide on the cruise ship, so I can make children happy!" Pakomon said.

"That's good. Now, work hard so you can achieve that dream." Jokermon-sama said.

"Yes, Jokermon-sama!"

Back in the Real World...

"Ahh, I said that, but will people actually come?" Pakomon said to himself, slumping back into the TV a little bit.

"Hey!" Somebody yelled.

"Huh?" Pakomon looked up, to see a girl with red streaked bangs and goggles, her hair tied up into a ponytail.

"Do you know how to go to DigimonLand?" She asked.

"Actually, I work for DigimonLand." Pakomon replied.

"Sweet! Take me there!" She said energetically.

"Nice! There should be Digimon for us to Hunt in there!" An object in the girl's hand bounced around.

"Ah..." Pakomon started.

"Oh sorry! I'm Tagiru, and this..." she lifted the object, so it faced Pakomon. "...Is my partner, Gumdramon!"

"Wait! You're my first customer! I'm so happy Pako!" Pakomon said in realization, his box features beaming in happiness.

"Here! Take this card! It lets you enter and exit DigimonLand as you wish! Press the green button to enter." Pakomon gives that card to Tagiru.

"Yosh! Let's go!" Tagiru presses the button, and she entered DigimonLand.

-Digimon Xros Wars: Huntaa-tachi!-

When Tagiru entered the theme park, he was amazed. The scenery was quite comforting, and many children were enjoying themselves.

"Welcome to DigimonLand! Here, take these sweet potatoes!" A sweet potato looking Digimon gave a sweet potato to Tagiru and the reloaded Gumdramon.

"Wah thanks!" They ate the sweet potato, and then they saw the ramen cart.

"Ramen!" They jumped to the ramen cart, and then they saw the frozen treats cart.

"Waah! Chocolate covered banana please!"

They finished the frozen treat, and then saw unlimited popcorn.

"Popcorn!" They dug in.

"Ano... how long are you guys going to eat...?" Pakomon asked.

"Until we're full!" The duo replied.

"That seems like never, the way they're eating now..." Pakomon's sweat dropped.

"Wah I'm stuffed!"

"Glad to hear it." Pakomon started walking, when he saw Jokermon-sama, passing balloons to the children surrounding him.

"Who's that?" Tagiru asked.

"That's Jokermon-sama, the owner of DigimonLand. He saved me when I needed help, and he gave me a job here in DigimonLand." Pakomon said.

"Ah, so he's a nice guy huh?" Tagiru said, when Jokermon-sama came to them.

"Jokermon-sama, this child is my first guest Pako!" Pakomon said.

"Nice work Pakomon. Keep up the good work. Dear sir, while I hope you enjoy your stay, please make sure to ride out special high speed aerial coaster. Now, excuse me." He bowed, and walked to the DigimonLand Headquarters.

"Ok Pako! Let's start with the Pillowmon Coaster!"

On the Pillowmon Coaster...

"Wow this is boring. I just wanna fall asleep now." Tagiru yawned.

"I know.." Gumdramon agreed, as his big eyes started drooping.

All of a sudden, their Pillowmon got pissed, and the next thing they knew, they were going all over the theme park at an uncontrollable speed.

"Waah that was actually fun!" The junior goggle boy said as they got down.

They walked towards the center of the theme park, when he saw Mami, Midori, and Haruka.

"Hey guys!"

The girls turned around. "Hey Tagiru!"

"So you're in DigimonLand too huh?" Mami asked.


"You must be uncomfortable though... I mean our Principal is making you be your opposite gender for a whole month..." Midori said.

"Ah it's ok!" Tagiru threw his hands behind his head and laughed. 'It's actually good for me. It gives me a month to find and Hunt Onnamon!'

"Pako?! You're actually a guy?!" Pakomon stared at the person that was his first customer. Slender legs put in over the knee-high socks. A skirt that fitted well with her body. A short jacket, with a shirt underneath. Long, smooth looking hair that was tied into a ponytail. Big innocent eyes highlighted with black eyeliner and mascara. There was NO way this was a guy!

"Yeah... I'm a guy. I have to look like this though, because my school principal has made us work on respecting ladies and becoming gentleman-like and all that shit." Tagiru blushed in embarrassment.

"O-ok then!" Pakomon didn't want to learn anymore. It's sad enough that this boy has to be somebody he's not.

"Ok! Let's go to the special attraction!" Mami pointed to the green centipede-looking attraction.

"Nope! I'm not going!" Midori put an X in front of her.

"Why? It looks fun!" Haruka said.

"Nu-uh! No way!" Midori shook her head once again.

"Suit yourself then. We'll tell you how it is when we're done then." Miami and Haruka walked towards the special attraction, when a mouth looking elevator came down and opened. When they entered, it closed, and has an eerie smile.

"Let's go to the Haunted House Gumdramon!"


The explored the house, when at the bottom of the steps, a Numemon came out. "Hahaha! That wasn't even funny!"

When they finished, they went with Pakomon to the cruise ship that explored the whole theme park.

"This sure is nice Tagiru. Ne... do we have to Hunt them...?" Gumdramon asked.

Flowing brown hair whipped gracefully onto its owner's back. "I don't see the point in doing so Gumdramon. They're all nice people, so they won't do anything bad."

"This is my favorite ride Pako. It's my dream to become the tour guide on this ship, so I can make many children happy. That's why I have to bring lots of children here!" Pakomon said happily.

"You know what Pakomon, I'll help you!" Tagiru smiled.

"Really?! Thank you Pako!"

They went towards the fountain by the entrance after the cruise ship was over, when Midori called out. "Tagiru!"

"Midori what's wrong? Weren't you with Mami and Haruka?" Tagiru asked.

"That's the problem! Mami and Haruka haven't come back from the special attraction! I've been waiting for them where you met up with us, but I haven't seen them since then!" Midori said with worry.

"Tagiru, you go and find your friends. I'll look for Mami and Haruka with her Pako!" Pakomon said.

"Ok! Let's go Gumdramon!" Tagiru pressed the red button, and he went back to the Real World.

-Digimon Xros Wars: Huntaa-tachi!-

"Tagiru!" Taiki yelled.

"Yo Taiki-san! Yuu!" Tagiru ran up to his friends.

"Tagiru... I...I" Yuu eyes glazed over.

"Woah! Are you crying?" Tagiru was worried like crazy now. Did their gender change somehow make Yuu sensitive?

"No you idiot! You're really stupid you know? We were looking all over for you! We thought we were in DigimonLand or something!" Yuu yelled.

"So... were those real? Your tears..." Tagiru asked.

"Yes yes they were! I'm a good actor, unless you didn't know!" Yuu admitted, quite angrily.

"Entertainment is in your blood. The Amano family must have done something worthy to have such a good set of offspring that does well in Entertainment..." Tagiru trailed off.

"Anyways, we looked all over the DigiQuartz for this DigimonLand, but we didn't find it." Taiki said, adjusting his goggles.

"You need a pass to get in and out." Tagiru took out his pass from his skirt pocket.

"Let's go then!"

In DigimonLand...

"I'm so sorry Sephirothmon-sama!" Jokermon-sama bowed.

"Ano... Jokermon-sama?" Pakomon started.

"Say you're sorry Pakomon! Sephirothmon-sama has said that a Digimon Hunter was your guest!"

"What...? Sephirothmon-sama...? Wait! Isn't that the special attraction?!" Pakomon said shockingly.

"Yes, Sephirothmon-sama is the special attraction. But he's the real owner of DigimonLand." Jokermon-sama said.

"I assume that Hunter boy is coming back, yes? Then I must need more power. This is a great opportunity to expand DigimonLand!" Sephirothmon-sama laughed, and he sucked all of the children in the park up. He grew larger in a matter of seconds.

"Come, you Hunters! Hahaha!"

Enter Tagiru, Taiki, and Yuu...

"So you've come, Hunters..." Sephirothmon-sama said.

"This is fun! Hahahaha!" Kids inside the 'special attraction' were laughing, tears streaming from their eyes because it was so funny.

"I won't let you harm Spehirothmon-sama! Pakomon attack!" Jokermon-sama told to all of the Pakomon, as he took out a scythe.

"Pakomon! Is this what you were thinking of when you told me you wanted to make children's dreams come true, so then they could have fun and be happy?!" Tagiru yelled.

"Tagiru... I didn't know this was supposed to be this way... I'm sorry..." The brown Pakomon replied, looking down to the floor.

"Lunatic Slash!" Jokermon-sama unleashed his power, aiming it towards the 3 Hunters and their Digimon Partners.

"Gumdramon! Chou-shinka!"

"Chou-shinka! Arresterdramon!"

"It's not right to make parents worried sick about their children! Shoutmon! Chou-shinka!"

"Shoutmon Chou-shinka! OmegaShoutmon!"

"Damemon Chou-shinka!"

"Chou-shinka! Tsuwamon!"

The evolved Digimon countered the attack, and flew up to where Sephirothmon-sama was.

"Don't get into our fun you meanies!" Children said, as they continued to laugh.

"I see that our guests here are unwanted. I will exterminate them right away then." Sepirothmon-sama opened his mouth, about to eat the Digimon right in front of him, Arresterdramon.

"Not a chance are you gonna eat me! Spin Caliber!"

The tail hit Sepirothmon-sama, but it didn't seem to have an effect on the centipede like Digimon.

"Hohoho your weak attacks will never have an effect on me! Spin Caliber x3!"

A slicing wind came towards Arresterdramon, and sent him flying.

"Try this then! Hard Rock Damashii!" OmegaShoutmon threw two fireballs toward the enemy.

"Hohoho! That tickles! Hard Rock Damashii x3!"

Fireballs returned and attacked its enemy.

"I will be your opponent then. Mantis Dance!"

Like the other times, it felt like nothing to Sephirothmon-sama.

"Mantis Dance x3!" A tornado flew towards Tsuwamon.

"I guess it's my turn then. Hohoho!" All of the children continued their uncontrollable laughter, and Sephirothmon-sama attacked the Hunters, who dodged their attack with ease.

"You're not getting away Hunters! Lunatic Slash!" Jokermon aimed the attack to the blonde female.

"Yuu watch out!" Tagiru lunged for Yuu, saving him from the digital attack.

And as this happened, the ribbon on Yuu's arm came to life, and attached itself to Tagiru's own arm.

"Uhh Yuu? What it your ribbon-thingy doing?" Tagiru asked.

The blonde flushed a dark pink. 'Oh god this can't be happening! Oh no, it's not changing colors! There is no way in HELL I wanna know Tagiru to the point where we could be romantic partners! I don't even like guys! Is this Ribbon of Curiosity telling the truth though?! Because I don't want to know how it's like for TAGIRU to do THOSE things to me...! Right...?'

"...uu! Oi Amano Yuu!"

"Huh? Oh, sorry Tagiru."

"Naah it's OK. Just tell me what your ribbon is doing, that's all." The junior goggle boy gestured to the red ribbon connecting the two people together.

"Apparently it's called the Ribbon of Curiosity. If it links to another person, you're curious about something about them. There's only two versions of curiosity that this ribbon reacts to. Curiosity of Friendship, or curiosity of Love. If it changes color, then it's curiosity of love. If it stays the same color, it's curiosity of friendship... I guess the ribbon's telling me I wonder how it's like to be friends with you..." Yuu explained.

"What do you mean Yuu? We're already friends!" Tagiru beamed.

After a while, the blonde smiled back. "That's true, I guess."

'He doesn't need to know that it's actually curiosity of love. The less he knows about my ribbon, the better it is for us. If it's true that I like Tagiru, I'll keep quiet about it. Because right now, just being friends like this... Is perfectly fine with me.'

"What are you doing Pakomon?! Release me this instant!" Jokermon-sama yelled as he fell to the floor.

"This isn't the happiness I dreamed of! They all should be laughing because it's fun, and that they're free! It's not right that they are trapped in this moving prison, being forced to laugh like this Pako!" Pakomon took out a roll of tape, and started blocking all of the windows that were on Sepirothmon-sama's body. Once they were all covered up, the children started crying.

"It's dark in here! I'm scared!"

"No! This can't be happening!" Sepirothmon-sama stared to shrink.

"Let's go everyone!" OmegaShoutmon started the series of attacks.

"Beat Slash!"

"Smokin' Boogie!"

"Prism Gallet!"

The final attacks digitized the centipede like Digimon, bringing the trapped children down to the floor.

Two Digimon were sent to Tagiru's Xros Loader. Spehirothmon-sama, and Jokermon-sama. "Digimon, Captured!"

One by one, children were sent back to the Real World.

"I'm so sorry! We didn't know that Sephirothmon-sama's intentions were for that!" Chief Pakomon said, as he bowed to the Hunters and their Partners.

"I guess that means that we have to close DigimonLand then, huh?" Pakomon-chan said, as she looked around the barren theme park.

"Why don't you keep it open for a while and give true happiness to the children." Shoutmon said.

"That's right! We'll start afresh, and make our true dreams come true!" Chief Pakomon said.

"Well, since we're here, why don't we hang for a little while?" Taiki said.

"Sweet!" Tagiru was about to race towards the snack stands, when Pakomon asked, "So, are you two guys, or girls?"

"Huh?" Taiki and Yuu stared at the curious Pakomon.

"We're guys. We're in the same school as Tagiru." Taiki said with an embarrassed blush.

"I just don't see it! You totally look like girls!" Pakomon looked to the sky in despair. "Are adults mean like that Pako! Do they make children dress in their opposite gender Pako! If so, I don't want to grow up!"

"Taiki-san, Yuu! I'm starving!" Tagiru was running in place, a whining expression on his face.

"The first thing on your mind is eating, isn't it Tagiru?" Taiki asked as he stared going after the junior goggle boy.

"Of course it is Taiki-san! After all, he is a bottomless pit!" Yuu teased as he ran after the two goggle boys.

"I can hear you Yuu! You're supposed to be my friend, yet you tease me because I eat a lot! How mean!" Tagiru replied back, sounding depressed.

"Act all you want, you know it's true!" Yuu laughed.

"Haa... things will never change, will they?" Taiki asked himself, but then he laughed. "Well, if things stay like this, then I guess it's fine!"

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