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Harry and Draco were sitting in the same compartment on the Hogwarts Express. Draco's annoying need for somewhat close contact, urging them to sit in the same compartment. Harry was happy to at least be able to have a seat to himself. Though Draco did insist on sitting opposite him and holding his feet in his lap. It was awkward for Harry, but he didn't say anything and just kept silent.

The silence was disrupted however, when Draco's posse decided to intrude upon their solitude.

"What are you doing here, Potter?" Parkinson spat disdainfully, giving him a dirty look.

Zabini rolled his eyes and backed into the corridor of the train, knowing very well that something was going to happen and having enough sense self-preservation to save himself from it.

Before Harry could respond, Draco was on his feet, snarling in Pansy's face. "Don't you dare talk to him like that!" he hissed.

Harry was shocked at the immediate defense, but was on his feet, holding Draco's hands together when he saw the fireball forming. Though he did not like Pansy, he didn't want Draco to get in trouble just for defending him.

Draco's silver eyes latched onto his Avada ones and they watched each other silently.

Finally Draco's hair and magic, which had seemed to be rising due to the threat Pansy posed, reverted to normal. The blonde shook himself off and turned to give Pansy a fierce glare.

"Do not belittle my Veela mate, Parkinson. We are Veela and therefore of a higher station than you," he sneered.

The girl, along with Zabini, Goyle, Crabbe and Nott, all stared at Harry in shock.

Draco then turned to Harry and began…..primping him. With a few waves of his wand and some muttered spells, Harry's hair was suddenly reaching his mid-back and Draco was pulling it into a similar style that his father wore.

The blonde the stepped back and started fixing Harry's clothes, making him look proper, but slightly disheveled at the same time.

With a roaming look, Draco smirked. "Merlin, you look delicious. I can't wait to teach you how to use your charms."

Harry flushed slightly and reclaimed his seat, trying to ignore the lusty words.

Slowly, as if fearing for his safety, Zabini took a seat beside Draco, still eyeing the Boy-Who-Lived. The others entered the compartment and someone waved up a silencing charm just in case.

"I hadn't believed what the Prophet said, but I guess it's true. Potter has truly been adopted by the Malfoy family. Does your father know about the Veela mate thing?" Zabini asked Draco.

"Yes. So don't touch or bother him. Besides, we have another mate and he wouldn't be to thrilled if he found out something happened to Harry," Draco warned.

Pansy sniffed haughtily and folded her arms. "It's not like Potter's important to anyone! If I want to mess with him I will!"

Harry had to physically restrain Draco again, to keep him from harming the foolish girl.

"Just try it!" Draco hissed. "And when the Dark Lord finds out you did something to his first mate, he'll torture you to death!"

The other Slytherins recoiled, immediately looking at Harry and Draco in wariness.

"Your o-other m-mate is the D-dark L-lord?" Nott asked, looking terrified.

Draco was smirking and Harry let out an almost imperceptible sigh. He wished Tom was there. Draco's friends weren't of the stimulating kind. They were boring and predictable.

The rest of the ride was spent with low chatter between Draco and Zabini, who were talking about something or other. The others were silent and Harry was getting annoyed with all the blatant staring. Did they not have lives of their own?

Being the only two who were already dressed for school, Draco and Harry remained in the compartment while the others left to change. Harry sent the blonde a look.

"I don't understand why you are friends with any of them, except Zabini and maybe Nott. They're pathetic. If this is what runs in the blood of a pureblood family, I'm grateful my father fell in love with a muggleborn, because being anything like them disgusts me."

Draco's lips pursed. "Only Blaise is my real friend. The others are just followers that do everything I say. Though Nott can think for himself, he just prefers to let someone else do the thinking and the leading. He's quiet and somewhat lazy, so it just works."

Harry shook his head and remained quiet for the rest of the trip.

The Thestral pulling their carriage was excited to see Harry again and bumped heads with the teen. He gave a small smile and patted its' head. If all else failed, he could help Hagrid with the magical creatures around Hogwarts. Other than the acromantulas, the animals seemed to like him.

Other than Draco, the others were looking at him like he had grown a second head.

Draco joined him for a moment, petting the nose of the creäture. "They've taken a shine to you, I see. What is it with you and winged creatures? Owls, Hippogriffs and now Thestrals."

Harry stuck his tongue out and moved to enter the carriage.

Draco followed, taking the seat beside him as Zabini and Nott took the other side. Parkinson, Crabbe and Goyle had to wait for another carriage.

When they reached the school, Draco placed a hand on Harry's cheek and sighed. "This is where we part ways. We're going to have to work this out somehow, because I won't be able to handle not being near you long enough."

He then backed away a step and entered the Great Hall, heading for the Slytherin table. Harry shook himself off and followed the example, sitting at the Gryffindor table. The hall was filling slowly and he waited for the familiar faces of his Housemates to enter the room and sit with him.

It didn't take long for the tables to fill up and the Gryffindors were all shocked to see Harry sitting there, looking fine as always. After the article in the Prophet earlier in the Summer, many were probably under the impression that he was a mess. Physically and emotionally.

Hermione and Ron rushed him as soon as they saw his seated figure.

Hermione was wrapped around him in almost every sense he could think of. Ron stood back and allowed her to mumble and check their friend over, searching for injuries, feeling his forehead for a fever and checking his pulse.

"Mione, let poor bloke breathe," Ron suggested, pulling her away after several minutes of worrying.

She sniffed, eyes looking misty. "I know, I'm sorry. I was just so worried. Is it true Harry? All of it?"

With a frown, he nodded. "Yes."

She took in a deep breath and had to hold a hand to her mouth. Ron wrapped his arms around her as she let loose a small squeak.

"Don't worry, Mione. I'm better now."

She nodded, wiping her eyes to give him another look over. "You seem to be better. Are you truly, Harry?"

"Yes. For once I can say, I had a pretty good summer."

Ron patted his back, "I'm glad mate. Even though I don't like the Malfoys, I'll at least be thankful that they helped you so much."

Harry let loose a relieved sigh. Ron had taken it well. He was sure that the teen's hatred for the Malfoy's would turn him against Harry. He really didn't want a repeat of fourth year.

The three friends sat at the table, Ron having crawled under it so he wouldn't have to walk around to the other side.

The door of the Great Hall opened and in walked Snape, holding a large scroll. Harry looked up at the Head Table to see McGonagall sitting in the middle seat. So, she was now the Headmistress and Snape was the Deputy Headmaster? Interesting.

Snape and his billowing robes glided down the middle row of tables and he coldly instructed the first years to wait along the landing.

Standing back, Snape turned to the Sorting Hat, whose brim split open to reveal a nasty grin.

The yearly song began.

Welcome back to all returning,

And hello, to all who are new,

I am the Sorting Hat of Hogwarts

And it's a pleasure to meet you.

This year, things will be different,

'A little strange,' you may think,

But with times and people changing

A war is on the brink.

A child once sat up here,

And I was placed upon his head,

To judge which House he belonged in

But I sorted him wrong instead.

This child was cunning and sly,

And very ambitious I may add,

But because he was misinformed

He turned from Slytherin, which was mad.

I'm through with listening to others,

From now on, it's my decision,

Whether you like it or not

Won't change my opinion.

I'm holding a re-sorting,

Of everyone this year,

Because many of you do not belong

In the House you hold so dear.

From youngest to oldest,

The list is already here,

You will be sorted to where I decide

And there you'll spend your remaining years.

Do not worry, do not cry,

But most of all, do not hate,

It is the person not the House

That decides their own fate.

So for now we shall see,

What House I'll sort you in,

From this point on my choice is final

Now let the sorting begin.

A re-sorting! The Sorting Hat was going to literally re-sort the entire school!

A protest rose from the students and Snape raised his wand, letting loose a bolt of lightning that cracked as it shot upward toward the enchanted ceiling.

Silence reigned.

Headmistress McGonagall stood from her chair. "I apologize for the upcoming shock you all will receive, but even the Headmistress cannot go against the Sorting Hat. He has decided what is best and so shall it be."

Snape took a deep breath and opened the scroll, calling names.

In alphabetical order, every student was called up to be resorted.

Crabbe and Goyle ended up in Hufflepuff, which had Harry snorting. Millicent Bulstrode ended up in Gryffindor, she looked horrified. Parkinson and Nott were placed into Ravenclaw. Zabini and Daphne Greengrass remained in Slytherin, but Daphne's sister Astoria was placed in Ravenclaw. Several other Slytherins moved to the other Houses. Many going to Hufflepuff.

Luna was sorted into Slytherin. Padma Patil was placed into Gryffindor with her sister Parvati. Terry Boot and Michael Corner were sent to Hufflepuff. Roger Davies was the last Ravenclaw that Harry knew, who was placed in Gryffindor.

Abbot, Bones and Smith were sorted from Hufflepuff and placed in Gryffindor.

Finally, the Gryffindors went everywhere!

Hermione was placed in Ravenclaw, which didn't really shock anyone. Dean and Seamus were put in Hufflepuff. The Creevey brothers remained in their original House. Lucky them. Lavender Brown and Parvati were moved to Slytherin. Neville and Romilda Vane went to Hufflepuff. Angelina Johnson went with Hermione to Ravenclaw. And finally, the remaining Weasleys were re-sorted into Slytherin.

When Harry's turn had come, everyone had gone silent. What shocked them all, was that the Sorting Hast spoke aloud, instead of in Harry's mind. In fact, he wasn't even talking to Harry. He was talking to the Great Hall.

"This, was the child from my song. He had a horrible life before finding out that he was magical and as soon as he was told about magic, everyone was telling him that Slytherin was full of horrible people and all Dark Wizards and all bad witches and wizards come from Slytherin. I would like to point out that-that is not true in any form. Peter Pettigrew was a Gryffindor who was a lying little cheat and became a Death Eater. He sold the Potters out so he wouldn't get killed. Quirinus Quirrell was a Ravenclaw and ended up assisting Voldemort in attacking Mr. Potter.

Slytherin does not hold the right to all Dark Wizards out there. And may I remind all of you, that being a Dark Wizard does not make you evil. It means your magic is of the Dark Affinity. Despite what some of you may think, Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw were Dark Wizards. Their affinities were for Dark Magic. I know this because I was created by the Founders' combined magic. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff were light and Ravenclaw and Slytherin were dark. It is what you do with your magic, that determines if you are evil. Do not judge someone by only their House. Mr. Potter here is a Slytherin and yet he has risked his life for others more times than many can count and he has an affinity for all magic. Do not turn your backs on him, now that he's suddenly in a new House that many of you seem to think is 'bad'. Because he is still brave and self-sacrificing, but his ambition to be a better wizard outshines it a bit. SLYTHERIN!"

Harry had been pulled down to sit by Draco.

The blonde was grinning from ear to ear.

Ron and Ginny reluctantly sat opposite the two. They both looked dejected and depressed.

Harry sighed and leaned over the table. "Seriously guys, it isn't that bad. Ron, do you consider yourself to be evil?"

"No," he mumbled, looking confused.

"And do you think Ginny is evil?"

The look that came over the teen's face when he didn't answer had his sister smacking him upside the head. "Oh stuff a sock in it, Ron!" she growled.

Harry smiled, "Funny, yes, but I'm being serious. The House of Slytherin relies on cunning, ambition, leadership, cleverness and resourcefulness. None of those words are synonyms for the word 'evil'. You guys want to be better than you are. To make something of yourselves. By being sorted here, the Sorting Hat is saying that you have good leadership qualities and the resourcefulness and cunning to lead properly. Ron, you are a strategist. Whether your grades are good or not, doesn't matter. You understand the battlefield and the different techniques of warfare and can alter strategy on the dot once something changes. Hermione can't even beat you in a game of chess! And Ginny, you are very sly and cunning. You can talk someone in circles and they would never know. That doesn't make you evil, you're just skilled."

Though his words were assuring, the two didn't seem all that much better. But they didn't say anything, so they sat by and waited for McGonagall to start the welcoming feast, which had been delayed by an hour.

With a snap of her fingers, the tables filled with food.

Conversation started after a few minutes of uncomfortable silence.

Draco was all smiles, which had unnerved Ron.

"Mate, why is he so cheerful?" Ron asked, mouth full of food.

Draco smirked, "I'm a Veela, Weasley. Harry is my mate."

Both Ginny and Ron's mouths dropped.


Harry nodded, "Apparently, I'm a Veela too. As for the mate thing, yes, we are mates. We need to be in contact often, so this works out better for us."

Ginny was looking worried. "Are you okay with that? Especially after the whole thing mentioned in the Prophet?"

Harry knew what she meant and nodded in reassurance. "I'm fine. Though some blokes make me worry, Draco isn't one. And no Ron, you don't scare me either."

The ginger sighed in relief and went back to eating. He paused, fork mid-way to his mouth. "Malfoy, you will take care of him, or else I will get Hermione to punch your pretty face again."

"Sorry Weasle, but I'm Harry's. You thinking I'm pretty won't change anything." It may have been said in teasing confidence, but Harry could tell Draco was worried. Hermione had a good arm.

The disgust that came over Ron's face was enough to make Harry laugh. It was nice that Draco was being civil, and even going so far as to be playful.

The dinner moved on, conversation coming a lot easier.

In the end, McGonagall stood.

"By now, many of you have noticed that there were no Prefects on the train. Because of the re-sorting, we had to hold off on assigning them. The prefects are as follows…"

She listed off several people and among them, were Harry, Draco, Ron, Hermione, Luna and Angelina Johnson. None else seemed worthy of remembering.

"As for Quidditch Captains, we have chosen the ones for each House. For Slytherin...Harry Potter, position of Seeker. Slytherin practice will be tomorrow evening at six. Gryffindor…"

Draco sighed and mumbled, "Good. I'm not that good at being a Seeker and I only took that position to try to beat you. Since you're here, I don't have to do it anymore."

"Are you sure?" Harry whispered, looking worried.

The blonde nodded. "And besides, this means that Slytherin will win the House Cup for certain, so I'm really fine with it."

"What about your new broom?"

"I can try for Chaser, but I really don't like Seeker. I'm really fine, Harry."

With a shrug, Harry joined the three other students in receiving their Captain badges, pinning it beside his Prefect badge.

When he sat back down, Ginny was grinning. "Harry, do you what this means?"


"You can give and take points, give detentions, use the Prefect's Bathrooms and enter the Restricted Section without permission from a teacher."

Harry grinned in return, "And if I were to happen to read the books fast and use the charm for copying them, then we could all read them without any issues."

Ron shook his head, "Just made a Prefect and already thinking of breaking the rules. I like it!"

Zabini, who had remained silent throughout the whole dinner, was smirking as well. "Is this something you've done before?"

Harry nodded, "Yes. I've sneaked into the Restricted Section several times with my Invisibility Cloak. And there is no way I wouldn't show my friends the books I found."

"You own an Invisibility...wow."

Ron turned in his seat when Luna sat beside him. "Hello. I'm so glad we're in the same House. The Nargles stay away when Harry is near."

"Why didn't you join us earlier, Luna?" Harry asked.

"Oh, I didn't want to presume that you'd want to sit with me. But I figured I'd come and say 'hi'."

Harry frowned, "You can sit with us whenever you want, Luna. There's nothing wrong with that."

"Oh!" she gasped. Her dreamy smile appeared, "Thank you. It's so nice! Like sitting with friends."

Ron, Ginny and Harry exchanged a similar look. Harry decided to do the speaking. "We are your friends, Luna."

"Hm? Oh that's nice!"

Her strange answer just made them shrug. Though Luna was a bit odd, they didn't judge her. Especially since they were all odd in their own way.

"Prefects will escort their Houses, have a good evening," McGonagall snapped her fingers and in front of Harry appeared a piece of paper. He grabbed it and rolled his eyes. Slytherin's password was 'pureblood'. How original.

Standing and stretching himself out, Harry sighed. "Time to lead. To the dungeons."

Draco stood and followed right after him.

With a wave to Hermione who was leading her House, they broke apart, going their separate ways. That was the only sad thing, for Harry anyway. Hermione wouldn't be with he and Ron anymore.

Unless they switched up the classes and put Ravenclaws and Slytherins together.

Ron put a hand on Harry's shoulder, almost scaring the teen. "Don't worry mate, she can take care of herself."

With a nod, Harry continued on, determined to not think about it any more that night.

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