In high school all the students at Raika high knew of Shizuo and Izaya. Who wouldn't? After all every day unless one of them was absent they would cause destruction and chaos running through the halls. Well not really anymore unless they were in the first year's hall. After all after a year or two you get used to it. The older residents just stepped to the side and kept out of the way as to not get hurt themselves. Everyone thought that obviously if they constantly trying to kill each other wasn't proof enough that Shizuo Hewaijma and Izaya Orihara were sworn enemies who hated each other's guts. To an extent it may have been true for Izaya. But for Shizuo it was love at first fight, unfortunetly Shizuo not ever having really loved anyone like that before acted rashly causing their relationship to be like this. This is the biggest regret he has but if he can fix it is something altogether.

A/N: :3 D a friend of mine complained she wanted to see more fanfictions where Shizuo is the one who's always loved Izaya since it's usually Izaya who's always loved Shizuo although I can understand why authors usually go with Izaya loving Shizuo first. Emi-chan I dedicate this to you! Also for kicks high school :P.

Lunch break on the roof top was Shinra, Kadota, Shizuo, and Izaya. The last two had promised Shinra to behave during lunch time at least with some "convincing" by a certain dullahan and threats. They sat in a sort of loose circle all four of them.

"Hey Shinra you want this?" Izaya offered his blue bento box to the doctor in training.

"No.. why did you poison this?" Shinra asked slightly alarmed.

"Well it wasn't me. My sisters are trying to kill me again but they use the most mundane ways." Izaya complaing sighing. Shinra quickly gathered though that it was because of the ways his sisters were going about it and not the fact that his own blood are trying to murder him.

"If you knew why did you offer it to Shinra?" Kadota asked slightly scared that Izaya was targeting the boy.

"Don't be so naive Dotachin as if Shinra would trust me enough to eat it." Izaya waved off the boy's concern with mild annoyance.

It sometimes hurt Shizuo at times like these. Seeing the boy he loved wave off the very idea someone as close as anyone could be to Izaya really could trust him at all. Maybe it was to be expected but that Izaya expected it and saw it as normal was just sad. It was also at times like these Shizuo noticed that Izaya's eyes would turn just a bit darker then usual and show just a little bit of sadness. It was only a small flicker though but how good of a actor could Izaya be if he was the only one who noticed it?

Izaya sighed again and tossed the bento the side it's lid jostling at the impact. He got up and went to the other side of the roof where there was a raise as that was where the door was. He climbed the fence and got on top of the rectangular box that stuck up from the roof. He sat down at the very edge and just looked out onto the horizon blankly. He closed his eyes and just tuned out from the world.

It was at times like these Shizuo would sit facing diagonally towards Shinra and Kadota so at the corner of his eye he could watch Izaya. His black hair swaying in the breeze and his face relaxed and peaceful for once missing his sly smirk.

"What do you think is with Izaya these days?" Kadota worriedly asked.

"What do you mean?" Shizuo asked trying to seem nonchalant.

"He just seems irritated lately. He isn't being as annoying as he usually is. He just seems so hostile lately. He's always going off alone too." Shinra explained also worried.

"The flea's probably just realized no one loves him and is upset." The blonde shrugged off. He didn't know though that he was correct.

If I love humans they should love me. Since they hate me shouldn't I hate them? Or so the boy in question thought.

Abruptly the ravenette got up and jumped down onto the roof and walked towards the group. He laid down next to Shinra and Shizuo and sighed. Seems all the time now he just sighed.

"Is anything wrong Izaya?" Shinra hesitantly asked. Not sure what to expect.

"Nothing just bored." Izaya passed off waving a lazy hand.

"Nothing exciting happening lately?" Shinra prodded trying to get a real answer.

"Well Jenna broke up with her boyfriend after I slipped to her that her best friend Erika was fucking him and he was also cheating on her with another friend of her's Lily as well as Mei. is pregnant courtesy of her ex-boyfriend and is desperately saving for an abortion as she was disowned by her parents when she ran away and her ex won't take responsibility. Oh! My maid is coming to attend here." Izaya finished waiting for a response.

"Your maid?" Kadota asked confused.

"My personal servant if you will." Izaya explained.

"What kind of sick fuck are you?" Shizuo asked slightly disgusted.

"Such a pervy mind in that stupid thick head of yours Shizu-chan. She basically takes care of me nothing kinky. Yet." Izaya smirked at the last bit. Shizuo cringed inwardly but refused to show any reaction.

"So why is your maid coming here?" Shinra asked trying to change the topic before Shizuo lost it.

"Her school burned down." Izaya replied nonchalantly as if it was normal.

"And HOW did her school burn down?" said Kadota slightly scared of the answer. At that Izaya smirked.

"A freak accident they say." He flippantly said not explaining. Somehow they decided just to not dig any deeper.

"So about that trip to Nagoya." Shinra brought up suddenly trying to change the topic.

"You going Kadota?" Shizuo asked going along with it.

"Yeah I am actually." Kadota said as he had missed last year's trip.

"I heard we're going to a hot spring." Shinra piped in. (Not sure if that's accurate but please just go with it. If I have to look at another map of Japan I'm going to smack someone I'm sorry for my laziness ._. )

"Hey Dotachin." Izaya suddenly said.

"Yes?" Kadota resigned himself to just say having gave up on trying to get him to stop calling him that.

"Lemme borrow your knee?"

"What? What for?" The spiky haired boy asked confused.

"I want to take a nap before class starts and the floor is uncomfortable." Izaya explained as if it was obvious.

"Uhmm sure I guess?" Kadota said not sure how else he could respond to such a bizarre request. Izaya scooted over to Kadota and plopped his head onto Kadota's knee and promptly fell asleep.

"Wow when you see him like this he doesn't seem like such a jerk like he usually does." Shinra said in amazement. He lifted a small clump of Izaya's hair. "His hair's so soft! Just like a girl's."

"What? Let me see." Kadota said disbelieving. He touched a bit of Izaya's hair. "It really does feel like a girl's." He said surprise.

"If he stayed like this forever I wouldn't have any objections." Shinra said playing with the fast asleep boy's hair.

Shizuo just looked off to the side and tried not to pay attention. Shinra noticed this of course and smiled inwardly to himself.

You're so obvious Shizuo. He thoughts.

"Shizuo do you wanna touch to?" Shinra asked knowing he secretly wanted to.

"As if I'd want to touch the flea's hair." Shizuo growled.

"You might as well who knows when this chance will come up again. Sides we promise not to tell right Kadota?" Shiinra nudged the other boy.

"Yeah. We promise not to say anything." Kadota said. Hesitantly Shizuo reached out and pet the sleeping boy. Instantly the boy nuzzled up to the blonde's hand although he didn't do anything when Shinra and Kadota pet him. This amused Shinra but made Shizuo blush slightly and continue petting Izaya.

"Shizuo, do you perhaps love Izaya?" Shinra asked deciding he wanted a proper answer.

"What?! As if I would love the stupid flea!" Shizuo instantly jerked away from Izaya and yelled. Said sleeping boy jerked in his sleep and everyone froze for a moment not sure if he was going to wake up but calmed when they saw his eyes still closed.

"Keep it down Shizuo you're going to wake him." Shinra whispered.

"What do I care if he wakes up?" Shizuo challenged.

"You're the one that's going to be bothered when he gets bored." Shinra said. Shizuo thought it over and nodded.

"Why do you think I would like the flea anyway?" Shizuo asked trying to be hostile but at the same time wanting to hear an answer.

"Well for one thing you were petting him gently." said Shinra.

"You were smiling too." Kadota piped in.

"Well do you? Don't lie to me Shizuo." Shinra pressured wanting to hear if it was true or not straight from the blonde.

"I-I well.. yea." Shizuo ended up admitting.

"Then why don't you tell him?" asked Shinra.

"The flea hates me. I'm pretty sure he'll just laugh and make fun of me for it." Shizuo said sighing.

"It'll be worse if you just keep it bottled up though." Kadota said feeling sympathy for the poor blonde knowing it was very likely Izaya would do just that.

"I think Izaya likes you too. Maybe he doesn't realize it but there's very few people he's willing to pay as much attention to as he does to you." Shinra encouraged.

"Just drop it alright. I'm perfectly fine with things the way it is." Shizuo said gruffly just wanting to change the subject.

"That's a lie and you know it Shizuo." Shinra accused.

"Just drop it!" Shizuo said louder glaring at Shinra. They spent the rest of the 5 minutes left of the lunch period in uncomfortable silence. When the bell rang Kadota shook Izaya awake who like a sleepy child woke up dazed and rubbed his eyes. He thanked Kadota who then headed off to science. Izaya got up and stretched then followed Shinra and Shizuo who walked in silence to math, being so tired he didn't even notice the tension between the two usually close friends.

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