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"Hey there, baby." A familiar voice attempted to purr in my ear and arms snaked around my neck. Someone began to nibble on my earlobe, and I sighed.

"Look, Tanya-" I began as I twisted my body out of her grasp and faced her. Still as fake as ever.

"Aw, Eddie! You remember me!" She squealed in excitement and clapped her hands together. Her cleavage bounced and almost slipped out of her dangerously low cut. I inwardly groaned to myself at my Big Mistake, as I like to refer to her. The Big Mistake began to chat my ear off with all the things she wanted to do tonight.

Don't get me wrong, sex with Tanya was a great experience; she was beyond flexible and very willing to experiment, but I was too drunk to take notice to the fact that she would not accept that she was a Level One Clinger when we had rendezvoused. The Big Mistake would not understand that our experience had been nothing but a one-night stand. "Look, Tanya, we had a great time, but let's leave it at that." I knew it was an asshole thing to say, but subtlety has not gotten across.

Her thin eyebrows scrunched together and her eyes filled with fury as she seethed, "Listen here, Eddie, I was the best you ever had, and the best you ever will have." With that, she huffed and stomped off in her tall heels I couldn't help but chuckle to myself when she sauntered over to another man and threw herself at him before he was even to buy her a drink.

Well, maybe she'll be his Big Mistake and take her off my back. I watched the bar, looking for the right woman to give a great experience to.

I knew exactly what to look for: someone alone at the bar, watching others with envy. She had to have enough cleavage showing and heels. She had to have that look that says, "C'mon up, folks! I'm young, I'm hot, and I'm looking for a great night."

Blondie with blue eyes? No. She came with someone.

Short girl with too many curves? She will be desperate... But I think that horse has been ridden too many times.

No. No. Too confident. No. Not enough boobs showing. No. Double no. No- Yes!

Yes, her.

Across the bar from me was a beautiful girl with a heart-shaped face and brown hair with loose curls down her back.

She sat herself on a stool bar in a short red dress. God, how I loved that color. Red was basically an invite. And I wanted to accept hers.

I slid into the bar stool next to her, and got ready to introduce myself when her phone began to ring.

"Hello?" The girl answered, pressing her finger into her ear so she could hear over this loud music. My heart did something when I heard her voice. Or maybe it was just something weird. Probably. "Ugh, Alice I'm just gonna have fun tonight. Okay?"

Shit. My heart did that thing again. I rubbed my chest. Maybe I should get this checked out? "Look, Alice, I know you're concerned but it's what's keeping me sane! I'm done with relationships. You and Em always make fun of my 'drought', and you're right. I should do something about it. That's what I've been doing." She paused to listen to the person on the other side of the conversation. "Alice- Alice- ALICE! Okay! I won't end up in someone's cellar. I promise. But I want to do this. I love you. I'll let you know when I leave. Bye."

She didn't wait for a response before she ended the call. I was just stuck, staring at the side of her face. She tucked her hair behind her ear, and I got to see a little more.

What the hell was I doing? I thought to myself incredulously. Snap out of it, for the love of God!

With that mental scolding, I cleared my throat and asked in my huskiest voice. "Hey, can I buy you a drink?"

The girl turned to me and looked at me with big brown eyes. I froze like a deer in headlights. She was magnificent. She was delicious. She looked me up and down before giving me a sultry smile. She leaned in, as if to kiss me, but stopped before our lips touched and breathed, "I'll take a Sloe and Comfortable Screw Up Against a Wall."

A shiver ran up my spine and I suddenly forgot how to breathe.

In, I breathed in much too heavily. Breathing was a bad idea- she was the most delightfully scented woman I had ever come across! Her scent was intoxicating as it began to fill my head with an inability to think.

Okay, now out. I let it out. "Hey, you okay? What's your name, kid?" She asked, her eyebrows beginning to knit together in concern as she nervously bit her lip.

Oh my... Watching her lips went directly to create an uncomfortable hardness in my tight jeans. I shifted and smiled a crooked smile at her, which caused her to gasp. "I'm Edward. Let's head out of here." I said, grabbing her hand and leading her out.


Just because I gave up on having a relationship with a guy doesn't mean I can't just mess around, right?

I groaned and let my head fall into my hands. My God, I need to get laid.

I have been in six different relationships- six!- and each one, I have been cheated on. After my last boyfriend, Jacob, I had just given up on the idea of Happily Ever After. A year and a half, we were together. And he threw it away on some girl that had huge breasts and bleached hair.

I let out another sound of frustration with the world and looked in the mirror.

I saw a girl who was angry at herself for not being good enough for any of those men. I saw a girl who was done with trusting.

I grabbed a dress that my fashion-crazed best friend would approve of for a night of unadulterated fun, smeared on some red lipstick, and touched up my eye makeup. I looked once more in the mirror.

Most importantly, I saw a girl that was going to make every guy that had ever hurt her wish that they could take it all back just so they could have her for one more night.

I sat at the bar, trying to find a man that looked just as eager to have meaningless sex as I did.

I spotted a cute young man with blond hair and blue eyes as he chatted with his friends and I considered going over there to talk to him, but my phone began to ring.


The music seemed to suddenly get louder when I answered it, so I covered my ears. Boy, was that a mistake.

"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN! Where are you?! Why didn't you leave a note?! You can't keep doing this!" Alice said in one breathe.

"Ugh, Alice I'm just gonna have fun tonight. Okay?" I didn't want to explain this again. This wasn't the first one-night stand I would be having, and Alice didn't approve of my method of coping. She didn't understand.

"You're too good to be throwing yourself at some random guy, Bella! Please, Bella. You are letting those men use you. It may feel good now, but when you wake up-"

"Look, Alice, I know you're concerned but it's what's keeping me sane! I'm done with relationships. You and Em always make fun of my 'drought', and you're right. I should do something about it. That's what I've been doing."

"Isabella, I don't want you to get hurt. What if you end up with some random guy that's a total whackjob?" I had tried to interrupt this ridiculous concern, but she wasn't letting me have my say!

"Alice- Alice- ALICE! Okay! I won't end up in someone's cellar. I promise. But I want to do this. I love you. I'll let you know when I leave. Bye." I hung up, unable to handle the doubt she would surely engrain in me. I needed to let go. I wanted some intimacy without the heartbreak. I needed someone who was a Rockstar in the bed, so I could leave feeling completely satisfied.

"Hey, can I buy you a drink?" The most beautiful voice cooed. I turned to see the source of such a velvety voice and came face to face with Adonis himself.

Well, hello Rockstar.

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