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Alice was unable to sit down quietly as she jumped where she stood. She was absolutely glowing... I hated her for it.

My stomach turned uneasily, making me nauseous. My heart was beating quickly, and I tried to swallow the huge lump in my throat.

Edward, my attempt at a one-night stand, was coming here to return my wallet.

Alice babbled on about how she knew that he and I are supposed to reunite, and that I would have to thank her later.

I just glared at her pretty little neck and imagined my hands wrapping around it.

Alice was putting me in the most uncomfortable situation in my life.

I would've ran if it weren't for the fact that I finally decided on a route she would shoot a look at me that said, "Don't even bother trying, Isabella Swan." Once I cowered back into my waiting position she went back into jumping around with hope bouncing her higher and higher.

I saw Edward's copper hair, brighter in the sun-lit mall, making its way towards me.

And then he was here.

He gave me a crooked smile that made my heart flip. I threw insults at my weak heart.

He's just incredibly sexy. You don't want him, just his body. I chanted as he introduced himself to Alice.

"Hi, I'm Edward Cullen." He stuck his hand out, but Alice snorted and went straight in for an embarrassing hug.

"I'm Alice Hayden! I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other!"

Once he was released from my freakishly strong friend, he turned and smiled at me.

"So, Isabella Swan. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." I snorted very unlady like and rolled my eyes. He did not seem even a little phased as he pulled my wallet out of his pocket and stuck it out in front of him.

I reached for it. He pulled it away and grabbed my hand with his free hand.

"Hey!" I growled and attempted to yank my hand away from his grip. He pulled my body close to his, and I looked around him to see a very happy pixie.

I shot her a look that said "Please help me!" But she just snickered with her hands covering her mouth, and shook her head.



"Bella." I corrected Edward on instinct. I thought my correction was venemous, but it only made his body shake with a chuckle against mine.

I tried to ignore the burning between my legs as I realized the very little proximity there was between the two of us.

"Excuse me. Bella, I was still wondering if I might have your number." He purred.

This felt all too much like a pick up.

"Look, pal," I wrenched my wrist free from his grasp and took a good two steps back from him. The ferocity of my actions seemed to catch him off guard, because he did not close the space between us. I was suddenly saddened by the lack of electricity drumming the air around us. I was so confused by my longing that it only made me angrier. "I know I was the one who made the move last night but I'm not going to be just another number in someone's Booty Call list. I wanted a one-night stand, and that was it. I know you just want to mess around, but quite honestly, I'll develop feelings. Girls do that. It sucks ass. But we do! So give me my wallet and we'll both be on our merry way."

His cocky facade finally began to dissolve.

He hung his head down low and held my wallet out in front of him. I caught a glimpse of his hurt expression as I snatched the wallet from his hand and strode past him and my so-called best friend.

I heard Alice mumble something to Edward before catching up to me.

"Bella, you can't leave. I still get two and a half hours!" She pouted. I didn't look at her as I spoke.

"No, Alice. It was a real shit move you just pulled. How could you put me in that position?" The exit was so close.

"Bella, you can't be scared of love the rest of your life." Alice had stopped chasing after me and waited by an indoor plant. I could see my car from the place I stood in the mall. I just needed to open the door and I could leave.

Go ahead, Bella. Just push the door.

Push it.


I groaned as I turned around and stormed towards Alice as she fought tears.

"Look, Alice, that was a shit thing to do." She nodded and sniffled. "It's not okay." Nod. Sniffle. I sounded my a petulant child in my head as I complained about all the things I didn't get. I let out one groan and took a deep breath. I placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "But I forgive you."

She beemed up at me. "Thank you, Bella! You know I was just doing it for your own good, right? I mean, you two are totally meant to be! It's going to be hard right now, but I promise that it is meant to be."

"Sure, Alice." I said, not really wanting to believe her.

A relationship just sounded like an opportunity to get hurt again.

"Alice... What's Edward's number? I want to give him a call."

She squealed and read his number to me from the earlier phone call they had.

Feeling so guilty for making me this distraught, Alice had allowed me to miss out on my owed hours, and we decided to head back to our lovely apartment.

Emmett, my brother, was sitting on the couch watching a movie.

"Jesus, Emmett, don't you have an apartment of your own?" I said. "You know, that set of my apartment keys I had given you was for emergencies only."

Emmett let out his loud laugh that instantly made me happy.

"Bells, it was an emergency! I was out of chips." He proclaimed as he held up a bowl of chips. Alice jumped onto the couch next to him.

They were both very eccentric, making my life almost impossible with trying to juggle their eagerness. They always acted with me in mind... Well, most of the time.

"Who is she?" Alice asked, knowing.

Emmett didn't bother trying to hide the information. Instead, he turned bashful.

"Emmett Swan are you blushing?" I hollered at my big brother and ran to join them in the living room. I sat on the floor in front of him waiting for the news.

"Dammit, Alice. Why'd you have to bring it up in front of the s-i-s-t-e-r?" Em whispered (Well, what Emmett considers whispering) and pointed at me behind his big hand.

I threw my shoe at his big head.

I had never really been a violent person... Unless it was with Emmett. The guy could crush me. Growing up with him made me need to be equally tough.

"She can spell, idiot." I laughed and rocked back and forth with excitement.

"Whatever. Miss College thinks she's the shit now that she can spell." He teased. I knew he was trying to change the topics. Instead of letting our sibling fights begin, Alice reigned us back in.

"Emmett Swan, who is the girl?" She demanded.

"Rosalie Hale." Em shrugged and shoved a handful of Doritos in his mouth. We both waited for him to expand. He just chewed painfully slow.

"Emmett!" Alice and I screamed.

He laughed and sank back in my couch, again, bashful.

"I met her yesterday. She's incredibly gorgeous, guys. I asked her out and she rejected me. I know, crazy, right? Who could possibly resist this? It wasn't until some of the guys started asking me football questions about the big game Friday did she seem to pay attention. She's got this passion in her eyes. She's beautiful." He sighed dreamily. Being pulled out of his trans by our snickers, he continued. "Anyways, I asked her to go to the football game. She said yes. I love her, guys."

"Em, that's a bit soon. She only likes you 'cuz you're in football." I said tentively. My brother did not have the brains for school, but luckily, his massive size and amazing skills got him into the same college as me on a football scholarship. He ended up enjoying school so much, that he's going for a Masters in Art, and the best football player at our school.

"Bells, I know. I don't care. I'd be President if it meant she'll love me back." Instead of allowing me to futher caution my brother, Alice squealed in happiness.

"Em, that's so wonderful! I'm so happy for you two! It'll work out! I just know it!"

"Em-" I tried.

"No, Bells. The All-Knowing Alice has spoken." He bowed and Alice checked her nails as if she knew she was cool.

I can't believe I associate with these people.

Just as I was judging my selection of company, Alice said something. "So, you'll never guess what happened to our precious little Bella last night."

Alice sucks.

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