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I have less than seven years

To fill up the glass jar

Tomorrow make a big window

To keep me from being old

Cause its dark and I am lonely

Only cause I've time to be lonely

And living here is bitter as dying

Leaving me was easier than loving

White as a fresh new pearl. The guests were whispering to themselves as the two brides in gowns white as snow walked down the aisle to the head table. They could not help but look at awe at the sight of such splendid gowns. Gowns trully made for royalty. Threads made of the whitest and softest of silks that they seemed to sway at the slightest gust of wind. Tiny diamonds hung loose all over the gown. Every little detail on the gowns glittered in even the softest of light. The main hall was adorned with hundreds of the world's most beautiful and rarest flowers, from Jasmines to Roses to Tulips. Garlands of the ever fragrant Sampaguita hung liberaly on the milky white marble columns. Dyed carpets of the most expensive imported quality covered every square inch of floor. The chandeliers glittered with thousands of expertly polished crystals. Truly a grand celebration for its time.

It was a grand occasion for the kingdom of East Heaven. It had been almost twenty years since there was a wedding in the kingdom's royal family. Every wedding since the foundation of the kingdom was considered a grand holiday by the citizens, who joined in the celebration from their homes. Shops were closed and restaurants were packed with cheery people. However, in the castle, there would be no public opening to all the people. At the request of the brides and grooms, they wanted the wedding to be a strictly formal and private affair. At that request, the castle only had seating for roughly two hundred people, compromising nobles, their relatives and close friends. It was the just after lunch, and to the sound of the royal band playing the wedding song, the ceremony was just about to begin.

"I don't see the princess around...."

"I know. Just man you post. I'll handle this..."

A young soildier curiously asked Gramps as to the whereabouts of the crown princess. Gramps looked around. Strangely, he couldn't see her anywhere. Considering how she was one who liked to shine at large formal occassions, her absence from the ceremony was noted with alarm. It just wasn't like her at all.

"She's been acting weird since yesterday. I hope she isn't sick."

It was very impolite to exit such formal occassions, especially during the ceremony proper, but he had to find the royal highness immediately. Knowing her personality, he knew where to look: her room. Sneaking behind the guards and the other guests, he snuck up to the upper floor into the royal family's sleeping quarters to the princess' room. The halls were bare and empty, all the guards were at the ceremony. With such lax security, anyone could get into palace, he thought. He shuddered at the thought of something happening to the princess, and moved on. He reached the end of the hall, where the princess' room was.

He knocked on the door, but no response.

He knocked again. Nothing.

"Princess! Your presence is requested at the ceremony! Please come down!"

With nobody responding, he became worried. Putting his ear on the door, he tried to listen. Nothing could be heard but a soft rustling noise.

"Princess! This is your sister's wedding! Please come down!"

He put his ear on the door again. He could only hear the same rustling sound. Thinking that the princess was tired and sleeping, Gramps decided to come back later, when the reception starts. However, as he walked down the steps, he failed to hear a small hooded figure slowly making it's way to the back window...


"What? What do you mean she isn't coming?"

A surprised Maya could only stare and wonder at disbelief. She knew her sister, and she knew she wasn't one to miss such grand occasions. She could hear the other guests wondering at the whereabouts of the princess, and were eagerly waiting for her arrival.

"Are you sure? This isn't like her..."

"Yes, your highness. She wasn't answering when I knocked."

Gramps couldn't say anything more. He was dumbfounded as Maya was. Maya knew Mint was a grandstander. Since they were little kids Mint liked to crash parties and formal events. When she did, she tended to gobble up whatever was on the dining table, and in the process insult her father's guests. Of course when she did, she only left the pumpkins for the rest to eat. And when she was done, she would merrily just skip away as if nothing happened. But with an occasion such as this, it was highly unusual for her to simply vanish.

Frustrated, she approached Rue, who was happily chatting with Claire and their guests at the head table. Rue saw her as she approached, and knew immediately what was happening through the look on her face. He spoke first.

"She isn't here yet, is she?"

Maya bowed her head.

"No. *sigh* I think.... I think it might have to do something with yesterday...."

Yesterday. The thought of yesterday shot back at Rue like a silver bullet, crushing his heart. He could remember vividly how he, Claire, Ruenis and Maya were walking and enjoying themselves when they saw Mint. He was horrified to see his best friend suddenly burst in endless tears after seeing the four of them together. He couldn't understand then why she ran. He thought she understood. He remembered how they tried to catch up to her, and how she jusr ran away like the wind. He would then remember how he and Ruenis were at her door that evening, trying to talk to her to make her feel better. Despite all their efforts to calm her, all they got were sobs and cries from behind her door. They could do nothing. Nothing. That night, she didn't show up at the ceremony. And now, she was also absent from the reception.

"Look... I'll see what I can do."

His reply surprised Maya. Whispering a few words to Maya and the guests, he took his leave and went to Mint's room. The guests were quite confused as to what would lead him to leave his own wedding, but they didn't think about it. However, Claire did, and decided to let Rue handle the situation alone. He was, after all, Mint's best friend.

"This.... this is my.... fault...."

The echoes of Rue footsteps resonated in the tall, nearly hollow staircase. The sound of the cold, stone floor stayed for minutes before disappearing. He walked alone to Mint's room, feeling the weight of blame on his shoulders. His heart was heavy with regret. He knew he should have done something more for Mint that night. And yet, he fretted on how on the back of his mind, when he should have done all for Mint, he was still thinking of Claire. Now, he felt he was bound to lose another one of the most important women in his life. He dashed the thought from his mind and closed his eyes for a moment.

He took one deep breath. He opened his eyes. At an instant, he ran at full speed to Mint's room.

He softly knocked at Mint's door. There was no response, but he saw that the door wasn't locked. He took another deep breath, and opened the door.

"Mint? You here?"

The room was empty. To Rue, almost lifeless. He looked around the stately room fit for a queen, hoping she was inside. He looked to the veranda. Empty. He looked in the walk in closet. Empty. He peeked in the bathroom. Empty. Exhasperated, he sat down on her soft bed, wondering where she had gone. He saw how the bed didn't seem to have been slept in much, as if Mint didn't sleep all night. He wondered why. He looked around again, and saw a small, peculiar-looking envelope on the vanity mirror. It wasn't part of him to snoop around with girls' things, but it was as if he was compelled to open it. He reached for it, and saw that it was addressed to him...


"Coachman, how long until we reach the Windy Cliffs?"

"About... two hours or so, ma'am. We should be there by nightfall."

"I see. Thanks You. Please hurry."

"Pardon me for intruding but.... why would you want to go to the Windy Cliffs?"

"That is.... a personal issue."

"I understand. Pardon my intrusion. However.... would you like to learn the story on why it was named Windy Cliffs?"

"Story. Hmmm.... I guess it wouldn't hurt to know."

"Okay, ma'am. You see.... fifty years ago, a princess from a foreign land once arrived here in the kingdom. She had left the life and luxury of her home to see the world against her fathers wishes. Because of this, her father had disowned her. She wanted to be a world famous explorer and decided that this kingdom was the best place to start. However, on her first trek, she decided to explore the forests near these cliffs, and was attacked by a pack of wolves. Scared, and not knowing how to fight, she tried to run from them. At one point she could no longer run, but before the wolves could get to her, they were killed by a young man who had just happened to be hunting there. He was young man with pale skin, and he immediately got the attention of the princess. At that point, they both became good friends. They both agreed to explore the rather large forests together. They became partners, and it was through their efforts that we now know the charted territories of this region. It was at the end of their journey that they discovered the Windy Cliffs. During their time together, the young princess had fallen in love for the young man, but didn't know how to say it."

"In celebration of their discovery, he invited her back to his home so they could finally enjoy themselves and publish their maps. At this suggestion she was elated, and felt she could tell him her feelings there. They reached his home in a few weeks. However, upon enetering their home, they were greeted by a young lady whom the young man introduced as his fiancee. She could hardly believe what she heard, but despite have her heart crushe, she kept her tears back. She was devastated, but was able to hide it throughout the party. The next morning however, she had disappeared, and left at note for the young man. He read it, and knew exactly where to find her. He returned to Windy Cliff's. He made it there at night, and there he found et another letter. It was her suicide letter. She had jumped."

"I see. A very sad story indeed."

"Yes it is. It was named Windy Cliff's because of the strong winds that blow there. It is said that the winds carried her off into heaven."

"Heaven, eh?"


Threw you the obvious

And you flew with it on your back

A name in your recollection

Down among a million same

Difficult not to feel a little bit

Disappointed and passed over

When I look right through

To see you naked but oblivious

And you don't see me

But I threw you the obvious

Just to see if there's more behind the

Eyes of a fallen angel

Eyes of a tragedy

Here I am expecting just a little bit

Too much from the wounded

And you don't see me

You don't see me at all.......


A loud thud came from the princess' room, attracting the panic of Gramps who decided to come back and check on the princess. He took a look inside, and instead of seeing Mint, saw someone else. A distinguished looking figure, huddled on the ground, wallowing in his own tears, mumbling to himself. He was a pathetic figure, sitting on the ground, lost to himself. He looked towards Gramps, and rivers of tears could be seen flowing down his face. Gramps stared in shock and horror for a few moments.

"My God! Master Rue! What has happened here?"

Rue, trembling and hyperventilating, handed him the letter, now soggy with his tears. Gramps took one look at the letter, screamed in horror, and ran out to the hall, only to crash into Maya who was worried as well. He saw the tears on Gramps face, and rushed into the room. There he saw Rue, still hyperventilating but more collected, staring into the distance outside the window. Hundreds of fears assaulted Maya's heart, and she was afraid to ask a question, fearing what had happened to Mint. She too began to cry, having a premonition of the situation, but soon spoke.

"What.... what happened."

"Mint.... she's gone."

It was Maya's turn to slump on the ground. She was deathly afraid of what could have happened to Mint. She began to weep. Rue again began too weep. They weren't able to hear a young guard, standing outside, who had a message for them from the coach house.


The winds seemed to howl like the wolves that night. In their evening hunt the biting nails of the cold winds bit into the bare skin of a young lady, standing near the edge of what would look like a steep cliff. The young lady wore a silk nightgown, so light and soft it looked to be blown away by the southern winds. Her eyes seemed so distant, so cold and lacked the fire of life. She waived her gaze between the splendor of the star-lit sky and the subliminal darkness of the ravine below. When she looked up into the sky, she imagined the infinite vastness of the universe, how so many possible things can exist at the same time. And yet, how so many things too could end at the same time. When she looked down into darkness of the mystery below her, she saw an end into what could seem to be an eternity. She envied those who chose to end it all, finding that final escape in something that seemed so unending. She stood there, for so long, just looking at the sky and cliff. Pondering. Thinking. Choosing.

She looked behind. Three figures, so distant from her, yet she knew who they were even from that distance.

Two young men, so identical in body and soul. Two young men so loving that they'd do anything for those they loved.

A young lady. She didn't show it, but she loved her very much. The young lady too loved her so much, but also never showed it.

They ran towards her, in panick and shock of what she was about to do. She looked at them. She smiled at them. She turned her back at them. They continued running. She turned around to face them again. Still they approached. She finally decided. It was time. Time for her to go.

She opened her arms, like a bird ready for flight. She closed her eyes, and slowly let the winds of time take her away....


And that, as they say is that, but I need to mention a few credits. The first set of lyrics come from "It's Dark and I Am Lonely" by Barbie's Cradle, and the second set from "3 Libras" by A Perfect Circle. These happen to be 2 of my most favorite songs, and I thought they would be very well for this fic. Yeah I know, depressing, and you may kill me for doing this ending....

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