While Kristoff was working on his sled, the two sisters were calming down from there intense snow battle. Both were on opposite ends of the room, sitting down on the blankets of snow that were created out of Elsa's rage.

"Why...Why can't you just tell me what happened?" Anna huffed, "We promised...we wouldn't shut each other out anymore!"

Elsa's blue eyes drifted to the snow beneath her feet, and hugged her knees close to her. She could remember clearly what happened that fateful morning, the one incident that changed both their lives.

"I...I can't.."She sobbed, shielding her face in her knees.

"Elsa" Anna's eyes softened as it was clear the story left a deep scar in her big sister's heart. "Please tell me why you're hiding...I think it's been long enough" She began to sing, "I'm old enough, and well, tough enough, to know the truth~~". "Please don't shut me out again...don't close the door, you don't have to go through this alone...well?"

Elsa slowly rose her head up, a few streaks of tears had trickled down her face.

"Anna"She took in a deep breath and nodded, "Ok...".

"Ok?"Anna blinked, "Ok as in you're ok? Or ok as in-".

"I'll tell you what happened..."Elsa corrected, trying to summon as much courage as she could.

She couldn't conceal anything anymore, especially from her own blood.

"It all began one morning...When the sky was awake"She sang softly, "You woke me up to play with you, and each time you did I always said okay...". "But on that morning, in the ballroom I, managed to freeze you..."tears began to swell up in Elsa's eyes as that nightmare flashed in her mind.

"But that was an accident, Elsa...you didn't have control of your powers back then"Anna tried to comfort her, but felt a pang of sympathy as the pain on her sister's face was more than enough to know it wasn't just an accident in her eyes.

"I...I wanted to build a snowman..."Elsa continued, causing Anna's eyes to widen. "..to let you in and let you know...but I knew it was to difficult, expecting the worst result and afraid to let it go...A-Anna, you know your still my best friend...and I'm sorry I, was never there by your side...".

"E-Elsa..."Anna wiped a few tears from her own eyes as she hugged her big sister, "Y-You don't have to say anymore...I think I fully understand now".

"Please forgive me,Anna...".

"I do"She smiled, "I'm sorry for forcing this out of you...I didn't realize how hard this was for you".

"Well it's in the past now...what matters is now"Elsa assured, standing up from the floor. She glanced around the room and blushed as the entire room was coated with thick blankets of snow.

"I guess I'll still have to work on my anger..."She sighed, easily thawing the snow with a simple flick of her wrist. "That's better"she smiled, but blinked as Anna had vanished, "Anna?"

"Elsa!"Anna chimed, nearly scaring her big sister. She had on her own pair of headphones, while holding another in her hands.

Elsa shook her head, "I really have to get back to work Anna...".

"Please!"Anna begged, "Just one more song! I promise I'll let you go after this!"

"Anna, I..."Elsa sighed as Anna was giving her a 'pouting' face, "...I think we sung enough today".

"There's no such thing as enough singing, Elsa!" Anna dragged her by her ice cape into the room behind the glass, "We're Disney princess' after all!"

"Queen..."Elsa corrected.

They noticed Olaf entering the room from the other side of the glass.

"Olaf!"Anna waved, "perfect timing!"

"Hi Anna!"Olaf smiled, "What'cha doing?"

"Olaf, could you press that button over there to your right?"She asked.

Olaf plopped himself on the chair and pointed at one of the many buttons, "This one?"

"Uh...sure!"Anna nodded, unsurely.

"...You don't even know what that button is, do you..."Elsa rubbed her forehead.

"Of course, I do"Anna smiled as the instrumental began to play, "Ooh! Elsa! We haven't sung this song in forever!"

Elsa blinked a little at the music and at the lyrics, "Um Anna, I don't think I remember how it starts..".

"Of course you do! You just hold your hands out like this"Anna faced her with her arms out, "and '1,2,3 together Clap together snap together! You and me together Knees together Freeze together Up or down together Princess crowned together Always be together you and me! C'mon Elsa!"

Elsa shrugged and smiled as they both chanted, "1,2,3 together Clap together Snap together You and me together Knees together Freeze together Up or Down together Princess crowned together Always be together you and me!"

They say Elsa is full of charm and grace"Anna smirked, as Elsa gave her a confused look. "They say she always knows her place".

Elsa rolled her eyes, "They say Anna wear's pink and frilly clothes, they say she never laughs and snorts milk out her nose!".

"Hey!"Anna blushed as she noticed Kristoff enter the room.

"They say she's calm, they say she's kind, they say she never speaks her mind"Elsa continued, "And-".

"And Elsa has a big behind!"Anna stuck her tongue out at Elsa who blushed.


They smiled at each other, "But you and me, We~~~We know better".

"Wasn't I suppose to sing the first part?"Elsa smirked, pointing at the lyrics.

"I don't know, I thought this song could use a bit of a change though"Anna shrugged, "Oh I know!". "They say Elsa is super duper sweet"She continued sarcastically.

"Anna does fight, she really sweats"Elsa chuckled, "And you should really see her eat!"

"Elsa!"Anna glared, "One time Elsa did fall out of a tree!"

Elsa folded her arms with a smile, "And Anna talked to Joan since she was three".

"Elsa can't ride a bike!"

"Anna can't handle hikes!"

"And I know definetly who she likes!"They both huffed.

"Marshmallow!"Anna shot a look at Elsa who just shrugged.

Elsa glanced at her and blurted, "Duke of Weasleton!"

"Ewwwww!"Anna gagged.

The two looked at each other and giggled, "But you and me, We~~~~~!".

"Have big ideas of our own, which most are accomplished now we're grown"they continued with a shrug.

"Now I'm queen"Elsa smiled.

"And I'm your right hand"Anna giggled.

"We'll get to travel throughout the land".

"I'll constantly distract you from your boring queenly tasks!"Anna declared, proudly.

Elsa rolled her eyes, "If you do that, you'll really be a pain in the-".

"Elsa!"Anna scolded, "kids will read this!"


"No one can tell us what a princess should be, as long as we're together. You and me~~~".

"And cut!" Kristoff clapped, "Good job, you two managed to actually sing a song without tearing each other apart".

The two sisters shared another hug, before removing their headphones and heading back on the other side of the glass where Kristoff was.

"We should find another song to sing, Elsa! Man this was a great idea to build our own recording studio!"Anna squealed, shaking her big sister by the shoulders.

"You know Anna, what's that song you did with Han's?"Elsa questioned, glancing at Kristoff with a mischevious smile.

'No, she better not!'Kristoff gulped, slowly heading toward the door.

"Oh that one about the chocolate fondue and sandwiches and...Oh!"Anna swiftly snagged Kristoff's arm, "C'mon Kristoff! This'll be a perfect song for us at our wedding!"

"A-Anna, don't you want to rest your vocal chords for today?"He questioned, trying to find any possible way to get out of singing.

"C'mon Kristoff, you have a wonderful singing voice!"Anna dragged him into the room.

"Elsa, do something!"He held onto the frame of the door with all his might, "Please!"

Elsa simply plopped her butt on the chair and smiled at him, "She's your soon-to-be wife, I think you two should get some practice for next month".

'Aww man...'Kristoff groaned, wishing he didn't bother to return from his sled in the first place.

The End