Already meeting trouble

Normal POV

May huffed and puffed as she walked along, following closely after Drew.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"I already told you this," he replied, we gotta look for food, shelter and clean water-and no May, the ocean doesn't count, its salty. And we have to find the others, if they actually, you know…Survived."

May gasped. She hadn't thought of that.

"I wonder if they're ok…Are they together?" May asked.

Drew shrugged.

"How am I supposed to know, airhead?" he asked.

May swallowed a lump in her throat, worry taking over her.

"Drew, what if they're hurt?" she asked, "What if they're…" She paused for a moment, "…not alive?"

Drew stopped and May almost bumped into him.

"It's gonna do you no good to think negatively," he said eventually.

"But it could be true!" she exclaimed, "I don't know where they went. We all just got thrown off deck. I know Dawn can't hold her breath for as long as some of the others. She could've drowned. Or maybe a Pokémon came and ate-"

Drew clamped a hand over her mouth, effectively cutting her off, and turned back to stare at her.

May blinked, a light blush dusting her cheek. She smacked his hand away.

"Why did you do that?" she demanded, looking away, trying to hide her blush.

"To shut you up," Drew replied with a flick of his hair.

May grumbled to herself about something to do with an arrogant grasshead.

Drew looked at her in amusement, before chuckling to himself and walking again. May quickly ran after him to catch up.

"I'm hungry Drew," she said eventually, breaking the silence that had fallen between the two coordinators.

"Does it look like I have any food with me?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

"I was just saying," May muttered, "and it doesn't hurt to ask."

Drew sighed. He hoped he wouldn't be alone with May for very long.

Her stomach grumbled, making her clutch it in embarrassment. She glanced at Drew, hoping he hadn't heard. He didn't seem to react though, making her sigh in relief.

"So…How's your training going?" She asked, trying to start a conversation.

Drew gave her a skeptical look before a smirk appeared.

"Fine," he said, "A lot better than yours. After all, I am a better coordinator."

He accompanied the statement with a flick of his hair.

May's face heated up in anger and her hands clenched by her sides. Drew smirked again at her reaction.

"How dare you!" she screamed at him, "You're so full of yourself! Even after I beat you, you still treat me like an amateur!"

"Calm down," he said, "I never said you were an amateur. Just worse than me."

He smirked again.

"Ugh. You are such a grasshead," she exclaimed, glaring at him.

He flicked his hair again.

"Wow, what a great comeback," he said sarcastically.

"I've had enough of you! All you ever do is insult me," she said.

She crossed her arms and stopped walking.

"What are you doing?" Drew asked, looking back at her with an eyebrow raised.

"If you're not going to respect me, I'm leaving. I'll find food and shelter myself," she huffed.

And with that she walked away.

"May!" Drew yelled, "Come back! It won't help us to split up."

When he said he hoped he wouldn't be stuck with May alone for long, he didn't mean it like this.

He watched and waited, but May remained walking.

"May!" he yelled louder.

She stopped.

"COME BACK!" he shouted as loud as he could.

She continued to walk again.

"And Paul thinks Dawn's troublesome," he muttered to himself.

He ran after her, but once he got to the spot May was previously standing, she was nowhere in sight.

"What now?" he asked out loud.

The area was relatively silent; only the sound of the wind blowing and leaves rustling.

There was no conversing between the two trainers though.

Dawn let out a sigh, looking up at the sky. Despite being lost, the place was quite beautiful. The sky was blue, pure white clouds here and there. A zephyr blew past, making Dawn smile.

Paul looked at her, with slight curiosity, wondering what was so interesting about their surroundings.

"What?" Dawn asked, suddenly noticing Paul's gaze on her.

He grunted.

"You act as though you're happy to be here," he muttered.

"I'm just appreciating beauty," she said.

Paul raised an eyebrow.

"Unlike some people," she added in a mutter.

"What was that?" Paul asked.

"Nothing," Dawn replied, smiling innocently.

"Hn, whatever," she mumbled.

Dawn was about to unleash her rage on him, before she remembered they should probably stay on good terms. She took a deep breath, before returning to admiring the bature around her.

Paul looked back at her and smirked as she looked up at the sky.

"You're going to run into a tree," he said.

"No I wo-"

Dawn cut herself off with a squeal as she ran into a tree in her way.

"You could've told me that was there," she exclaimed, picking herself up and pointing an accusing finger at him.

"I did," Paul said, continuing to walk.

Dawn clenched her fists, disguising her embarrassment with anger.

"Yeah? Well…" She started to say indignantly.

In response, she got an expectant stare, gesturing for her to continue.

"Nothing," she mumbled in defeat.

"Thought so," Paul muttered.

Dawn glanced at him.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Thought so," Pail repeated.

"I know what you said!" Dawn screamed.

"Then why did you ask?" Paul asked.

"You're infuriating!" she yelled.

Paul shrugged.

"Finally thought you were going to act mature," Paul muttered under his breath.

Thankfully, Dawn didn't hear him. The two continued walking, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary yet.

Dawn glanced out to the ocean, enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore. It reminded her of the beach, making her smile.

"We should find food," Paul said.

"What?" Dawn asked, snapping out of it.

"Just what I said, we should find food," he repeated.

He pointed to the forest that covered a good majority of the island.

"I'm not going in there!" she shrieked.

"Then stay behind," he said, walking away.

"HEY! WAIT FOR ME!" Daw shrieked.

Paul rolled his eyes.

"Troublesome," he muttered.

"How many times do I have to tell you? It's Dawn! D-A-W-N! Dawn!" she yelled.

"Congratulations. Troublesome can spell her name," Paul said sarcastically, not really caring at all.

Dawn growled, clenching her fists.

"You think-"

She stopped before letting out a scream.

Paul stopped, turning to face her.

"What?" he asked impatiently.

His eyes widened and he searched for the Pokéballs on his belt.

"Mew! Where are my Pokémon," he muttered.

Dawn backed away, tripping over, trying to get away from the Pokémon in front of her.

"Hang on Dawn," Paul said, trying to come up with something.

She took a deep breath. She was a trainer too, so she should use her own Pokémon rather than just relying on Paul. She grabbed a Pokéball, but it tumbled out of her hand and right in front of the Pokémon.

"Paul, what is that thing?" she asked, having never seen that Pokémon before.

"I don't know," Paul said honestly.

He'd seen a lot of Pokémon, but this one was strange. Nothing he'd seen could match this.

The Pokémon came closer. It was all black and rather large. Its features were hard to see in the dim light of the forest, but both Dawn and Paul could see the two large wings on its back, much resembling a bat's. It growled and it bared its sharp looking teeth. Red eyes bored into Dawn's and she fought the urge to scream again.

The Pokémon looked and Dawn and then the Pokéball and then back at Dawn.

It roared loudly and before Dawn could say anything, in a quick fluid movement, it took off, scratching a sharp claw across Paul's back on its way.

Paul grimaced, biting his lip in pain. But he couldn't yell, not in front of Dawn.

Dawn quickly picked up her Pokéball, and ran to Paul, tears brimming in her eyes.

"Are you ok?" she asked, worry evident in her voice.

"Do I look ok?" he snapped.

The comment usually would have annoyed Dawn, but Paul had just protected her. Her eyes softened.

"Let me help you," she said, "Brock taught me a thing or two about injuries."

Paul's fists clenched and he tried to duck away from Dawn, but found it hurt too much. He sighed as he lay down on his stomach on the forest floor.

"Oh my gosh. That think really tore into you!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, you think I could feel that already," Paul said sarcastically.

Dawn looked at his wound through the fabric of the material.

"I think you're going to have to take your top off," she said.

Paul stared at her blankly. Well, more blankly than usual.

"What?" she asked.

"You heard me, you need to take your shirt off," she tried, trying to suppress a blush.

Paul raised an eyebrow, but did as instructed. Dawn's face instantly became red, making him smirk.

"Shut up!" Dawn exclaimed.

"Didn't say anything," Paul muttered.

Dawn grumbled inaudible things to herself as she knelt down next to him. She gently traced a finger next to it.

Paul winced.

"Watch it," he snapped, "It stings."

Dawn cringed just looking at it.

"Sorry... This looks really serious. We need to get you to a hospital," she said.

Paul grunted.

"All I can do for now is disinfect it, alright? This is going to hurt a little," she continued.

Paul cringed and tensed up as she disinfected it.

"You call that disinfecting?" he shouted, "It feels like you're just pouring hot wax into my back."

"I told it would sting a little," she said.

"A little!" Paul exclaimed, indignantly.

He clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth. That was more than just a little

Dawn frowned.

"Hey, I'm just trying to help," she said.

Paul took a deep breath, trying not to move.

"And, done!" Dawn exclaimed, feeling accomplished.

Paul muttered something inaudible, before grabbing his shirt.

"You can't wear that!" Dawn exclaimed.

"And why not?" he asked.

"It's all ripped!" she exclaimed, "Now if I had my bag, I could get you a shirt."

"Well you don't," Paul said, "And we've got to survive this. I have a feeling it's not going to be easy."

"But we'll get through it...Right Paul?" Dawn said softly.

Paul stopped. He couldn't be optimistic like her.

"Maybe," he said, "But thanks for before."

Me: So guys, me and Cookie have decided to do our chappies together now. It means a lot less stress on both of us and my inspiration is bouncing back from her ideas, meaning my writer's block isn't getting in the way so much.

May: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Drew: Are you kidding? That's bad!

May: Why?

Drew: TWO people to mess with our supposed romance

Me: *shrugs* More chance of a confession right?

And that PokemonI describedin this chapter. The all black one that scratched Paul? Don't bother looking it up, because I have made it up. WOO! I made up a Pokemon. Don't worry about it, you'll find out more about this Pokemon as time goes by. For now, all you need is the fact that it's black, big and dangerous.

I will hopefully try to draw this (It's very hard to draw it to match my mental image) and then upload it to my DA, but don't worry, I will tell you if and when I do so. Otherwise, just go for the description I've given you and try to imagine it yourself.