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"There are whispers of tiny beings with wings, so small you can only see a faint glimmer of their body's magical energy surrounding them like a beacon. A floating orb, kind gentle beings who would never harm humans. These beings laugh and gallop around a pond under the full moon to replenish their energy. They also live in tiny houses that-"

"Ah cut the crap, Levy." A blonde called out, her face contorting into a sneer as she glared at her bluenette friend as a huddle of children sat around Levy's feet. "Why don't you tell them what's really going on Levy. Or should I?"

The blonde waited a few moments, after hearing no response she stood from her tiny stump of a chair, no seriously it's literally a tree stump, and made her way over to the mass of little people, achem, children. Flipping her shoulder-length blonde hair back over her shoulder she sat in front of the children on the floor, crossing her legs in the process as she began.

"There are whispers, Levy," the blonde glared at the bluenette, "more like roars, great booming roars that echo across the land. These beings are also not tiny, they're huge! As big as a mountain, and while it is true that you can see their magical energy surrounding them like a beacon they wouldn't think twice about chomping down on any one of us without a moments hesitation. They laugh but at the weak little humans that scurry beneath them as they flap around on their huge wings." The blonde glanced across the horror-stricken faces of the children, shrugging her shoulders she made her way out of the common room. So what? She had made those kids cry and possibly scared for life.

Better they find out sooner, rather than later. She thought, there was no guarantee about safety or anything really these days. The only hell was the one they lived in now, because the way she saw it? The dragons were destroying everything, splitting families apart; eating whole villages; burning ecosystems. These bloody winged beasts were making a damn mess out of everything. As the blonde made her way around the compound, a huge underground complex built right under the old town of Magnolia, she couldn't help but wonder what life would have been like if the dragons had left. Maybe she could have traveled, joined a guild, with magical powers. She scoffed to herself, mocking herself even in her mind. Magic didn't exist, not in humans at least, only the dragons had such great powers...and the Exceeds, damn flying cats. As she pondered about her situation a horrid, squeaky and robotic voice cut out over one of the many loud speakers scattered around the ins and outs of the complex,

"Could Lucy Heartfilia please report to the military office? Lucy Heartfilia to the military office."

Groaning internally, Lucy threw her unruly blonde hair into a high ponytail and began to jog the long trek towards the military meeting room, aka the Office. It would be a long jog indeed.


"Private Heartfilia." A grouchy old(er) man spoke, his gravely voice cutting through the blood rushing through Lucy's ears. Blinking a few times to clear her head she gave Commander Makarov a half-decent salute.

"Reporting for duty, sir."Lucy added the last word on sarcastically knowing full well it annoyed Makarov, aka Gramps off so much. Working for one of the last known human residences in Earthland was no walk in the park, working for their security? It was a suicide mission waiting to happen, but it was rewarding. Fairy Tail always did have a knack for being hard to defeat once and for all, they sort off just popped back right up again ready to fight. Sort of like daisies.

Daisies might work well with some yoghurt. Mmm. She began to salivate over the idea of some yoghurt before a loud throat clearing pulled her out of her daydream, right into the nightmare that was Makarov's scowling face

"Finished there, Private? Good." Without giving her time to answer he turned on the ball of his foot and began strutting down the hallway, expecting her to follow. Which of course she did.

"Now. Heartfilia, a scout from the Lamia Scale colony out in who knows where. There were only two survivors, Lyon Vastia, the scout and some Sherry Blendy. Unfortunately, Sherry received some wounds from the attack but perished while being transported here." Makarov's voice trembles slightly but he continues nonetheless, "Lyon reported that the dragons appeared from nowhere in particular and burnt their antechamber to a crisp which left a hole in-"

"Excuse me, Gramps, but the antechamber's entrance to the colony can only fit a few people at a time through, no way a dragon could manage to squeeze in!" Lucy could hear her voice raising an octave or two until it was squeaky.

"I was just about to get to that, Private. Lyon reported that the dragons landed." A sharp intake of breath was the only reply. "What's more, Lucy. Is that they somehow...transformed themselves into humans."

"What's this got to do with me, Gramps?" Lucy was shocked at how level she managed to keep her voice, despite the fear feeding an ever growing storm inside of her belly.

Makarov spun on his heel to stare at Lucy, meeting her gaze after stepping back a bit so he could actually see her eyes over her cleavage. A wicked grin plastered his face, if she could stare long and hard enough she swore tiny horns would pop out of the top of his head and a tail with a pointy spike would pop out behind him.

"That, dear Lucy, is where you come in."


Hiking the miniscule bag further up her back Lucy groaned, why her out of all the soldiers in the Fairy Tail colony, why her? Stupid Makarov, this is all his fault making her hike to the middle of nowhere. Dishonor, and death on him. If she survived she would probably kill him herself. She thought back what felt like years ago, though was only a day or so at best:

"YOU WANT ME TO WHAT!?" A high-pitched, yelling voice screamed down at the man. A red face matched the voice and clenched fists were raised in the air which equally matched the glare Lucy was giving her higher up. She could punch a wall, she wanted to punch a wall, all the while that stupid, old man just stood there with a light bulb over his head and a devilish grin on his face.

"It's a perfect idea. There's some supplies up there, I want you to retrieve them and bring them back. We may need them." He replied matter-of-factually.

"B-b-but! Mount Hakobe is where the dragons reside you..." A string of harsh words followed, a few insults and many more slurs. But let's not dwell on that.

"You will do this, Private Heartfilia, or I will throw you out, there's no doubt about it. I don't care who your father is. You will go..."
And that was the end of that.

She didn't even know where Mount Hakobe was. You'd think it would be easy to find since it's well...a mountain, but it seemed as if it was hidden from the human eye. A light bulb metaphorically appeared over Lucy's head, that's it! If the dragons had somehow managed to shield it from human eyes then that means there should be a way to break it.
I hope, or if there is even a shield. Her disagreeable mind added. Though it may explain why we can never find them, the other half of her conscious stated. As she began pondering this she continued walking, watching her feet crunch in the pristine white snow until that is she walked right into something hard. Something hard, and invisible.

"Yes! I was right!" Laughing to herself she performed a little 'I was right dance'. Before realising she has no clue how to break the barrier, exasperated her hands placed themselves on her hips, as her fingertips brushed her coiled whip she had what can be defined as a eureka moment. Releasing the whip from its holder she uncoiled it in her hands, pulling back until it was taut. Breathing in she flipped the whip over her shoulder and struck the barrier with the heart-shaped tip. Dead silence greeted her. So, Lucy repeated the motion again and again until her arm ached and her ears rang, until she heard a splinter of glass breaking. So faint she almost missed it, with new hope she went through the motions, again and again, hitting the same target with every crack of her whip. Until finally a small hole appeared in the magical, glass barrier. With no ideas and a sore arm, her leg swung out instead.

"LUCY KICK! Haha!" A victorious chant rung through the mountain and valley below, echoing off the rock faces as the barrier began to crack and splinter even more so until a hole large enough to fit a a person. If they squeezed that is, which Lucy did. Turning her back on the frigid mountain top she gazed in awe and wonder at the scene in front of her as some beautiful tropical bird flew by ignoring her for the most part as it continued its almost sensual and exotic dance in the warm sky that sported not a cloud in sight which reminded Lucy that it was quite warm and a huge climatic shock to go from a freezing mountain top to a tropical paradise, so she did what any Private lady who was sweating out an ocean would do.

She stripped. Her face bright red the entire time, until she managed however clumsily to change into her favourite outfit. A cute, blue and white tube top with gold trimming; a vest with a high neck, in the same blue also with gold trimming; and poofy sleeves to match, though they were separate and left her shoulders bare; to match it all she slid a plain blue miniskirt on and thigh high black boots. Leaving her old uniform behind she walked out of the jungle that surrounded her into a meadow, throwing her arms wide she spun around collapsing onto the lush green grass.

It was so peaceful right there in the meadow, with the sounds of exotic birds chirping away and the sound of rushing water nearby.
There must be a stream or river nearby, Lucy thought to herself dreamily. The sun was beating down on her, soaking her in its rays and she enjoyed every bit of it. That is of course until a shadow fell on her, blocking the precious sun. Peaking of out one eye she noticed a tall man with white pants and a black vest which sat open exposing his muscles. Now you see, Lucy tried not to look but she would eventually find her eyes running along the lines of his muscles on his stomach following it up to his chest, the muscles tensing and releasing as he took in deep breaths, and don't start on the muscular arms as well. Of course in all of her eye-stripping she didn't notice that he was also dripping wet, and looking very pissed off. His pink cheeks almost matching the same shade as his hair.

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