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Our four travelers were on a hillside driving peacefully. Until, Hakkai heard some laughing in the nearby cave, and the voice was familiar. So, he hit the brakes and decided to wait. Anyway, the laugh was getting louder so it means CLOSER. (I don't think it makes sense at all.) Should it be a good thing or just trouble?

"Um. Do you guys hear some laughing?" he asked. still not looking away from the cave.

"Hmm." Goku tried to hear something.. (doesn't make sense either.) But, instead.

"No." he answered

"Same here." Gojyo said

"You mean from that cave?" Sanzo asked

"Um. yeah." Hakkai said. Sanzo thought for a while and then.

"Goku!!" he yelled

"Yeah?" Goku questioned (of course)

"Go check the cave!!" Sanzo ordered

"Uh. Okay." Goku answered, a little confused

When he was just about to go down the jeep. the laughing person revealed herself. And to there shock, it was a girl!! She had a short dress with long sleeves, long brown-black hair down to her waist and up in a pony tail, and she was laughing so hard that she was crying.

"Hahaha Hahaha!!!!! I-I cant b-believe that you-you did that?!" the girl choked. "Hahaha Hahaha!!!"

Then, another girl walked behind her with an angry and embarrassed face.

"Hey! I didn't do it on purpose. And you tricked me!!!" the other girl yelled. Suddenly the laughing girl stopped laughing and said..

"Gomen. Demo, it still wasn't my fault." She said..

Hakkai suddenly realized on who was the girl who was laughing before and.