Chapter 9

"I forgived you, havent I?" Misho looked at Maka, smiling

And for the first time in the last five years... Maka smiled, a true genuine smile!

"Hai... Arigatou, Misho-san(chan)!!" Maka whispered, Misho hugged her

"No need... I'm just glad you're back..." Misho whispered back,

The others seeing its all done, smiled... Happy for Misho!! As well for Maka... But is it all done?!

What about Homura?!

And Kougaiji?!

And especially the west?!

= The next day, Lunch time=

"Oi, Misho... Where's Maka?" Meia asked

"Oh! She said that she'll go back to our hometown and besides... She misses everyone!" Misho replied

"Sheesh, Misho... You got everyone worried!!" Goku mumbled, eating his 15th plate.

"Hehe... Gomen!!" Misho said

"It's alright.." Hakkai said smiling, as always

"We're just glad everyone's alright!!" Miyuki added

"Yeah.. And I didnt get to do anything!" Gojyo said, Meia smirked. By now, everybody's done eating, so she collected all the plates and dumped it above Gojyo's stomach,

"Hey!!!" Gojyo yelled,

"You didnt get to do anything, right?!" Meia asked, with an evil smirk

"Yeah, so what?!" Gojyo said

"So here's the dishes!!"

"What for?!?!"

"Go wash them!!"

"What?!?!?!" Gojyo yelled again, eyes blazing with fire

"I said... Go... Wash... The... Dishes... Understood?!" Meia replied, the smirk never leaving her lips, Gojyo growled

The others sweat dropped,

"Ano..." Hakka said, Meia turned and glared at him

"No... helping!!" She said, Hakkai stepped back


The others sweat dropped again... Meia smiled,

"O-kay! Gojyo you wash the dishes, while we go out to the waterfalls... They say there are many Sakura tree's near the fall! So, let's go.." Meia explained, the others smiled.. well, except for Gojyo,

'She never change..'

'You go, girl!!'

'All right!!'

'Poor Gojyo..'

'That red-head will have a very bad day...'

'One point for me and no point for the ero-kappa!!'

"Uh-oh... I think I'm the one who's cursed! Help!!!!!!!!!!!"

**words can hurt.. but, words can save..** **There's no need fighting...**


Take note... The first thought is from Miyuki, the second thought is from Misho, the third is from Goku, the forth is from Hakkai, the fifth is from Sanzo and the sixth is from Meia.. While the last sentence was Gojyo screaming,

And dont ask me how Gojyo knew that Meia, Miyuki and Misho are cursed by Maka before..

missing link(chap.1)- Misho was laughing because, she cooked lunch that morning and decided to put some snail in Meia's soup. Meia drank it and quickly spit it out.. She heard Misho laughing, so she knew it was her fault and she started chasing her until they were in that cave where Hakkai found them...

missing link(chap.2)- You got to know what Hakkai did, right?! ^-^

missing link(chap.3)- Aww... Come on! I'm not a pervert!! For pete's sake.. I'm only nine, you know! Check my profile... And in that PRIVATE place, Miyuki explained to Hakkai on what was wrong with Misho.

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missing link(chap.5)- Ahem... Sanzo is not a baby, you know! Well, if he is.. Would you like to baby-sit him? Hehe.. j/k! And no... The 'you-know- what-I-mean' stuff is those bad dreams Misho kept having.. But, I suppose you already know that!

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missing link(chap.7)- Um... That goku has a crush, thing... That's only a joke!! ^-^

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