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Chapter 6:

"Oooh, where is it?" Hoggle asked. He was becoming irritated after walking for hours up the steep mountain path.

"Her abode doth lie at the top of this very crag, Sir Hoggle." Didymus was also beginning to grow weary, but not from the walk. Hoggle's foul mood was starting to get on his nerves.

"You tolds me that an hour ago!"

"Verily. But we have yet to reach the top!"

Hoggle muttered to himself and they pressed on. Soon they found themselves looking over a beautiful meadow. A soft breeze caused the grass to sway, making it look like a sea of green. A small brook divided the sea and on the opposite side there stood a simple home made of wood. A thin plume of smoke rose out of the chimney. This was one of the few places that had escaped destruction when the kingdom had fallen. The magic here was very strong indeed.

As they crossed over the bridge, the front door flew open and a young blonde woman raced over to greet them. "It's about time you arrived!"

Didymus removed his hat and bowed respectfully. "Greetings, Lady Janessa. I hope we have not timed our visit poorly."

"Oh, nonsense! I already knew you were coming. Come inside and rest your weary bones, the both of you!"

Once they were seated indoors, Janessa sat with her hands folded in her lap and waited patiently for one of her guests to speak. She had an idea what they had come for, since she always had her mirror bowl full. The enchanted water allowed her to see much, and at times the visions were so strong it was as if she were there instead of here.

"His Majesty doth suspect something is amiss, Milady." Didymus began. "Were it not for our quick wits, thy plans would have been for naught."

"Yes. I thinks Sarah does too. She don't say so, but she asks questions." Hoggle said.

"Don't trouble yourselves with that, dear friends." Janessa replied. "Everything is going as planned at the moment. Sarah has realized her gift and reacted as I had hoped she would. The old junk lady has already fulfilled her promise as well. It should not be much longer before we see the complete picture."

"That is most reassuring to hear." Didymus relaxed a bit.

"But don't forget that it is imperative neither of them learns of our trickery. Both Sarah and my brother are very stubborn, hotheaded creatures. If they know the truth too early it would break the spell. Sarah would be returned Above with no memory of the Underground, and Jareth will continue to diminsh until there is nothing left of him. I know my brother well enough and he hates having anyone meddle in what he considers to be his affairs. Remember what happened last time?"

Janessa had been in his castle library when Sarah had begun her infamous journey to save her brother Toby. She was the family scholar and spent most of her time reading through historical documents and books, committing them to memory. Usually she didn't pay any mind to those who ran the Labyrinth, but this one caught her attention. Her appearance triggered a memory of something she read in one of the numerous annals scattered about the library. She frantically searched through them and finally found what she was looking for.

Fully different, yet still the same Carah, she is called by name

One dark, the other fair Will someday make a ruling pair.

She didn't immediately bring this information to Jareth. The prediction was rather vague, and many of the seers in the past wrote their visions in cryptic messages. So she kept silent and observed this mortal, using the eye lichen planted at various points of the maze. She called on the inhabitants the girl had met on her expedition and asked them questions. The first set of doors was not particularly helpful though, for she did not have the time or patience to discover which one was telling the truth and which one was lying. The worm had tried to get information, but the girl had politely declined his invitation for tea. She was quite amused when she saw her brother and the girl face off against each other. Jareth would get miffed at something she said or did and throw obstacles in her path to slow her down, but she always rose above the challenges.

This, of course, frustrated him to no end. Janessa was waiting in his throne room when he returned after the girl escaped from the cleaners. Goblins scattered to make room for him to pass, lest they be the targets of his anger. He sat down hard in his throne and glared at Janessa.

"And just what are you smiling about?"

"Oh nothing much. I just find this one amusing. Not very many get the best of you, dear brother."

"What in the Underground are you talking about? She has not bested me!"

"Oh really? Then why are you acting like a spoiled child that didn't get his way, hmm?"

Jareth looked away and muttered something in Goblinese under his breath. He hated when she was right.

"But anyways, I have come to tell you of something." She relayed her new knowledge to Jareth, and when she was finished he looked incredulous.

"I can't believe what I am hearing! You would presume to bring me this rubbish? The very idea of a mortal girl destined to be my queen is preposterous! Besides that, her name is Sarah, not Carah."

"Oh, so one little letter is what casts your doubt? Really, Jareth, you know as well as anyone that the predictions of old have many errors in spelling. But the other facts are too close to be coincidence!"

He had stopped listening, for he was gazing at Sarah in his crystals. She was heading into the forest, accompanied by that large beast Ludo. With a snap of his fingers the trap door under Ludo opened and he was sent to The Bog of Eternal Stench. That would teach him to help out the enemy. He looked up at Janessa with his usual smirk, only to find she was gone. Good riddance, he thought. Better for her to return to the library and stay out of his affairs.

Ah, but Janessa was not at the library. Instead she was in the Labyrinth, heading towards the forest. She had hoped to find Sarah before the Fireys did. They were not a malicious bunch, but they did not understand that mortals could not detach their own body parts. She was on the opposite side of the maze and became frustrated. She had never grasped the transportation spell so any travelling she did would have to be on foot. Fearing she would not make it on time, she searched for Hoggle, again using the eye lichen, and was relieved that he was close to where Sarah was. She conjured the mimic spell and called, "Hoggle, Help!" in Sarah's voice and hoped he would get the message.

~ ~ ~ ~

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