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Another warning - this is not a BDSM story, although it may look like one at certain times.

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Chapter 1.

Twenty-six men sit in complete silence. Twenty-six chests rise and fall with sharp intakes of breath. Twenty-six pairs of eyes follow the pace of the only upright man in the room.

"Soon, you will all meet our greatest benefactor. Some of you will be granted freedom under certain circumstances. The rest will remain here until the end of your pathetic lives. As stupid as you are, you still have the brains to guess you will not regain your freedom for nothing, and you will be asked something special. Gentlemen, do some serious thinking, and behave. Doctor Cullen will be here any minute now. Prepare for his visit."

The speech of the senior guard does nothing to calm the nerves of the convicts who watch his every move, while their minds are in turmoil. Each of them is desperate and eager for what's to come: their one and only opportunity to be allowed back into the brightness of day, outside the prison walls, unchained, to be free.

For several moments, each of them believes he will be the chosen one. With the initial exhilaration gone, each looks to his neighbor and hates him, for there's the possibility the chosen one will be somebody else. The blonde jerk with the silly ponytail. The huge, latino ape with the nut-sized brain. The redhead with the evil grin. Anybody, although they don't deserve it.

The guard points his gun to the nearest prisoner's temple.

"Stop sweating, scum. You stink. You all stink. Did you shit your pants, you pussy?"

The convict shifts in his chair and bends a knee, ready to jump to his feet and retaliate to the rudeness. Pushed by the guard's hand, he is forced to stay in place. The gun is now pressed to his forehead.

While the other men wonder if they'll hear a shot, another sound attracts their attention. The door opens, and a man steps in. With the realization of the scene, his chin is highly raised in demonstration of his superiority, and he speaks to the guard.

"Let me handle this, Felix," the newcomer says. "Leave me alone with them."

The man is in his early forties, and extremely handsome. His features, his posture, scream aristocracy. His hands are gentle, feminine even, his blonde hair meticulously straightened and pulled back in an old-fashioned hairstyle. Only his dark eyes, which look almost black, correspond to the thrilling note in his voice when he speaks.

"Close the door and wait outside, Felix." Every word is emphasized, hiding an unspoken threat.

When the guard shuts the door behind his back, the newcomer steps closer to the seated men. Nobody moves. His eyes run over each of the sweating faces, and he doesn't utter a word until he's finished reading their expressions. Next, he reads the labels with their names, attached to the identical orange overalls they wear.

"You all know my name already; I am Doctor Carlisle Cullen. Now I know yours, too. You have to believe me, your name will be forgotten if you decide to leave the room at this moment. You are free to go back to your cell right now, but if you volunteer to stay, you become a part of my experiment. After I lock this door, you will not leave your place until you are dismissed. At the end of the day, one or more of you will be selected by me to come live in my house and partake in my social experiment for the next month. If you are chosen, you have no right to reject your participation at a later stage. If you do reject, your sentence will be immediately executed. And that is death, for all that I know."

No one leaves. They value their lives, and they crave freedom.

"Good. So good. Plenty of exemplars." Dr. Cullen continues. "The chosen ones will be granted freedom, as you already know. If they endure the month, that is." The doctor smirks. "But they will, I'm certain. They will."

After one final grin, he becomes deadly serious. Turning his back to the men in the seats, he speaks quietly. "I'm locking the door now." And so he does.

In complete silence but fidgeting in their seats, the twenty-six observe as the doctor produces a remote control from his pocket.

"The first part of our experiment will be over in thirty minutes, when you finish watching."

The display on the far wall lightens up and a movie begins. The sound is muted.

The convicts watch a man in Speedos resting by a pool, finishing a cocktail. Soon, another man approaches and offers the first one a full glass, which he accepts. After an unheard short conversation, the two start using the same straw for the cocktail. Then, they begin kissing passionately. Their hands run over each other's naked skin, the glass falls on the grass, and they start fucking. Hard.

The men in the room watch two handsome male actors having sex for good ten minutes.

All of a sudden, the movie is stopped.

"All of you, stand up!" Dr. Cullen commands.

They all oblige him and stand still.

The doctor walks slowly around, examining their groins. Five of the men show obvious erections. He steps closer to each of them, one by one, and touches the bulges. Then he narrows his eyes and speaks his final words in front of the group.

"Mr. McCarty, Mr. Masen, Mr. Whitlock, you stay with me. The rest of you are dismissed."