sorry it's short. really needed to get it out.

"So, friend Raven, are you excited about tomorrow?" Starfire asked her gray-skinned friend, who looked up to meet her eyes.

"Why do you ask that?" Raven asked, slightly irritated.

"Tomorrow is Easter, so we are have lots of fun with our boyfriends."

Beast Boy and Raven have been dating since their mission in Tokyo. Seeing Robin and Starfire confess as well as that life-threatening situation made her realize that life was short, and she needed to let out her feelings before they ate her up inside. She didn't have to worry about her father anymore, so she let out her emotions more often.

"What did you have in mind?" Starfire grinned, and whispered something into Raven's ear, causing her to blush. "St-st-st-Starfire, me and Beast Boy haven't even gotten to French-kissing yet, and you expect me to do that?"

"Well, I certainly can't do it alone. So, how about it?"

Raven was nervous, but she conceded. Starfire beamed in joy.

"This is gonna be the greatest Easter ever!"

so, got any ideas on what they're gonna do?