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-The next morning-

"Yet another boring Easter morning, eh, Robin?" Beast Boy asked the team leader.

"Yeah, Cyborg's on a date, and we're alone in the tower," Robin said.

"Yeah. The only other ones in the tower are Starfire and Raven. Hey, maybe they'll dress up as bunnies to tease us. Ah, if only Raven would dress up a little now and then."

As soon as they walked into the main room, their jaws dropped. Starfire and Raven were in there wearing those playboy bunny outfits with the leotards, fishnet stocking, bunny ears, cotton tails, and high heels. The only difference was the colors. Star's was purple while Raven's was dark blue.


"I'll say, Beast Boy."

"Happy Easter, Robin and friend Beast Boy. We thought it would be wonderful idea to dress us as the bunnies of playboy to celebrate the holiday known as Easter."

"Yeah, but don't get any ideas," Raven said with a blush. "I'm only doing this because Starfire wouldn't take 'no' for an answer."

Beast Boy and Robin just couldn't get their minds working, or their eyes off the girls' bodies. Seriously, how could they? Their curves were extenuated quite a bit in those tight leather outfits.

Raven blushed as she felt Beast Boy's eyes on her. She had no doubt he was mentally undressing her.

Starfire, however, was taking this quite well. This kind of attention was not new to the alien princess. In fact, it was totally normal for her.

The four of them went into the kitchen so they could eat breakfast. Robin and Beast Boy sat down and watched as the girls cooked breakfast.

"So, what would you boys like for breakfast?" Raven asked.

"Your hams," Beast Boy said, covering his mouth as soon as it left his mouth.


"I said 'tofu ham'. Why would I say 'your hams'? It's not like I was staring at your ass. Ha ha. I'm gonna shut up now."

Raven blushed, and got to fixing him some tofu ham and bacon, all while shaking her hams. Starfire got to fixing their milk, letting her tits out before squeezing them, squirting breast milk right into the glasses. The boys would've been surprised, but she demonstrated that when a female Tamaranean's breasts reach a certain size, they start to release excess liquid.

Little did the boys know, the girls were planning to get in their pants. When aroused, a Tamaranean's breast milk can become a very powerful aphrodisiac. As for Raven, she was charming the food with lust and libido enhancement spell. They brought the breakfast to the boys, both girls smirking as things were about to get much more fun.

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