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Kuroko was scared. Being level four, and a teleporter to boot, it wasn't often she found herself in a situation she couldn't handle. She had been trained in hand to hand combat as part of her Judgment training, and had a near genius level intellect on top of that. Her size worked to her advantage in most of her physical confrontations, and if things got to be too much, her ability had never failed her. She was efficient, skilled, and powerful. With her vast arsenal of skills, she was fully confident in her ability to take down even the most dangerous of opponents.

Perhaps that overconfidence was what had led her to her current predicament.

"Come on, bitch. Where did all that spunk from before go? You were so eager to take me in, weren't you?" A rough hand grabbed one of her pigtails before a fist collided with her stomach, and Kuroko gagged, the wind knocked from her lungs. "I thought a teleporter would be more of a challenge than this, fuck."

Kuroko didn't answer. She looked up at her attacker through hazy eyes, trying to remember exactly what had led her to this situation.

There had been a rash of muggings in the area, seemingly at random. The case was perplexing not only because of the random nature of the attacks, but also due to the fact that in some instances nothing had even been stolen. This raised a chilling possibility. Greed as a motive was something Kuroko could understand, even if she found it reprehensible. But it seemed like whoever was doing this had no motive other than hurting people. It made Kuroko sick, and she was determined to track them down.

When she'd received a tip about an assault in progress, she'd raced off, abandoning her usual caution in favor of getting to the scene as quickly as possible. She had arrived to find a young women, beaten and bloody, unconscious in an alley, but with no sign of her attacker.

She had been calling for an ambulance when something collided with the back of her skull, knocking her to the ground. In retrospect, she really should have known better than to run off like that. Uiharu had tried to urge her to wait, but she had rushed off before her friend could say any more. It was reckless and foolhardy. Perhaps Onee-sama was starting to rub off on her.

Her train of thought was broken as a fist slammed into her face, knocking her back against the concrete wall behind her. Her head connected with a crack, and she saw stars. A hand clasped around her chin before she could fall, pushing her against the wall and forcing her to look at her attacker.

"I have to say, you got here a lot faster than I'd been expecting. Guess teleport is a pretty handy ability." An elbow collided with her temple and the world exploded in light. "Doesn't seem to be doing you a whole lot of good now though. Wonder why that is?"

Kuroko staggered, trying to force the pain from her thoughts. Another blow struck her in the chest, and she gasped. He wasn't letting up long enough for her to regain her focus.

"W-why are you doing this?" She spat blood out and ducked another blow only to catch a knee to the stomach. "You… you're assaulting a Judgment officer. Do you.. understand what that means?"

"Well, yeah. Who did you think made that call?" He chuckled, and Kuroko's eyes widened in realization.

Of course! How could I be so stupid?

"You Judgment types really get me. I don't know why you bother going around acting all high and mighty. None of you are worth shit." He backhanded her across the face, and Kuroko stumbled to the ground.

I know he got the drop on me, but still… what's going on?

Kuroko was no stranger to the pain brought on by physical violence. She had trained extensively in hand to hand combat, and had been in her share of fights since joining Judgement. Her skill and ability were usually enough to settle disputes without injury, but she had taken enough blows to know what it felt like to be struck, even by someone much stronger than herself. But something about this man's attacks sent her reeling in a way she had never experienced before. Every blow seemed to hit with the force of a truck. Was he just that strong, or was he an esper?

Some of her confusion must have shown on her face, because the man paused in his assault, reaching down and grabbing her by the pigtails. Kuroko winced, biting back a scream as he pulled her up by her hair and shoved her against the wall. "Looks like you're starting to figure it out a bit. Your teleport may be fancy, but I have an ability of my own."

His free hand curled into a fist and collided with Kuroko's stomach with enough force to crack ribs, and she opened her mouth in a silent scream.

"I like to call it "Full Impact". No matter how I hit my opponent, no matter how awkward the stance or glancing the blow, my full weight goes into it. Every punch is a haymaker with my ability. It's rather good for this kind of thing, don't you think?"

He pulled her forward before slamming her back into the wall hard enough to make her vision darken momentarily, before letting go of her chin and letting her slide down the wall. She was too dazed to even try to teleport now.

I… I don't know how much more of this I can take.

His lips curled in a sadistic grin. "Well, it's been fun, little Judgment girl. But I think we're done here. Maybe if you wake up we can go again sometime."

Kuroko squeezed her eyes shut, her whole body shaking as she waited for the end.


The expected blow never came. Tentatively, Kuroko opened her eyes. The man was no longer looking at her. Instead, his attention was focused on the far end of the alley. Kuroko could barely make out the shape of another person, their gait casual and easy, walking towards them. "The fuck do you want? We're a little busy here, if you didn't notice."

"Sorry. I just couldn't help but notice that's my kohai you're beating on." Kuroko's eyes widened as the figure walked close enough for her to make out her features through the haze of tears and blood that obscured her vision.

"Onee-sama!" Relief washed over her.

Mikoto turned to offer her a crooked smile. "Hey, Kuroko. Rough day at work?"

Kuroko opened her mouth to respond, but the man buried his foot in her stomach, and she gasped in pain.

"Oh, she's a friend of yours then? Well I'd hate to interfere with someone trying to play hero, but I am going to have to assume that means you're alright with me beating on you a bit too."

"Ah?" Mikoto's grin twisted, becoming predatory, and Kuroko shivered. She had only seen that look on her Onee-sama's face a few times, and the results were never pretty. "I'm sure you must be joking. You see, I'm the one who's going to be doing the beating here."

Static energy began to build in the alley, and the man turned his full attention to Mikoto. Kuroko coughed, blood splattering against the ground as she tried to speak. "W-wait… Onee-sama…"

"Shut up, Kuroko." Mikoto's eyes were glued to the blood on the ground. The smile was still fixed on her face, and Kuroko could see something dangerous dancing behind her eyes. "I don't take kindly to people trying to hurt my friends. When they actually succeed, well. I'm afraid I'm going to have to do something nasty."

Cold tendrils of dread coiled around Kuroko's heart. As relieved as she was to have been rescued, things looked like they were going to get out of hand. She turned back to her attacker. He was staring at Mikoto with something akin to fascination on his face. He had no idea what was about to happen.

"Well, I usually prefer to get the drop on my opponents." He cracked his knuckles. "But I suppose there's nothing wrong with doing it this way every now and then.

Mikoto stopped walking, leaving several paces between herself and her opponent. "You didn't grow up in Academy City, did you?"

Confusion flashed over the man's features for a second before they twisted in annoyance. "So you're some kind of mindreader then? So what if I didn't? What does it matter?"

Kuroko's heart thundered in her chest as Mikoto chuckled. "Hey now, no need to get so upset. I was just gonna tell you something interesting." She took another step forward, and the man frowned. "I'm not actually a mind reader. I'll tell you how I know you didn't grow up here though, even though you have an ability and everything."

The man's expression turned to one of confusion. "What the hell are you rambling about?"

A bolt of lightning cracked from Mikoto's bangs, and the man's mouth snapped shut. Kuroko could see the tightening around his eyes and the tension building in his frame.

"Don't interrupt. Anyway, as I'm sure you know, Academy City is decades beyond most of the rest of the world when it comes to technology. Seriously, I went on a trip with my mom about a year ago to Paris? It's a shithole compared to this place. But yeah, so we're leagues ahead here, and that includes just about everything you can think of. Communications, robotics, artificial intelligence, transportation, education, you name it. Oh, and medicine too of course."

The man gave a sudden grunt, falling to one knee. "Wha… what the fuck?" Kuroko watched as he clutched at his knee, rivulets of sweat running down his face. "You… you bitch. What are you doing?"

Mikoto continued, her voice casual. "Now, I'm guessing you broke that leg when you were younger, maybe around twelve? Before you came here, anyway." Electricity coiled angrily around Mikoto's body, but she paid it no mind.

Kuroko was having trouble following the conversation. Just what was Mikoto talking about? Whatever it was, the man seemed to get it, because his eyes widened and the color drained from his face. "You… nngh! No way… you fucking bitch! I'll kill you!"

"Aaah, yeah. I don't get it myself, really. If you'd broken your leg here, they'd patch you up no problem." Mikoto raised her hand towards the man, palm up. "I mean, come on. Who still uses metal pins to hold broken bones together?"

Kuroko's eyes widened as realization hit her. She opened her mouth to say something, but her words were drowned out by an anguished scream. Beside her, the man that less than five minutes ago had seemed intent on beating her to within an inch of her life was rolling on the ground clutching his leg, his eyes wide with panic.

"Stop!" He screamed. "For God's sake, stop! You're going to rip it out!"

"Yeah, that's kind of the plan here."

His pleas turned unintelligible at that point. Kuroko felt something inside of her twist. He had tricked her, and then beaten her bloody. A small part of her enjoyed the sight of the man in pain, but a larger part of her was growing increasingly nauseous. She needed to do something, anything, to stop this. But before she could say anything, before she could plead with Mikoto to stop, there was a sickening crunch and something small shot into the electromaster's waiting hand. The man's screams reached a crescendo before fading into sobs. Blood seeped through his fingers, which were still wrapped tightly around his leg. On the ground, Kuroko thought she saw a shard of bone, and her stomach turned over. It took everything she had not to throw up.

"Huh, you know this thing is smaller than I thought it would be." Mikoto was holding the small screw up to the light, inspecting it with a look of almost bored interest on her face. "I never knew people were being literal when they called them screws. Weird." She tossed it over her shoulder and an arc of electricity leapt from her body, striking the screw and guiding it into gentle orbit around the electromaster.

By this point, the man wasn't even paying her any attention. He was crawling as best he could in the opposite direction. Tears stained his cheeks, and sweat was pouring from his body. Kuroko felt numb, forgetting even her own pain. She'd never seen such an open display of brutality, least of all from her Onee-sama, and it terrified her.

"Woah, hey. Where do you think you're going?"

A terrified moan escaped the crawling man's lips, and he turned to look at the smiling Mikoto with horror in his eyes. She gestured casually with her hand, and another screw was ripped from his leg. His screaming bounced off the concrete walls, and Kuroko whimpered.

"You've still got what, five left in there? You owe Kuroko a little restitution after what you did to her." Mikoto began to walk towards the man's prone form with slow, deliberate steps. "I think seven little screws is certainly a reasonable thing to request. It's not even like we're asking you for money. You've just had these sitting around forever, right? All I need to do is get them out." She dug a foot into his side, causing him to gasp for air. "And I'm more than happy to help with that."

Kuroko didn't know how much more of this she could take. "O-Onee-sama. Please, he's suffered enough. Just… just let me arrest him and that will be the end of it. I'll be fine, really."

Mikoto turned towards Kuroko with thunder in her eyes. "Maybe you didn't hear me, Kuroko, so I guess I'll repeat myself." She brought her heel down on the man's ruined knee, and he shrieked. "Seven. Screws. That's the payment for hurting my friend, and I'm not leaving until I get them."

Kuroko's courage dried up in that moment. This was a side of her Onee-sama she had never seen before, and it was terrifying. It occurred to her that in their everyday life together, she had completely forgotten just what Misaka Mikoto was. She was the level five Railgun, the most powerful electromaster in Academy City, and when she wanted something, she had the power to take it. No matter what stood in her way.

"P-p-please," the man croaked. "I...I'm begging you… I can't take any m-more."

For a moment, Mikoto seemed to consider his request. "This is dragging on, isn't it? Maybe I should let you off. Ah, but I did just yell at Kuroko a bit. I'd feel bad if I went back on my word now." She snapped her fingers with a smile, as if something had just occurred to her. "I know! I'll just take the last five all at once!"

"N-No! Please!" The man scrambled to get away, but Mikoto was having none of it. Her hand curled into a claw and lightning danced between her fingers and his leg.

"Alright! And in three, two, one…!"

The sound was terrible. Kuroko could hear the crunching bones and the twisting flesh even over the hideous screams the man was making. It filled her head and echoed inside her skull until Kuroko was sure it would drive her mad.

"And we're done! Just like pulling a tooth, right?"

All at once the sound stopped. Even the screams seemed to have died away. Kuroko glanced through tear-stained eyes at the man. He was still screaming, but only a faint, raspy noise escaped him. He had strained his voice. Blood pooled beneath him, his leg shredded to tatters at the knee. She could see the bits of bone poking through the flesh, and this time Kuroko really did lose her lunch. She heaved and heaved until she was empty, and then heaved some more.

When she finally managed to regain control of herself, Kuroko turned to look at Mikoto. Blood dripped from the seven floating screws onto her outstretched hand. She didn't seem to notice, too busy staring at the man that was now just barely conscious.


Mikoto blinked, and the trance was broken. She favored Kuroko with a fond look that clashed horribly with the blood dripping from her fingers. "Hey, Kuroko. These are yours." With a casual toss, the screws landed on the ground in front of Kuroko. She scrambled away from them, feeling like she wanted to be sick again. Mikoto chuckled, and Kuroko looked back up to see her rolling the one remaining screw between her fingers.

"Hey, you know what might be a good idea?"

"Wha… what's that, Onee-sama." Kuroko's voice was barely a squeak, but Mikoto didn't seem to care.

Mikoto turned back to regard the prone man, bloody and broken on the ground. Slowly, she raised her hand towards him, pressing her thumb gently against the head of the screw. Electricity surged around her arm, and her face split in a mad grin.

"We should show him how I got my nickname."

Kuroko's eyes widened and she opened her mouth to scream, joining the shriek of lightning. With a flick of Mikoto's thumb the screw exploded forward, and the world was bathed in white.

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