Title: On the Run

Author: BHG

Rating: PG – 13 (at the most, maybe…we'll see)

Show: Dark Angel

Genre: Angst, action, ummmm? H/C (This is AU)

Pairing: M/A

Summary:  This is in response to Pai's "On The Run" challenge. What if at the end of Freak Nation, the transgenics did break up and run? Oddly enough, it has the same name.

A/N: My thanks to Petal for taking the difficult task of beta reading my story.  You're a gem…uh…or a Petal…whatever.

Chapter 1

"No! You go with us.  We all stay together."

Alec sighed and stepped closer, "Max, look around you.  Do you see how many are going to be trying to escape?  How many of them are going to make it, if someone doesn't cover their backs?"

"No, not you.  Someone else, someone who isn't hurt."

"Okay, who?  Who Max? Which one of these people do you want to order to stay?" Alec waved his hand indicating all around him. "They're all mostly transhumans.  We need to assign what X5's we have to go with as many of the smaller units for protection as we can.  How far will they get without help?  Most of them aren't like Mole, or Luke.  They were Manticore mistakes.  No training, no escape and evade skills. Kept in a basement all their lives.  The only thing they have is desperation to stay alive.  So tell me, Max, what are there chances of getting away without help?"

Max stared hard at Alec.  She knew he was right.  But what he was suggesting was very dangerous for the one left behind.  Almost suicidal.  It had never dawned on her that he would not be there.  She'd treated him like dirt, and pushed him away at first, but he kept coming back in her life, ingratiating himself with her.  Somewhere along the line he became a friend.  Someone she cared about.  He was always there, backing her up. 

"I'll stay behind and help you."


"You can't do this alone."

"No, Max."

"Alec, your not up to par because of your injury.  You can't do it alone!"

"I'll stay with him," Mole stepped up and interjected.

Max turned to look at him.  Her eyes shiny with tears she refused to shed.  She looked down at the ground, unable to look Alec in the face.  She felt his hand touch her chin and raised her face to see him. His arm came around her waist, pulling her close.   His eyes intent, his voice low.

"It's not my intention to be a martyr. I just…these people need the best chance they can get and you're too important.  You have to get away and figure out what part you play in all this.  You're the key.  You have to be protected.  I'll do anything to protect you." 

Alec's eyes mimicked her own.  For the first time Max could see the man who was before her.  No mask to hide his feelings, no smart aleck remarks.  All the emotion he'd kept hidden inside.  Max's eyes widened. 'He loves me.  Oh God.' The tears that she held at bay, began to roll down her cheeks.  Reaching around his waist, she hugged him to her.  Her head against his chest, listening to his heart. 

"Mole will stay with me.  We won't stay any longer than necessary, then we're out of here.  We'll catch up at the rendezvous point." Alec hesitated, "It's a good plan.  It'll work.  I'll…I'll be there."  His voice cracked at the last part and he lay his head on hers.  She felt so good against him.  He never wanted to let go, but…

"It's time," he announced, as he pushed her away, "It's time to get this thing going."