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SEQ CHAPTER h r 1Chapter 14

"Nooooo!" Jan screamed as her grip on Alec was torn away by his actions, but he never hesitated and her horrified eyes went to John Gamble as he struggled to brace himself for the attack. His men moved forward, but his orders were clear through grunts of pain.

"Cunningham, don't! No one mm..move…Oh shit!" Gamble pushed himself against the bars, raised his hands in front of him and involuntarily shut his eyes just as 494 reached him. He knew he had no chance against the transgenic, yet hoped his men would not disobey what was probably his last order. Nothing happened and he opened his eyes to the sound of a struggle.

"Alec! Stop!"

Alec felt himself halted in mid-action by something that grabbed him like a vise pulling him back and trapping one of his arms.

Mole had finally awakened to the sounds around him. His head was pounding but he quickly took in the scene around him. That dumb X-5 was going to get himself killed. Muttering a few expletives he leapt toward Alec before the idiot took another bullet.

Alec swung his elbow back and growled in satisfaction at the sound of bone hitting flesh.

"Ow…You sorry piece of…ugh!" Mole's air came out in a rush as Alec turned and shoved him back into the bars trying to dislodge him. Fear of what would happen to his friend if he lost his grip urged him to tighten his arms.

Gamble rolled out of the way, and using his legs, he scrambled to a sitting position against the bars and out of harms way.

"Don't interfere," he grunted.

The jarring motion caused Alec to stumble forward, taking Mole with him, but he wouldn't go down. Instead he braced his feet in a crouched position and shoved them both back into the bars again.

Mole grunted, this time ready for the impact. "Alec!" he yelled, "Stop it! It's me."

His words fell on deaf ears as Alec reached back over his shoulder with his free hand and grabbed a handful of Mole's jacket. Then with a yell he bent forward almost to the ground and flipped Mole over his head to land with a loud thump on the ground. Alec fell back against the bars and away from Mole; he frantically grabbed at the bars on both sides to keep from falling completely to the ground.

Mole's head exploded with pain and he moaned, holding his head. He rolled onto his side pulling his legs up in an effort to force away the darkness that was threatening to overtake him.

Jan started to move toward him; her instincts to help urging her forward, but she stopped abruptly at Gamble's signals for her not to move. She shrank back into the corner.

They all held their ground not taking action and remaining still as Alec held himself against the bars and took in great gulps of air. His head was lowered, shoulders hunched over and his eyes were tightly shut. Gamble's hope was that Alec would somehow come to his senses and realize they were not the enemy, a hope that died on his lips as he yelled to his second in command.


Hearing the commotion, several Sector Policemen had run into the room with tasers ready.

Cunningham and his men quickly moved to intercept the officers and successfully barred all but one.

Jan, still huddled in the corner, realized what was about to happened and without hesitation or thought to what she was doing, moved.

"No! He can't take that!"

She hurled herself toward Alec, hugging her arms around him and effectively draping herself over his head, back, and shoulders. A piercing scream erupted from her lips as the taser made contact with her flesh.

Alec reacted instantaneously grabbing a hold of Jan, pulling her over his shoulder and preventing her from receiving the full brunt of electricity. A moan escaped her lips as she rolled to a stop by the cots. Turning faster than could be seen by human eyes, Alec took hold of the officer's hand and yanked. The man's face and body slammed into the bars knocking him unconscious. Alec let go and watched him fall in a heap to the ground; then looked up into the eyes of Lt. Cunningham challenging him.

Cunningham had turned to face Alec from the other side of the officer's body and froze. He didn't move for several seconds, then slowly and deliberately he raised one hand up, palm facing Alec as if to hold him back and holstered his gun. He bent forward just far enough to take hold of the officer's belt loop and slowly pull him away from the bars. Alec didn't move, but his intense eyes followed Cunningham's every move.

Bending painfully to a crouch, Alec lay a hand on Jan's shoulder. He wanted desperately to check on her more thoroughly, but he didn't dare take his eyes off White's people. He felt her move and knew that she was probably okay.

"Oh God!" she murmured, "What was I thinking?"

Alec almost smiled, instead he stood up and positioned himself between the soldiers and Jan. They would have to come through him to get to her. His brows knitted together and his head began to pound, as a familiar voice began to penetrate it. The voice was beyond irritated, but for some reason it began to have a calming effect and Alec felt himself sag a bit.

"Alec! You dumb ass! What the hell do you think you're doing? Where the hell are we? How the hell did I get here and why the hell does my head hurt so bad?" Mole's own voice pounded in his head. "Ow!"

"Mole?" his voice was a whisper, and his back was to the voice. Fear kept him from turning around.

"Ow…Who the hell else would it be? Crap! I need to stop yelling."

Alec closed his eyes. "You're dead."

"If only." He said wistfully, as he held his head and then begged, "Please tell me I tied one on last night to get this bad a headache and that I wasn't drunk before I realized she was pretty?"

"White…White shot you." Alec felt his body sway unsteadily and he reached out to grab a bar. An overwhelming lump in his throat threatened to choke him. Sweat glistened as it ran down his face and neck.

"Well that's disappointing. Remind me again why Joshua didn't kill him?"

Alec opened his eyes and scanned the people around him and then the fog began to clear and he lowered his head a bit. A small crooked smiled spread on Alec's face as he began to realize where he was and what had happened. His friend was alive and…

"White's dead!" he said with satisfaction, a feral grin on his lips.

"White's dead?" Mole's shocked look was almost comical. He look first at Alec's back and then panned to the soldiers around him, settling on Gamble. The slight nod confirmed it.

Alec swallowed hard as dizziness began to creep up on him and pain from all over made itself known.

"Mole?" he rasped.

Mole didn't hear the sudden weakness in Alec's voice. "What the hell happened?"


His head turned back to the sound of Alec's voice this time.

"Mole…help?" Alec's legs buckled and he started down.

Mole shot up from against the wall, catching him under his arms from behind. Then slowly backed up until he felt the wall. Shifting his arms around Alec more securely, he slid them both down to the floor. Mole didn't know what the heck was going on, but one thing was for certain. They were prisoners and he was going to keep Alec close.

Jan groaned out a very unladylike expletive and sat up. She'd never felt anything like that before and hoped to God she never would again. It was barbaric. She felt like she'd run a marathon the way her muscles twitched and ached. Moving slowly and with great care, she grabbed her bag of supplies.

"Jan? Are you okay?"

Gamble's concerned voice reached her ears. Her arm shot up and pointed straight at him.

"Don't move. After I check them out, you're next."


"I'm fine," she interrupted, "Don't move. I don't want to worry about you just yet."

She'd dragged her supplies over to her patients while on all fours and began a quick check of Alec's vitals.

"I can help you."

She turned, "Don't even! What I'm feeling right now goes beyond PMS."



Cunningham, looking very pleased with himself, pulled out his pistol, squatted down and pointed it at Gamble.

"Very funny. Get that idiot out of here." He said, cocking his head toward the fallen police officer.

Cunningham's smile broadened and he stood up. Turning, he signaled his men to comply.

Gamble slumped against the bars and sat quietly enjoying the relief of a potentially bad situation being over. His eyes sought out a very special person as she ministered aid to X5-494…no…as she took care of Alec.

Jan moved as quickly as her aching muscles would allow, to assess any damage Alec may have inflicted on himself. Checking his more serious wounds for bleeding and then the less serious ones. He was sweating profusely and it ran down the sides of his face, neck and chest. However, his breathing was less labored than it had been. She reached for the oto-thermometer and pressed it to his ear. Smiling, she turned to Gamble.

"His fever's breaking."

"Good." Gamble leaned his head back.

Her eyes went to the transhuman named Mole and she repeated herself, almost giddy.

"His fever's breaking."

"I guess that's good, huh?"

"It's wonderful," she replied. "Are you good with him here? We can move him to the cot."

"No! He's good here."

Alec stirred. His head was low on his chest and Jan gently raised his head up and back against Mole. Taking a towel, she poured sterile water on it and began wiping the sweat from his face. Clear hazel-green eyes looked at her through droopy eyelids. She smiled.

Alec half smiled at the beautiful face in front of him, but sudden concern overwhelmed him as he remembered what she'd done.

"Okay? Are you…okay?"

Jan pressed the cool towel to his cheek and leaned in. "I'm fine," her tone tender, "You saved me."

His eyes fluttered closed.

"Are they here?…Good!" McKinley's voice was harsh. "Make sure they understand the same fate will happen to them if they fail like the other team."

Slamming the phone down he spoke to no one in particular. "Before this night is gone, everyone in this building will be dead and," he smiled, "we the survivors can give testimony as to the blame."

"Dr. Shankar is willing to cooperate and help anyway she can. She also reported that Alec's condition is stabilizing and his fever is coming down. With a little rest, we should be able to move him without a problem." Logan spoke to Biggs while keeping his eyes on his computer screen, his fingers flying over the keyboard.

Biggs and his team were readying themselves for the mission ahead. Checking his weapon and holstering it, he glanced over to Logan.

"Good. We're ready."

"The outside security cameras show that the crowds are dispersing. Uh…it looks like the helicopter transport is going to arrive earlier than expected. We can move up our timetable."

"Sounds like a plan. We need to get them out of there before McKinley can get his grimy hands on them." Looking around at each of their men, he asked, "Ready?"

After several affirmatives, Biggs issued orders, "Proceed to position and wait. On my mark, we move in."

End of Chapter 14