Legend Of The Paopu
By: Sophie Lavalier

La Li Ho! Fellow Readers/Authors! Just a little note, this fic takes place after the game,
but not having to do anything with the follow up game to come. So basically there are
spoilers. If You don't want the game spoiled, just skip over the first paragraph. Also, it's
an altered ending, more to Yaoi fans liking I would say. Oh! And Also, there is this rant
someone wrote on the Riku and Sora pairing, and it makes a good positive argument for
Riku, not for Sora, but I will change that! Anyways, Kingdom hearts is owned by
Squaresoft and… well you know… that company… sorry, it's name has no meaning to
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Chapter One
Accept Me My Love (Yaoi!)

"Don't give up! Together we can do this!" He shouted, hearing the exasperated sigh of
his friend as he tried hard to push the large doorway to kingdom hearts shut.
"Riku!" he shouted taking a step back.
Riku held back the urge to cry, covering with a confident smile, "Please Sora! We have to
"But Riku!"
Riku looked away, away from the small space in the doors that separated them from each
other. King Mickey was behind him, warding off the heartless, urging them to close the
door, to face the darkness once more, and this time, without Sora, he wasn't sure he could
"Sora!" Riku now looked to notice Sora pulling desperately at the door, widening the
crack. "Sora stop! We have to shut it now! There coming!"
Sora shook his head, "I can't leave you in there! I don't know what will happen to you
once I close this door! Come on Riku! You can make it through!"
He started towards it, but stopped turning away, "I can't…"
"Riku! Come on!"
He spun, "I don't deserve to! Look at all the pain I've caused you all! I deserve to stay
here… in the darkness…" he turned away again, deep down, that he should atone for his
sins… even if it meant leaving everything he loved and fought for.
Suddenly lean warm arms slipped about his waist, holding him firmly, warmth pressed to
him and he turned his head shocked to find Sora holding him tightly, his eyes shut as if
holding back tears.
"Either you and I leave together, or I will stay here with you and King Mickey will seal
the door from the outside." He struggled.
"Sora.." Riku whispered, his pale soft bangs shadowing his eyes. Suddenly he tore from
Sora's grip, and turned to the boy smiling, "then we'll leave together!" he said with his
old confidence once more filling him.
Together they squeezed back through the crack, and with little effort, closed Kingdom
hearts forever.
Sora raised his key blade, the power surging through it, locking the final lock, ending
there journey…


"Sora…" Riku asked, pressing his back against the leaning Paopu tree, looking up to the
tanned brunette who lay so casually sprawled on his stomach on it's swayed trunk.
"Yeah Riku?" he replied looking back at him. After the locking of Kingdom hearts, all
the lost worlds, including the Destiny Islands were restored, and they had found that Kairi
had been transported to the islands, as well as the rest of the residents, who didn't know
that anything had even happened. Kairi was inside, she had missed her family so much,
she figured that she should spend more time with them. Riku and Sora sat alone, the
whole island seemed deserted, and he was pleased to have a moment alone with the
young key blade master.
Riku sighed… closing his eyes, and resting his head so that he could look into the
deepening blue of the younger boys eyes.
Sora blinked curiously back at him, but Riku snapped from his daze smiling broadly,
"Think you can grab me a Paopu fruit?"
Sora sat up, "Sure" he replied pulling himself up and inching up the tree, plucking the
soft fruit from the branch, the tree shaking as he did so.
"Here!" he said, tossing it to him, the sudden movement causing him to lose his grip and
fall from the tree to the calm warm waters below.
Riku caught it with a laugh, and leaned over the edge of the tiny island, "You alright?" he
yelled down as Sora glared back up at him, beginning to swim to the ladder up to the
Riku stood and waited till Sora climbed back out, helping him off the ladder, before they
again took a seat near the Paopu tree.
Riku picked up the Paopu fruit and turned it carefully over in his hands, glancing quickly
to his friend, hiding a slight blush on his fair skin.
"Why did you want they Paopu anyways?" Sora asked, looking at him curiously.
He smiled… looking over the waters as brilliant colours of golden, red and yellows that
blossomed from the setting sun. "Do you still remember the legend of the Paopu fruit
Sora?" he asked looking back with his trademark smile.
"Not really… a lot has happened…"
Riku nodded, and broke the fruit into two equal pieces, and handed one to the dripping
Sora, which he found quite attractive, his soft white T-shirt clung to his chest, showing
off all the fine curves in his stomach, he certainly had developed a nice six pack on his
"They say… that when you share a Paopu fruit with someone, you destiny's become
intertwined, and you'll be apart of each others lives forever" he almost whispered, before
biting into the sweet fruit.
He could hear the surprise in the boys voice, but didn't really want to look at him, a little
nervous that he might just throw the piece as he had done before.
"You don't have to share it with me Sora" he said, still looking at the sunset, "I don't
really mind, although…" he faltered, a little un like him… love was a hard thing to
describe, and he didn't know how to say this, but, he might as well be himself in doing
so, "I don't want to have to worry about losing you again." He blurter, satisfied with his
Sora was silent for a minute, and Riku watched nervously as he pawed the fruit piece,
"Riku…" Sora finally started, "I… I thought you wanted to share the Paopu with Kairi
though… you tried so hard to save her."
"Sora… I might as well just say it, my first intention never was to save Kairi"
"Huh?" Sora leaned in closer, water running teasingly down his flawless face.
"We were always together, before she came to the island, but after she arrived, you
seemed to always want to be with her, and not so much with me, it's a little selfish I
suppose, but I was jealous… in how much attention you gave her… When we became
separated, all I wanted to do, was find you, and when I did… you asked for Kairi… you
didn't seem to care that I was there or not. That was the catalyst to my spiral into
darkness. I found Kairi and I used her to bait you, to get you to come to me, before my
heart was consumed."
Sora was silent., probably in shock he thought, taking another bite from his fruit, but his
eyes widened in surprise as he head the squish of the fruits flesh being broken and turned
to find that Sora had taken a large bite from his half.
"Of course I would share this with you, Riku… Kairi mean's the world to me, but she is
just a friend, right?"
He turned to face him, and noticed the fruits juices running from the corners of his
"Sora" he said almost seductively, cupping the tanned boys chin, bringing himself closer,
licking the juices from his lips.
He could feel Sora become tense at his touch, but slowly, he felt it ease off as he gazed
deep into his loves eyes.
"Sora, let me love you" he whispered, hearing the soft thud of the Paopu fruit as it slid
from his hands.
"Riku" Sora whispered as the older boy caught his lips with a rough kiss, hastily working
apart his lips, tasting the sweetness, the taste in which he had longed for so many years. It
was warm, sweet… he wanted more, craved it. He stood, not parting their lips, and
straddled the younger boy, pressing his back to the tree. The moistness of his body slowly
dampening his own clothing as he pursued. He ran his tongue around his partners, tasting
everything, every sweet taste of the boy, his own sweetness blended so lovely with that of
the fruit.
He brought his hands up, running them over Sora's damp chest, following the curves of
his body, running his fingers teasingly over them.
"Riku…" Sora said the minute they parted lips, taking his own and nipping at the bottom
one as Riku slowly began to run his tongue around his collar bone and up his neck.
"I've wanted you for so long Sora…" he said nipping at the nap of his neck, pleased to
hear the soft moan that Sora had fought so hard to suppress.
"Riku… but this isn't right…"
He continued, suckling gently on his neck, licking off the water droplets, causing another
"But Sora… it feels so right" he leaned up, whispering in his ear, before he nipped it,
causing Sora to thrust up in pleasure.
"Riku…" he moaned, still uncertain sounding.
Riku smirked, pleased at the physical response he was starting to get. He felt his need to
dominate rise within him, driving him, he brought his hands up underneath the damp
white t-shirt, pealing it from his chest and forcing it over the brunettes head, throwing it
off into the waters below.
"Riku!" Sora screamed, and he fought to keep the boy down as he tried desperately to get
him off, "what will my parents think when I come back topless!"
Riku pressed all his weight onto him, grinning, he whispered seductively into his ear,
"What will they say when you come home pant less…"
Riku was caught off guard, as Sora suddenly, using all his strength, threw him off, he felt
the rolled to the edge of the small island, before tumbling down the side, and into the
fairly shallow waters.
"Riku!" he heard Sora yell from above, looking up to see the boys pained face peering
down at him.
He scowled and stood, blood running down his arm from a small gash from the rocks,
and he shadowed his eyes beneath his bangs. He could feel the searing pain of rejection
rising within, and couldn't bring himself to move any further.
"Riku! Riku! Are you alright!" Sora sounded desperate, but his words were distant,
fading as the sea into the horizon.
Suddenly there was a splash from beside him, out further towards the deeper waters, Sora
had jumped off and swam up beside him, but, he couldn't bring himself to look to him.
"Riku!" he urged, "Riku! I didn't mean… I… Riku…" his words faded, he sounded hurt,
pained, and he heard the small crack in his voice as the young brunette fought back his
Riku didn't move, "if that's how you feel" he almost whispered, his eyes falling to the
white t-shirt which had sunk to the sands at his feet. Slowly he bent down, lifting the
garment from the waters, and held it out to Sora, still not looking at him. As it was lifted
from his hands, heavy with water, he slowly began to walk back to shore, silently.
"Riku!" Sora yelled, and he could feel the cool hand wrap tightly about his wrist holding
him back, "Riku, I didn't mean it" he pleaded, not letting go.
"You shouldn't have taken a bite Sora" Riku said solemnly, reminding himself of his
darker past and ways, "now our destiny is fixed"
The tanned boys grip lightened, and he took the opportunity to wrench if own from his
grasp, stalking off towards shore.
"I wanted to Riku!" Sora shouted, and Riku felt the water rush around him as Sora
knocked him from his feet, leaving them starring awkwardly at each other in the shallow
They lay there, Sora sprawled over Riku's lap, holding him down.
"I… I … I just don't know…"Sora stuttered, looking down.
Riku didn't reply, starring silently at nothing in particular.
"All I know… is… is…" the boy continued, his words lacking confidence, "All I know is
I want to be with you to!" he yelled, shocking the older male, bringing him to look eye to
eye with the hardened brunette.
"The why did you reject me!" Riku yelled crushing the others confidence, pushing the
boy from his lap. He watched as Sora knelt in the shallow waters, his bare chest slick
with the warm water.
"Because, I was in shock… and you came on so quickly… I was scared… but when I
knocked you from the platform… Riku… please, forgive me!"
Riku looked away, once more standing, and turning his back to his pleading friend,
suddenly, the familiar sensation filled him, as the warm lean arms slid around his waist,
and he let himself be turned around, looking down on the shorter teen.
He felt the boys hot lips cover his, and soon he melted into the kiss in which he loved to
indulge, once again his dominant instincts took him, and he parted the boys lips, tasting
every inch of him, bring his own arms about his back, running his fingers over the lines
of the tanned teen's well worked muscle. He ached to feel the warmth, to feel his soft
skin against his own. He parted briefly from the boy, fighting to free him of his shirt,
Sora helping him to get the damp tank top from his head.
Soon as it was off, he grabbed the brunette, pulling his water and sweat slicked body to
his own, the arousing way they slid so easily against each other, made Riku more fierce
and driving, he covered his loves collar bone with his mouth, nipping and suckling at it,
twirling circles with his tongue getting increasingly more pleasurable moans from the
younger teen as his hair was run through with lean hands.
"Oh… Riku…" Sora moaned to Riku's satisfaction, and he hotly ran his tongue smoothly
across the teens chest, tasting his salty sweetness and stopping to lick tauntingly up his
neck and around, were he once again nipped playfully at his ear.
"Oh God!" Sora moaned, holding him tighter, his nails beginning to did into his paler
Riku smiled satisfied, and slowly, he ran a hand down his lean stomach, sliding it under
the waist of his pants, and began to squeeze lightly at his water submerged member.
"Riku!!!!!!!" Sora screamed, a little shaken from the sudden arousing contact, and slowly
and teasingly the fair skinned boy trailed his hand down the boys stomach, unclasping his
shorts, and helping to pull the pants from his lean legs, still playing seductively with the
brunette's member, causing another satisfying plea to arise.
"Oh… Riku… more… oh!!"
Riku was almost surprised, when Sora's own hands began to trail down his chest, freeing
him of his binding shorts as well.
Riku smiled, leaning in and whispering, "lets move to deeper water"
The two freed themselves completely from all their clothing, leaving it to sink, to the
sandy floor.
Once in deeper waters, that rose to their necks, they were immediately on each other,
kissing and nipping hungrily at each others lips, neck, and collar bones.
Riku again let his hand find it way between Sora's legs, sliding it between them, slowly
rubbing back and forth. Meanwhile his other hand had found it way around behind Sora,
slowly running over him, circling the tanned boys entrance in a taunting manner, causing
the boy to cry out.
"Oh… please! Riku!"
"You like this…" Riku whispered in his ear, feeling the boys slick body shudder against
his own.
"Please… Riku!"
Riku took in his lips in a gentle caress, and moving his hand from the boys thighs, and
bringing it about his back, holding him to himself.
Slowly, he slid in his index finger with little effort, the water making for a slick lubricant.
"Oh God!!!!!!" Sora yelled, into the dieing sky, as Riku, satisfied with his work, slid in
another slick finger, slowly beginning to slide them in and out, slowly, listening more to
the driving plea's that sparked his soul and drove him to believe that his partner truly
enjoyed his work.
Sora's head rested against his shoulder, his hands bound tightly about Riku's back,
holding him almost painfully tight.
"Oh god… oh god… oh… oh…" he panted, his hot breath cool against the fair boys
water slicked neck.
Riku felt as Sora's legs slowly bound themselves about his waist, pressing their erections
together, causing Riku to release a loud moan that blended with Sora's panted ones into
the now starry night.
At the same time, still sliding his fingers in and out, a little quicker now, he once again
began to lick and nip at his neck.
"Oh… Riku…." The boy panted, beginning to rub himself against Riku making him
almost fall weak with ecstasy.
Riku rested his head on his lovers shoulder, panting almost in time with the brunette,
"Will… you…."
"Please… Riku…" the tanned teen pleaded, already knowing what the fair boy was
starting at.
The fair boy smiled, leaning away and looking into his loves deep blue eyes, and kissed
him softly, a trail of saliva connecting there kiss even as it parted. Then slowly he lifted
the boy higher on his stomach, sliding his fingers out of the opening it, freeing it, and
placing the tip of his member to it.
"Are you ready…" he panted licking the brunette's taste from his flush lips. A gentle
blush arising on his loves face.
Sora nodded, and Riku gently pushed himself in, again the water acting as a lubricant
mage it easier and less painful.
He moaned, feeling the searing warmth of his love closed over him, squeezing him, the
boys muscles rippling down his erection in rhythmic waves.
"Oh…oh… oh god… Riku…" Sora panted as he lifted himself up and slid back down,
pushing Riku in and out of him.
Their arms held each other from collapse, and they both leaned away from the other,
moaning in sheer delight, the simple sensation bringing their flawless slick faces to a
healthy blush.
Riku could feel Sora begin to pick up the pace, pushing him in and out of himself as he
rose and fell swifter and swifter. He dug his hands into the tanned boys back, as he
screamed out, it echoing eerily into the still night.
Sora suddenly shuddered, and Riku could feel his warm seed spill onto his stomach and
dissipate into the calm waters.
Seconds later he felt his own body come to a climax, and let himself scream into the night
as he spilled into the brunette, Sora's body quickly forcing out his weakened one.
They floated there for several seconds, holding the other lightly.
"Oh…Riku…" Sora panted, and Riku watched the boy raise his flushed face to stare back
at his own.
"He…" Riku smiled, kissing him gently on the cheek, and they both, with effort, swam
back to were they had let their clothing sink.
"Riku… are you alright…?" Sora breathed lightly, he now noticed the retuning pain from
his fall earlier as he followed Sora's gaze to the cut on his forearm.
"Don't worry about it…" he reassured, his cool confidence already returning.
"I really didn't mean to throw you right off the platform"
He laughed, "well you made that point obvious"
Sora began to laugh, but stopped, and he turned to him in confusion.
"What's wrong Sora?" he asked still wondering what cut his laugh so short.
"Our clothing is gone…"


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