Chapter 6


Riku woke hazily, his body sore and aching, shivering slightly. Where was he, he thought, his mind racing. What was happening? He was so confused.

All of a sudden his hand slipped, and he tumbled to the cold floor, a jolt of pain searing up his leg. He sat up quickly, kneading his thigh, trying to ease the pain when everything suddenly flooded back to him, his fight with his father, his arrangement, and his night with Sora. Everything.

Panting, he looked quickly around, it was dawn, and the sun was just rising over the clear blue waters. Sighing he dragged himself to his feet, falling against the bare wall as his leg gave out. He clenched his teeth, the pain sharper and more agonizing then ever; tears slowly forming at the corners of his eyes.

What on earth had he done to it? He thought, letting out a pained groan as another jolt of pain coursed up his leg. Slowly he slid down the wall, resting his head back against the wood and breathing in heavy gasps.

The pain slowly eased off and he looked up, scanning the fort in hopes of finding any means of a splint or at least a bandage for his wound. Nothing was good enough though... except that he could shred his sheet and make it into a makeshift bandage... He supposed it was worth a try.

Riku grasped the white sheet and reluctantly prepared to shred it, but he stopped. Wait... I can't do this... if I go out prancing around with a bandage on my leg, Sora will worry about me. Especially if he finds out where I'm living. I don't want to cause him any more trouble then I have to. It's trouble enough to have him meet him there every night. No, he wouldn't pull him into this.

Pulling himself up, using the wall to lift his weight, he sat himself back down on the linen covered bench. He hadn't even noticed how uncomfortable it had been. It would take a lot of work to make this place feel like home. With his leg in the condition it was, his movements would be limited, but he would still be able to decorate to a fair extent.

Riku pulled the rest of his blankets and sheets and threw them over the bench, and sitting it on it testing how comfy it was. It wasn't bad; it felt like a firm mattress with a thin pillow top and no springs.

Next he pulled out his valuables, a few books, and a picture of his mother and father smiling with him as a baby held tightly in their arms. They were all smiling in this picture. He would have to try and remember to hide it when Riku was around. It would make much sense to bring a picture of his family to their private space.

It was high noon when he finished, the place looked like an overly furnished tree house, but it had a comfortable livable appeal to it now, something that he never thought possible from such a place.

Just as he sat himself back on his bed, resting his leg and leaning against the back wall, he heard a creak from outside. Immediately he though Sora had come looking for him, his hand grabbing the family portrait and shoving it quickly beneath his pillow.

"Riku...?" a distinctly feminine voice called timidly from outside. It was Kairi, there was no doubt about it. He didn't answer immediately, but when she appeared in the doorway, he felt his temper flare. His body tensed.

"I thought you might be here, Sora has been looking for you." She said standing in the doorway, not daring to step in. Again he was silent, his cold emerald eyes narrowing.

"Look... Riku I am really..." she started, now taking a step, reaching a hand towards him.

"Don't come one step closer Kairi!" he snapped, his fists clenching at his sides. "Don't come one step closer, cause right now, I don't know how I might react."

She stopped, taking a few steps back. She looked as if she was about to break into tears. "I am sorry!" she screamed, the tears streaming for her eyes, "What was a supposed to do in a situation like that!"

He turned away, holding himself from screaming out all his frustrations on her. "Just leave me alone." He finally said quietly.


"I said leave me alone!" he yelled, his lip curling.

Her eyes widened, and she winced as more tears escaped her lids, and crying she turned and ran back down the walkway. He listened as her footsteps faded, and relinquished in the glorious silence that followed.

He could never forgive her, she was the reason everything was wrong with his life. It was her who got between him and Sora, her who condemned them to a month of isolation, and her who lead his dad to driving him from his house; hell she could even be blamed for his leg. No, this time, it was unforgivable.

He didn't know how long he lied there, just allowing his mind to wander. How badly did he wish he could go anywhere but here, Traverse Town, that was where they would find sanctity together. They could stay with Leon and Yuffie; Sora had told him of them, he was sure they would shelter them. Yet he knew this was impossible, never again would they be able to escape to these worlds, not this time, he would have to face his demons here. This time though, he would face them as himself.

He suddenly became all to aware of how draw his throat had grown, and how much his stomach muscles had clenched up. He was starving, and parched, he hadn't eaten or drunk a thing since he had left the previous night.

Biting his lip, he pulled himself up, ignoring his injured legs protests, and walked himself down the small pool of spring water that ebbed up from the earth. He immediately fell to his knees, scooping handfuls and drinking it back ravishingly. He was thirstier then he had imagined, he was probably becoming pretty dehydrated. He drank till his stomach ached for him to stop, yet still cried for the sustenance of food.

He wouldn't be able to just climb up the tree's like normal, he would have to find some other means of getting coconuts off the palms, and find mushrooms and pick berries if he could find them

He went around the base of where the tree house was, collecting the small red currants that crew all over the island, and then down near the waters edge where the sands were cool and damp and the mushrooms grew in plentiful bounds. Maybe tomorrow he would rig up a fishing line, life might not be that bad on his own.

Riku was throwing rocks at coconuts when he heard Sora's voice from behind him, light, and carefree, distinctive only to his love.

"Riku!" Sora shouted coming up quickly behind him, wrapping his lean arms about his neck and kissing him on the cheek. "I have been looking for you all day. Kairi said you were at the tree house again but when I checked you weren't there."

Riku smiled, but shrugged, yeah I just haven't been able to stay sitting today, it's nice to be able to walk about freely again."

"Yeah really." Sora said, now looking quizzically to the armful of rocks Riku was carrying. "What are you doing?" he asked innocently, his blue eyes finding the pile of failed attempts at the base of the palm in front of them.

Riku paused, his mind racing for a quick explanation, "Uh, I thought we could eat together at the tree house tonight. If you want to, I already have a bunch of mushrooms and berries up there."

Sora smiled, "Really? That would be awesome! Here, I will grab some coconuts." He said giving Riku a quick kiss before scaling the tree with limited difficulty and knocking off three fair sized coconuts. Riku caught them, gathering them in his hands.

Sora slid down landing with a soft dense thud on the sand and ran back to his side taking them from his hands. "I'll get these, you've already been out all day, lets go there and give that leg a rest."

Riku shrugged, "Yeah, thanks"

Together they went back across the island, and up the walkway till they both sat seated side by side on his bed, eating as if they had been starved. Sora always had such the appetite, Riku thought watching as the brunette devoured his food with a carnal elegance. He wasn't sure how, but somehow, only Sora could eat food like a slob and still be attractive.

"Oh man, this place is so comfy, I could live here." Sora suddenly said as he swallowed the last of his meal.

Riku gave a forced laugh, grinning broadly, yeah I guess I got a little carried away there?" he laughed.

"I like it, this is the perfect place, it's better then our secret place beneath the falls."

"Good, cause we are going to be spending a lot of time here." Riku said with a sad truth, slinging an arm around Sora and pulling him to his side so they were leaning comfortably on each other.

A long moment of silence passed between them, before Sora spoke, his voice loosing the carefree innocence. "Kairi was crying this afternoon. She wouldn't even talk to me."

Riku only hardened his composure, "She deserves it." He said, his voice becoming icy.

"You don't think you'll ever forgive her, I don't blame you. I just couldn't bring myself to see her crying, I didn't think holding a grudge would do any good now either, I mean, what happened, happened."

"I supposed you're right," Riku sighed, "But there is just to much that she has done." He paused, contemplating Sora's words, before shaking his head and resting it on the brunettes, "No, I can't forgive her this time."

He could feel Sora nod, "I figured as much." His tone lightened, and the younger teen turned so that they were eye to eye, "I don't really care though, long as I am with you."

Riku smirked, the notion of Kairi leaving him as he pressed his lips to Sora's. It felt like an eternity since he had tasted him, the sweet, salty taste only accented by the berries juice that still lingered on the boys lips giving him an exotic taste that made his senses go wild.

He found himself dominating the teen, pushing him back down on the bed with considerable force, kissing him deeply his tongue seeking out every crevice, every inch of his mouth.

As the kiss broke Sora released a moan of ecstasy, his arms winding behind Riku and pulling them closer together, the fabrics of their tank tops rubbing against each other creating a sensational sensation.

Riku now began to nip and tease the tender flesh of Sora's neck, causing the boy to only moan louder. He wanted to make Sora feel as good as he had made him feel last night, in a time when he had needed him more then he could've ever known.

The silver haired teen nearly ripped the shirt from his lover, now taking a fine pink nipple between his teeth and licking at it hungrily.

"Oh god Riku!" Sora was now panting, his hands digging into the dominant males back, and running up to tangle in his fine silken hair, urging him on.

Riku continued working his way down, licking at the base of the boys ribcage, twirling his tongue in circular patterns before running it down the finely toned lines of Sora's torso to dip into his naval, kissing gently down to the top of his drawstring shorts.

Sora was already trying to work himself out of his shorts, but Riku made little work of it, pulling them off with ease and taking the boys member full out into his mouth. He dragged his teethe up the erect shaft, licking circles as he rose.

Sora was panting hard, trying desperately not to scream, his hand clasped over his mouth in an effort, before he bit his pinky between his teeth, muffling his moans.

Riku removed his mouth, and sucked hard at the base, and kissing his way back to the tip which he kissed and licked at ravishingly, taking in the precum. He could feel Sora's body tensing, and he pulled away, moving back up to meet Sora eye to eye, taking his hand away from his mouth and pressing his own lips to the teens. Allowing Sora to take in and experience just how wonderful he tasted.

"I will drive tonight" he whispered in his ear, with a grin moving back to where Sora had not taken his member in his hands and was working himself. Since the bed was small, Riku slipped onto the floor, kneeling at the base of the bed. He lifted the boys legs and ran his tongue along the top of the boys thigh, finding that warm heaven between his legs, licking hungrily at his entrance, moistening the area, preparing him.

Sora was unable to contain his moans; his hand was between his teeth, yet the moans still escaped him, slicing though the quiet of the island as night began to fall.

Riku removed his tongue and inserted one slick finger into Sora's entrance, working the hole wider, before adding two, and soon three. He didn't even bother to remove his own shirt; he just pulled off his shorts, pressing his aching errection to the boy. He could no longer take it, the sheer need to be inside him, the warm hot wetness that belonged on to him.

"Do it! Riku!" Sora screamed, and Riku pushed in, slowly, but he quickened his pace fast. Sora's back arched as he screamed, his hand still working himself. Riku was driving him hard, holding the boys legs as a brace. Now for the first time that night, Riku let out a long low groan that seemed to excite Sora even more.

He was lost, lost in this arm silken heaven, lost completely, he could loose himself forever in this boy, everything around him seemed to melt away, his problems, where he was, everything. Nothing mattered anymore, but staying here in this velvet heaven that fit him so perfectly. He was at home, here with this boy; he knew this so well it almost frightened him. He never wanted this to end, he wanted to drown in this moment, and never return to the real world. He would spend eternity in this moment, with just him and Sora.

Suddenly his body tensed, the pressure had built in his torso, he couldn't suppress it, he let out a scream of both ecstasy and sorrow as he hit his climax, spilling into Sora. He hadn't even realized that Sora had already peaked, and was panting heavily his body limp.

He toppled down on the boy, lazily rolling beside him and wrapping his arms about him. Sora looked at him his eyes sleepy and dazed. "I have never felt that good in my entire life..." the brunette panted heavily closing his eyes and nestling his head in the nape of Riku's neck. "Never..."

Riku panted hard, fitting his body to the boys, falling into a deep sleep almost instantaneously.

The bright morning light seeped through the windows and the side panels over his face. Lazily Riku rolled onto his side covering his eyes from the light and curling himself into a tighter ball. His mind was hazy, and this all felt surrealistic, the air was warm and fragrant around him, and beneath him the bed was soft yet firm, and glorious. He was smiling, drifting back into sleep, as a warm breeze buffered him.

Suddenly his eyes snapped open, realizing all to soon the absence of Sora beside him. He sat bolt upright, his eyes scanning the small room quickly to find Sora seated at the bottom of the bed, in his hands he held a picture frame. From his angle Riku couldn't make out the picture, but the front had been smashed, the broken shards glistening in the morning light.

"Sora?" he said quizzically sitting himself up and leaning against the back wall.

Sora turned to him, a sad smile playing on his flush lips, "It was under your pillow, I knocked it out onto the floor when I woke up."

The platinum haired teen's eyes widened in horror, realizing he had left it there after the incident with Kairi in the morning.

"I thought something was wrong, I mean, all the stuff and you scavenging for food. Riku why didn't you tell me!" Sora said his smile fading, his tanned fingers clutching tighter at the picture frame.

Riku shook his head, "Cause of this! You'd worry about me. It's fine, it's not a big deal anyways, I don't mind being out here"

"Well of course I am going to worry, it is the caring thing to do when someone they love is thrown out. Look, it's not a big deal, I will talk to my parents, and they seem to have come to terms with things. You can stay with me."

He shook his head, "I can't, I can't face them, not after what happened, look, I will be fine alright? It's fine out here, it's always warm and there are no bugs in this spot, and I have everything I need. Plus, we can spend all our time here together in privacy. It's our spot now."

Sora seemed to lighten up a bit, "I suppose it isn't so bad, I just wish you hadn't tried to hide it from me, I'm not that dense! I would've figured it out sooner or later even if I hadn't found this picture."

Riku laughed and leaned to kiss him, "Well I'm not sure about the dense thing but... Ahh" he screamed, toppling from the bed and hitting the floor hard followed by a sickening crack.

"Your leg!" Sora screamed falling to kneel beside him.

Still half naked, Riku's breathing had become labored; his teeth were clenched trying to suppress the outcries of pain. He was looking down at his leg where his knee joint had dislocated and was bent the wrong way, the skin around the area was torn a bit and had begun to turn purple.

"Oh my god Riku!" Sora was saying quickly, "We have to get you to a doctor!"

Authors Note: I wrote another chapter! I am amazed I got the ambition! I am sorry I quit, I gave Daeva Shade permission to continue it, but once I saw the reviews and how people seemed to be getting the wrong idea about who wrote it, well I couldn't stand it. By far this is the most popular thing I have ever written, and I will finish this now.

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