Chapter 1: No Need for New Guests

The orchestra was playing a lovely and serene melody as a couple floated on the dance floor of a large and luxurious ballroom. They held each other close while gazing into each other's star-crossed eyes that burrowed deep into the other's soul. The boy, short in statute with blond hair and dressed in a tuxedo and a baseball cap three sizes too small looked up at the face of the girl. He said, "Helga, I've been harboring feelings for you that I have kept bottled up but will do so no longer.

"Yes, Arnold," replied the girl with a smile on her face that she tried, in vain, to hide. She was a head taller than the boy and also blond, wearing an elegant, pink evening gown.


"Yes, Arnold."


"Yes, Arnold."


"Get on with it already!" The girl yelled out, slightly annoyed at the boy.

"Helga, I'm afraid that is not the proper way to address your
teacher, young lady." As the boy was speaking, his hairline receded,
forming a rather large bald spot on his head, and what was left of his
hair turned orange and became curly, and the features on his face
transformed to those of a middle-age man stooping down next to her.

Helga awoke from her daydream to the laughter of her classmates
who were giggling at Helga whom was mumbling incomprehensibly and drooling
on her desk just a second ago. She immediately sit up in her desk and
addressed Simmons with an apology while cursing in her mind that her
special moment with Arnold was all just a silly dream. Simmons walked up
to the front of the class and picked up a piece of paper off of his desk.

Mr. Simmons addressed the class in a cheery, optimistic tone.
"Class, I have an important announcement to make. Three students from
P.S. 118 has been chosen for the student foreign exchange program. Those
three students will represent the United States for the next three months
in Japan while attending classes and learning the culture."

"Gee, I wonder which three students out of the three who signed up
will get to go," Helga mumbled bitterly to herself. Their touchy-feeling
teacher was talking like there was a mile long line of people trying to go
on the foreign exchange trip. Helga was going only because Big Bob was
forcing her. She was furious at her parents' obvious attempt to pass her
off on someone else. It wouldn't have surprised her though if Big Bob
decided to cancel her return ticket home and use the money for tickets to
a football game. The trip was not a total loss. Arnold was going as
well. It was only Arnold and her. Well, there was Phoebe, but Helga
figured that Phoebe probably knew her feeling for Arnold even if she
pretended not to. She can finally express her love for Arnold without
worrying about them being seen, without the snide and cruel remarks that
the other classmates would say if they found out, and without being
thought of as weak.

Mr. Simmons gave them each a folder and said, "Give these to your
parents. This contains your plane tickets and passports along with a few
other items you may need." They opened the folder and saw the passport
and tickets along with two maps, one of all of Japan and a smaller map of
the area where they would stay. They also saw a photo of three people: an
elderly man, a middle aged man, and a teenage boy, huddled together for a
group picture. "Arnold, Helga, and Phoebe, I'll expect you up tomorrow at
4 in the morning to check into the 6:15 flight to Kyoto. There, a man
named Nobuyuki Masaki will pick you up from the airport." Mr. Simmons
pointed to the middle-aged man in the photo. "It's his family that you
will be staying with. They live in a rural area with a lake and a shrine
next to their house. You'll be going to the same school as his daughter,


The sun rosed with the anticipation of a certain blue-green
haired woman. Ryoko sneeked into Tenchi's room giddy with anticipation.
She decided to have a picnic with just her and Tenchi. So, instead of
sleeping in on the weekends as she always does, she got up at 6:30 AM,
sneeked into Tenchi's room, tied him up, and was carrying him on her
shoulder and holding a picnic basket all the while the young man was
struggling and yelling for help. Unfortunately for Ryoko, someone else
was just as determined to keep him from her. "Put Lord Tenchi down
immediately, demoness," Aeka demanded from Ryoko. Her violet-red eyes
were burning with anger upon seeing the hated space pirate making off with
her one true love in order to steal him away. Ryoko put down the picnic
basket and gave Aeka the traditional Japanese sign of dislike by folding
her lower eyelid with her finger while facing the purple haired princess.
This only enraged Aeka all the more, and she let loose her mini-guardians,
small wooden cylinders. They surrounded Ryoko and what appeared to be
forks of lightning sparked from one mini-guardian to another a second
before the lightning stuck Ryoko and anything or anyone within four feet
of her, including Tenchi. She dropped Tenchi from her shoulders and
accidentally stepped on him. "Look what your behavior has done to poor
Tenchi," yelled Aeka.

"Look at what I've done. I didn't open fire on Tenchi," Ryoko
sneered as she flew at full speed at Aeka trying to hit her with her fist.
Aeka threw up her forcefield, but Ryoko's punch was strong enough to
knock her back a good twenty feet into the wall knocking a circular hole
in it about the size of Aeka's forcefield. Though most people would of
gave up about a show of such strength, Aeka got up, coughed from the dust
in her lungs, and gathered up her mini-guardians while Ryoko charged up
her laser bolts in her hands.

The two were about to go for another round if not for Yosho,
Tenchi's grandfather, stepping in. He walked causally between the two
women and drew is his wooden practice sword. "Ladies, please. Our guests
will be here shortly," Yosho calmly stated, "and we can't welcome them in
our house being in such a mess." And indeed the house was a mess: a burn
spot on the carpet a yard across where Ryoko was standing when Aeka
attacked, busted furniture, holes in the ceiling as well as the large one
in the wall.

"Yeah, Aeka and Ryoko, we can't let'em find out that you're not
from Earth," Tenchi rebuked, still on the ground bound in rope. Yosho
stooped down to untie his grandson while a woman that looked like a 12
year old girl but was older than Earth's recorded history came out of her
transdimensional laboratory with various robots to clean up the two girls'
latest quarrel. Tenchi got off the floor and turned to her. "Thanks,
Miss Washuu." He, then, walked over to the two girls that were fighting
over him and said, "Remember, you two, when Dad brings them here, you're
my sisters as is Washu and Sasami. No flirting with me or using your
powers in front of those Americans."

"What Americans?" a sweet, young voice asked from the kitchen.
It was Sasami who was in an apron and holding a wooden spoon. She was
cooking breakfast when the fight broke out and spied on them from the

Tenchi replied, "Three American your age is here for three months
to be taught here in Japan as a part of a foreign exchange program that I
volunteered our family for. I wanted to surprise you, but looks like you
found out yourself."

Sasami was overcome with joy. She ran to Tenchi hugging and
thanking him. She longed to have friends come over that was her own age,
and it was a bit lonely in the isolated Masaki household. Yeah, she had
Aeka, Ryoko, and Tenchi, but they were all teenagers and not interested in
spending time with her.


"So, kids, you like our place?" asked Nobuyuki as he and the three
new additions to the Masaki household stepped out of the car.

"Sure, I like it in the middle of no where with no stores, no
arcades, no malls, nothing," said Helga sarcastically. "And to top it off,
we're living off a diet of raw fish and squid. Yeah, a barrel of fun.
Ouch" Helga rubbed her left side. Arnold nudged her in the lower ribs
with his elbow a little to hard.

"Please, Helga," pleaded Arnold "don't be rude to the Masakis. We
have to set a good example. We're representing the entire United States."

"Yeah. Yeah. Whatever, Football-Head."

Nobuyuki, Helga, Phoebe, and Arnold walked in the house and were
greeted be the rest of the Masaki household. Nobuyuki, then stepped in
between the students and his family and began introducing everyone.
"Everyone this is Helga Pataki, Phoebe Heyerdaul, and Arnold... what is
your last name again?"

"It's OK about the last name," replied Arnold. "My first name
is good enough."

"Alright then. This is my father Katsuhito (the name Yosho goes
by), my youngest daughter, Sasami, Washuu, and the triplets Tenchi, Aeka,
and Ryoko." Ryoko was hugging on Tenchi while Aeka was forcing a smile on
her face all the while wishing to do bodily harm to the space pirate.
"The two ladies here are friends of the family. The blond lady is Mihoshi
Kuramitsu and the dark green haired lady next to her is Kiyone Makibi."

Sasami walked up to the P.S. 118 students and asked, "Would you
like for me to show you around?"

"The only place I want to be shown is where to put my luggage and
to watch TV," Helga replied with an uninterested look on her face.

"No thanks." Phoebe politely declined, "I'm exhausted from the
trip, but may be later."

"I've love to take a look at the place," said Arnold.

Arnold followed Sasami around the house and then outside to see
the garden, pond, and shrine, but not before Helga noticed the look on
Arnold's face. The same look she has whenever she daydreams about Arnold.


Just when Helga thought she got herself some distance from Lila
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