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When the One Ring of Sauron had been destroyed. Peace was restored again upon Middle-Earth. Though, there were orcs still wandering about and hiding off from every single one around, not to mention the Great Spiders still dwelling around the Mirkwood forest area, which soon enough would be taken care of.

Raina, a wise and beautiful young elf of Rivendell, was on her way to the forest, escorted by a few elves of Rivendell, and her uncle; Dochanar. She was accepted to be part of the guards of Greenwood not long ago, and this day was the day when she goes to Greenwood, and meets the Elven King himself as well.

Dochanar was a part of Rivendells guard, and a lieutenant of it. He unlike most elves knew how to create a small fire of elvish magic which was a help to him when firing an arrow, a quite uncommon thing for a half-sindar and half-silvan elf. He had lavender-blue eyes and golden hair. And most of all, he cared for his niece, that he swore he'll even give his life to protect her.

"Nervous, my dear child?" Dochanar said walking alongside his niece.

"Maybe... A little bit," Raina replied looking around the forest they entered, the sun shining trough it made it look lovely and beautiful.

Soon enough they started to approach to where they could see the palace of the forest. It was slightly even more beautiful than Rivendell itself. There were also cave systems of it. Raina stared in awe of the beauty the area had.

Dochanar approached one of the guards and spoke to them in elven, "We're here to visit the Elven King, Thranduil Oropherion. We're here with Raina Starlight,"

The elven guard took a glance at the young lady on the black steed, and nodded, speaking in elvish in reply, "Of course, the King has been expecting you for quite some time today, you may pass," the guard replied, and the gates started to open.

Dochanar took a look back to Raina, "Come along now," he said and began to follow one of the guards escorting him off. As Raina got off of her black steed, she quickly went after Caranthir as the gates were closing now.

Inside the palace, Thranduil, the Elven king sat on his throne which was made out of oak wood. He wore a crown which was with leaves and red berries in it, and silver-coloured attire which went to his eye colour.

Down the hall towards his throne one of the guards approached, "My King, you have visitors, Raina Daeronien and Sir Dochanar of Rivendell," he spoke in elven and let a bow.

"They may approach," the King replied. He let out a sigh as finally the new member of the guard had finally arrived.

Down the hall, Raina and Dochanar started to approach, Thranduil let a glance to the two elves approaching, the lady elf however somehow caught his eye. She was beautiful even in the travelling clothes she had. He stood up and approached the two elves a bit, "Welcome to Greenwood the Great, the Woodland Realm," he welcome the two elves.

Dochanar and Raina gave a bow to the Elven King, "Le hannon, my King," Caranthir replied.

"I assume this young lady is the one sent here for the guard?" Thranduil looked at Raina.

Dochanar nodded, "Yes, my King," he replied.

Thranduil smiled to Raina, and bowed a little his head as he spoke, "Welcome, lady..." he paused, for he did not know yet the name of the elven lady.

"Raina, my King," the elven lady said.

"Raina, a lovely name for elven lady," Thranduil said, "I'll have my son, Legolas, show you around the area and your place of stay, and I hope you enjoy your time at the Woodland Realm," he smiled, "Legolas," he called out and turned around from where he saw the elven Prince, Legolas walk past, "Please show lady Raina around the area and her place of stay here,"

"Yes, Ada," replied Legolas and approached Raina, "Welcome, milady, follow me please and I'll show you around the realm," he said and started to walk.

"Le hannon," Raina looked and Thranduil and waved good-bye to Caranthir as she left along with Legolas. And soon enough Caranthir left Mirkwood area after having a small conversation with Thranduil.

As the two elves walked around Greenwood and the Woodland Realm, it was an opportunity to get to know each other well, for the start at least, "So, what does an elven lady such as you brings here to the guard?" Legolas asked curiously, it wasn't a bad thing for an elven lady to be a part of the guard, as there were quite a few.

Raina shrugged, "I suppose I like being like my mother is, she's a beautiful lady and a high huntress of Rivendell, and they say I'm quite like her," she replied.

"Oh I see," Legolas said, "How well you can do with a sword?"

"Fairly fine, enough for defense and offense, I still prefer ranged offense," Raina threw a little chuckle. She was indeed the best with her bow more than the sword. But from the lessons he had of how to wield a sword, she was fairly fine with it.

"That's quite interesting, and uncommon for an elf to be best with a bow only," he said, "But not that it's bad of course, there are a few here who are the same" he added, as he didn't want to make Raina feel sort of low. But it was true, there were a few elves who were only best with their bow, thus used for far range hits.

"That's good to know," she smiled, "What was your name again? I didn't hear it too well..." Raina asked.

"Legolas," Legolas smiled in reply, "And you must be Raina?"

"Correct..." She muttered, "... How did you know?"

"Heard if of afar," he replied, "Ada's right though, it is a lovely name," he complimented.

Raina blushed a bit to herself, "Not like I haven't heard anyone say it, heh,"

As the day passed on quick, as Legolas had shown Raina around the area, the stables where her black stallion was, and had introduced some of the elven guards to her. As nightfall came he showed her room of stay, which was rather nicely made.

"Here will be your room of stay, milady," Legolas said and showed Raina her room.

Raina smiled to Legolas, "Le hannon, Prince Legolas," she said.

"You don't have to call me 'prince'," he replied, "Well, have a lovely night, milady,"

"You too..." she replied as Legolas left, and she closed her room door. It was a rather long day, and worthwhile for a rest. Even so elves were known to not sleep so much, they were able to rest their minds in a dream or thought, which is what she did as she lied down in her bed, and eventually, had entered the dream world of hers.

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