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Chapter 5: A Beautiful, Yet Not So Beautiful Night

The skies started to get dark upon evening, the skies slowly started to cloaked by the starry skies, and the spring festival at Greenwood the Great had started. Elves gathered together from both Lothlórein, and Imladris celebrating springs wake. The Elvenking wore a crown made from the woodland realm flowers, himself dressed in a wonderful silver-blue robes with a bit of a shine. Accompanied by his son Legolas, who wore light silver robes, and a crown leafs and woodland flowers.

Raina at the time was spending time with uncle, Dochanar who had arrived to the festival as well. "So then, how is my dear lovely Raina doing so far here?" Dochanar asked taking a sip of wine from his glass.

"It is wonderful, I do not think I had seen Greenwood this lovely for a long time. To think all this is from a little hobbit removing darkness, it would be hardly true." Raina giggled a bit.

"Indeed. Most Hobbits would hide and not leave their lovely homes, but some... will do anything if it is also to save their own home. Hobbit's are quite interesting creatures. Even to us elves, they will manage to surprise us." Whilst Dochanar was driven in explenation about how the hobbits can surprise anyone even after a few years, Raina's attention was slightly off to the Elvish Prince from afar. Dochanar then stopped and chuckled, "Well well... Do I see the lovely Rainy fancying someone?" He elbowed Raina slightly to have her attention.

"Uh what? Of course not, you must have had a bit too much wine, Dochanar..."

"Uh huh. I have only had one glass, I yet am still very far from drunk. I know you well." He smiled, "Well, I suppose I will leave you be and enjoy yourself around." And with that, Dochanar left Raina.

Raina sighed to herself, "I suppose he sort of knows already... Oh well," she turned and started to walk, but without notice ran into the Elvishking Thranduil. "S-sorry my king! I did not notice you," she took a step back and gave a bow.

"Do not be sorry, Raina, and a bow is not necessary." Thranduil said softly, "It would be silly after all if I was mad about it now, would it?"

"I... suppose so,"

"But I did approach for a reason. I wanted to ask you if you would like to come along with me, for a moment?"

Raina did not know how to feel by those words, worried or not? Surely it was nothing bad, "As you wish, sire." And with that, the both young elvish lady, and Elvenking left from sight of the guests.

The night skies were illuminated more than before as Raina and Thranduil went by the passing river stream. Both silent, only the far away chatter of the festival could be heard. "Is there something wrong, my king?"

"Wrong? Of course not, I wanted you to join me at daylight around here, but you were off hunting with Legolas. So, I though the evening will be more suited." Thranduil looked to Raina with a smile. "Especially with this view." He showed Raina the beautiful horizon of Greenwood. Other than forests alone, it also has some plain areas, with blooming flowers and small water streams.

Raina gazed upon the lovely horizon with awe. She had known Imladris for beauty alone, but the view was just as beautiful as in Imladris. "It... it is beautiful. It feels like home, and the stars match well."

"They match your eyes as well. Like two little beautiful starlights," He moved Raina's head gently for her to face him, "You very much remind me of her..."


Thranduil's smile slowly faded, to a slight frown, "My lovely queen." He gazed off to the stars, "She was one of the most beautiful elvish maidens I ever had seen. There was nobody else ever that would stand so close to her..."

"Oh... I... am sorry to hear that, my ki-."



"You may call me Thranduil, if you prefer of course," Thranduil turned his gaze to Raina. "I hope I have not troubled you over the time you have been here."

"Of course not, my ki- … Thranduil."

"I am glad," He smiled to the young pretty elven lady.

And soon, the Elvenking gave he a soft kiss on her lips, that lasted for a while. Raina was lose of the surprised feeling she had before, though, her heart felt a lot more confused now. Ever since of earlier Legolas' move, her heart has been feeling two-sided, as well as her mind confused, despite of the passionate kiss from Thranduil. In a moment, he moved lower to her neck, the built more fire to the wood.

"T..Thrand..." Raina let out a little gasp.

But the lovely moment was soon broken, as wargs of the forest rushed out and attacked both the elvish lady and Elvenking, startling both of them. Raina luckily had her daggers along, and Thranduil his elvish sword. Both defended themselves from the pack of wargs attacking.

"Tauriel!" Thranduil shouted for his guards captain, and it did not take long for Tauriel, and Legolas, and the rest of the elvish guards to show and fight the wars away.

One of the larger wargs had managed to pin Raina down to the ground and bite her shoulder. But the bite didn't had too much of time to become severe wound, as the elvish lady stabbed the warg in it's eye, causing it to release her from the bite, and flee away. Injured, Raina stood up with her hand covering the bleeding wound, despite she did not feel too much of pain, it still hurt like hell.

As the wargs were quickly driven away by the elves, Thranduil turned to Tauriel, "I though I told you to make sure those wargs are taken care of!"

"I'm sorry, my king. There were none seen around the premises, or the forest in general." Tauriel said, "I'm not sure what exactly drove them here, but I will make sure that does not happen again." She bowed to the Elvish king.

Whilst Thranduil was pre-occupied with the guards. Legolas hurried to Raina after noticing something wasn't right. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah... It... it is just a scratch," Raina smiled, while it didn't last long with feeling the bites pain.

"Don't be silly. That bite could have killed you, and it needs to be treated. Come along, please." Legolas insited, and held his hand out to Raina.

Raina sighed, giving a small glance back to Thranduil, and did take Legolas' hand, as both of them left the area.

Inside the woodland realm palace...

"Thank-you for showing so much care and concern, Legolas." Raina said, and smiled to the elvish prince, as her wound was wrapped, "I guess... I'll have to wait out till it feels better to be able to do sword fighting,"

"You're still a great bowlady at the time. But it would be wise till it feels better at least,"


"What were you and Ada doing there alone?" Legolas asked curiously.

"Oh well, nothing really that much, he seems to admire me so much for the little of work I have done by far here. And quite honestly I feel way flattered by it," As much as she did not like to lie, she didn't want to tell Legolas what truthfully happened.

Legolas believed in the lie. "Oh really? That is rare to expect from him."

"I suppose... I've had training before my arrival?" Raina giggled a bit, "But... I suppose I will have to take a rest and be abscent from the remaining of what there is of the festival... If you do not mind, and I hope your father understands."

"I do not mind, and I think he will. Quel esta, Raina."

"Hannon le..." The elven lady smiled, and left from sight, off to her room.

Outside back at the festival party...

As Legolas returned back to everyone at the party, Thranduil went up to his son, "Have you see where Raina went off?"

"She was injured by one of the larger wargs, her shoulder wasn't doing so well. So she went to take a rest for the remaining evening, hoping you will not mind." Legolas answered, "Was there something you needed, ada?"

"Ah no, she just disappeared unsighted, but do not worry. It's nothing. And of course I do not mind, carry on with the others," Thranduil smiled to his son, and left.

And so the party went on till a late night, and it came that time around when peace must take its place. The guests left, the elves of the woodland realm returned to their rooms. And the night was silent, and cloaked by the wonderful dark cloak of shining stars in the skies. Raina stood alone at her window watching the shining stars and wondering to herself, "Which one of them truly has true feelings...?"

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