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'You mean… True love?! You're born through our true love?' Emma shrieked in panic. Mouth agape she gestured between herself and Regina, who surprisingly handled this declaration with more ease than Emma.

'Well yea, or else I wouldn't possess these powers. And it would actually be pretty obvious.' Grace pointed out towards Emma. Regina had to smile with their dialogue because she just puzzled out why this girl was so familiar. She's just like Emma, stubborn as hell!

'Grace is right, you're really alike. Both stubborn' Regina said while smiling notoriously.

'Hey!... Well it explains why I couldn't stand her behavior in the first place. She's a royal pain in the ass, just like you!' Emma said aggravated to Regina whom in reaction stood flush faced. The next millisecond Regina was staring Emma down, angry.

'Well you are the one who continuously infuriates me! I'm surprised your offspring didn't get that with her!' Regina seethed at Emma who stood there mouth agape.

'Excuse me you royal pain in the ass, last time I checked she has your genes too! So don't blame me! We're a mixture of disaster!' Emma yelled aggravated. Grace stood in the background and observed the scenery. First it was funny but now it hurt. They were right, she was a mixture of disaster. She caused so much wrongness in life! Tears were beginning to form, which she tried to hide. She needed to fix this, that's why she's here.

'Stop it you two!' Grace screamed while throwing her hands out in the air. She stood between the women whom she tried to calm down.

'This doesn't help my situation! Can't you see that you're making it worse! There's no denying that sooner or later you're gonna end up together! But now I need to fix my problem, you're not really helping!' Grace yelled disturbingly weak at the two women. Regina sensed the reducing strength in her voice and sighed heavily. The girl had a devastating worn out figure which Regina opted that the following conversation will only increase their problems.

'Miss Carter is right, please continue dear.' Regina said while eying Emma with a similar calming gaze.

'It's actually Mills… My full name is Grace Daniela Henri Swan-Mills' Grace said shyly. Emma had a confused but genuine smile on her face but Regina just stared. Something triggered, something clinched and she gulped loudly.

'Where does the name Daniela come from?' she asked carefully while eying Grace with uncertainty and a painful expression.

'That's what I also asked ma, she explained me this; That when you were at my age my grandmother did something which resolved into you losing your first love and when you had me Ma had to fill in one other name into my full name. You were tired from the delivery and fell asleep. Ma told me that she wanted to give Mom a gift of her own. She wanted to change a pain in something that will be remembered as someone who also had the ability to make her smile. So instead of still bearing a pain, she wanted to give Mom something to be proud off. Reserving the best memory of your first love to live on into my name. That's what Ma or rather Emma told me.' Grace told Regina proudly. Regina was caught off guard and tears formed in her eyes. She looked at Grace with disbelief that the future Emma would do something like that. This Emma right now was even adamant to thinking something like that at all. If the future Emma did something like that she must really love her. Regina was unable to believe someone would love her that much. She blinked her eyes and without thinking she whispered Daniels 'name. Emma first watched Grace when she explained her name and she than watched Regina responding to the explanation. She couldn't believe what future her did, and was touched by the moving gift she gave to Regina. Even though she couldn't believe she would love Regina, but remembering a first love from Regina's dark past by giving him a legacy was something beautiful. Even if it was her own doing, she can't even believe she was capable of doing something so lovable. Drowned in her own disbeliefs she heard Regina whisper a broken and warmed 'Daniel' past her trembling lips. She looked up in Regina's eyes which were really watery. She couldn't watch Regina like that and took a few steps towards her and then put her hand on Regina's left shoulder to give her a form of comfort. Regina flinched at Emma's touch and immediately looked her in the eyes. Emma opted to give Regina comfort since this is a very personal pain which resulted to doing a lot of wrongness in life. And she really did care about her… wait… Swan! Get yourself together! Emma squeezed Regina's shoulder out of reflex and then tears het gaze from Regina's to Grace.

Grace was watching the scenery again and finally saw a glimpse of her real parents. It made her all warm and she saw that when they're not fighting everything was okay. They did care about each other's emotional wellbeing. Nobody could fool her! Them fighting never worked out other than causing stress, pain and sexual attraction. Off course sometimes they'd just do it for fun just to rile each other up. Which gives grace a headache and she flees the scenery immediately. Regina was trying to get herself together while she was still in deep thought. Grace knew some facts about her first love but other than that she knew very little. It has always been a painful memory for her Mom but every time she would ask Regina tried to talk about it. She was very proud of her Mom for sharing such a memory with her. It was a fragile subject of course, but she believes her Mom really wants to include her into it. Since she's caring his name with pride. She really likes to know which honor she was giving by caring his name. The good times are always when her parents are working together. Them fighting has always resulted in something bad. She hated that they're always fighting, sometimes she wishes they would just divorce. But she knew they still loved each other, but they were never good at expressing their feelings and fights are always the result of it. Her Mom always accused Ma that she doesn't care about her feelings and always says that she feels more lonely than before. And Ma would yell back that Regina's such an egocentric bitch and always wants attention. It has always been the same accusations. They wouldn't talk for days which made Grace really uncomfortable. She just wished her parents would talk and cooperate with each other. Wait… that's what's going on! The reason the timeline send her back to here is because the foundation of their relationship began right here. The foundation of their fights begins here. Something must have happened for them not to thrust each other as much as they have before. She needed to fix the relation between Emma and Regina, so that future them have no reason to fight and argue all the time. Because they fight and fighting caused her wrongness in the first place. Grace should help them ;love and cooperate to undo what will happen when they argue!